(Originally published 6/9/11)

A pretty well known blogger recently told me, “If you’re pissing someone off, you’re doing something right.”  Since I started this blog last August, I’ve actually only received one negative comment, but I just got my second one.  Guess I must be doing something right.  WOO HOO!

Someone who attempted to post a comment on my last blog about North Miami Beach EX-mayor Myron Rosner, “More fun with our favorite Canadian! Eh?” (http://votersopinion.com/archives/2860), using the tag LOL NMB, wrote:

“How are you so different from Myron? He files complaints, you blog about it. He is trying to get back at people who he doesn’t like, and your write nasty and ignorant things on your blog about the people you dislike. You would think that you learned a little about politics when your husband lost the race a few years ago.  Shame on you for making nasty inappropriate comments about the people you bash, instead of sounding a little more educated by focusing on facts and letting people prove themselves stupid.”

Rather than “approve” it as a comment for the blog and responding there, seeing how it’s a slow news day I decided to write an entire column about and to this, ahem, person.  Stop me if I start having too much fun!


In answer to your question, “How are you so different from Myron?”  Well, for one thing, I don’t wear a squirrel on my head.  Also, I’m not from Canada.  For another, I’m not a disgraced ex-public official, who is awaiting trial for ethics violations for abuse of power, or who is under investigation for campaign finance fraud.  Furthermore, I never used my children as political pawns, and I never squandered taxpayer money to stay at fancy hotels for no apparent reason.  Other than those obvious differences, there are just so many it would be difficult to list them here, so for the sake of saving time and space, I’ll leave it at that.

“He files complaints, you blog about it.”  Um, yeeeeaaaah.  And your point is?  Hellooooooo…  This is a BLOG.  What else am I supposed to write about?  You?  Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m doing now.  Stand by.

“He’s trying to get back at people who he doesn’t like…”  In case you’re not aware, Myron WAS the mayor.  Do you have any idea how inappropriate and despicable it is for elected officials to “get back at people” they don’t like?  No, I guess you don’t.  Well, neither did Myron.  DUH!

“…your [sic] write nasty and ignorant things on your blog…”  Yes, I write nasty things about people I don’t like.  For one thing, according to the Constitution of the United States of America (not sure about Canada’s), it’s my right as a United States citizen to petition my government and criticize those in office when they do very bad things.  Or even if they just do sorta bad things.  Point is, there’s such a thing as a First Amendment, which guarantees my freedom of speech.  If you were a regular reader of my column, you’d also know that I don’t attack private citizens.  I only go after corrupt politicians.  Or stupid ones.  Usually, they’re both.

Also, if you were a regular reader, you’d know that I am anything but ignorant.  I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that you are a “friend” of Myron’s, which means that you’re either a paid employee or one of his kids.  So, if it makes you feel all manly and testosterone laden to call me ignorant, go ahead and shoot your load.  I’ll get out of the way.

As to your next comment about my husband’s run for office, no, I didn’t learn anything about politics when he lost the race.  Wanna know why?  ‘Cuz I didn’t have anything to do with his campaign, dummy!  Anyone who knows me, and it’s obvious you don’t, knows that I stayed completely out of the election that year.  Other than writing letters to the Herald, and making my comments from the Peanut Gallery, I didn’t campaign for or against anyone else who ran in 2009.  Period.

Here, let me wipe that egg off your face…

As to your final comment, “Shame on you for making nasty inappropriate comments about the people you bash, instead of sounding a little more educated by focusing on facts and letting people prove themselves stupid.”

Shame on me?  Sorry, Dude.  Or, Dudette.  Or, Whatever You Are.  I absolutely do focus on the facts, and I certainly have no problem “letting people prove themselves stupid.”  I just gave you air time, didn’t I?

Since it’s obvious you’re no fan of my column, and since I’m pretty sure no one’s holding a gun to your head forcing you to read it, I strongly suggest you cancel your subscription immediately.  I’ll send you a full refund.  In fact, the check’s in the mail.

So many idiots….So little time!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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