Employee of the YearI’m not a Walmart shopper.  Aside from the fact that I despise shopping in general, I typically avoid Walmart in particular.  Especially the store in North Miami Beach.  All it took was a handful of bad experiences the first year it opened, i.e., floating dead fish in the pet supply department, rude checkout employees and zero customer service, to convince me that Walmart wasn’t going to be on my to do list.

After last night, however, I might have to rethink that position.  I was out with my husband when he pulled into the Walmart parking lot, despite my silent groan of protest, and I ventured into the forbidden zone with some trepidation.  Much to my surprise, not only was it a pleasant experience, but I also had the good fortune of meeting the store manager, who was more than helpful.  I wish I had taken the time to ask his name (no, I didn’t look at his name tag), but he deserves a shout out.

The one employee, however, who went above and beyond the call of duty was a young man by the name of Paulson Jolifils.  Not only did he help my husband find what he needed, but he literally ushered us from department to department, and to customer service, to help us return a wrong item and exchange it for the correct one.  He did this efficiently, quickly and with the brightest smile I ever saw.  He truly made us feel like we were the most important customers in the world.  When I complimented him, young Mr. Jolifils literally beamed and told me he loved helping people and he loved his job.  You don’t hear that often.  It’s not every day you get to meet someone who really gets the concept that The Customer is Always Right.

Of course I told the store manager that Mr. Jolifils was awesome and how lucky he was to have such a great employee.  Managers usually hear plenty of complaints and very few compliments, especially about their employees.  He appreciated hearing it.  (And you know I don’t dole out praises so easily.)

Paulson Jolifils has a very bright future.  I hope his enthusiasm and eagerness to please never waivers, and that it quickly moves him up the ranks to store manager and beyond.  Because of this amazing young man, I will look forward to shopping at Walmart in the future.  If you see him, tell him I said so.

Too bad Mr. Jolifils can’t clone himself because if all employees were like him, businesses would be booming.  He definitely deserves the Gadfly’s Employee of the Year Award!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Walter Ward says:

    I may be old (82) but I am a letter writer good or bad. If I receive a letter in return and it’s a form letter, I know the company does not care. If a letter written by hand I know it has gone somewhere except in the oval file.


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