Campaign Season – Zombies Optional

zombiesYes, it really is that time of year when we can expect the littering of campaign signs across the fruited plains of North Miami and North Miami Beach.  As always, they become more and more creative with each election season.

Here in North Miami Beach, Jean Berrouet – the johnny-come-lately of the political scene – decided to use an existing speed limit sign to announce his arrival.

Berrouet sign

Guess someone could use a crash course in City Charter 101, specifically the Ordinances dealing with election advertising.  Just saying.

Over in North Miami, will someone please tell mayoral candidate Lucie Tondreau that the zombie was a nice touch, but Halloween is so last year.

Tondreau sign

Still, she gets an Honorary Mention for Special Effects.  Not sure what message she was trying to convey, other than “I’m an Idiot.  Vote for Gwendolyn Boyd.”

Also, just saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Sharon E. says:

    In Sunny Isles Beach we had a campaign game called “disappearing signs” – now you see them and now you don’t! It was quite fun really, unless you happened to be the candidate whose signs kept disappearing which kind of made you invisible to the public.

    Even more fun than that one was going to Mr. X who owns prime real estate in town & begging on bended knee to permit you to place your campaign signs on his land. If Mr. X agreed, then the suspense part of this game began – (a) to see how long he’d let those signs stay up; and (b) if they were suddenly removed the final thrill was trying to find out where those signs were hidden – sort of like an Easter Egg Hunt.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      That actually sounds like big fun! A lot better than seeing every bus bench in the city plastered with the ugly mug of NMB EX-mayor Myron Rosner. Over in North Miami the goons don’t even bother stealing signs. They just flat out destroy them. Check out this story:


  2. Will says:

    Like we don’t have enough trash blowing around the streets and sidewalks of North Miami already…but I guess it’s good for the printing companies. Think it would be far more effective to have direct mail explaining who they are and what they see for the future as well as public debates. I think the signs should be forever banned.


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