Saturday Night Special

SNLTo stave off a case of terminal boredom, I decided to check in on some of my favorite social media sites tonight to see if I could entertain myself.  I never know what I’ll find when I log on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr at any given moment.  Let’s see if there’s anything worth reading and sharing tonight.

If you’re not aquainted with, this is a website where users take pictures with their phones and upload them immediately to share with their followers.  Instagram is famous (or should I say infamous?) for its users who post pictures of their food.

For example, this is an actual photo I just saw on Instagram, which appears to be a salmon pate, topped with cream cheese and chives.  In the shape of a cake.

Instagram Cake

Salmon cake?

I’m not even sure why someone would eat this, much less take a picture of it.  But what do I know?  I’m told that Instagram is the new Facebook, so there’s apparently an entire market for pictures that foodies can drool over and share.

Some Instagram users prefer to post their future hangovers.

Instagram Rum

Featuring the ever-present Red Solo Cup.

In case they forgot the great time they had the night before.

Even when they’re not actually taking pictures of the meal they are about to consume, Instagram food-aholics are planning their next award winning shot.

Instagram Cookbook

Speaking of awards, there are even Instagram Food Photo contests!

Top 6 Instagram Food Photos

Not sure if I could contain my excitement.

I can’t even imagine the unthinkable!

Instagram is down

Moving right along…

I recently joined, probably because I was just as bored as I am tonight.  In addition to posting non-food photos, tumblr users can also post their pearls of wisdom, links to their favorite websites, chat with other users, and even post audio and videos.

My Tumblr

Imagining the possibilities.

I haven’t yet formed a meaningful relationship with tumblr, nor have I taken advantage of all its fascinating features.

I do, however, follow a few interesting characters, such as gothicorner – The Anthem of Hell, where at least 85% of the content is not fit to reprint in a family magazine.  I did get a kick out of this post, though:

Tumblr People1

Another tumblr user I just had to follow is NY Giants Rock due to the fact that I became an instant Giants fan at the end of the last game of the New England Patriots’ 18-1 season.  I got a kick outta his recent post:

Tumblr People2And this:

Tumblr People3

I told you I was bored.

On, one of the peeps I follow is Elan Gale.

elan gale

He’s never short on snark.  For example, tonight he tweeted:

elan gale tweet1

But, by far the best stuff I came across tonight was a response to this post on Facebook:

Facebook People1

Scott Ross, who happens to be the father of my friend, Evan Ross, and a fellow alumnus of Miami Beach Senior High (yes, it’s a small world), posted this comment:

Facebook People2

Now that’s hilarious!

And, yes, I do need a life.

I’m working on that.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



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  1. Fred Jonas says:

    My first wife dismantled her engagement ring, which began as my paternal grandmother’s, then was my mother’s, used the diamond in a pendant and did who knows what with the setting, then told our daughter she returned the ring to me when we divorced.
    My second wife didn’t like the engagement ring I got her, lost it, then insisted I get her one she liked better. It was part of her divorce booty.
    What kind of life are you working on getting? Am I included? I do good engagement rings.
    Now that I’ve reconnected with my childhood friend Scott Ross five years ago at our 40 year Beach High reunion, I’m thinking he may make interesting Best Man material. Small world, indeed.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Thanks, but I never marry Democrats.



      1. Fred Jonas says:

        ‘Nuf said, Steph.


    2. Pondering says:

      Really classy way to diss the mother of your child, and the other woman. Classy indeed! I can see why you are left alone. Something to look at brother… Peace your way.


      1. Fred Jonas says:

        Please, have some respect. She’s the mother of both of my children. They’re great kids, too.
        Even some Republicans, like Stephanie, have senses of humor. What exactly was it you’ve been pondering, if you don’t mind revealing? Or perhaps better left unsaid?


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