NMB: Transparency “R” Us?

sunshine lawsOnce again I have to give a shout out to my BFFs on LeoAffairs.

As I reported to you in Biscayne Park: The Plot Thickens, someone posted on LA that suspended/resigned Biscayne Park Police Chief Ray Atesiano applied for a job at the North Miami Beach Police Department.

Well, guess what?


Of course, getting the confirmation from the NMB Human Resources Department was like pulling teeth, but I never doubted for a moment that my peeps on LeoAffairs were on the money.

Seriously, did you?

At 12:57 PM, I finally received a response to an email to the NMB City Clerk that I sent on April 9, 2014 at 8:01 AM.  It took HR two days and five hours to answer a simple question:  “Can you please find out for me if former Biscayne Park Police Chief Ray Atesiano has applied for a job here at NMBPD?”

The Clerk wrote back immediately:  “I am sending the request to HR. I will contact you as soon as I receive information.”

Then I waited.

Patiently at first, but the next morning at 8:08 AM, I wrote to the Clerk, “Any luck?”

She responded, “I sent the request to HR and Police dept. Still waiting for response.”

I replied, “OK!  Just checking.  I know you’re on it.  Ask them to kick it up a notch. :-)”

Then I waited again.

This afternoon at 12:08 PM, I figured I’d bug her one more time, it being Friday afternoon and all.  I wrote, “Any chance you can check with HR again to see what’s the hold up?”

At 12:57 PM, I received a cut & paste of an email that I will ASSUME came from Human Resources Director Rose Amberson or one of her many worker bees stating:

Good Morning Ms. Latimore,

Mr. Atesiano has applied to the NMBPD.


Curiously, the email header was deleted so this message does not show the email address of the sender, nor does it show who actually “signed” the electronic letter.


Transparency “R” obviously NOT us.  At least not when it comes to finding out who applies for employment in North Miami Beach.

Or maybe, this application is a big secret because Mr. Ray Atesiano left his employment with Biscayne Park under suspicious circumstances.

As an afterthought, I wrote back to the Clerk to see if she could find out when he applied for a job with our Police Department.  It occurred to me that this fact might be of some relevance in my continuing research on the Biscayne Park/Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

I don’t expect a response today, of course.  So we can all remain in suspense over the weekend.

But, you can bet there will be more to the story, so stay tuned.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


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  1. No real name says:

    Isn’t your new city manager the former manager from BP? A triangle indeed!


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