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On May 7, 2014, someone posted a comment on LeoAffairs in response to my column about the Village of Biscayne Park Police Department, So many Village Idiots, so little time.  He wrote:

Leoaffairs-Biscayne Park 1Another person also posted the following comment:

Leoaffairs-Biscayne Park 2I have not been able to confirm if Ray Atesiano was ever with the LAPD, but I was advised that he did work for the police departments of Hialeah, Sunny Isles Beach and, most recently, the Village of Biscayne Park as its Chief.

In response to the LeoAffairs comments, North Miami Beach City Manager Ana Garcia told me that Atesiano was hired by Frank Spence, the Village Manager at the time, and that he was eventually promoted to replace a retiring Chief.  About the investigation now pending, Garcia also noted, “If he did anything so wrong and so criminal, he will pay his dues.”  She also defended her choice of J. Scott Dennis as Chief of the NMBPD, stating “I truly believe [him] to be a great fit for our City.”

I’ve already noted previously that Ray Atesiano has applied for a position at the North Miami Beach Police Department, although I have no idea which position.  I also have no idea if he is being considered as a serious candidate.

As for the vacancy he left behind in Biscayne Park, the position of Police Chief was advertised on the Police Career Finder website last week, but the advertisement has since been pulled.

Job ListingI don’t know whether the Village has hired a new Chief, or if it simply let the advertisement expire.

I could be wrong, but considering that the starting salary for the Biscayne Park Chief of Police was only about $64,000.00, I’d venture a guess that the Village couldn’t afford to run the ad again.

Just saying.

Since Ray Atesiano now needs a job, he’s obviously hoping to be hired by the NMBPD.  I get the impression that some of our officers are not too happy about the possibility, but some also believe his chances are slim considering the baggage he’s bringing with him.

So, as a public service, I thought I’d let Mr. Atesiano know that other local police departments are also hiring:


Sweetwater does not appear to be hiring right now.

Just saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



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  1. Pepe Tolete says:

    Stepahnie: I am almost surprised to read Ana’s comments to you regarding Ray Atesiano. I say “almost” because I know what a BS artist she is, how unfaithful, ungreatful and most importantly unqualified for her former and current position. Ana lacks the basic core quality of loyalty and she demonstrated that at Biscayne PArk as she has done everywhere she has worked. The only thing Ana was good at is self promotion. She was a nightmare to work for.

    Ana promoted Ray Atesiano not only in rank but with a PR campaign she orchestrated and used with all the elected officials to get Ray to be a chief of police a position for which he was not even barely qualified. Ray was given an opportunity for employment by Chief Mitch Glansberg who is a great guy and worked hard to get a formal education and did a great job as chief of police. Although Biscayne Park is a small police department you need to have the quailifications to do the job as chief or as we have all seen you will fail and fail misserably. In fact, it is harder to be a chief in a small department than a large department where you have a large staff of professionals who really make your job as chef easier.

    Ray worked with Ana to backdoor Mitch every chance he had quickly forgetting that the ONLY reason Ray was able to be a cop again was Mitch Glansberg, how ungreatful…

    Ana should for at least the first time in her life stand up and stick by her decision to make Ray Atesiano chief of police, she picked him, she overlooked other qualified people in BPPD and she “sold” him to the commission. Now she is coveniently selling Ray out…Ray messed up and bad but Ana is demonstrating…again what a slime ball she is by denying her afiliation with Ray. As to Ray applying at NMBPD it is true and what Ana left out is the fact that she encouraged him and was pushing him on the chief.

    Ray Atesiano and the aftermath he left behind is ALL Ana Garcia doing…just one more example of the mess she is and if you have any doubts, check with all her previous employers…you will see the pattern and if there is one thing she is consistent at is her ability to turn her back on people as she is all about herself.

    Pay close attention because this is what Ana will do here at NMB that is who she is…worthless.


  2. Beware says:

    Don’t just ask the employers, I’m sure the employees also have plenty to say. Beware of fast friends, because they make for even faster enemies.


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