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Just yesterday in “Complaining for Dummies,” I wrote about the husband of former North Miami Beach Carpetbagger “Candidate” Yvenoline Dargenson, and the Counter-Complaint he filed against me with the Florida Elections Commissions.

Just today I received in the mail a copy of the Florida Elections Commission’s letter to Frannix Jean-Mary, advising him that his Complaint was “legally insufficient.”

The FEC wrote:

FRANNIX-FECOh, the irony!  A lawbreaking fraudster accused me of violating the law and committing a fraud!  That’s just beyond laughable.  It’s side splitting!

Then again, let’s consider the source.

The party crashing jackass friend of NMB Councilcritter Frantz Pierre, who claims to live in Miami-Dade County for the purpose of voting here while living in Miramar, Broward County, attempted to file a complaint with a Commission against a person (me) over which it has no jurisdiction.

I mean, hellooooo!

I’ve never run, never filed to run, never announced I would run, nor have I ever even thought about running, for public office.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a political consultant, campaign strategist, campaign manager, campaign treasurer, campaign finance director, community organizer, or any other position relating to campaigns or elections.

I am not associated with any company or organization even remotely connected to the running of campaigns or the conducting of elections.

Even more importantly, unlike the one who is accusing me of violating the law and committing fraud, I am registered to vote in Miami-Dade County, Florida, a jurisdiction in which I actually <GASP> reside.  Therefore, I can’t be accused of committing voter fraud … especially by the very person who actually is committing voter fraud.

Paging Team Irony!

Aside from the fact that the Florida Elections Commission found the Complaint against me to be completely bogus, why would the they even investigate me in the first place?

Yeah, I’m shaking my head, too.

Interestingly, the letter from the Florida Elections Commission was addressed to Frannix at his Miramar home (where his wife claimed she didn’t live when she ran for office in North Miami Beach), but on his current Facebook page he claims that he moved to New York on January 30, 2014.

Jean-Mary Facebook 05-31-14

Which begs even more questions:

1.  Did the wife who claims she didn’t live with him or their minor children in Miramar when she ran for office in North Miami Beach also not move with him to New York?

2.  Do they know where their children are?

Speaking of Frannix Jean-Mary’s wife, Yvenoline Dargenson, what ever happened to her since she was laughed out of NMB?  You know, the one who actually did violate the law and commit fraud?

After she suffered her humiliating defeat – at the polls and in the Circuit Court – Yve vanished from North Miami Beach altogether.

But not before being summarily dumped from two North Miami Beach Committees to which she was appointed by L’il Frantzie P for the purpose of establishing her as a “legitimate” candidate.

After it was discovered that Dargenson was not a bona fide resident of NMB, on June 4, 2013 the Council removed her from both the Library and Charter Review Committees:

Dargie DumpedThanks to the Dargenson fiasco, as of this date, nearly a year later, a desperately needed Charter Review Committee has STILL not been appointed or restarted.

The former Facebook Candidate has also disappeared from Facebook, where she constantly advertised and requested donations for her campaign during the election.

DARGENSON-FB-PUBLIC-FIGURE-PAGEDargenson Facebook-Donation Request

But as far as I can tell, though, Yvenoline “Yve” Dargenson has been busy … still plagiarizing other people’s articles under her own name and publishing them in the Sun-Sentinel.

Her latest “article” for which the Sentinel exclaimed, “Yve has agreed to let us reprint her articles here for your convenience,” was published this month.  Yve took credit for Faster Benefit Decisions for Veterans, even though it was actually authored and published by Georgiann Drake from the Social Security Administration in Porter County, Indiana.  Ms. Drake’s column, Faster Benefit Decisions for Veterans, claims, “This column solely represents the writer’s opinion.”

Apparently, the Liar from Miramar decided to usurp someone else’s opinion and claim it for herself.

Yes, I know.  I’m shocked, too.


There are two morals of this story:

1.  Before you file an official Complaint against anyone, especially me, make sure you know what you’re doing.

2.  Don’t even think about running for office in North Miami Beach if you don’t live here!

I’d file a Counter-Counter-Complaint against the hapless Frannix Jean-Mary, but why bother?  I’m having so much fun bitch slapping him from here.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. TC99 says:

    It hasn’t been restarted because the mayor believes it’s a waste of time. All suggestions still have to come before Council to be voted on or a petition signed by residents to bring it to the electorate to change it. Our Charter needs to be updated to come to current needs, not those of an earlier time when life was much simpler.


  2. Walter Ward says:

    Stephanie, please move to Hialeah, you could have just as much fun with the Cubans


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Walter, I take issue with your comment about “the Cubans.” For one thing, no one ethnic group corners the market on illegal or unethical behavior (see: Myron Rosner, Andre Pierre, Steven Bateman…the list goes on and on). “The Cubans” are no more likely to commit acts of fraud or stupidity than “the Haitians,” “the Jews,” “the Canadians,” or any other group I can think of.

      Unless those agencies charged with stopping lawbreakers and fraudsters from committing illegal and unethical acts are given the tools to fight such activity, there will always be someone who thinks they are above the law. Corruption comes in every race, color, nationality and ethnic background.


      1. Walter Ward says:

        Stephanie, I agree that no one has an exclusive on bad government but here in Hialeah it is 91 or 92% Cuban and our local government is run by the Cuban population


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