It’s campaign season again in North Miami!

Campaign signsWe already have two contenders for North Miami Mayor.  As expected, Dr. Smith Joseph and Jean Rodrigue Marcellus both filed today.

Both appointed themselves as Treasurers of their respective campaigns.

Both candidates also ran unsuccessfully for Mayor in 2013.

In that election, I mentioned in a previous blog that Dr. Joseph raised $212,510.56, “$180,000.00 of which out of his own pocket.”  Mr. Marcellus raised a total of $42,381.32, of which $23,881.32 was money he loaned to his campaign.  Marcellus raised less than one fifth of his opponent’s war chest, spent less than one eighth of his own money than Smith Joseph did, and came in fifth in the 2013 election.

On top of his humiliating loss, Jean Marcellus was the only one of the seven candidates to get KO’d.  By an acquaintance no less.

By throwing his hat in the ring, he apparently did not learn his lesson.  Wish him luck, people.  He’s gonna need it.

As for Smith Joseph, even with all his massive resources, he only managed to come in third behind Lucie Tondreau and Kevin Burns.  Let’s see if he fares better this time around.

A rumor started today that another former mayoral candidate, Anna “Sugar Cookie” Pierre, will schlep her carpetbag all the way from her homestead in Miramar to try her luck again in North Miami.

My first question was, “Does Jesus know?”

Jesus EndorsementOy Vey!  Here we go again!

Next thing you know, Hans Mardy will revoke his My Postal Address Change from North Miami Beach … back to North Miami … yet again … and decide to run in this special election.

Because twelve months is a long time to wait for the next regular one.

Seriously, Hans.  Get a grip.  It’s okay to sit out a race or two.

Besides, you’ve already lost an important endorsement.  Just ask Anna L. Pierre:

Jesus loves youAs more future losers enter the race, I will keep you all updated.  Stay tuned.

In other North Miami election news, District 4 Councilwoman Marie Erlande Steril is expected to vacate her seat early also to run in the special election, although she has yet to file.  Waiting in the wings to fill her seat is none other than Carline Paul, who filed to run on May 8, 2014 in the 2015 election.

I wonder which of her old tricks “Teacher” Carline will pull out of her bag to win the election.

Will it be using her non-profit to “educate” voters?

As reported in the Miami Herald article, In ballot quest, Teacher Carline plays controversial role, Carline Paul’s organization, Haitian American Youth of Tomorrow (HAYOT) received $14,000.00 from Miami-Dade County “in the 2011-12 budget year to teach members of the Haitian Community about the voting process.”

Or perhaps advertising for absentee ballots on the radio again?

“When you receive those absentee ballots at home, don’t let anyone take them!  You must consult with someone you trust, or consult teacher Carline.  She’ll help you understand what’s on the ballot in order to vote correctly.”

Whichever sleight of hand Carline Paul decides to employ, we can all rest assured that this is the one candidate most qualified to fill Marie Steril’s unethical shoes.

One thing we can all be sure of, and that’s as long as North Miami is in business, there will never be a shortage of material for this blog.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. ELLEN says:

    The City of North Miami NEEDS an independent forensic financial audit of every department for the last 5 years!


  2. barbix says:

    Here’s hoping for a surprise recruit (possibly from the east side), a no nonsense bridge builder with no personal horse in the race so to speak, with no shady past, a new face in the crowd, an everyman or everywoman with common sense and vision. Let’s move forward.


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