Summertime Blues

Three's a crowdElection season in North Miami is here.  Get ready for a long, hot summer.

Despite all the earlier rumors going around about who would file to run in the upcoming special election, as the Miami Herald reported, North Miami voters have three choices for mayor.

If anyone out there wants to complain that there aren’t any new faces to choose from, blame the person in the mirror for not taking up the challenge.

That being said, there are officially three candidates in this race:  Kevin A. BurnsSmith Joseph and Jean Rodrigue Marcelles.  Burns and Marcellus have each appointed themselves as Treasurer of their campaigns.  On June 11, 2014, Dr. Joseph appointed Aland N. Pierre-Canal as his Treasurer.

As usual, I started digging up what I could find on the candidates and I came up with some interesting information.  While none of it is earth shattering, I feel that the voting public of North Miami has a right to know as much about their future mayor before they make a decision.

For the record, all three candidates are bona fide residents of North Miami.

Even better, none of them have criminal records.

Considering this is North Miami, that’s a good start.

Between now and August, election season will be in full swing.  The three candidates are going to be out there doing what politicians do to get your vote.

Money will be raised.

Promises will be made.

Babies will be kissed.

Fliers will fill your mailboxes, ballot brokers will be at your door and campaign signs will litter your lawns.

Expect the usual players to amp up their presence in North Miami, making the rounds, selling their endorsements, trashing the opposition on Haitian radio.

Rumors will be spread.

Lies will be told.

Complaints will be filed.

Yes, folks.  It’s gonna be a very long, very hot summer.

Hide your babies.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. You Know Your Haitian If..." says:

    Hans Mardy has a real dilemma to deal with. He already moved his residency to NMB so he could run in next May’s election. He never counted on Juicy Lucy being taken down, because if he did, he most certainly would be running for Mayor of North Miami. When he loses badly in the NMB May election, he can attribute it to sounding like a real idiot at the Eastern Shores Candidate Forum as stated below:

    “The next question is for you Mr. Mardy…you ran for office in NMB in 2012, then moved to North Miami and ran for office there in 2013, then moved back to NMB in 2014 to run in the 2015 election, how do you manage to get your security deposit back after breaking your rental leases so often?”


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      OMIGOD that was too funny! I wish I had thought of that!!


  2. Ned says:

    Steph and One Know If You Are Haitian …

    Hans may be in a special frequent renter like Southwest or Jet Blue’s frequent flyers


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