Please help Victoria, a Dalmatian in need

victoria_275_195The Mission Statement of Dalmatian Rescue is:

Dalmatian Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to the rescue, protection, placement and education of this breed. Our organization exists solely on donations and volunteer efforts. 100% of all contributions is applied directly to the care and maintenance of the pets.

This North Miami Beach organization’s latest mission is to treat a Dalmatian who was hit by a car and is in need of medical attention.  Here is her story:

Victoria 6/30 – A very nice on duty police officer found me in the middle of the road yesterday after I was hit by a car. I am about  2 years of age and about 35 lbs.  I have 3 fractures in my front leg and shoulder. The vet that saw me recommended  amputation. For now I am splinted and wrapped and resting until DRSF takes me in.  I am near Atlanta and will soon be  flying to So Fla with pilot Keith. DRSF just finished a fundraiser successfully treating some Dals for heart-worms. The  organization would be hard pressed to afford my surgery and will be fundraising again. I am so grateful to have been saved  from the street and am very hopeful that DRSF can help me. I was told about Faith who lost her front leg and managed  well. I understand she is at the Bridge now due to aggressive cancer, but while she was here, she was the “goodwill  ambassador” for DRSF. I know I will have some mighty paws to fill to live up to Faith’s reputation, but if given the chance I  will do my very best. My tail is wagging through my adversity and my outlook.

The first update on her condition and treatment was posted on July 1, 2014:

Victoria update 7/1 5:30 pm

DRSF is waiting on a call from a surgeon staffed at the the animal hospital who saw and treated Victoria on her emergency visit which is expected in the am tomorrow. With high hopes and a very positive attitude, we are moving forward. Pilot Keith has already booked Victoria’s flight for Saturday, 7/12 to South Florida. In the meantime, we will consult with Doc and come up with a game plan absolutely with Victoria’s future and health number one. Thanks so much to the donations that are starting to come in and pledges to contribute. We will certainly need them! Our mailing address is Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. PO Box 640108 North Miami Beach, Fl. 33164, our Paypal address is, or you may click the Donate button in the menu above. A contribution of any amount will surely help and will be directly applied toward Victoria. This sweet little Dal has developed a fan club already and we are all rooting for her!!!

The latest update was posted on Facebook this morning:

So here’s the latest update on Victoria. DRSF just concluded a phone conference/consult with the Victoria’s surgeon. Doc highly recommends amputation for many reasons. Aside from the multiple fractures, their location and involvement with her shoulder , Victoria has nerve damage, whether it be temporary or permanent is unknown at this time. Surgery to repair the fractures would consist of 2 large plates and screws with no guarantees of full use of her leg. Considering the unknown source (and prognosis) of the nerve damage, Doc stated that Victoria would likely be facing ultimate amputation even after all the procedures to try to save her leg had been performed. All that said, it has been decided that since Victoria is walking 3-legged now anyway and has no use of her leg, she is a young Dally who would thrive nicely and adjust well to amputation. With Faith at the Bridge cheering her on, a wonderful current host foster family and all the love and care she will continue to receive here in So Fla, Victoria has been given a new leash on life. Minor adjustments are just speed bumps in her life that may have otherwise been lost being hit by a car. We have every confidence and hope in a wonderful outcome and bright future for Victoria. DRSF just received the faxed estimate for all inclusive surgery, treatments, supportive care, etc. to be $2,200. We will be setting up a fundraiser now that we know our intended goal. PLEASE SHARE with anyone you know can make a tax deductible donation for Victoria! Any amount will help and many thanks to those pledges coming in and for those who have already donated! Our donation page with mailing address and Paypal address is on our main site at



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  1. Rick Silberman says:

    Thanks for posting this Steph. Dalmatian Rescue of South Fla. is a legit organization right here in NMB. I have known its director Pati Dane for several years and she is very passionate about the cause to save this beautiful and noble breed. If anyone is able to help Victoria and DRSF, I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

    Have a safe Fourth of July everyone!


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Rick, I know it’s a great organization. I went to their facility a few times a while back to find a companion for my Dalmatian, Pennie. Unfortunately, Pennie passed a way a few years ago, but she was a wonderful dog. The people who run it are truly amazing. I was happy to post this to try to help.


  2. TC says:

    About 2 years ago, the company I work for had a dalmatian show up in our yard. He looked like he had been hit by a car. Our staff took care of him while we looked for a home as we couldn’t let him stay in the yard. I contacted DRSFL and after taking him to an animal hospital to see if he had a microchip, Patty took him in. It turned out that this was the second time Patty had this particular dalmatian as the microchip belonged to DRSFL. He was adopted out as a puppy after being dumped into her yard full of mange and healed to a person who moved to Tampa. Somehow he ended back in Miami at 13 years of age. I was told he was adopted out again a few weeks later and hope he has had a successful like since.

    I praise Patty and her organization as well as all organizations that rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out abandoned animals. If you can help, please donate or adopt. If the animal is too big, there are always others at the Humane Society that need a loving home. Good luck Patty and DRSFL with Victoria.


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