Frantzie Watch: Absentee-Ballots R Us

Vote TwiceNorth Miami Beach Council Critter Frantz Pierre doesn’t have time to attend City Council meetings, Pension Board meetings or Budget Workshops – even though it’s his J-O-B to be there.  He seems to have cleared his calendar to work for Florida State Representative Barbara Watson‘s re-election campaign.

According to Rep. Watson’s Campaign Expenditure Report, she paid the sum of $250.00 to one Frantz Pierre of 19637 NW 12 Avenue, North Miami Beach, Florida 33179.

There’s only one problem.

No, make that several problems.

For one thing, since L’il Frantzie P doesn’t live at that address, I originally figured it was a different Frantz Pierre who was on Watson’s payroll.  But then my source told me that Frantzie’s been seen campaigning for Barbara Watson, so I decided to investigate further.

I checked my handy-dandy search engine,, for all the Frantz Pierres in North Miami Beach to see if I could find one at that particular address.

Would you believe there are EIGHTEEN Frantz Pierres, ages 28 to 70, in the North Miami Beach area alone?  Scary thought, huh?

None of them live at 19637 NW 12 Avenue.

Then the address itself troubled me.

Even IF that address did exist, it would not be located in the City of North Miami Beach.

Furthermore, even IF that address did exist, it would not be located in zip code 33179.


I then went to the website of the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser’s Office, where, lo and behold, I discovered that there is no such address as 19637 NW 12 Avenue.

In an attempt to cut Barbara Watson some slack, I thought maybe she made an honest mistake and typed “NW” instead of “NE.”

So I searched the Property Appraiser’s website for 19637 NE 12 Avenue.

Guess what?

There is no such address as 19637 NE 12 Avenue, either.

Hmmm, I thought.  What have we here?

We have an elected official who has not bothered to show up for a disturbingly high number of City of North Miami Beach meetings at which he is required to attend.

We have an elected official who at one time had as many as nine registered voters living in his home at 2120 NE 171st Street, the questionable ones conveniently voting by absentee ballot.

We have an elected official whose known accomplice acquaintance is none other than Volney Nerette, who just happens to be in the absentee-ballot brokering business.

We have an elected official whose other known accomplice acquaintance is none other than suspected absentee-ballot broker Marc Levasseur, who also helped Frantzie create election palm cards for a bogus “organization” designed to trick Haitians into voting for his choice of candidates.

We also have an elected official who has been under investigation by the North Miami Beach Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division FIVE, COUNT ‘EM FIVE, TIMES!

Yeah, L’il Frantzie P’s a real gem, huh?  He’s a regular rhinestone in the rough.

Considering all the above, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that Watson hired The P Man to allegedly “help” her with absentee-ballots.

Furthermore, considering that Barbara Watson already hired self-admitted absentee-ballot “Queen” Noucelie Josna during her 2012 campaign, it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Watson is well acquainted with how the absentee-ballot “system” works.

Just saying.

We already know that Councilcritter Frantz Pierre is up to his eyeballs in dirty politicking.  The fact that he’s been working on Barbara Watson’s campaign instead of doing the job voters elected him to do is hardly surprising.

The fact that Barbara Watson and L’il Frantzie P are not so strange bedfellows is even less surprising.

Water, as they say, seeks its own level.

Frantz Pierre is gearing up for his own re-election campaign for next year.  I’m guessing he’s counting on Barbara Watson’s support when his turn comes around.

In the meantime, tomorrow is Election Day.

Barbara Watson wants your vote.

She will not be getting mine.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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