North Miami Election Quickie

QuickieThe candidates for North Miami Mayor have filed their final Campaign Treasurer’s Reports for the period ending August 21, 2014.  There are no surprises.

Jean Marcellus again raised the least amount of money by collecting $3,905.00 in contributions from an assortment of individuals and businesses.  He went all out and spent $6,400.00 this period on advertising ($1,556.00), campaign workers/canvassing ($4,004.00), tee-shirts ($240.00), and food for campaign workers ($600.00).  Jean’s total monetary contributions for this campaign came out to $24,795.00, including loans of $8,500.00, he spent $19,171.25, leaving a balance in his campaign account of $5,623.75.

This period, Kevin Burns raised $5,250.00 in contributions also from various individuals and businesses, and spent $4,410.00 on:  Media ($900.00), early voting supplies ($230.00), campaign workers ($1,280.00), phone banking ($1,000.00) and fundraising ($1,000.00).  All in all, Kevin raised $32,620.00, including a loan of $3,600.00, and spent $20,742.50.  Kevin Burns ends his campaign with a balance of $11,877.50 in his account.

Smith Joseph, as usual, raised a ton of money, including loans.  This period he received $3,950.00 in contributions and loaned an additional $41,000.00 to his campaign, bringing his total loans to $166,000.00 for this year’s mayoral run.  His final expenses of $25,197.91 include:   Media ($800.00), consulting/campaign work/canvassing ($13,800.00), print/mailer/signage ($5,671.00), rent and utilities ($1,461.63), meals/refreshments/supplies ($3,109.84), records requests ($150.00) and tee-shirts ($205.44).  Smith Joseph’s total contributions add up to $190,095.50 and his total expenses were $157,782.11, leaving a balance of $32,313.39 in his account.

So, there you have it, North Miami.

Nothing unusual or remarkable, and certainly nothing worth filing a complaint over.  I don’t know if any of this information helps you make a decision tomorrow, but if so, great!

If not, no worries.  Just get your butt off that chair tomorrow and go to the polls.

It’s your duty and your responsibility as an American to choose the person you feel is the best person to lead your city.

one of the penaltiesStephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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