No surprises in North Miami

duck-and-dogThe first round of the North Miami Special Election is over.  In a city where we have come to expect the unexpected, the only surprise is that there were no surprises.

The usual fights broke out at the Sunkist Grove polling place.  WLRN reporter Nadege Green kept us up to date, as usual, via Twitter:



And, then, of course:  

And that was just for entertainment.

Another non-surprise was the fact that there will now be a runoff between one-time Mayor Kevin Burns and political newbie Smith Joseph.

The official results are:

Official Results

For a complete breakdown of the election results click here: North Miami Election Analysis

Anyone familiar with North Miami politics could have predicted this outcome almost to the vote count.  Sadly, it appears that the votes were cast along racial lines.

Kevin Burns grabbed 44.90% of the vote, while Smith Joseph’s and Jean Marcellus’ combined votes equaled 55.1% of the ballots cast.

According to, the demographics for North Miami are as follows:

NM DemographicsBlacks make up 54.46% of the city, while the total percentage of all others is 45.75%.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that almost all blacks (Haitians and non-Haitian) voted for the black candidates, while the rest voted for the white one.

It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if it weren’t for Jean Marcellus grabbing 17.29% of the vote, the majority of those ballots would have gone to Smith Joseph.

Here’s the thing.

Jean Marcellus may be the only person in North Miami who isn’t aware that he should never have entered into this contest.  He had zero chance of winning this election, and his candidacy only served to waste the time, resources and money of the taxpaying residents of North Miami.  This race was the equivalent to the imaginary primary between Charlie Crist and Nan Rich for the Democrat gubernatorial candidacy.  Both Jean and Nan showed up at a gun fight woefully unprepared.

nerf guns

Now that Marcellus is rightfully out of the picture (and probably out of a job), the real election can start.

Unfortunately, by the time North Miami finally has a Mayor, the winner will hit the ground campaigning.

Since this North Miami Special Election effectively began the day Lucie was tossed out of office last May, the year-long campaign for the mayoral seat could possibly be the longest running election season in the history of North Miami.

What is really telling, however, is that despite the fact that former Mayor Lucie Tondreau actively campaigned for Jean Marcellus, the results show how little power she actually wields in North Miami.  Whether true or not, the perception in this city is that Andre Pierre is the force behind Tondreau.  If that’s the case, by extension this means that Andre is completely – and finally – powerless.

The good news is that out of 29,462 registered voters in North Miami, 24.96% of them (7,356) came out to vote.

The bad news is that more than three quarters of them didn’t.

In any event, North Miami residents should prepare themselves for an onslaught of in-your-face campaign tactics, more obnoxious radio ads, more empty promises, more pleas for donation dollars, more ugly campaign signs, more fist fights to break out at the Sunkist Grove Community Center.

For all intents and purposes, the long, hot summer in North Miami has been officially extended.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. jay says:

    Stephanie, that was a neat slight of hand ‘Andre Pierre is the force behind Lucy…and is now powerless”. You fail to mention once again Pierre’s influence with Smith Joseph nor have you investigated the speeches they gave at a church with Pierre’s endorsement. I thought you were more thorough in your investigations! You don’t have to be ‘a rocket scientist’ to see that Pierre is a force of influence in the Smith Joseph candidacy and that the question continues to be Why would a doctor want to spend so much of his own money for a job that pays so little? Riddle me that, Stephanie!!!

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Thanks for accusing me of a “sleight of hand” trick. Sorry, but I’m not going along with that. You are the one who mentioned Andre’s speech at the church, but I was told that Andre showed up on his own. I wouldn’t put it past Andre to attempt to align himself with who he believes will win the election.

      I also don’t know why you think you can trick me into answering a question that I have no idea of the answer, i.e., why would Dr. Joseph want the job. As I said before, I don’t know. Why does anyone do anything? Why do I write this freaking blog when no one pays me to do it? Maybe his motivations are the same as mine, which is to TRY to have an open and honest government. I realize that I’m probably fighting a losing battle on that playing field. I also realize that you aren’t going to be happy no matter what my answer is, so f**k it. Vote for whoever. Or, don’t vote at all. I don’t care. My flying rat’s ass is still at the dry cleaners.

      1. jay says:

        A bit of an over reaction don’t you think? I was really asking a rhetorical question and not to stress you out with an answer! But anyway, I really enjoy your work and very much value your tireless efforts to make our communities more informed and transparent. I hope your dry cleaner doesn’t use starch. All the best

        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          I did overreact, huh? Yeah, sorry about that. I am stressed, trying to deal with two closings. My sale is going swimmingly, but the purchase is a disaster. Once it’s over, I will definitely write a blog about which certain mortgage broker one should never, ever, under any circumstances use when buying a home. ‘Nuff said about that for now. Wish me luck.

          1. jay says:

            Right on, Stephanie!! Unfortunately, we Americans living in North Miami have had to get used to living in a third world! I truly feel sorry for many Haitian now Americans who came to the US to get away from corruption, abuse of power and disappointment in their leaders, hoping to find a better way of life here. Democracy is dependent on an educated citizenry who understand the issues and are moved toward the greater good. In Haiti historically, people were taught to obey the power and not think for themselves. Again, unfortunately, some of that mentality has transplanted itself here in North Miami and many well intending citizens continue to listen to the misinformation on Haitian radio rather than thinking for themselves; they are perpetuating the very ills they wanted to get away from. Lucy, of course, is a great example of this: she used the Haitian community for her power grab, only to embarrass and disappoint the very voters who elected her…this was not a conspiracy, but rather American justice doing its job. I only hope the Haitian community uses her predicament as a teachable moment to help new citizens to appreciate what democracy is and how it benefits everyone; its not about who has the power!

  2. Tim says:

    I enjoyed your posts on the NM elections, expecially the mention of “bull horn” guy. I live a block from Sunkist Grove CC and at 3:15 when I voted, he was walking in 125th streets yelling at cars and stopping them.

    There are a couple of observations I’d like to make about your post, though. NM is not 35.4% caucausian. I read its 17% at best. The 35.4% official count includes “whites” and “hispanics”. As far as African Americans voting for a Haitian candidate, I don’t think you really understand the dynamic between the two groups. They were upset with Sorey, an African American lost to Steril in my neighborhood. They weren’t happy when Rolle went up flames, twice now. I live in Sunkist Grove and know several of my African American neighbors fairly well. I don’t know a single one who voted for Smith or Marcellus and have always voted for Burns each time he’s run. In the Sunkist Grove prescient, Burns won 315 votes. There are probably a dozen or less whites still living in that neighborhood. Hispanics, perhaps another dozen. I think Burns is getting more widespread support than you realize. Just thought I’d point that out.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I have said this before, but it bears repeating.

      “Caucasian” is a race.

      “Hispanic” is NOT a race.

      “Hispanic” only refers to one’s nationality, not the color of one’s skin.

      There are three main races – white, black, Asian. There are sub-categories in each classification, but that’s not the point.

      “Hispanic” is no more a race than “Jewish” is a race.

      For example, my oldest son is Hispanic. That doesn’t make him any less Caucasian.

      He also happens to be Jewish, but that doesn’t make him any less Hispanic.

      Or Caucasian.

      Are we clear on this concept?

      Therefore, the 17% of non-Hispanic whites that live in North Miami are no more or less “white” than the other 18.4% presumably white residents, who just happen to be Hispanic. This only means that 35.4% of North Miami residents are Caucasians.

      Who might also be Hispanic.

      But that doesn’t make them any less Caucasian.

      Jesu Cristo, do I have to explain everything?

      1. Tim says:

        Apparently you aren’t over your closing bad mood. “White” voters and “Hispanic” often vote quite differently. For example, the ’12 presidential elections where 61% of “whites” voted Romney while 73% voted for Obama. Lumping both groups together as “caucasians” to make a point that whites vote white and blacks vote black is incorrect. Also lumping Haitian and African Americans voting patterns is off the mark. The discussion I am having with you is not about race. Everyone who came from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia are classified as caucasians. I really thought you would appreciate the insight on what I have observed living in the community you were writing about. I was wrong and I won’t post on your site again.

        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          My bad mood was improving until I read your comment. For one thing, I am truly sick and tired of people who want to categorize (Read: Play the Race Card) by putting people into separate boxes because of their race and/or nationality. What I wrote (go back and read it) was that in the North Miami Special Election it appears that, based on the demographics and the vote count, blacks voted mostly for blacks and whites voted mostly for whites. That’s it. That’s all I wrote. I was simply making an observation based on the actual percentages.

          I don’t claim that “whites” and “Hispanics” vote the same or vote differently. You did.

          I also don’t claim that “blacks” and “Haitians” vote the same or differently. You did.

          (I won’t go into the presidential elections here, but I did the research and the actual results are not quite what you claim they were.)

          I like to think that every voter, regardless of their race or nationality, votes for whom they believe is the best candidate.

          It’s a shame you won’t post a comment on this site because I do welcome intelligent and thoughtful discussion. Apparently, all you want to do is point fingers and accuse me of things I haven’t done. That’s hardly anyone’s idea of a discussion.

          1. Tim says:

            I know I’m wasting my time, you are closed minded on what I’m trying to get across to you, but here it goes. You are the one in your original post that put all whites in one box and all blacks in another. I saw something different and thought I’d point it out to you. According to the official results for my prescient (135), your observation whites vote white and blacks vote black is not valid. Why can’t you be open to admitting that you might be wrong? Look at data.

          2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            You obviously haven’t been a long time reader or you’d know I always admit when I’m wrong or when I make a mistake. I have absolutely no problem being human.

            There are some people on the other hand, like my ex-husband, who just have to be right no matter what. In fact, they cannot stand being told they’re wrong. About anything.

            I am not one of them.

            If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

            If you say I’m wrong, I’m good with that.

            You win. Happy now?

          3. Tim says:

            Now that have admitted that you are wrong, yes, I am happy.


            If you’d entertain a discussion of why I feel Burns has a chance of winning in November, let me know.

  3. North Miami Resident says:

    Dear Stephanie:

    I do appreciate your post(s) but after reading your post(s) for a couple of years, I do realized that you do have a hatred heart toward Haitians. I do not know why? but anyone can see that. We as Haitians should be proud of having a Medical Doctor who went to school for several years and decided to serve his community. Kevin Burns has completed just High school but no one says anything about that. Andre Pierre is a Lawyer and still they do not deserve RESPECT in your eyes. I have read your articles but never criticized Kevin Burns when Miami Herald wrote an article about him. What else do you guys want from Haitian people at least to deserve respect. In my opinion, either they have a higher degree, no one cares but rather still criticizing them. Haitians do love the Jews very much and I believe a lot of Jews are doing Business in the Haitian Community. Why do you hate Haitians so much? what have they done to you to deserve that? Well, you are motivating us to be more united than ever, and as you already know, Dr Smith will be the elected Mayor. So please leave us alone.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Dear North Miami Resident:

      I’m not sure what blogs you are reading, but you must be referring to someone who actually wrote something against Haitians, or who didn’t criticize a non-Haitian, because it certainly wasn’t me.

      In my post about the last mayoral debate (, I pretty much tore Kevin Burns a new one. I must have pissed him off because he hasn’t called to correct anything I wrote. In that same blog, I suggested that North Miami voters might want to vote for the Doctor. Not enough of them took my suggestion, or there wouldn’t be a runoff.

      Then again, if it weren’t for that idiot Jean Marcellus, you’d probably have a new Mayor today.

      If I don’t like or I criticize a public official, it has nothing to do with their nationality, but everything to do with how they govern or their defiance of any code of ethics. (See: Myron Rosner, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, Carlos Gimenez, Jimmie Morales, to name a few.)

      I criticized Andre Pierre because he is CORRUPT. Not because he’s Haitian, so give me a break!

      Last month, I criticized “the oldest and largest Black newspaper in the Southeast” for blaming all of North Miami’s problems on Haitians in politics ( I also listed a ton of convicted politicians who have been convicted since the year 2000, all of them decidedly NOT Haitian.

      Also last month, I endorsed Jean Monestime for County Commissioner (

      So, I’m sitting here, scratching my head, wondering why on earth you think I have a “hatred toward Haitians.” As you can clearly see, you are obviously mistaking me for someone else.

      Apologies are now being accepted.

    2. Ricardo says:

      I will grant you that Stephanie seems to be in a really bad mood today, but your comment is just out of the blue.
      I am sorry, but I think you are lying when you said that you have been “reading (her) post(s) for a couple of years.” That’s not true.
      If you had read at least a few, you would spent two seconds writing that ridiculous piece of nonsense.

      Please look inwards. Maybe it’s you the one ill with hatred. Proof? You suggested that Andre Pierre deserves RESPECT.

      (I borrowed the uppercase from you. Ok?)

      1. Ricardo says:

        It was supposed to be:

        “…you wouldn’t have spent two seconds writing that ridiculous piece of nonsense.”

        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          That is so nice of you for sticking up for me. I really appreciate it. I’m having an awwwww moment. 🙂

          My mood has definitely improved. XOXO

          1. Ricardo says:

            Well. You owe me one. 😉

            Now we can go back to disagreeing in the Kevin Burns vs. Smith Joseph thingy.

          2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            LOL! I have no energy to argue or disagree with one more person today. I’ve hit my quota. Besides, whether you and I agree or not about who should win the election will have no bearing on the outcome. In the end, the voters of North Miami will have the last word. Luckily, I won’t be one of them.

  4. Karen says:

    I have to agree with the comments of a previous reader who stated that you obviously do not understand race dynamics. African Americans, ie, historically American heritage blacks, have rarely aligned themselves with Haitian Americans. A careful analysis of the results should bear this out.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I actually do understand the dynamics. I have not been encapsulated in a bubble for the last 25 years that I have lived in North Miami Beach. I am very aware that Haitians and American blacks are often at odds with each other. I have close friends from both communities, and I know exactly what some of them think of each other. I will not repeat those comments here.

      I have noticed, however, that over the years those prejudices are slowly dissipating. I find that residents are becoming more and more willing to work together for the common good, regardless of race or ethnicity.

      What I do find disturbing, however, is that some of the Haitian politicians actually encourage the divisiveness instead of fostering unity. This happens more frequently in North Miami than in NMB, possibly because of North Miami’s larger Haitian population and greater strength at the polls. I find that attitude to be extremely destructive, and I have no problem calling out those politicians for encouraging that attitude. Haitian radio personalities are even worse than the politicians, when they tell their listeners to vote Haitian no matter what.

      I literally cringe when I hear crap like that. Can you just imagine the outrage if a white candidate said, “Vote for the white guy no matter what?” Cries of racism would be heard all the way to the headquarters of the NAACP!

      In any event, it is my opinion that this bullshit needs to stop. I consider myself to be an American. Period. I don’t hyphenate it with anything. If we do not become one community, working for the good of everyone, we might as well just be a third world country. This is America, people. Why can’t you just be Americans?

      1. Ricardo says:

        They don’t want to be Americans.
        They make a living exploiting the differences that they fabricate, so they need to keep hate alive.
        That’s why they have very big and very loud mouths.

        It is sad that they end up usurping representation of a whole community. It is sad that they somehow manage to manipulate the vote and the opinion of that community.

  5. North Miami Resident says:

    Dear Stephanie and Ricardo:

    I am sorry to say that. But you guys actually missed the point. Please do not say anything about Racism,t is not relevant here. Why don’t a Caucasian that do not speak Spanish go out and run for the city of Hialeah or SW Miami Dade.And to you Ricardo, you said they don’t want to be Americans.Most of the Hispanics do not like to speak English. If you do not speak Spanish and you are driving in Hialeah, You are in big trouble. Most of the people that live there do not understand English. But us Haitians, we are different, if you are driving in North Miami and you need directions believe me, one should find someone that can speak English to help. Stephanie, Haitians are voting Haitians just like Hispanics are voting Hispanics in SW Miami Dade and Hialeah.Jews in North Miami Beach are voting Jews. And guess what? Scott Galvin is endorsing Kevin Burns why? is that Racist as well. So stop cries of Racism.

    1. jay says:

      I would again say to the NM Resident that Haitians by and large left Haiti looking for better governance. Unfortunately, they are repeating the same form of politics they tried to get away from: namely, go with what you are told to do and if your candidate gets power, you will be taken care of. This obedience to power is not an American tradition…unfortunately, the Haitian community is not seeming to learn from their ill informed choice of Lucy for mayor and instead continue to repeat choices that do not represent the greater good.

    2. Tim says:

      I think the reason Galvin is supporting Burns is that Burns did a really good job as mayor in the past. We have 4 new schools in the city because of his efforts. We also have several ongoing investigations and an audit by the state to track down a lot of missing money under Pierre-Tondreu-Steril. Galvin probably feels that Burns would be the best choice to ensure the city gets cleaned up and back on track.

    3. Ricardo says:

      If we missed the point, it’s because YOU failed to make it clear.
      I have so much to say about your new piece of nonsense, but time is limited.

      First, if you call yourself anything-American, it means that you are that anything first, and give American the leftovers.
      Stephanie is right. Calling yourself anything other than American creates division. There is a number of agitators that take advantage of “their people” by perpetuating unnecessary division and fake differences.
      My statement refers to those agitators, and to any and all groups and/or communities that segregate themselves. That includes Cuban-Americans, Haitian-Americans, and You-Name-It-Americans.
      After all, “this is America.”

    4. Ricardo says:

      Second, I think you are one of those self-segregated fellas that I mentioned earlier.
      Do you think being of Haitian origin makes you automatically worthy or entitled to anything?
      Sorry. It does not.
      Does not work like that.
      Not for you. Not for Lucy. Not for Andre Pierre. Your suggestion that Mr. Pierre deserves even an ounce of respect would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.
      Andre Pierre brought SHAME to the city of North Miami. Lucy “Coco Douce” Thondreau brought more SHAME to the city of North Miami.
      You stand behind them crooks just because they are Haitian?
      Gimme a break!
      How about standing behind an HONEST American?

    5. Ricardo says:

      It is funny that you mentioned Hialeah.
      You see, it makes sense that people there speak Spanish. After all, many, many, many of them came recently from Cuba. Rent is affordable and food too. It’s kind of easy to find a job. It’s easy to get started.
      But what you “forgot” to mention is that many of them manage to learn the language, study a profession, and move on.
      There are Cubans everywhere in Miami-Dade, but you can’t find any that speak English?

      I have no problem finding Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Brazilians, Hondurans, Boricuas, Dominicans, Argentinians, etc, that can speak English.
      Not in Hialeah.
      Not in Coral Gables.
      Not in North Miami.
      Not in Little Havana.
      Not in Westchester.
      Not anywhere.
      If you can’t find English-speaking Cubans, that tells me a lot about YOU, not about others.

    6. Ricardo says:

      Fourth, and here we go back to YOU not making your point clear:

      Did you look at your grammar?
      Did you look at your punctuation?
      Did you look at your capitalization?
      And you wonder why your point does not get through!!

      I don’t know who lied to you like that, but that’s not proper English. Stop tooting your own horn. If you “sound” like that in writing, I can’t imagine how you sound when you speak.
      Stop tooting your own horn!!

      And stop saying that we hate Haitians!
      We don’t !!!
      We just tell the truth, point blank, to people like you. And by that I mean people that claim to fight for Haitians and all they do is praise crooks and criminals, instead of siding with the honest, hard working members of the community.

      1. barbix says:

        please stop with the ad hominem attacks, it is not kind and it does not do your point justice. and dont attack him also on the basis of grammar– really that is sinking low and is unkind. how is your second language? even if it is good, I’d say good on him for communicating. stick to your points and argue like a adult, please, I dont want to read hate and you lost me when you started a) attacking him / ad hominem and b) focusing on form instead of content : two surefire ways to lose an argument and respect.

        1. Ricardo says:

          My second language is English.

        2. Ricardo says:

          I made 4 comments.
          They all directly address the comment(s) made by the “North Miami resident.”
          I will grant that the 4th comment could probably qualify as ad-hominem, but that’s not how I see it.
          The way I see it, I am pointing at the fact that this person made an invalid generalization over a whole community to which I belong. (Most of the Hispanics do not like to speak English)
          I am also pointing out that this person made such a comment when his/her own English language skills are extremely poor, so poor in fact, that his point does not get through.

          I find it interesting that you found time to see (make up) a fault in my comments while giving a free pass to the other person.
          But then again, I don’t need you respect any more than you need mine.

        3. Ricardo says:

          By the way, you directly implied that I argue like a child.
          And that I hate.

          Ad hominem?
          Straw in the eyes of others?

    7. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      “Stephanie, Haitians are voting Haitians just like Hispanics are voting Hispanics in SW Miami Dade and Hialeah.Jews in North Miami Beach are voting Jews.”

      If that’s the case, then should I assume that people who live in Davie only vote for rodeo clowns?

      Just saying.

  6. North Miami Resident says:

    Burns was there before. We are looking for a fresh new face. Dr Smith is the one qualified for the job. New face, fresh face with an agenda.

    1. Ricardo says:

      YOU are looking for a new face.
      I am not. Many of us are not.

      I agree with Kevin Burns. This is not time for on-the-job training.
      Mr. Burns has experience. He knows the job, and he seems to know what he is doing.
      During his time as Mayor, we did not have the pervasive scandals and corruption that we had to endure under Pierre & Coco-Douce Inc.

      I just can’t wait to see a full audit happen!

      1. History Lesson says:

        Burns sure has on the job experience… in the wrong direction! During his time… do you even know some of the things that went on? Give the new person a chance, at least his slate is clean. If he messes up, fine, at least we know he can balance his own budget.

        1. Ricardo says:

          I am not ready to give a chance to a “new face” with zero experience.

          If the guy is so good at balancing his own budget, then how come he is more than $400,000.00 in the red?
          I mean, how is he going to balance THAT?
          By being in charge of OUR budget?

          I still need to see evidence of actual wrongdoing by Kevin Burns. Like I said before, during his time we did not have the awful and shameful scandals we’ve have lately.
          And like I said before, he does not look like a millionaire to me. I see him working and doing business just like most of us.

        2. Tim says:

          “Give the new person a chance”…we did…Pierre…Tondreu. Look at where it got us. I don’t remember any city-related financial scandals under Burns. Were they any?

          1. how far reaching says:

            plenty of shenanigans under burns! PLEASE read alone this blog for info… can anyone say strip club? can anyone says judgements against? can anyone say CRA?? Stephanie does a good job reporting… then there’s google and more…
            go talk with smith joseph, he’s an educated, medical professional who lives on the easy side no less… who is not in it for the money…

          2. jay says:

            To: How far reaching

            Give me a break…How many rascals have said they are only seeking office for selfless reasons? Smith Joseph’s motives remain suspect especially in light of his endorsements from Pierre, who I recall having said the very same things when first running for office: to wit, paraphrasing “I want to make North Miami a better city, unite people improve the quality of life” Sure thing, Andre. No more stinking badges and let’s appoint a puppet city manager…that was his approach. I am not hearing anything different so far from Smith Joseph, all he says is I will listen to the people! Which people? Smartin up…as the Who said: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”…let’s “hope we don’t get fooled again”.

        3. jay says:

          I agree! Burns will have checks & balances to insure the budget and dealings at city hall are transparent. I still don’t get why a doctor would want to be a mayor with a modest salary? What’s his agenda and did he get any ideas from Pierre? I have to question his motives!

          1. how far reaching says:

            burns has a bad reputation and for reasons well outlined on this blog. go talk with smith joseph and see for yourself. I like people who go into politics… because they want to be civil servants and dont need the money. i say go ask smith joseph your questions, he will answer you. but for me, i say pick the one without any drama or judgements or ethics complaints against him/her… but of course I respect your vote choices.

          2. how far reaching says:

            Ps Transparent? Go read just this blog alone for issues with total non transparency with Burns… Just sayin’

          3. Ricardo says:

            To: How far reaching

            There were no ethics complains against Andre Pierre.
            There were no ethics complains against Coco Deuce.
            Not before they were elected. Were there?

            The complaints I have seen against Kevin Burns are pure speculation. And yes, I did search google, and have been reading this blog for some time now. I have found a few petty allegations with no evidence of actual wrongdoing.

            Maybe you could enlighten us.

            As of today, all I know is that Kevin Burns was a good Mayor. I have no reason to believe he will disappoint us now.

            What I know about Smith is that he wants to be Mayor too badly. I also think he does not have too much respect for the rule of law.

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