Only in North Miami…

MadnessEven as the Miami Herald’s Fred Grimm was lamenting about the low voter turnout yesterday, he had to give North Miami credit for the lively crowd at the Sunkist Grove polling place.  He wrote:

“Nadege Green, my former Herald colleague now working over at WLRN Radio, reported yelling, bickering, admonishments and threats around a precinct in North Miami.

Once, that sort of election day behavior might have been regarded as unseemly. But in 2014, a precinct ruckus has become encouraging news. At least the voters there indicated that they were awake.”

As I reported yesterday in No surprises in North Miami, Nadege’s hilarious tweets from what is inarguably Miami-Dade County’s wackiest precinct (in a city with more than its share of nutty campaign season regulars) kept her followers in stitches.

The Campaign Crazies were out in full force in North Miami on Election Day.

Sadly, there were no reported sightings of Nacivre “Good Time Charlie” Charles during this campaign season.

CharlieBut, North Miami Beach’s Very Own Loveable Lobbyist, Ringo Cayard, made a guest appearance at Sunkist Grove yesterday.

In fact, Ringo was the “Blemur supporter” that Nadege mentioned in one of her tweets last night:

She followed up with a report today in Why A North Miami Voting Precinct Draws Many Volunteers And Fights, and noted, “Historically, most candidates concentrate their volunteers at this North Miami polling place because of the higher-than-normal turnout. And sometimes, the volunteers clash.  Tuesday’s primary election was no exception … When one man asked a bullhorn-yelling worker to quiet down, the man with the bullhorn warned he would take off all of his clothes to give the requestor a beat down.”

Sounds like a real fun party!

Ms. Green’s column also featured the following video of the abovementioned Ringo Cayard, who claimed that Senator Oscar Braynon’s poll workers accused him of lying.

That’s just outrageous!  We all know that lobbyists NEVER lie!

Ringo, of course, defended his actions – “This is my right!  This is America!” – which is why he just had to tell the antagonist to kiss his butt.

Oh, and that he’s standing on his ground.

Stand on, Ringo.  Stand on!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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