Dismissals on Parade

case dismissed2Two new stories were published today about the Florida Commission on Ethics regarding all its No Probable Cause findings from the September 12th meeting.

First, News-press.com reported that the Florida Ethics Commission cited “lack of legal sufficiency” in a complaint filed against Lee County School Board member Jeanne Dozier.  Allegations of “forgery of official documents, campaign violations and coercion of school employees” were dismissed due to “questions of jurisdiction.”

In other words, “Don’t look at us.  It’s someone else’s problem.”

come back with a warrantAlso today, the Sun-Sentinel reported that Deerfield Beach Mayor Jean Robb was cleared by the Commission of any wrongdoing alleged in a complaint filed by a resident who accused her of blocking his email address.

In what was probably a Seemed-Like-A-Good-Idea-At-The-Time moment, Mayor Robb admitted she asked if it could be done, but “she backed down when the technology department told her she couldn’t block anyone’s emails to her mayoral email account.”

I’m thinking of several North Miami Beach council members who, right about now, would love to be able to block a certain pain in the ass resident (a/k/a He Who Will Not Be Named) from emailing them.

With good reason, I might add.

Obviously, elected officials cannot block anyone, no matter how freaking annoying he might be, from sending emails to their official email addresses.

The good news, however, is that it’s not considered unethical for merely wishing someone would disappear.

In the Deerfield Beach case, the resident who impulsively filed a complaint against the Mayor for simply thinking about blocking his email is clearly delusional.

Thought policeNot to mention suffering from a severe case of premature eclickulation.

Finally, a No Probable Cause ruling that makes perfect sense!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Keith says:

    Why would anyone want to block Shizam’s email? It’s so much more fun to delete his ramblings without reading them, especially knowing he spent all night writing his rambling manifesto. It’s really fun to be able to nullify him with the simple press of a “delete” key.


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