BREAKING: Double drive-by shooting in North Miami Beach (UPDATED 3X)

crime sceneThis afternoon there was a double drive-by shooting in the vicinity of Northeast 4th Avenue and 170th Street.  Sources told me that the victims were air-lifted to an area hospital and that AK-47s were involved.  No word yet on whether the suspects have been apprehended.

I will keep you posted as I hear more on this story.

3:30 PM:  NBC6 reporting:  Multiple Victims Shot in North Miami Beach: Police

3:50 PM:  Sources claim that one of the victims has died.

7:57 PM:  Miami Herald reporting:  1 dead, 1 hurt in North Miami Beach drive-by shooting

10:28 PM:  NBC6 reporting:  Bystander killed during mistaken shooting

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. double tbe pleasure says:

    What exactly is a “double” drive-by shooting? Is it like two-for-one or BOGO?


  2. Will says:

    49 years old, mowing your yard and that’s it, gunned down by slime
    jesus would slap me but by god the people who did this need to be on the fast track to solitary for life – these people are terrorists


  3. Keith says:

    I wonder why anyone would have to be airlifted to Jackson Central when Jackson North trauma center is located just 6 blocks away? At least that’s what Jackson’s director said when he made his sales pitch to the City Council for helicopter landing waivers at Jackson North.


  4. […] without any bloodshed, North Miami Beach ended the third quarter of 2014 making up for it with a double drive-by shooting.  Unfortunately, this time an innocent bystander was […]


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