Three Strikes, Yer Out!

UmpEven if your team didn’t make the post season, everyone is enthralled by a seven-game World Series.  As the New York Times articulated, “Game 7. It is among the most alluring events in all of sports, a grand stage where reputations are made and history is carved from a clash between two teams seeking their sport’s ultimate prize.”

Tonight is that night for Major League Baseball!

While the race for the North Bay Village mayoral seat is hardly being played on a grand stage, incumbent Connie Leon-Kreps isn’t exactly batting a thousand, either.  In fact, she just struck out with her third swing at bat.

When we last checked in on the North Bay Village election, Team Connie’s Bad News Bears were conjuring up fairy tales about imaginary puppeteers.  Her Electioneering Communications Organization (ECO), Common Sense, sent out a libelous mailer attacking NBV Commissioner Richard Chervony for committing the “sin” of supporting the opposition.

In a last ditch effort to hold on to her seat, Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps has joined forces with Councilman Jorge Gonzalez.  Since they can’t give you any convincing enough reasons to vote for them, they’ve resorted to hiring shady political committees to throw mud on the wall in the hopes that something will stick.  This is the very type of dirty political ploy that unscrupulous politicians use to lure in the low-information voters that Team Connie is counting on to win the election.

Don’t be a low-information voter!  The truth is out there!

Just when you thought they’ve stooped as low as they can get, Connie & Co. managed to set the bar even lower with their latest, and lamest, mailer yet.

Here’s the third hit piece they sent out:

Brito Mailer (3) Page 1Brito Mailer (3) Page 2Gee, that looks familiar!

Well, what do you know?  There’s the very same “cease and desist” lawyer letter that was used in the first first hit piece mailed out under the name Floridians for a Strong Future, which was cooked up by Randall Hilliard, formerly known as the Prince of Darkness, and Mitch “Randy’s Bitch” Edelstein.

Seriously, dudes?

You obviously can’t find any dirt on Jorge Brito.

Apparently, you can’t come up with something original, either.

cat facepalmBy recycling the first mailer, it sure looks Randy and Mitch are also the “brains” behind the second one circulated by Common Sense, which is also responsible for this latest one.

What a freaking dumbass move!

Hey, Randy … Mitch …

I would explain itI strongly urge the voters of North Bay Village to look past all the smoke and mirrors and think for yourselves.  Information is power!

For starters, you should be asking yourselves, “What’s up with all these freaking mailers?”

Glad you asked.

Since Common Sense sent out its last mailer, it has received two contributions.  The first was on October 16, 2014 in the amount of $2,000.00 from Capital Advocacy Group, Inc., which is one of lobbyist Ron Book’s many corporations.

Since Ron Book gives money to every candidate who knocks on his door and every rebel with (or without) a cause, that’s not even the strange thing.

On October 27, 2014, Common Sense received a $37,000.00 contribution from a Political Action Committee (PAC) by the name of Changing Florida’s Future.  This PAC was formed on June 3, 2013 by Registered Agent Mark Herron, the same attorney who formed both Floridians for a Strong Future AND Common Sense.

Changing Florida’s Future, is in the business of receiving contributions and spending money to steer elections, with the big money going to the Miami-Dade Democrat Party, Florida Democrat Party and the Charlie Crist for Florida, among other Democrat candidates.

Curiously, however, there is no $37,000.00 contribution made to the ECO Common Sense.  At all.  Ever.

So, where did Common Sense really get that $37,000.00 from?

Even stranger is the fact that, despite sending out two mailers in less than two weeks, Common Sense has reported ABSOLUTELY NO EXPENDITURES since September 24, 2014.  Not one thin dime!

Not for legal fees.

Not for consulting.

Not for graphic design.

Not for printing.

Not for mailing.

Nada, zip, zilch!

Strangely, though, the ECO that produced the first hit piece, Floridians for a Strong Future, has paid lots of money for advertising since October 2, 2014, including $7,000.00 to Mitch Edelstein’s company, Strategic Campaign Consultants, and $7,751.68 for graphic design, printing and mailing.

Here’s the thing.  Floridians for a Strong Future might have yet another mailer for Team Connie in the works (if that’s the case, you’ve been warned).  But, I find it awfully strange that Common Sense sent out two mailers without reporting any advertising expenditures.

Are these Electioneering Communications Organizations accountable to anyone for anything?  No wonder elections are so dirty!

A final word to one who needs schooling…

Hey, Randy, hang it up already.  This is how it’s done.

Rosner-SayAnything_Page_1Rosner-SayAnything_Page_2 You’re still Keith Donner’s bitch.

Now get out of the way, get back in the nosebleed section, and watch the big boys play.

Game 7 … PLAY BALL!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Kevin's Red Truck says:

    well count another strike against Kevin Burns who I just saw has an “engine” truck driving around NoMi – at first glance I thought a fire truck – completely decked out with signs!
    But isn’t that the point?!!

    Reminicent of Lynda Bell’s tricks getting muscled guys wearing shirts that say Cops for Bell (or something) as clearly the very principled Daniella Levine Cave herself had all the union support.

    Corse those dudes disappeared when called out…

    Mr Burns, his deceptive shady tactics… no shame in being deceiving…. just goes to show exactly who he would be as Mayor (once again).

    Wish I could upload a picture. An “Engine Truck” Site to behold!

    Here’s to honesty, integrity, and no ability to even think of deception. How do people sleep at night knowing they do things like that, me has no idea.


  2. Ned says:

    I got a picture of Kevin’s little red fire truck …. I wonder who gave an early Christmas gift to Mr. Burns since he does not have any money in his campaign coffers …. I wonder if it is reported on his next campaign finance report if he files one after Tuesday … I do where Mr. Burns got his muscle up and beefy so called firemen …. boys


    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      He will have to file a final report, including campaign gifts.

      By the way, firemen are way overrated. Trust me!


  3. Ricardo says:

    I hope you guys don’t think you got an “exclusive” or “braking news.”

    There has been a picture of “Kevin’s Little Red Firetruck” in his facebook page since August.
    I saw the truck outside Gwen Margolis Community Center when I went to vote back then.
    Nothing new there.

    Is it illegal to advertise that way?

    Truth is, he was a good mayor. Y’all can’t disprove that, so you resort to “bad, bad, bad little firetruck” tantrums.


    1. Kevin's Red Truck says:

      Um no I am not throwing tantrum but if you like to try to control of silence people by making ad hominem attacks, go right ahead.

      And no I don’t think I know anything about breaking news, I don’t have an ego that cares and you can be the first to have seen it that is totally fine with me.

      I was merely making commentary – and if you think he was a very good mayor than we have nothing to discuss.
      And no of course it is not illegal, you missed the point of my comment – it is deceptive, and thus shady – but it does not surprise me considering his history – see strip club/CRA/much more during and after his tenure if you care to look up history.

      So, FYI, I was not making a comment about his facts as mayor, that has been done before, I was simply commenting on the fire truck as an extension of facts already presented.
      I also invite you to recognize when someone has an opinion, and states it, you may want to find another way to respond instead of ad hominem attacks- the funny thing is you did JUST the thing you are accusing me of…. resorting to ad hominem…actually it was you who did that.
      I will not respond further. Good evening and may our city be guided by righteousness.


  4. Ricardo says:

    Oh no. I am not trying to silence you. You are free to continue your tantrum.

    And no, I did not say he was a “very good” mayor. I said he was a “good” mayor. “Very good” is a description I reserve for people like Ronald Reagan, for example.
    Kevin Burns was a GOOD mayor. If you had a smidgen of evidence to prove otherwise you would not say ” we have nothing to discuss.”

    But now that I think about it. Burns was actually an EXCELLENT mayor when you compare him to the two shameless crooks that came after him.

    By the way, you need to quote ME accusing YOU of resorting to ad hominem.

    Oh wait!
    You will not respond further.
    Almost forgot.


  5. Ned says:

    Mr. Burns was not a good mayor … He was a self serving politician just looking to raise up in the ranks … He took money from slum landlords and strip clubs to promote their interest … He is backing running again for mayor because he could not get elected US Senator or State Senator …. His latest attempt is trying to restore his reign of terror (I.e. Code enforcement) for his real estate buddies and their special interest.


  6. Ned says:

    Kevin Burns’ famous quote in history:

    ‘Where mommies and daddies can go to watch people dance naked”


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