Trusted Leadership?

Kevin's Firetruck (2)Over in North Miami, Kevin Burns got a new toy … a Big Red Fire Truck.

Isn’t that special?

Even more special, it appeared out of nowhere.


Kevin originally posted a picture of his “campaign truck” on August 18, 2014 on his Elect Kevin Burns Mayor Facebook page.

Kevin's FiretruckI reviewed all of Kevin’s Campaign Treasurers Reports since June 1, 2014 and he has never reported receiving this truck, either as an in-kind contribution, or by listing it as a purchase or lease campaign expenditure.  He has reported spending lots of money on gas for his “campaign truck,” but nowhere did he report how he got it in the first place.

Do I have to tell you that the failure to report contributions and/or expenditures is illegal?

Maybe we should ask Myron what happens to people who allegedly commit campaign finance fraud.  Just saying.

Then again, this is the same candidate who thinks nothing of making up shit as he goes along.

I’m told that late last night, Kevin Burns’ campaign workers were out putting flyers on the doors of homes “in the west side” of North Miami, the residents of which are overwhelmingly Democrat.  His people were also handing these flyers out today at early voting.  The disclaimer states that they were paid for by a Miami-Dade Electioneering Communications Organization called Progress Now.

Kevin Burns Palm Card 1Kevin Burns Palm Card 2

Except there’s one big problem:


Talk about deception!


Lastly, Kevin Burns has been on the radio day and night desperately campaigning for the all-important Haitian vote.  In order to drum up support, he’s been telling listeners that Smith Joseph not only filed the residency lawsuit against former Mayor Lucie Tondreau, but that he financed it as well.


Kevin Burns filed the Complaint as the sole Plaintiff on June 17, 2013.  He was represented by Joseph P. Klock of the law firm Rasco, Klock, Perez, Nieto.

In his Complaint, Kevin Burns asked the Court to overturn the election results, disqualify Lucie Tondreau and make him the Mayor.

Smith Joseph filed a Motion to Intervene on July 12, 2013, through his attorney, Joseph S. Geller of the law firm of Greenspoon Marder, P.A.

The Motion to Intervene clearly and specifically states that “Burns filed a motion to challenge the election results.”

Paragraph 11 of Smith Joseph’s Motion to Intervene also clearly and specifically states, “Intervenor Joseph takes no position on the merits of the underlying election challenge or on the issue of Tondreau’s residency.”

Smith Joseph then asserts that since Kevin only received 45% of the votes, he did not “receive a majority ‘of the votes cast’ in order to be elected.”  As such, Smith Joseph intervened to ask the Court that IF Lucie were disqualified due to Kevin’s Complaint, that he be “declared a candidate in a Special Run-Off Election.”

The Court ruled against Kevin Burns, who appealed the decision.  The Appellate Court has yet to rule.  However, as we all know by now, Lucie Tondreau was eventually removed from office by the Governor after she was arrested on a matter unrelated to the election.

As a result, North Miami is now holding a special election for Mayor.

Kevin Burns claims that “It’s Time for Trusted Leadership.”

But, the real question is “Whose Leadership Do You Trust?”

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Kevin's Red Truck says:

    Thank you.


  2. Kevin's Red Truck says:

    … meant to complete that. Great reporting I missed that handout at the polls – vote for the Dems? — wow squared.

    Like I alluded to before there is no shame. The shocking aspect to me would be if Mr. Burns actually believes he is trustworthy… those type people are more concerning, to me the ones that think they are pure (He lost me with his Strip Club fiasco.)

    Here’s to sound/honest leadership. At least giving the guy a chance who has not demonstrated his questionable ethics … yet (we hope not.) (Anyone can search even this site for more…or check public records)

    I’d like to know who Progress Now is..


  3. John Galt says:

    Compared to Lucie Tondreau, Kevin Burns is Abe Lincoln.


  4. ernie says:

    Why do you assume that there must be a campaign disclosure for the use of a fire truck? If Burns bought a new car for his household and periodically put his signs on it, would he need to claim his new personal car as a campaign purchase? If not, why is an old fire truck any different?

    Also, how closely are you examining the Smith Joseph campaign? Where does Smith Joseph actually live? Is Andre Pierre and the rest of the Pierre gang involved with the Joseph campaign? Did you watch the post-primary interview with Smith Joseph in which he said he was confident of victory because blacks/Haitians in North Miami outnumber whites?


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I’m not assuming anything about Kevin’s fire truck. If he bought it for his household, which is totally weird in the first place, so be it. Do you know for a fact that this was his personal purchase and not acquired as a “campaign truck,” which is the phrase he uses in his CTRs?

      I have closely examined the Smith Joseph campaign. He owns the condominium in Sans Souci in which he lives. I’ve already blogged about that. Andre has also offered his support in terms of fundraising (which the Doctor obviously doesn’t need), and to garner votes. WHY WOULD SMITH JOSEPH TURN DOWN HELP WITH GETTING VOTES? Do you really think he’s stupid or something?

      Kevin thinks nothing of getting into bed with Lucie (figuratively, of course) if he thinks it would get him votes. Somehow no one has criticized him for getting help from the very person all of you wanted to get out of office as badly as you did Andre Pierre. I smell hypocrisy.

      Or, maybe, I smell racism.

      I find it amusing that Obama supporters love to cry racism against those who disagree with his policies. Yet, somehow they will look for any excuse in the book NOT to vote for a Haitian.

      Just saying.


    2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I did not watch the interview in which you claim Smith Joseph said that. Even if he did say that, how is that comment any different from the Miami Times article (, a self-described “Black Newspaper,” which published the following comment:

      To Burns, the city’s Black electorate can be even more intimidating considering the higher number of fiercely loyal Blacks who turned out that year and sealed his political fate. According to the Miami-Dade County elections office, 26 percent of the city’s 28,514 turned out to vote in the 2013 runoff compared to only 24 percent who cast their ballots in the special election.

      North Miami’s Black electorate has been growing over the four years. Once a predominantly white city, many Haitian-Americans have gradually migrated to the city. Today, about 59 percent of the North Miami’s 61,000 residents are Black, according to the U.S. Census. Of that amount, 35 percent of its residents are Haitian-American, while 15 percent are Black.

      Political analysts are always citing demographics when determining which candidates will get the most votes, yet no one ever accuses them of racism. But if a black candidate infers that his victory might depend on black votes, he’s accused of playing the race card.

      I’d really love to see an election where honesty and integrity matter more than skin color and ethnicity. As long as voters continue to see things in black and white instead of judging the content of one’s character, you will get the mayor you deserve.

      Good luck on Tuesday.


  5. Crooked Kevin says:

    Kevin Burns is a crook, plain and simple. Always has been always will be. Last election he courted the Haitians and people out of the City of Miami to help him win the Haitian vote. How did he repay them? By having events at the Moca Center such as the one where ALL of the vendors were straight out of the City of Miami and no North Miami establishments or vendors. How about the construction throughout N Miami when he was mayor. Someone should have looked into kickbacks from those projects.A ridiculous overpriced tower in the park, overpriced brick sidewalks, on and on.
    Burns always had a scam going on. His personal finances are a mess because he doesn’t know the first thing about budgeting yet people want to vote him in and let him run a city with a multi-million dollar budget. Really? What are some people thinking?
    Burns used police department employees to drive him back and forth from the airport and used cops as a taxi service. Taking officers off the street to play his chauffeur.Using our tax dollars to fuel his illusions of grandeur.
    Kevin Burns is a JOKE and voting for him is nothing more than voting for a white version of Andre Pierre.


  6. David Templer says:

    Dr. Joseph’s story is worthy of reading. It is impressive.


  7. Ellen says:

    Unfortunately the very word ‘politician’ screams corruption and dishonesty. Whether it’s Burns or Smith-Joseph it’s probably not going to matter much. Fortunately NM has a very qualified new City Manager. It should be irrelevant as to the race or ethnicity when choosing a candidate. The blatant discrimination demonstrated by several of the recent administrations in NM have created a destructive atmosphere in this city. Why were so many non Haitian’s terminated or forced out of the city and what are the qualifications and ethnicity of many of their replacements? When are politicians going to learn that they do best when they strive for excellence and not mediocrity? The tax payers’ of North Miami deserve honesty and everything being dong above board. Do I think we will get it? Hell no!!!


  8. Lila M. says:

    Who are the current elected officials supporting. It seems that the collective 4 have been doing a great job. Who would they like to see join them in bringing North Miami up to a higher ethical standard? Here is a city moving ahead, or has the chance to by leaps and bounds, so what say the elected officials in office? I’m waiting to hear


    1. barbix says:

      You won’t hear an elected official go on record about their possible dais-mate. That’s political suicide.

      I agree the current governance has been doing a splendid job.


  9. Will says:

    its your blog you can say what you want but had to eyeroll when you ref. President Obama in a story about a small towns’ Mayoral race. Someone needs a break from Fox news.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      How “tolerant” of you to give me the benefit of the doubt. I mean, the only explanation there could be for having an opposing view from you is that I’ve been “brainwashed” by Fox News. Because, God knows, the little lady can’t possibly have a mind of her own, right?

      If I cared about your or anyone else’s opinions of me, I’d be insulted. I don’t, however, spend my time worrying what people think of me any more than I spend it watching Fox news.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the “brains” behind Progress Now already inserted national politics into a “small towns’ Mayoral race.” Oh, but I suppose that’s okay with you because they trashed Republicans. Despite the fact that nothing on that mailer is even remotely accurate, some people will believe it because they heard it on MSNBC news, therefore, it MUST be true!

      And, no thanks. I don’t want fries with that.


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