Frantzie Watch: White Devils and Uncle Toms

Cat BullshitShow me a truthful politician, and I’ll show you an oxymoron.

Because of the credibility problems that plague most politicians, the electorate has become accustomed to simply holding their noses and voting for the lesser of two evils.

Then they hope for the best.

Or at the very least, they figure it can’t get any worse.

Just when you thought you’ve finally scraped the last lying politician from the bottom of the barrel, along comes L’il Frantzie P to prove that theory wrong.

North Miami Beach Councilman Frantz Pierre’s very special talent is making up shit.  If his lips are moving, you can bet he’s lying about something.  No matter that L’il Frantzie P’s lies become more and more outrageous each time he opens his mouth, he somehow manages to outdo himself the next time he talks.

Last March, for example, he publicly announced that he was interested in buying a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE in Eastern Shores.

We hurt ourselves laughing.

Just last month, in a bizarre coincidence, Frantzie was involved in a car accident with the son of State Representative Daphne Campbell, who was running for re-election.  The P Man promptly went on Haitian radio to accuse Ryan Campbell of deliberately crashing his car into Frantzie because he was campaigning for Daphne’s opponent.  When Ms. Campbell confronted him last week, Frantzie denied his own lie, and then claimed that it was North Miami City Clerk Michael Etienne who was spreading that rumor.

FYI, Michael.  He really did blame YOU!

Now that he’s gearing up for the May, 2015 city election, Frantzie’s lies are becoming even more outlandish.  They’ve gotten so blatant that I just had to take my Handy Dandy Bullshit Meter off the shelf, dust it off, and take it for a spin.

bullshit meterYou Can’t Handle Read The Truth!

L’il Frantzie P has been hijacking the airwaves on Haitian radio desperately trying to find someone out there gullible enough to believe him.  He’s been telling listeners to attend the the Charter Workshop scheduled for tonight at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers on the 2nd Floor.  Although the Agenda for the meeting is clearly posted on the City of North Miami Beach website, the last thing Frantzie wants is for anyone to actually read it for themselves.

The P Man claimed that one of the proposed changes to the charter is to make North Miami Beach a “Strong Mayor” form of government.

He even managed to get a few local Village Idiots to blast emails out to everyone on their mailing lists warning them of the Council’s “proposal.”

The real joke is on Frantzie because this isn’t even remotely true!

The proposed draft of the new Charter clearly states in PLAIN ENGLISH:

The form of government of the City of North Miami Beach shall be that of “Council Manager.”


Pants on fire“I see White People!”

Another item being considered for the proposed Charter is to “change the city’s election date from May to November to piggyback on Miami-Dade County elections and to save costs,” as per City Attorney Jose Smith’s memo.

Somehow, Frantzie managed to turn this proposal into a RACIAL ISSUE!

As we already know, Frantzie has always been desperate to attain a Haitian majority on the City Council.  In order to achieve that goal, he has managed to install a Random Haitian candidate in every seat during every election in the past several years.  Whether they live in North Miami Beach or not.  (See MIRAMAR residents Dargie and Vilme.)

In order to help his cause, Frantzie’s been announcing on the radio that the Council wants to move elections to November because MORE WHITE PEOPLE VOTE IN NOVEMBER THAN IN MAY!


Bullshit buttonBeware of Uncle Toms!

Just to be clear, Frantzie wants you to know that not all Haitians are equal.

North Miami Beach residents will remember the 2011 election when Frantzie was so concerned that his opponent, Ketley Joachim might succeed in ousting him from his seat, that he somehow managed to obtain a Restraining Order against her, despite the fact that the story he told the Court in his Petition varied wildly from the story he recounted for the Police Report.  In a blog I posted on April 14, 2011, ironically titled “Liar! Liar! Part Deux,” I wrote:

“In the police report, Mr. Pierre states that “while [his wife, Marie] was sleeping two unknown juveniles knocked on the front door waking her up, she did not answer the door the juveniles then left a “Ketley Joachim” political campaign pamphlet on her door knob.”  It goes on further that the wife “opened the door and told the juveniles as they were leaving that Council Frantz Pierre lives here and why are they placing political campaign pamphlets on her door and told the juveniles not to come back.”  As if that weren’t “violent” enough, the report continues to state that Ms. Joachim yelled obscenities outside the door, but the wife “did not open the door.”

According to the restraining order, however, Mr. Pierre stated UNDER OATH that, “his mother in law opened the door to inform the respondent that the petitioner was not at home and at that point, the respondent attempted to force her way inside.”  He also claims that his “mother in law struggled and eventually she managed to shut the door and lock it.”

So, which is it Mr. Pierre?  Did Ms. Joachim’s “juvenile” helpers knock on your alleged front door and wake up your wife, or did Ms. Joachim herself barge through the door and attack your mother in law?  Or are both versions of the story complete and total bullshit?”

Now that Ketley is contemplating running against him again, Frantzie has been telling radio listeners not to trust “certain Haitians who are CONTROLLED BY WHITE PEOPLE!”

Hey, Frantz … paranoid much?

Tin Foil Hat AreaA few words of advice for you, Frantzie:

  • Just because I was civil to you last week at the North Miami mayoral induction, do not mistake me for a friend.  I may respect the office of Councilperson, but there is nothing respectable about the person occupying your seat.
  • Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.
  • Just because I moved to Davie, don’t think you’re off my radar.  Not by a long shot!

surprise-bitchFrantzie, I suggest you watch your step.

Because every move you make … I’ll be watching you.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Ruth says:

    Great Post. Thanks for keeping us informed. I live next to City Hall and wouldn’t know all this stuff if it wasn’t for you. I hope anyone normal runs against him and he/she will get my vote.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I can’t think of anyone who isn’t “normal” when compared to Frantzie. Well, almost anyone. Still, I hope the voters of NMB fire him and choose whoever runs against him!


  2. WittleWhiteWoman says:

    Franzie’s right. I heard it on white people radio.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Okay, I’m pretty sure you punk’d me. You’re joking, right?


    2. Will says:

      WPR? Is that the sister station of NPR? Bwaahaa..good one WWW.


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