Dear Myron, Happy Turkey Day. Love, Ben.

This is my thankful faceJust in time for Thanksgiving, North Miami Beach EX-Mayor/Felony Defendant Myron Rosner received another gift from his CRIMINAL LAWYER, the Master of Delay, Ben Kuehne.  On November 21, 2014, the Florida Elections Commission sent two letters to Ben each advising him that “at its regularly scheduled meeting on October 28, 2014, in Tallahassee,” his Motions to Continue cases FEC 11-087 and FEC 11-089 were GRANTED.

What a shock, eh?

The two Complaints regarding Myron’s Adventures in Bus Bench Campaign Signage during his failed bid for re-election in May of 2011, were filed more than three and a half years ago.  Both were found to be legally sufficient by the Commission.

In a letter dated April 20, 2011 regarding the first Complaint, the Commission stated its intention to investigate him for (1) certifying that his Campaign Treasurer’s Reports were “correct, true and complete when these reports were not as alleged in the complaint;” (2) accepting a campaign contribution in excess of the legal limit; and (3) falsely reporting or failing “to include information required by Chapter 106 of the Florida Statutes.”  Allegedly, of course.

As to the second Complaint, the Florida Elections Commission sent a letter dated May 3, 2011, advising Myron that he also was under investigation for (1) certifying that a Campaign Treasurer’s Report was “correct, true and complete when this report was not as alleged in the complaint;” (2) falsely reporting or failing “to include information required by Chapter 106 of the Florida Statutes;” (3) writing a check from his campaign account without “sufficient funds on deposit” in that account; and (4) making or authorizing “an expenditure in violation of  Section 106.11(4), Florida Statutes.”  Again … allegedly.

The Commission’s determination of the legal sufficiency of these two Complaints eventually led to Myron’s being investigated by the Public Corruption Unit, and ultimately led to his arrest on September 20, 2012.

CRIMINAL LAWYER Benedict P. Kuehne has managed to delay Myron’s FELONY trial all this time.  According to the docket of Myron’s CRIMINAL CASE NUMBER F-12-023663, so far a total of FIVE (5) trial hearings have been scheduled in this case, all of which were continued.  The trial hearing scheduled for September 2, 2014, TWO YEARS AFTER HIS ARREST, was continued until February 17, 2015.

We are not holding our collective breath, are we?

In the meantime, a third prosecutor, Luis Perez-Medina, has been assigned to try this case, replacing Miesha Darrough, who replaced Breezye Telfair.  Aside from a telephonic hearing scheduled for December 3, 2014, there is nothing new to report other than the fact that justice has still not been served.

The way I see it:

  1. If the Florida Elections Commission finds Myron guilty, that would help the state’s CRIMINAL case against him.
  2. If the CRIMINAL Court finds Myron guilty, then the Florida Elections Commission has more evidence to prove its case.
  3. If Kuehne can keep delaying both cases, justice will never be served.

Here’s the thing.  Although Ben Kuehne seems to have an impressive track record, I’ve heard that in an actual trial setting he sucks.  His success rate has less to do with his acumen in the courtroom than his ability to delay a trial to death.  Considering that his most recent high-profile client, former Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman, was found guilty after Ben had to actually argue the case in court, it’s entirely possible that his reputation as an unbeatable CRIMINAL lawyer is, in fact, overrated.

In the case of the State of Florida vs. Myron Joel Rosner, however, Ben Kuehne will most likely earn his fee.  Since no Miami-Dade County judge wants to touch this one, Ben’s motions for continuance could keep getting granted indefinitely.

After all, being married to CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL has its privileges.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Ruth says:

    If it was anyone else, they would already be rotting in jail.


  2. Jose Lopez says:

    Stephanie, as you well know this case is indicative of the internal corruption that has gone on at the SAO under the watchful eye of State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle. This particular case is a powder keg since any public trial would expose the under dealings between Myron and his campaign manager Al Lorenzo- who also happened to be Rundle’s campaign manager and we all know what happened there with absentee ballots. The Rosner case is one example of the rationale utilized by Rundle and Mayor Gimenez to eliminate MDPD’s anti-corruption unit since it exposed the bare bones of corruption in this county. Since Myron was arrested, the prosecutor has been moved to the US Attorney’s Office for being “too aggressive” in her prosecution tactics; the two investigators from The COE and the county police who investigated this case have retired and neither the COE or the police department care about this case. In fact, Kuehne, a sacred cow with full access and much clout at the SAO has not even deposed any witness or law enforcement officer to prepare his case!
    As far as the Florida Elections Commissions is concerned do not hold your breath, how long has it been since they deposed you? All they wanted to do was get as many facts as possible in this case to see how they could repair the damage. The architects of the cover up on this case are none other than Jose Arrojo and Howard Rosen, Rundle’s inner circle guard dogs who should turn in their lawyer credentials to the Florida bar and hide for the horrors they have covered up and continue to commit at the SAO. Expect nothing from the prosecution of this case but hold your head high for your doggedness effort in pushing the issue. Your sense of community is surely appreciated and you sure as heck have bigger cojones than any of the men mentioned in this response.


  3. John James says:

    Not surprised by Ben Kuehne’s delay tactics. He did the same thing in the Ringo Caayard case and practically every other public corruption case he gets his hands on. At times it appears as though the SAO is subordinate to this attorney. That phrase on every county courthouse that says “Those who labor here seek nothing but the truth” is just a plain lie. All this SAO and the powerful politicians and socialites care about is their wealth and political power. Our nation’s democracy is lost one day at a time by the weight of these parasites.


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