Like moths to a flame…

The lawsuits are comingThanks to NBC6 “reporter” Willard Shepard’s false accusations of “racism” in the North Miami Beach Police Department, another Sniper Team Mug Shot “Victim” has come down with a sudden case of Pain and Suffering.

Becau$e why work for a living when you can $ue people in$tead?

Basking in the glory of his new found international “fame” as a Media Whore (Al Sharpton would be proud!), Willard proudly tweeted:


I certainly hope the North Miami Beach City Attorney is gearing up for a battle to send these greedy leaches packing, and show them that NMB does not negotiate with terrorists!

The so-called Mug Shot “Victims” obviously know absolutely nothing about REAL pain and suffering.

Widow and sons of slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

Widow and sons of slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

Wife and family of slain NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu

Widow and family of slain NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu

Now tell me again all about your pain and suffering.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Pat says:

    You rock!


  2. Reality says:

    So here’s the thing. Have any of these families said to themselves “why has my family member been arrested?” or “why do I have a criminal in my family?” or better yet, just been ashamed that their photos made it to the gun range since they had been arrested? Nope, they are proud family members of criminals who are now upset about, what amounts to, nothing more than someone seeking their 15 minutes of fame, and fodder for race baiters.

    If Willard had not been trying to race bait he never would have mentioned the ethnicity of the people in the photos. He would have just called them young men. Willard is no better than Al Sharpton in my opinion.


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