Frantzie Watch: “I had a dream!”

Frantzie Can't Breath LOLNorth Miami Beach Councilman Frantz Pierre had a moment.  Always on the lookout for an opportunity to be relevant, L’il Frantzie P thought he hit pay dirt with Mugshot-Gate.

At the January 20, 2015 council meeting, Frantzie arranged for professional actors-slash-protesters to crash the party so that he could pull one of his famous Drama Queen rants and end with a tragicomic, “You know what.  I can’t breathe.  I stop!”

Let’s give The P man a standing ovation for his performance, which, by the way, I heard had to be subtitled in English by at least one news station.

Frantzie’s monologue, rehearsed well in advance with the cooperation, and for the benefit, of his supporting actors, was met with a chorus of the expected “I can’t breathe!  I can’t breathe!  I can’t breathe!” chant, which quickly died out as soon the news crews got their sound bite and left.

Frantzie’s attempt at a starring role ended in an Epic Fail.  The #BlackLivesPlayers apparently lost interest in the organized fashion in which an actual government meeting is run, and left way before intermission.  By the time the Resolution finally went to a vote, L’il Frantzie P was playing to a near-empty house.

That didn’t stop Frantzie from voting AGAINST Resolution R2015-8, which prohibits the Police Department’s use of mugshots for sniper training and institutes an independent review of all police policies and procedures in order to avoid any future problems.  In fact, Frantzie was the ONLY council member who voted AGAINST this Resolution.

The P Man’s rationale was that he demanded “a total independent investigative body that has full and total investigative powers” to police the police.

Of course, since Frantzie doesn’t have an original thought in his head, he stole borrowed this “demand” from those wild and crazy #BlackBrunchNYC kids, who also thought it was a good idea to interrupt so-called #WhitePrivilege brunch for sheer #HashtagRecognition.

Yeah, that worked out well for them.

News Flash to Protestors:  If you think annoying the crap out of people by disrupting their lives is a good idea, see Protesters kicked out after disrupting American Sniper screening.

Likewise, Frantzie’s vain attempt at grandstanding went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.

Frantzie’s Big Moment was further deflated by Washington Park’s Voter’s Council of North Miami Beach, Inc.  At a meeting held by the Voter’s Council a few weeks ago, the members discussed how best to resolve the matter regarding the mugshot targets.  When someone suggested that they bring Al Sharpton to North Miami Beach, one of the members insisted that local issues should be resolved by the community.  Voter’s Council members joined in and insisted that they’ve always been able to handle their own problems without inviting a media circus to bring negative attention to their city.

Good for them!

Not so much for Frantzie.

Once the hoopla died down, and news organizations went on to cover stories of actual murders and stuff, I’m told that Pee-Aire decided to contact local radio station WLRN and demand an interview.

Have you heard his interview?  Neither have I.

So I searched the website and found this:

FP WLRNProving yet again that Frantz Pierre is a legend only in his own mind.

The P Man needs to keep this “controversy” alive in order to have a campaign platform.  Without being able to ride the “Racist Cop” train to glory, L’il Frantzie P will have to resort to touting his Only Claim to Fame:

Vote for MeOh, yeah.  This North Miami Beach 2015 election season’s gonna be way too much fun!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. NottaFranziefan says:

    I almost P’d myself laughing at this.

    Thanks for the comic relief Steph.


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