Frantzie (et. al.) Watch: Yes, there is life outside of North Miami

Frantzie BookedI realize that some of you out there don’t live in North Miami, including (so far) one candidate running for office there.  So I decided to write a column that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with North Miami.

Wish me luck.

For the benefit of the half a dozen people who care about what goes on in North Miami Beach (not counting the seven council members), here is a quick update on the upcoming city election.

In addition to Michael JosephMargie Love has also filed to run in an attempt to oust Phyllis Smith from Her Chair on the dais.

In the real world, Phyllis would never be elected to any office, not even as dog catcher.

Aside from her blatant attempt to avoid paying taxes in Florida by registering her vehicles in Montana, there are her constant lies about how many people call her (the Secretary of Defense, Phyllis? REALLY? ), the hell she raised when the Mayor didn’t want her sitting next to him on the dais, and her annoying inability to stop talking.


And let’s not forget about those screaming yellow campaign signs!

NMB, MONTANAPhyllis has decorated almost every lawn up and down NE 159 Street with those hideous things.  Phyllis should be aware that Miami-Dade County also has campaign sign ordinances with which she’s required to comply.  For example, in order to place signs on private property located in the county, she needed to post a sign bond.  I wonder if she did.

Phyllis Sign(1)Phyllis most likely also violated county laws by placing her sign on public property along a public roadway.

One of those suckers recently popped up at the southeast corner of NE 159 Street and 6 Avenue, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Phyllis Sign(2)

They seem to have a life of their own.

Yes, the county has already been notified.

It amazes me that ANYONE  would vote for someone who can’t comply with existing laws, and give her the power to enact new laws for everyone else to follow.

Does anyone else remember the “saggy pants resolution” that Phyllis wanted to impose?  Phyllis didn’t like seeing young men wear “saggy pants” and wanted to empower the council to make them pull up their drawers.

According to the minutes of a council meeting held on December 21, 2010, Phyllis “spoke strongly of the ordinance being enforced only in government buildings and facilities and the positive feedback she received from the Public.”

The “Public” being all those dozens of phone calls Phyllis gets that only exist in her wildest imagination.

Fortunately, the voice of reason came from then Vice Mayor Spiegel who “believed that a resolution impeded on a person’s 1st Amendment Rights Freedom of Expression and that it was unconstitutional,” and who further “questioned if it was appropriate for government to tell people how to dress.”  Councilwoman Spiegel, of course, voted “NO” on the resolution.

Even Myron, who was Mayor at the time, had the good sense to vote against Phyllis’ proposed insanity, along with then Councilman Phillipe Derose and Councilwoman Barbara Kramer, who all voted it down.

Phyllis, Frantzie Pierre and then appointed-not-elected Councilman McKenzie Fleurimond all voted in the affirmative to pass a potentially unconstitutional law that would probably have been unenforceable at the very least, and which would most likely have been challenged – and won – by a plaintiff in a court of law, costing the city tens of thousands of dollars or more in unnecessary legal fees.

March of the penguinsThen again, where outside of North Miami Beach (or North Miami, for that matter) would it be “legal” for Frantz Pierre to appear in public unsupervised, much less run for public office.

Much less, get elected.

Much less, get re-elected.

Frantz Pierre is so  corrupt, he can’t even get an endorsement from Andre Pierre.

True story!

Endorse ThisEveryone knows that if you look up the word “corruptocrat” in the dictionary, the definition is “Frantz Pierre.”

Phyllis’ sign problem might be obnoxious, and possibly a county code violation, but at least she hasn’t been the subject of five Internal Affairs investigations, including one for sneaking into City Hall in the middle of the night to steal bottled water!

September 26, 2009 at 12:51 AM - Did Someone Say ParTAY?

September 26, 2009 at 12:51 AM – Did Someone Say ParTAY?

Which Frantzie did on three separate occasions!

And yet, somehow, he’s not in jail.

Even worse, he was re-elected in 2011.

And you people wonder why I couldn’t wait to move out of North Miami Beach?

The good news is that L’il Frantzie P has a challenger.  Ketley Joachim unsuccessfully ran against the Council Weasel in 2011.

If North Miami Beach voters are paying attention this time around, they will opt for an honest – and scandal-free – person to represent them at City Hall.

And unlike The P Man, the registered voters who live in Ketley’s home actually live there.  Both of them!

Ketley and her husband, who are the only two people living in her two bedroom home, are the sole registered voters in that residence.

At last count, Frantzie had seven “registered voters” claiming his address as their own.  Along with his five children, that adds up to twelve people “living” in Frantzie’s “three bedroom” home.

Not including the allegedly  additional rooms he’s illegally added to his property without a permit.

If North Miami Beach voters even give a crap about ethical behavior by their elected officials, they will send L’il Old Lawbreaker Frantzie packing.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

I’m also not living there anymore.

Hallelujah CatLuckily, I also don’t live in Hallandale, where a scandal is brewing at City Hall.

The Sun-Sentinel reported today that Hallandale Commissioner Keith London was accused by the City Attorney of racial discrimination because he had the audacity to discuss the termination of her contract at the February 18, 2015 meeting.

Section 11.A. of the Employment Agreement between the City of Hallandale and V. Lynn Whitfield states that, “The City Attorney serves at the pleasure of the City Commission and the City Commission may terminate this Agreement and the City Attorney’s employment with the City at any time, by a majority vote of three commissioners.”

As an exhibit to the Agenda, a Definition of Cause per City Attorney’s Contract describes the amount of salary and benefits the City Attorney can expect to receive if she’s terminated “without cause.”  It also states that if she were to be terminated “for cause,” including “any criminal or unethical conduct, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance or dereliction of duty,” there would be no severance package.

What I did not see, either in her Employment Agreement or the Definition of Cause exhibit, any terms which state that because she’s black she can’t be fired.

But maybe I missed it.

In any event, the lawsuit, including what I’m sure will be a precedent-setting ruling, should prove to be an interesting story.  But, since I’m not the Hallandale Beach Blogger, I’ll look forward to his upcoming coverage.

Reporting live from Outside North Miami…


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Elie Jean says:

    Sincerely,I understand when you hate some one your opinion is out of common sense.To take steps to make two Haitians born,same country,same city,face to face agains each other.This is not American democracy.But I respect your opinion and love your info.


  2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. But, thanks. I think.


  3. notabell says:

    I will not vote for a carpetbagger. If someone hasn’t lived in the city for more than 2 years they need to step back and bring something to the table before asking voters to hand them the keys to the city.


  4. Dayanara says:

    I am so glad I was told about your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!


  5. Stephanie Kienzle says:



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