North Miami’s Liar In Chief?

I did not have sex with that woman

Oh? Were there others?

The old adage warns, “Choose your words carefully…you may have to eat them.”

I would add, “Be careful what you put in writing…especially if you’re a public official using a governmental email server.”

The lesson to be learned here cannot be overstated.  If you work for the government – on any level – what you write in an email becomes an indelible public record.  It can never be taken back.

A perfect example is the content in an email that was sent by North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess on March 5, 2015, addressed to City Manager Aleem Ghany, and others, with copies to the Mayor and Council.

Burgess EmailI won’t comment here on his juvenile attempts at being middle school cute (“Smiley… Thank u”).

I won’t comment on his poor spelling, grammar and general butchery of the English language.

I also won’t comment on his creatively fuzzy math with crime stats (“Note the Crime Index Rating for NM is the same as the City of Aventura.”), which topic I will address at a later time.

Over here chiefThis blog is specifically about Leonard Burgess’ statement, and I quote:

I was not involved in this SH [sexual harassment] incident, the names of the two parties that were involved in this incident was investigated by MDPD IA Bureau, and involved party was disciplined/ demoted.

I’m not sure who the “two parties that were involved in this incident” are, because according to the file I received, on November 5, 2008 a complaint was filed with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) by Major Carmen Pichardo against then Miami-Dade Police Department Chief Leonard Burgess on charges of (anyone wanna guess?) Sexual Harassment.

You know, the “SH incident” that Leonard Burgess claimed, in writing, that he “was not involved in.”

First, there was the complaint.

The fifty four page file is filled with all sorts of interesting information, including accusations of inappropriate texting and emailing, golf game bonding exercises, and demotions for those unwilling to play the game.

According to the FDLE’s Investigative Summary, Major Carmen Pichardo gave a statement alleging “misconduct against Chief Leonard Burgess” which was “a component of a prior investigation in which Maj. Carmen Pichardo was the complainant.”

As you can see by the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Preliminary Case Report for Internal Affairs Case #2009-0006 against Police Division Chief Leonard Burgess, at the bottom of the first page it states:


It would appear that Chief Leonard Burgess’ claim that he “was not involved in this SH [sexual harassment] incident,” is a flat out lie.

In the FDLE Investigative Summary, Major Pichardo also alleged that because she “expressed concerns about Chief Burgess to Assistant Director James Loftus,” she was “transferred out of the Economic Crimes Bureau (ECB) in retaliation” for making her complaint, when “all of a sudden, she became a problem.”

Then there was the golf game.

According to her sworn statement to FDLE Special Agent Paul Marcus, after a meeting on May 18, 2007, and subsequent “lunch with several other Miami-Dade Employees,” Major Pichardo received a phone call from Chief Burgess, telling her to “meet him at Calusa Country Club.”  She stated that “she thought there were going to be other majors there to play golf,” but “when she arrived she only saw Chief Burgess, Lt. Israel McKee and Sgt. Ralph Rodriguez.”

She also explained to Special Agent Marcus that on previous occasions when she had met with Burgess “other than work related whether lunch or whatever, the other majors were present.”  On this particular occasion, however, she expressed, “I felt uncomfortable when I didn’t see any other majors, and I felt uncomfortable too when I saw that it was a lieutenant and sergeant that were … obviously good friends of his.”

Upon her arrival at the golf course, Major Pichardo noted that “they had homemade mojito drinks that one of them had made.”

The Major also noted several times throughout the interview that the day after the golf game, and specifically because alcohol was being served, she “put in a slip,” which basically means she officially declared herself off-duty for the duration of the golf outing.  Major Pichardo told the investigaor that she “took a sip” of the mojito but threw it out “because I’m not a drinker.”

The day was summed up, in the Major’s own word, as “bizarre.”  She said she felt uncomfortable because she didn’t know her fellow guests, and because of “the drinking part,” which she wasn’t planning for.  Major Pichardo told Special Agent Marcus:

And the only reason why I went was because I thought if I didn’t go, he’s my chief, and you know, he likes bonding, and you know, we’re in a specialized division, I liked my job very much.  I was learning my job … as a new major assigned to Economic Crimes.

So the only reason I went was … it gives me an opportunity to bond with … our group and the other majors which are all very good majors … that he had under his division, and I was kind of like the underdog.  So that’s basically the only reason why I went thinking that they would be there.

When Special Agent Marcus asked Major Pichardo if there was any indication that if she didn’t accept the chief’s invitation to play golf would her job be in jeopardy.  She replied, “No, no really.  Because like I said, he’s you know … highly interpersonal and, you know, sociable.”  She further explained because since she was new to the bureau, and because she had already declined one of his invitations to “bond” on a golf course, she told herself, “you must go.”  She also admitted that she wasn’t forcefully pressured into going this time, but insinuated that the chief “made you feel bad if you didn’t.”

Carmen Pichardo stated numerous times how uncomfortable she was during the entire two hour ordeal, and she “just knew” that she “wasn’t going to be playing golf anymore if he asked me again.”

A few days later she received an “unusual e-mail from Chief Burgess” asking how “Miss Tiger Woods” was doing.

As you might imagine, this didn’t sit well with the Major.

Then there was the trip to Mexico.

In June of 2007, Major Pichardo attended an annual Auto Theft Export Summit sponsored by the North American Export Committee in Mexico because of her position in the Economic Crimes Bureau, along with the Auto Theft Task Force.  The Committee was presenting an award to Chief Leonard Burgess on behalf of the Miami-Dade Police Department, whose presence was requested, along with Lieutenant Greg Terp, who chaired the committee, and a Chris Damante, who was on the executive board.  In addition to her position in the Department, Major Pichardo was also chosen to attend to help with the translation in Spanish “because obviously it was going to be in Mexico, so there was Spanish speakers as well as Anglos.”

While she was on board the airplane waiting to take off for Mexico, Major Pichardo stated that “Chief Lenny Burgess sent me a text message saying, ‘The pilot would like for you to be his copilot, Chica Rica.'”

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, “Chica Rica” translates to “Delicious Girl.”

Needless to say, the Major “thought that was very strange and inappropriate” and did not respond.

Ten minutes later her seatmate, Greg Terp, received a message from Chief Burgess saying, “Pilot wants to know if the lady next to you your WOMEN, inquiring minds.”

Special Agent Paul Marcus confirmed that Major Pichardo and Lt. Terp thought both messages were “strange.”

While in Mexico, Major Pichardo kept her distance from Leonard Burgess except for work related issues, stating for the record again that, “I didn’t feel comfortable after the golf.”

Then there was the demotion transfer.

After the Mexico trip, Major Pichardo went on vacation for a week.  While she was away, she found out that “Chief Lenny Burgess had had some meetings … and had told my staff open up, tell me what’s going on, you know, and it was like really bizarre because he had never sat down with me and told me anything, that there was like any issues that he needed to address or not address, or any concerns he had with me.”

At this point, Major Pichardo felt that she was being targeted because she had previously expressed concerns about Chief Burgess’ behavior to Assistant Director James Loftus regarding “the golf outing and the inappropriate e-mails,” according to the FDLE Investigative Summary.

She was then “abruptly transferred out, like this (snapping sound), out of the blue, you know, from one day to the other.”

“Like within two days later,” according to her statement.

During a meeting with the Assistant Director, Loftus told her that Chief Burgess complained that the Major wasn’t “communicating things to him, that he has to find things out from … other people in the bureau.”  She also told Special Agent Marcus that she calls or emails the Chief almost daily to keep him informed, and that she “wasn’t aware of the fact that he felt I was withholding information.”

A couple days after that meeting, Loftus called her and Chief Leonard Burgess to his office.  Major Pichardo stated that Chief Burgess “pretended that he didn’t know what [the meeting] was about.”  It was at that meeting that Loftus told her that he received a call from the Director and that “you’re transferred effective Monday.”

The Major stated that she was shocked.  She also said she believed she was transferred because she upset Chief Burgess by going “above his head to complain about him.”

A couple days later on August 28, 2007, Major Pichardo was again called to the office of Assistant Director Loftus to meet with members of the Professional Compliance Bureau (MDPD Internal Affairs).  She was asked if she had filed a complaint against Chief Lenny Burgess, at which time “she indicated ‘No’ and that she understood the proper venue for lodging a complaint would be with the Professional Compliance Bureau.”

The Major told Special Agent Marcus, “So at this point, when PCB comes … to see if, if I have a complaint, of course I don’t have a complaint … there’s already been retaliation … for me speaking up, so I have nothing else to say.

Undoubtedly, she probably already said too much.

Major Carmen Pichardo left the interview feeling bitter.  She said she accepted her new assignment because she respected the Director and his decisions.  But the way she was treated when she tried to blow the whistle on Chief Leonard Burgess “left a bitter taste.”

Did I originally want to file a complaint?  No.  For what?  You know?  You know, it was pointless.  I got transferred.  So what’s the point.

So that’s when I brought it up again, because it was just something else to add in, in what I felt was like unfairness and people using their position and power to their benefit.

FDLE Special Agent Paul Marcus wrapped up the interview with Major Carmen Pichardo by asking her if she felt she had been sexually harassed by Chief Burgess.  She responded that by the definition of sexual harassment of the Department’s policies and procedures, which calls for the continuous soliciting of sex “or something like that,” then no, he was not soliciting her for sex.

She added, “Do I feel that as a chief, his actions were inappropriate and … uncalled for and that, you know, if I went to his boss to address my concern, he should have addressed it with me and just let it be and realize that I didn’t want to do any bonding or any golf playing with him?  I just wanted to do my job.”

Major Pichardo continued:

Was it sexual harassment in the classical definition of sexual harrassment?  No.

Was it inappropriate behavior by a chief, and I was the one that was punished?  Yes.

Did I accept it?  Yes.

Did I want to continue and make a big stink about it?  No.

I just wanted to move on, do my job, and you know, and let it die.

In closing, Major Pichardo stated, “I’ve been on for 15 years, and I’ve worked with numerous men, and I’ve never had this type [of] inappropriate behavior by a boss or somebody, a position of power, and I’ve worked with a lot of very good and reputable men in my opinion.”

FDLE Special Agent Paul Marcus told me today that he had no choice but to turn the file back over to Miami-Dade Police Department because Major Pichardo eventually decided not to pursue her complaint against Leonard Burgess.

She made it painfully clear that she just wanted to “let it die.”

The members of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Professional Compliance Bureau were only too happy to “let it die,” too.

It his close-out Memorandum, Sergeant Milton Hall of the Internal Affairs Section stated, “Based on the aforementioned information and supporting official documents, no further action is required by the PCB.”

Sadly, harassment is an all too common occurrence in the workplace, especially where there is a hierarchy of power.  Whether it’s an abuse of that power, or just for sport, there will always be bullies at the top of the food chain.

There also seems to be the unspoken expectation that anyone with aspirations for advancement had better keep his or her mouth shut.

Most, but certainly not all, victims of bullying are women.  They seem to be easy targets for some type of sexual harassment, whether it’s “harmless” flirting or overt pressure to perform a sexual act.  The consequences for not complying (golf, anyone?) can range anywhere from ostracism, to demotion, to transfer, to outright firing.

The most courageous thing a woman can do is file an official complaint when she believes she is being harassed.  Unfortunately, the process tends to be so tortuous that many victims who do file formal complaints end up dropping the charges because the backlash for going the distance is too severe.  In many instances, the women who are legitimately harassed open themselves up to retaliation by blowing the whistle.

In reviewing this file, it wasn’t hard to immediately see that Major Carmen Pichardo decided that following through with her complaint to the practically pointless end wasn’t worth the aggravation.  She just wanted to do her job and be left alone.

I don’t know if Major Pichardo is still with the Miami-Dade Police Department.  She may have changed jobs or retired by now.  But wherever she is, I hope she found her peace.

As for North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess, I hope he gets what he deserves.

instant-karmaJust saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Ellen says:

    The residents of North Miami DESERVE a Chief of Police with a reputation of UNQUESTIONED HONESTY AND CHARAACTER. Assistant Chief of Police Gary Eugene, a Haitian American, has been a police officer for over 30 years. “Gary holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Barry University, and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Miami-Dade College. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Southern Police Institute (S.P.I.) in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Senior Management Institute for Police Executives (S.M.I.P.) at Harvard’s Kennedy School.” ttp://
    I urge residents of North Miami to voice their opinions by contacting their council members and the city manager.
    City Manager Aleem Ghany:
    Mayor Smith Joseph:
    Councilman Scott Galvin—District 1:
    Councilwoman Carol Keys—District 2:
    Councilman Philippe Bien-Aime—District 3:
    Councilwoman Marie Steril—District 4:


  2. Guest says:

    Nothing has changed, Lenny will always be Lenny.


  3. anon says:

    Ellen, please stop with the same posting of your reply. Just because his credentials may be good, it does not make him a good chief. Yes, the Chief of NMPD needs to go, but to change the culture of a Department, you need to go outside the organization. The city needs to fire Chief Burgess and appoint someone outside the organization ASAP.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Assistant Chief Gary Eugene was “outside the organization.” The “culture” will change if he’s appointed. Mr. Eugene has absolutely no blemishes in his background or on his record. Do you think I haven’t done MY homework? Believe me, I left no stone unturned.


    2. To anon says:

      Gary Eugene is from “outside the department”. He’s retired from a much larger police department, the City of Miami, where he had a very distinguished career and an excellent reputation. Unlike BurgASS.


      1. anon says:

        The culture at MPD is not the best either as seen under Timoney and others since. There are many scandals that are still coming to light, so again I say they need to look outside.


  4. Keystone Couple says:

    At this point it isn’t about the content or outcome of the sexual harassment complaint, or the bs crime stats, or the corrupt officer he gave a pass to, or his lack of respect for women. It’s about the fact that he lied in writing to his boss. I can’t believe that scumbag. Can anyone trust him as chief anymore. Chica Rica? Drinking on duty? Neither professional nor smooth. How can the chief face anyone again after this. How can the city manager ever trust him again. Now I understand what the retired metro dade police lieutenant was talking about when he warned the women around him to becareful. This guy is a liability. I’d be surprised if he’s still the chief by Friday. If he is, I can only imagine what’s next. This only gets worse. I feel sorry for his wife. I feel more sorry for our taxpayers.


  5. notabell says:

    Burgess wasn’t determined to be involved. Sorry, but you can;t throw out allegations and then retract them and a year later, when it suits you, drag them out again and try to make them stick through rumor and innuendo. I’m sure Chief Burgess is not alone in having disciplinary actions set aside at some point in his career.


    1. English is my first language says:

      “Burgess wasn’t determined to be involved”? Seriously? I guess you didn’t read the same FDLE report everyone else did. Pichardo was creeped out by the guy, he got wind that she wasn’t going to put out and was skeezed out by him. Burgess went to his buddy and Loftus told her she was booted out of the Economics Crimes Unit. He was involved, she just figured there was no point in dealing with these people because complaining about the pervs behavior was tantamount to pissing in the wind.

      The boys then gave each other a hardy slap on the back and walked back to the 9th hole and downed a few mojitos.
      SCORE!!!! Oh I mean, “fore”.


  6. Where is Bob Norman? says:

    Holy shit. Where is Bob Norman when you need him? This guy is an asshole, liar and wannabe Rico Suave all wrapped into one warm smelly turd taco. WTF? Where did he get his formal education from? His grammar and spelling are as good as his pickup lines. The juvenile happy faces and teeny bopper text language on a city server to his boss are my favorite. I can just see his next email to his boss. Hey city manager it’s the chief lol xoxo. Love u don’t fire me I’m ur BFF. Let’s go 2 Mexico and drink and play golf. Lee got he bottle h got the cup c’mon everybody let’s get fuckd up! BRASS MONKEY, that funky monkey ROTFLMAO. BRB with another lie! Lol


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:


      *Laughing so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco.


  7. ThePsychiatrist says:

    Dania Beach chica rica prostitutes, get your heels ready. We have another stressed out pervert chief coming your way.


  8. KoLaw says:

    His letter to the City Manager states that he never received any form of discipline and this blog clearly supported the fact that he did not receive any discipline. It looks to me that Chief Burgess pissed someone off and they are using you and these blogs as an outlet. That’s fine, you and your dozen of readers can go ahead and have a Chief Burgess bashing party. There are hundreds of others who support, respect, and admire the job that he’s doing. Many of you wouldn’t last two weeks in that position.


    1. we don't need no stinkin badges says:

      But it does clearly support that he’s a skeezy scum bag. lol lmao ttyl and whatever Lenny


    2. Lets be all we can be says:

      Receiving discipline is not the same as having done actions. Its the actions that count, or do you disagree? Did he send the chica rica text? i would like to hear him state the truth of that. And regardless I would like a chief that uses proper grammar and does not use smiley faces or iphone for professional correspondence but I may be an old fuddy duddy.


    3. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Sure thing, “Larry.” Whatever you say.


      1. Hmmm says:

        KoLaw sounds very passionate about defending Burgess. Makes you wonder what that’s about. My guess is it’s someone who is actually more interested in keeping Gary Eugene from becoming chief. Maybe that same person knows that Eugene is on to them and doesn’t think he’s such a Super Man after all. Hmmm I wonder who that could be.


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          I can think of two or three people who might be vigorously defending Burgess. One of them definitely has a horse in that race. At least one of the others likes to bust my chops. Either way, none of them are worth worrying about. All of them should be worried by what else I might dig up.

          Just sayin’ of course.


  9. Pierre's Residence says:

    Burgess is a puppet for Juriga.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      So I hear.


  10. KoLaw says:

    It’s clear that none of you have ever spent a day at the North Miami Police Department. Gary Eugene is a phenomenal individual. However, I don’t believe he has the enthusiasm nor the energy to run the police department. Mr. Eugene is there for a check, sadly just like many others there. Chief Burgess has a genuine interest in the community, you can tell by all the initiatives he’s put in place with the PD and the community. Before Lenny Burgess, those things were unheard of… Non existent. He’s no puppet, he’s not a scum bag… Get to know the guy before you all go name bashing. Nobody is perfect. You all will never be satisfied no matter who holds the position anyway. I’m not an advocate for ANYONE. Just stating my opinion.

    I’m done. Now you all can go back to your perfect lives and your perfect jobs where you’ve never had any form of counseling or discipline and where you’ve never made a mistake. Happy Hump Day!


    1. KoLaw has amnesia says:

      you can tell by all the initiatives he’s put in place with the PD and the community. “Before Lenny Burgess, those things were unheard of… Non existent.” Say what??? Are you sure you don’t mean before GWEN BOYD those things were unheard of? She was the first chief to come in from the outside and make changes. She was from the City of Miami just like Gary Eugene.


      1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

        It’s quite obvious (to me, anyway) that KoLaw is a Burgess crony or one of his new recruits.

        For those who remember the pre-school kids’ show Blue’s Clues (, get out your Handy Dandy Notebooks and write this down:

        Notice all the recipients of Chief “Lenny’s” email.

        To paraphrase Sesame Street, “Three of these things are not like the others.”

        Yeah. This is a juvenile game we’re playing, but when in Rome…

        In any event, pay close attention to the clues I just gave you.

        More will be revealed.

        As Burgess would say: 🙂 Thank u


      2. TC says:

        Didn’t Boyd come from Miramar PD?


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          No. Miami PD.


  11. KoLaw says:

    I stand correct. Gwen Boyd was very community oriented. I can’t speak for anyone in between.


  12. Retired MDPD Gold Badge says:

    I am a Retired Miami-Dade PD Lieutenant who worked with Lenny Burgess for many years. My recent posts are below for those of you who haven’t read them. This PCB Investigation is just a glimpse into who Lenny Burgess really is. If you think that this was his first and only time degrading women, being unprofessional, drinking while on the job, and tarnishing the badge, think again. He says he’s never been disciplined and that may be true with his connections. But there are law enforceent officers, who have been disciplined for making mistakes, who have risen above and beyond, and are in my opinion better suited for running any police department today than Lenny Burgess. Officers make mistakes, and discipline in designed to have those officers learn from their mistakes. Since Lenny Burgess spent his entire career at the MDPD fine-tuning and perfecting his craft of politicking and manipulating and using his friendships to attain what he wanted, he never really stood out as what most in law enforcement would describe as a “real” cop because he never did any “real” police work. His frustrations are what probably led him to act the way he acted with women. He is a sociable guy and likeable guy, who doesnt like a drinker and jokester at a party or event. But, people like Lenny pray on easy targets. People who are in a time and place in their careers when they are looking for acceptance, promotion, guidance, or stability are perfect prey. Major Pichardo was looking for acceptance and stability in a new place in her career. Lenny Burgess took advantage of that. Because people in her position at the time wouldnt dare speak up for fear of losing that acceptance or fear of never aquring that stability she desired. But, she was a self respecting woman and complained anyway. Then, for fear of being ridiculed, or talked about, or being a topic of a future blog, she decided that the cons outweighed the pros during that lengthy process, and she also realized during that lengthy process how connected Lenny Burgess was at the MDPD and decided not to move forward. Its the same reason why a rape victim doesn’t come forward. I will keep warning the women around him to be careful. Even though this controversary should keep him from misbehaving, be careful. To his City Manager: I don’t know what you’re waiting for. You have a professional police department and many qualified candidates to run your PD. He already proved in that email that he would say and do anything, including lie to you and jeopardize others, to put himself and his ego first. To Voters Opinion: Keep up the good work! You missed your calling. You can probably teach a few MDPD detectives a lesson or two in the topic of investigations. To all of you in North Miami: Good Luck!

    Those are my two cents.

    Below are my previous comments.

    Now you all know why I warned the ladies to be careful with Lenny Burgess. Again, I worked with him for many years and knew his ways. I knew too much. Therefore, I wasn’t very fond of him, especially with his leadership and women issues. Some knew, but were too intimidated by his political connections to see past the issues, in an attempt to respect his rank. Others, who respected law enforcement, especially women in law enforcement, despised him. Knowing him, he’ll probably use all of those connections to make phone calls and write letters on his behalf in an attempt to save himself during this controversy. I knew his past with women would eventually be uncovered, especially by Stephanie Kienzle, who has, so far, impressed me with her blogs, writing and investigative skills. Keep it up the good work. North Miami depends on you. His shady past will be revealed. It’s only a matter of time. I’m surprised he’s still a Chief. I can’t say he’s still misbehaving with women. I’m sure he’s learned his lessons. But I’m not surprised he’s protecting a police officer who has a very similar past to his own. Except it’s easier at the MDPD to hide it. Especially when you’ve got connections and protection. I’m sure Lenny Burgess sees himself in that officer in question. That’s why he insisted in protecting him. Again, good luck. Hopefully the City’s Manager in North Miami takes action before he’s the one being looked at for Negligent Retention.

    This is a message to the City Manager: I’ve read enough about you to surmise that although you have very little experience as a City Manager, you’re a man of character and integrity. Don’t be fooled by Lenny Burgess. Choose a Chief who will connect with your diverse community in positive ways and put this controversy behind you. You’ll feel much better when you do. Your community and police department will thank you. You have many years to go as City Manager and I’d hate to see Lenny Burgess jeopardize your future to save his own. Those are my two cents. Good Luck.

    Below is my original comment.

    Retired MDPD Gold Badge February 26, 2015 9:48 am Reply

    I am a retired Miami-Dade PD Lieutenant, where Lenny Burgess also retired from. Another MDPD employee brought this blog to my attention, and I wasn’t surprised to learn about the controversy. When most of us who knew him found out that he was appointed as Chief in North Miami, we knew it was the beginning of the end for the police department. I worked with Lenny Burgess for many years. He was protected and mentored by some of the most powerful in Miami-Dade, mostly because of his affiliations in common with those same heavy hitters in outside professional organizations. He never supervised anyone in any one unit or stayed in any one place long enough to gain any real executive leadership experience. Before his flaws could be exposed, he was moved again somewhere else, collecting titles, ranks, and certificates along the way. He never mastered anything in his career, other than politicking. I’d be willing to bet he’s close with whoever is the head of the most popular or most powerful clique in North Miami PD. He’s a facade at best. He hasn’t been fired because he’s probably in with the City Manager or a Commisioner. Lenny Burgess is after all a politician incognito. Those who know him, will know that he will avoid having conversations about topics he should know about. And if the conversations can’t be avoided, he will talk in circles to death, without any real substance, until you’re left asking yourself, “what did he just say”. For those concerned about the corrupt police officer in question, I read all the documents posted. The investigation and recommendations by the panels for discipline were very well written and thorough. The problem is the final decision made by Lenny Burgess and most likely with backing of the City Manager. Lenny Burgess’ inexperience and inability to make tough executive decisions is evident. Any other chief would have fired that officer. This wouldn’t have been tolerated in MDPD. But speaking from experience, the officer won’t be fired at this point. So requesting his termination would be a waste of time. I’d concentrate more in finding another qualified chief to run the North Miami PD instead. To those who say that he’s being shoved down your throats, I’m sure you have Town Hall meetings or other forums in which to bring this up, and Commissioners or other influential people in North Miami you can talk to. Demand for his resignation or termination. Sadly, if that police officer does it again, it won’t be in Lenny Burgess’ hands, he’ll probably be gone by then. It’ll be the next chief who has to answer for Lenny’s poor decisions. I’m glad he never made Director in MDPD. Those of us who saw through the BS, we knew better and hoped for the best. Unfortunately for North Miami, he’s your problem now. And ladies, I’m not sure if he’s changed his ways in the last few years, but just beware of Lenny Burgess. Those are my two cents. Good luck.


  13. ELLEN says:

    When deciding on who is the most honorable and qualified to be Chief of Police for North Miami, their RECORD SHOULD SPEAK FOR ITSELF.


  14. SansSouciJuicy says:

    Lenny Burgess sounds like a creepy dude. A drawer full of stolen used panties kind of creepy dude. A prostate massager kind of creepy dude. A tree climbing, binocular peeping, creepy dude. A lame line, stuttering, thick glasses wearing creepy dude. The type that uses a creepy thin mustache and goatee to distract you kind of creepy dude. The type who has a German Shephard lick the peanut butter off kind of creepy dude. Come on fat boy, tell the truth. You know you’re creepy right? I’m assuming creepy guys know they’re creepy right? Do you wear female panties under that uniform? The pilot wants to know. Do you write like a teenage girl because you feel like a teenage girl? 🙂


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Thank you for that image. I need a shower now.


  15. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad I got married and moved out of North Miami many years ago. I’m hoping some day my parents will move too. Crime is so bad there unless you’re fortunate enough to live in the gated communities. I feel bad for the people who live there and the cops that have to work there. Now some of these comments about this chief are just cruel. I clearly see how the chief lied and should be fired but these comments are just cruel. I’m sure he has a wife and kids and a life. Be nice.


  16. […] be surprising considering the Chief’s own history of “unsustained” allegations of sexual harassment.  Must be some type of Good Old Boys Club unspoken rule of […]


  17. Really? says:

    Really Pollyanna? Everybody should play nice? I have a suggestion. How about he acts like a man and no one would have a reason to say these these.
    It’s pretty simple. Don’t give people an armory full of ammo in you then turn around and act surprised when they shoot.


  18. […] As we all know by now, Chief Leonard Burgess was indeed the subject of a sexual harassment complaint. […]


  19. […] Police Department, for example, a female Major complained to Burgess’ boss about his inappropriate sexual advances toward […]


  20. […] to be bothered with silly little things like weeding out “bad” cops, treating women with respect, being honest about the crime rate, or maintaining a professional Public Information […]


  21. […] Even when he’s caught red handed! […]


  22. […] Lenny tradition of rewarding bad behavior (See: Jodlyn Antoine and Larry Coffee), and punishing whistle blowers and cops with integrity, could Burgess have somehow influenced the PBA to endorse the most […]


  23. […] also flat out lied in an email when he denied that he was “not involved” in the very sexual harassment […]


  24. […] this fiasco (and a multitude of others, including Chief Lenny’s lying about being the subject of a previous internal affairs investigation) was brought to the attention of City Manager Aleem Ghany, he personally assured me that he was […]


  25. […] same way he denied being the subject of a sexual harassment investigation, he’s now lying through how teeth […]


  26. […] addition to being the city’s Top Cop, Chief Lenny’s unofficial titles also include Ladies’ Man, Political Animal, Spin Doctor, Fudgemeister, and Flag Football […]


  27. […] blatantly lying about a previous sexual harassment complaint filed against him, protecting bad cops, getting even with cops who won’t play his game, […]


  28. […] He tried to put the kibosh on my public records requests.  He flat out lied about his history of a sexual harassment accusation.  He punished employees in the police department whom he suspected of “leaking” […]


  29. […] the time that Chief Lenny flat out lied that he was never investigated for charges of sexual […]


  30. […] Department, his superiors and colleagues quickly closed ranks to defend Lenny against charges of sexual harassment by a mere underling who dared to break the code of silence.  She was intimidated into withdrawing […]


  31. […] calling a sergeant “Chica Rica” in a text […]


  32. […] the time he flat out lied about past sexual harassment charges filed against him when it was mentioned on a police website.  I soon dug up a formal complaint […]


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