Frantzie Watch: The Legend (in his Own Mind) Continues

To paraphrase President Obama, “If you like your corrupt politicians, you can keep your corrupt politicians.”

Politicians and diapersThat seems to be the sentiment in North Miami Beach these days.  With a City Council election right around the corner, incumbent Frantz Pierre is working hard to make sure that his very special culture of sleazy governance continues at City Hall.

Frantz is desperate to win.  Should he be re-elected, he could possibly receive “FREE” LIFETIME HEALTH INSURANCE.  Courtesy of North Miami Beach taxpayers.

The Council Weasel is in full-blown campaign mode, and has been handing out a flyer listing all of his “accomplishments” since his seat was first purchased for him in 2007.

Frantzie Flier 2 This list would be absolute parody if not for the fact that Frantzie actually believes his own press.  Let’s deconsruct Delusional Frantzie’s claims:

1.  This is just an outright lie.  Not only did he NOT advocate for increased funding for the NMBPD, Frantzie HATES the police.  He thinks all cops are racists.  The only thing he “advocated” for was an additional workload for the Internal Affairs Department … by being the subject of five IA investigations.

2.  If by raising his hand to vote “aye” at a council meeting he was “instrumental” in “saving taxpayers millions,” then imagine how MONUMENTAL it was for Frantzie to actually show up for duty!  Considering that Frantzie missed nearly half of the council, budget, CRA and pension meetings since January 1, 2014, it’s a miracle he was present long enough to vote on anything.  Any tax saving legislation he accidentally did vote for, he spent on traveling.  (Soccor coach convention, anyone?)

3.  Two “Foreclosure Prevention” workshops since 2007 … and he claims he’s helped “hundred [sic] of families?”  REALLY, FRANTZIE?  HUNDREDS?  (That’s even more “phone calls” than Phyllis claims she gets!)

4.  Leave it to Frantzie to throw yet another one of his colleagues under the bus.  The public school legislation is Councilwoman Marlen Martell’s baby, yet Frantzie is claiming it for himself.  This is just one more reason that Frantzie is so despised by the rest of the council.  The only thing Frantzie “worked diligently with the Miami-Dade School Board” for was to cash the paycheck he gets for being a teacher.  (Yes, Frantzie is a teacher.  How scary is that?)

5.  Of course The P Man wants to keep sanitation “in-house.”  How else can he promise jobs to potential voters?

6.  I almost choked on my coffee when I read that Frantzie claims to fight cronyism OR discrimination.  The P Man has done nothing but promote the Frantzie Friends & Family Program by trying to get city employees fired so he could fill those positions with all his cronies (see #5 above).  The only time he fights “discrimination” is when he plays the race card to help his racist cronies, all of whom are Haitian.  The hell with everyone else.  Especially non-Haitian Hispanics, non-Haitian women, and even Haitians who aren’t Haitian enough in Frantzie World.

7.  Frantzie “labored to save the Eastern Shores Fire Station?”  Is that a joke, or what?  Everyone in North Miami Beach knows that it was Pierre’s colleague (see #4 above) Councilwoman Beth Spiegel, who took on the Miami-Dade County Fire & Rescue Department – and won!  Frantzie wouldn’t “labor” to do a damn thing for the residents of Eastern Shores.  Not enough Haitians live there.  He had absolutely nothing to do with saving the fire station, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything or anyone in Eastern Shores.  (Unless it’s campaign season, of course.)

8.  As if it weren’t despicable enough that Frantzie pitted carpetbagging MIRAMAR resident Yvenoline Dargenson against Beth Spiegel, and is taking credit for her fire station victory, now he’s trying to steal Beth’s thunder yet again (see #4 and #7 above).  Ms. Spiegel didn’t just “advocate” for the community centers, she actually succeeded in getting the job done.  One result of her hard work is that the basketball courts now stay open until midnight.  Frantz probably doesn’t even know there are basketball courts in North Miami Beach.

9.  Frantz created one youth program.  ONE!  That’s in the singular, not plural.  You might also want to ask Frantzie what he “emancipated our youths” from?  Then remind him that there are still gangs in North Miami Beach, and ask him how that’s working out for him.

10.  While you’re at it, ask Frantzie how hard he “worked to reduce the economic and social inequality” in North Miami Beach.  WTF does that even mean?  Did he reduce “economic equality” by writing worthless checks to his campaign workers?  bouncedDid he reduce “social inequality” by promising jobs for votes?  Jobs that he had no authority to provide (or even promise) in the first place.

Conspicuously missing from his list are his real accomplishments.  So I thought I’d do Frantzie a favor and rewrite his flier for him.


  1. Frantz  lies about employees to get them fired!  Again! And again!  Then tries to cover it up!
  2. Frantz steals city water!
  3. Frantz likes to play with absentee ballots!
  4. Frantz conspires with “non-profits” to grab tax dollars!
  5. Frantz likes to travel soccer coach conventions and to Haiti on YOUR DIME!
  6. Frantz installs carpetbaggers to run against his colleagues!
  7. Frantz promotes a “Haitian majority” on the council!
  8. Frantz recuses himself from voting on controversial issues (when he does bother to show up at all)!
  9. Frantz lies whenever his lips are moving!
  10. Frantz never met a law he hasn’t violated!

Frantzie Sign 1Frantzie Sign 2Like posting his campaign signs on the lawns of boarded up, vacant homes where there’s no owner to ask for permission!

If you’ve been following Frantzie’s Follies since he first showed up at City Hall, you already know what he’s about.  His predictable shenanigans continue.

He’s running to keep his seat, still desperately seeking a “Haitian majority.”  This time around he’s recruited candidate Paule Villard to run against his colleague Marlen Martell.  Amazingly, he didn’t tap the Miramar well since, unlike Dargenson, Villard is an actual resident of North Miami Beach.  But, as usual, there’s a story behind the story.  There was a method to The P Man’s madness.

Frantzie actually flirted with the idea of running for Mayor.

Let me know when you’re done laughing.


Like his mentor Myron Rosner, Frantzie hired Strip Club King Mitch Edelstein to run his campaign.  Before he actually filed to run for office on February [Illegible], 2015…

Frantzie Filing…Mitch and Frantz were contacting power players from both North Miami and NMB in an attempt to enlist their help for The P Man’s run against Mayor George Vallejo.

Go ahead, laugh.  Get it out.  I’ll wait.


I had been hearing that rumor for months, but I didn’t believe it for a second.  As one political analyst concurred, “Frantz may not be a rocket scientist, but he’s not that stupid.  If he gave up his seat to run against George, there’s no way in hell he could win.  It would be great if he did that, though.  We’d be rid of him for good!”

Paule Villard originally filed to run against Phyllis Smith on November 21, 2014.  Although she immediately started distributing campaign materials, she didn’t advertise the seat for which she was running.

No one ever expected her to stay in that race.  So no one was surprised when she “decided” to run against Marlen Martell instead.

Villard refiled on February 3, 2015, shortly before Frantzie filed to run in his own seat instead of challenging the Mayor.

It’s commonly believed that if Frantz did vacate his seat, Villard would have simply switched to run in his vacated seat to ostensibly have a better chance at winning.  Frantz, however, stayed put.  He’s now actively campaigning with Phyllis Smith, the only one of Frantzie’s colleagues who can stand to even be in the same room with him, much less talk to him.  Little wonder Villard chose to run against Marlen instead of Frantzie’s campaign teammate/BFF.

Frantz Pierre is indisputably the most corrupt politician in all of Miami-Dade County, and possibly the entire State of Florida.  Unfortunately, and pathetically, chances are good that he will be re-elected.

It’s nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent, even one as unscrupulous as Frantz Pierre.  Unless the citizens of North Miami Beach make an effort to inform themselves about the issues and the candidates, and then get to the polls, the low-information voters will most likely let him occupy his seat for another four years.

And unlike your healthcare plan, if you like your corrupt politicians, you can  keep them.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. notabell says:

    Time to take these two to the Humane Society. Phyllis is also due for her “free health care for life” shot.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      This is true. While Frantz has claimed that he doesn’t need or want the insurance since he gets it from Miami-Dade Public Schools, Phyllis has publicly stated that she will take it because she “deserves it.” I’m not believing Frantzie’s claim because, as we all know, he lies.


  2. What Will Bee says:

    Good commentary on Frantzie’s flyer. I found a couple accomplishments quite laughable myself. Did hundreds, I mean “hundred” of families contact CMFP to tell him that he actually saved their homes? Or does CMFP assume that having a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop automatically saved people’s homes? Imagine how magical life would be if it were that easy. And about that reduction in Social In-equality in our community…I’m certain our community finds him to be a good example of that. Become an elected official and you can steal, I mean welcome yourself to free bottles of water via city storage, go to President Obama’s Inauguration, attend Soccer Conventions and meet world famous players, and all of the sudden be able to afford a 4 million dollar home in NMB. With NMB resident’s tax dollars CMFP really does reduce Social In-equality doesn’t he? I’d say he improves it for himself, wouldn’t you?


  3. P U Pierre says:

    This guy lives in fantasy world. he recuses himself from voting on a $4.5 million dollar house hecause he claims he’s looking at buying it. On his best day, no matter how much he steals, he couldn’t pay the property taxes on a $4.5 million dollar house let alone make the mortgage payment. What an asshole.


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