Jean Marcellus Speaks

At least I know he was speaking, even if I didn’t understand much of it because I don’t speak Creole.  😥

Mayoral candidate Jean Marcellus was interviewed today on the Rotschill Anderson Show, which began at 2:30 p.m.  Jean showed up about 15 minutes late in an orange tee shirt.

"Nice of you to finally show up."

“Nice of you to finally show up.”

Most of the almost two hour long interview was conducted in Creole.  The only portion conducted entirely in English was when Anderson asked Marcellus about the incident in the Clerk’s office on Tuesday when Janet Reed was denied her chance to run against Michael Etienne.  According to Marcellus, it wasn’t his fault.

As for the rest of the interview, luckily there is a Creole version of Spanglish, so I was able to pick up on a few words and names that were in English.  Those were:

  • Election
  • Doctor Mayor Smith Joseph
  • Joe Celestin
  • Jean Monestime
  • Philippe Bien-Aime
  • Marie Erlande Steril
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Kevin Burns
  • Fraud

In any event, I have no idea what most of the interview was about, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go.  Captions are my own.

Marcellus on Rotschill

“Don’t know about you, but I’m having fun!”

"I voted for it..."

“I voted for it…”

"...before I voted against it."

“…before I voted against it.”

"OMG! Did he REALLY just say that?"

“OMG! Did he REALLY just say that?”

During the last 45 minutes, there was a heated disagreement going on.  I don’t know what they were arguing about, but I was able to pick up on quite a few key phrases, including:

  • “Make sure tax dollars are spent the most appropriately as possible.”
  • “(Creole)…Tax dollars to pay a judge to listen to nonsense.”
  • “(Creole)…Joe Celestin as a licensed person. But Councilwoman Steril was behind it, so I’m not surprised.”
  • “You were against it!  You voted every year against it!”
  • “That’s it!”
  • “You sit down with the doctor, the mayor, and ask him for a significant amount of money … (Creole) … Kevin Burns … (Creole) … Kevin Burns … (Creole) … election … (Creole) … City Manager … (Creole) … Kevin Burns … (Creole) … before you make a decision to become a candidate.

OMFG!  I’d KILL to know what THAT was all about!  Wouldn’t you?

Whatever it was, Anderson was riled up like crazy.  Anyone wanna guess what they’re saying?

Anderson Marcellus argument

Anderson Rotschill 3Anderson Rotschill 4Finally, the interview came to an end.  Although I missed most of the conversation, this was the funnest two hours I’ve spent in a long time.

As a television personality and entertainer, Anderson Rotschill is a total trip!

Smile for the camera, cutie.

Anderson RotschillThank you!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Hector Medina says:

    I am having lots of fun reading your posts, keep the good work.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

  2. […] not be able to add numbers, but a Jean Marcellus candidacy always promises to bring much needed comic relief to any election […]


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