Phyllis Smith: Frantz Pierre 2.1

PhyllisFrantzPoliticians lie.  It’s simply what they do.  They tell lies with poker faces, as if no one in the room knows they’re lying.  Unfortunately, more often than not, they get away with it.

In his most recent column, Derek Hunter wrote in Truth Is For Suckers, “What’s the point in telling the truth? Moreover, what’s the point in not lying? In many cases a lie will get you much further, much more attention, more money or power, so why bother telling the truth? Is the truth for suckers?”

After relating the recent Rolling Stone “exposé” about the fraternity “rape” scandal that never happened, Hunter wrote:

So what’s the point in not lying?

Lying will get you stuff. It can get you attention. It can get you dates. It can get you just about anything you want if you’re good enough at it and willing to live the lie as long as you have to.

It’s even better if the lie is “the truth” someone else is desperate to hear. Tell people a lie they wish were true, and you’ll have a clear path to whatever you want.

Politicians deal in lies the way Picasso worked in paint. It’s their currency.

Even amateur politicians like North Miami Beach Council members Frantz Pierre and Phyllis Smith have learned that lying can be their best weapons against their opponents.

In her book, The Truth Advantage, author and television personality Lis Weihl describes two types of liars – the pathological liar and the compulsive liar.

According to Weilh, “A pathological liar “exaggerates and concocts stories with little regard or concern for other people’s feelings.  A pathological liar actually believes the lies he’s dishing out or at least believes them the moment he’s saying them .  His stories are grandiose and dramatic, and he often describes how he’s smarter, better looking, braver, and more interesting than he really is.  If you even ask an innocent question in regard to a pathological liar’s story, the person will feel threatened or annoyed by the question.”

The author describes a compulsive liar as one who “lies out of habit.  Lying is a normal way of life for him.  His lying begins in early childhood.  His lies are not necessarily manipulative or cunning; he’s simply been lying about everything for so long that he doesn’t know anything but.  Lying is second nature.  Compulsive liars often have low-self esteem.  They frequently lie to get noticed, and they create stories in order to be the center of attention.  Like any behavior that provides comfort, compulsive lying can be hard to stop.”

From these descriptions, it’s easy to see that Frantzie falls into the first category.  Is there any doubt that Phyllis falls into the second?

Phyllis was in rare form at Tuesday night’s council meeting.  Two very relevant topics were brought up, especially as they relate to the upcoming election.  The first was the issue of “lifetime health insurance,” which has been a sticking point with residents ever since 1986, when the then sitting mayor and council voted themselves this freebie, courtesy of North Miami Beach taxpayers.  Elected officials were initially entitled to receive this benefit after eight years of service, but at a later time it was changed to “after serving four terms.”

According to a 24 page legal opinion by the law firm of Bryant, Miller and Olive dated April 2, 2015, entitled Post-Service Insurance Benefits For Certain Elected Officials and Senior Management Employees, the administration at the time voted for themselves the “right” to receive not only paid health insurance policies for the rest of their lives, but they also received 100% reimbursement for all co-pays, co-insurance and out-of-pocket expenses.

Attorney David C. Miller, who wrote the opinion, gave a brief presentation at the meeting.

In 2009, the council passed Resolution R2009-57, which eliminated all lifetime benefits for sitting and future members.  Phyllis and Frantz, who were first elected in 2007, made sure that anyone elected prior to October 1, 2008 was still eligible to receive this benefit.  According to Mr. Miller, this resolution was “validly and legally done with all due process.”

Resolution R2010-41, however, effectively did away with that loophole.  This new resolution only offered all council members the same health insurance that employees were entitled to, and only while they were in still office.  Mr. Miller stated that this resolution did “not address post service benefits.”

You can watch Mr. Miller’s presentation in its entirety for yourself.  But the bottom line is that Councilwoman Phyllis Smith and her little buddy Frantz Pierre, who were counting on grabbing “free” lifetime healthcare insurance on taxpayer dime, are not eligible to receive this benefit even if they are re-elected.

From the beginning, Frantzie has been swearing up and down that he has never taken a dime of taxpayer money for his health insurance, and that he never intends to do so.  At hour 1:32:35 of the council meeting, he dramatically and emphatically stated that lifetime benefits “was absurd.”  He continued, “I pledge and it is still my promise not to take it.  There are a lot of abuses in the system … about reimbursement for out-of-pockets.  I don’t want it.  I have better coverage from the School Board, I believe that’s abuse, so I could go either way.  I didn’t take it then, I didn’t take it now, and I do not intend to take it in the future.  Even after I get re-elected.”

Unless you count the taxpayer funded health insurance he already receives from his other employer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  Or the executive “allowance of nearly $24,000,” as reported by the Miami Herald, of taxpayer money each council member receives to spend how they wish, including their own health insurance, if necessary.

And yet, Pathological Liar Frantz has actually convinced himself that he’s never taken even one dime of your money for health insurance.

During Mr. Miller’s presentation, however, Phyllis was the most restrained anyone has ever seen her behaving.  It’s common knowledge that on several occasions Phyllis has publicly claimed she’s “entitled” to the “lifetime health insurance” if she is elected for a fourth term.

In fact, through an intermediary, Phyllis’ opponent Bruce Lamberto advised Phyllis that he would not file to run against her if she agreed in writing not to take this benefit should she be re-elected.  Phyllis obviously refused because Bruce is now challenging her seat.

After Mr. Miller’s presentation, Phyllis was asked to speak on the topic.  A very subdued Phyllis said, “I just wanted to address that when I was elected when I ran for office I didn’t know you got a salary let alone insurance and when the new council people came in and their spouses had issues and they didn’t want to change insurance we now pay for our own insurance even though I’m Medicare I kept the group insurance because the more healthy people are in your group insurance the less it costs for everyone so costs should be twice as much per month for the last five years and I’m happy to do that and I hear what you say it’s a non-issue.  It’s a non-issue.”

That last “It’s a non-issue” came out as a whimper.  She actually appeared to be crestfallen!

No one spoke for several seconds because no one could believe she actually stopped talking.

It was eerie.

But, once the topic changed, Phyllis recovered and reverted to her usual obnoxious self as soon as the council began discussion about the election.

Councilman Tony DeFillipo was emphatic about the city’s proactively getting out the message to voters about absentee ballot fraud.  Anyone who’s been paying attention to North Miami Beach elections for the last eight years knows without a doubt that absentee ballot fraud is a huge problem.  Tony wanted the city to prepare a voters guide to alert voters about absentee ballot fraud in North Miami Beach, which is a major concern.  He wanted the voters to become familiar with the laws.

“The city has a history of absentee ballot fraud and something needs to be done,” Tony demanded.

He then made a motion for an all out media blitz in an effort to halt absentee ballot fraud.  He wants to instruct voters how to file a complaint and to alert them to “the penalties that can be assessed for engaging in this type of activity.”

Although this message was clearly directed at Frantz Pierre, who has been known to play fast and loose with absentee ballots, it apparently struck a nerve with Phyllis, who has been actively campaigning on one of Frantzie’s “slates.”

Pathological Liar Frantz Pierre, the actual perpetrator of some of the worst absentee ballot fraud in NMB history, comically denied any culpability.

Frantzie mumbled, “Once again we’re trying to clean up our city, which is a good thing.  But there’s a fine line between fixing and infringing people rights.”

That’s Frantzie-speak for, “If you try and stop me from stealing absentee ballots, you’re a racist.”

As expected, Phyllis went into full bloviation mode with a campaign-like speech.

Campaigning from the dais, of course, is an ethics violation.  And yes, a complaint was already initiated.

From her first invented word (“honorability,” Phyllis?  REALLY?), she expounded.  She kept on expounding until her diatribe hit an ear splitting crescendo from which I imagine even dogs cower in fear.

“Honorability goes in a lot of directions.  You know, we have people who just want to be mean spirited and nasty.  And I want to tell you, if nasty’s your game, don’t look at me.  ‘Cuz I’m not a nasty person.  And let me tell you that I  sit up here to take care of the people, my vote is for the people.  When I keep hearing all this stuff, I’d like to say something stronger but I don’t talk like that.  About those signs.  Every time you see a Phyllis Smith sign, I personally knocked on that door.  I knocked on the door in the heat and one day in the rain.  And so you know what?  I hear now how we’re talking about this is bad, this is bad, this is bad.  You know what everybody tells me?  It’s election time.  Well, you know what?  Welcome to class 101 when all this stuff…  We’re not voting on the garbage because it’s election time.  We are bringing up about the insurance because it’s election time.  Now this is another subject.  Whether it’s right or whether it’s wrong, whatever this council wants to do let’s do it.  I wanna have a fair, run for your seat, take care of the people election.  That’s it!  You want to take care of the public and you think you could do a good job at it, please put your papers in and run.  But then run an honorable campaign.  And then at the end of the day, the public will decide whoever they vote for and I don’t know if you could control somebody that wants to be dishonorable.  I don’t know if you could do that Councilwoman.  If they’re going to be dishonorable, they’re going to be dishonorable.

“You know, I have to tell you.  I see a lot of stuff going on around here and you don’t always get caught.  The bottom line is, everybody has to answer to themselves, to their families and to their higher power.  In my seat all’s I can say is I want the public to vote for who they want to take care of them after the election’s over.  That’s what they should be doing.  And that’s what an election is about.  We live in America.  You can vote for who you want to take care of you from now for the next four years and two years from now for that four years to take care of you and how your tax dollars are spent and how decisions are made.  That’s what an election is.  And I just tell you I see a lot of things to bring each and everything up let’s just try to have a good clean election, run for your office, take care of the public, and then the public will go in and they will vote to take care of you.  Thank you very much.”

OMG, where to begin?

For one thing, after all these years in office, Mama Phyllis STILL  doesn’t get that an elected official’s job is not to “take care of the people,” but to serve  them.

It’s not Phyllis’ job to tell people how to behave (“My Civility resolution was for your benefit, not mine!”), how to dress (“Pull up your pants!”), or where to sit (“I demand to sit next to the Mayor!”).

For another, Phyllis unwittingly shot herself in the foot by bringing up campaign signs, and said, “Every time you see a Phyllis Smith sign, I personally knocked on that door.”


Along NE 171 Street, where one of the biggest proliferation of Phyllis Smith signs magically appeared (and somehow “magically” disappeared shortly thereafter), I personally know that she did not personally knock on the door of at least one resident who was “gifted” with a screaming yellow Phyllis Smith campaign sign.

My best friend, Trish Miller, told me that she absolutely DID NOT give permission to Phyllis Smith to put a sign on her lawn.  And yet, when Trish came home from work one day, there it was!

Did Compulsive Liar Phyllis really  think that absolutely no one would call her out on her bullshit?


Speaking of campaign sign offenders, candidate Paule Villard (who, not surprisingly, is campaigning with Phyllis and Frantzie!), also placed one of her signs on Trish’s lawn one day last week.  A Villard campaign sign appeared sometime during the night after Trish walked her dog, and before 6:00 a.m. when she left for work.  Paule Villard also did not ask for permission to place her sign on Trish’s lawn.  And, yet, there it was!

Trish, of course, took both of them down and replaced them with the campaign signs of Marlen Martell and Bruce Lamberto, who did  ask for, and receive, permission.

Frantzie, on the other hand, knows better than to go near Trish’s house, much less plant a sign on her lawn.

(And unlike Frantzie, who ridiculously claimed he had video footage of someone stealing his signs, Trish actually has a security camera!)

For the record, unlike Phyllis and Paule, I asked for, and received, permission from Trish to use her name.

In her pseudo campaign speech on the dais, Phyllis also had the audacity to say, “We are bringing up about the insurance because it’s election time.”

Sorry, Phyllis.  The insurance issue has been a topic of conversation since 1986!  It is not being brought up specifically “because it’s election time.”

But the fact that Phyllis and Frantzie believed they were eligible to receive this taxpayer funded “free” benefit if they were re-elected this time around, it most definitely was a topic relevant to the election.

Thanks to the conclusive legal opinion by Bryant, Miller and Olive, North Miami Beach can finally put this matter to bed.

Phyllis did, however, hit the nail on the head when she said, “I see a lot of stuff going on around here and you don’t always get caught.”

Obviously, she and her two BFFs, Frantz Pierre and Paule Villard, were hoping to get away with the “stuff going on around here” and not “get caught.”

Good luck with that!

This time around, the White Hats are ready for y’all!

Just this morning, I was advised that at least three of Phyllis’ commercial signs were removed by the owners in the past 24 hours, as were at least four of Paule Villard’s.  Villard also took down the commercial size campaign sign from her residential property.

Well, what do ya know?  Guess who just got “caught?”

Phyllis stated that she wants to have a “good clean election.”

By all means, let’s.

Phyllis should start by cleaning up her act.

She could also STOP LYING ALREADY!

Then again, with people like Phyllis, “compulsive lying can be hard to stop.”

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you will post this even though I would like to be anonymous.

    I know it for a fact about what you stated relating to Bruce Lamberto running because Councilwoman Smith said she wouldn’t reject the lifetime health benefit if she won this election. Through a party involved in the communication, Mr. Lamberto had been waiting to hear if Councilwoman Smith would pass on taking the insurance. I believe weeks passed and still no word from her. Right before qualifying began, Mr. Lamberto asked the “middle man” to ask her again. Smith was asked and she said no, she wouldn’t reject the lifetime health insurance if she won, so the “middle man” told Bruce to go ahead and file.

    I’m sure her strange silence the night of the council meeting was attributed to the fact that she was dumbfounded that the attorney was 1000 % sure that his conclusions are correct. She can’t get the insurance, what a relief to us taxpayers and what a POS she is.

    I’m sure Mr. Lamberto has many supporters and he should carry on to take that seat over. She’s a liar, always has been. The fact that back in 2008 her and the weasel voted to stop lifetime insurance for future elected officials, but not for them is disgusting at best. Luckily they were knocked out of receiving that benefit in 2011, yet I’m not sure they really did realize it. Smith has been eyeing that benefit since most of us can remember.

    Good luck to Mr. Lamberto. He has my vote and has earned my respect because he does fight city hall and we need people like him who want to serve, not take, not “bloviate” and certainly not show up at private parties that resident’s make for themselves in which she is known to pop in for “election purposes” (have you heard about that one)?


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      You must be talking about Mary Campbell’s 80th birthday party that Phyllis crashed in Washington Park.

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      Well, like Phyllis said … It’s election time!


  2. Stephanie, give Michael Joseph deserves a chance!

    This election isn’t just about Phyllis Smith but about the desperately needed new blood in NMB politics.

    In case, you don’t know, Michael Joseph is an attorney with an MBA with a general practice in civil rights, immigration and land use. He works for the esteemed Abraham Galbut law firm. He is also the vice-chair for the Miami-Dade County Small Business Taskforce Committee.

    The future of NMB is Michael Joseph #70.


    1. TC says:


      I met Michael Smith at the March 3rd Council meeting, the first one I have ever seen him at. I have not seen him at one since. In speaking with him, he says he is not affiliated with Frantz Pierre. I don’t believe him as his campaign signs look very identical to Frantz’s signs. He didn’t convince me then that he would be a qualified candidate, and I don’t believe it now.

      It is my belief that anyone who wants to run for council should involve themselves in volunteering within the city. Get involved with city committees or within the different communities on crime watch, clean-ups, etc. Learn the issues within the community and speak out when you feel something is wrong. Don’t just show up when it becomes election time (Michael Joseph & Paule Villard)

      Ketley Joachim has been involved in the Uleta, Oak Grove and Washington Park areas for more than a decade. She is currently on the Beautification Committee and Code Enforcement Board as well.

      Margie Love has been a leader in Crime Watch for many years throughout the city and speaks against the way the police have been treated over the past few years.

      Bruce Lamberto has been behind a lot of the Veteran’s initiatives including the refurbishment of the Gun Mount on NE 19th Avenue and the Veterans Memorial. He is also a member of the Redevelopment Advisory Board and is the chairman of the Beautification Committee.

      I personally did not choose to run this year due to a few different reasons. One of which is that I don’t believe I understand enough about the city and its issues to make an impact on its future. I hope as I continue to be involved in different aspects in the city, I become better acquainted with what needs to be done in the future.


      1. Ana Soto says:

        WHen my cousin Abe was wrongfully arrested by Miami Beach Police, Mike Joseph was the local attorney that took up the case and is still defending him in court. My family and I know that Mike is legit.

        I don’t know about Pierre but I know Joseph. He helps people.

        Why you don’t want him helping us on the council?

        There are a lot of Puertorricans in N Miami Beach. We like Mike.


        1. Larry Chambers says:

          Ana, typically lawyers “help” people arrested by defending them. They accept their case, get a retainer from them, and then defend them in court. Unless he’s doing it for free, it’s no big whoop.

          Unfortunately Mike, as nice as he may be, has no track record serving the residents of NMB. I read everyone’s campaign literature and tend to vote for those that have volunteered their time to serve the residents of NMB. Maybe if Mike sticks around awhile and does something for the community, he might make a great candidate in a future election.


          1. Ana Soto says:

            Mr Larry, I know when a lawyer tries to cheat and that wasn’t Mr Joseph. He didn’t charge us to help us. It was “contingency” so he wouldn’t get paid if we didn’t win. I don’t think you know much about this law.

            There aren’t any civil rights lawyers in Miami that took my cousin’s case expect Mike Joseph.

            When people help you and do good, you should tell people. Mike Joseph has helped us and has a helped a lot of people, too. Why you think that is not service>>?

            This is a “big whoop” for me and my family. What have you done for us?

            Mike Joseph has a great record for us!


          2. Larry Chambers says:

            Ana, most attorney’s take cases on a “contingency”. They typically receive 33% to 40% of any settlement they obtain for their clients. Mike will make out well should you cousin win his case.

            As for helping people, my air conditioner recently stopped cooling so I called John the repairman (he lives in Sun Ray East)and he fixed my a/c and I’m doing great now. John helped me. Does that mean John should now run for NMB Council like Michael is doing, after all, John helped me?


          3. Ana Soto says:

            Mr Larry, if your AC guy is a well-respected businessman with a reputation then yeah he should run too.

            Mike Joseph is respected in the community because he has helped us. He has a good reputation in business and in community.

            I only see people who don’t like him saying he’s too young and wait his turn. It’s his turn now.

            I’m happy to vote for Mike Joseph.

            Stop voting for bad people.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes Stephanie!!! How on earth did you get that picture? You are quite the detective. I’m speechless.

    Okay, now that I’m done being speechless let me address HectorinMiami. Hector, you should change your name to HectorHeadInTheSand. First of all do you live in the City of NMB? Second, tell me one thing Mr. Joseph had done for the City of NMB, the city he moved to a year ago? I have no idea who this candidate is, but I do know that any candidate who hasn’t done a thing in this city such as sit on a committee, a board or go to more than one council meeting needs to get involved and familiarize himself with the community before he’s knocked on their door and asks for their vote. Oh never mind, he hasn’t done that much either. He sends people out to knock on doors instead of going to the people himself. He also should think of another way to find clients other than running for election for positions he has no experience or involvement in. It’s never refreshing nor comforting to see citizens run for office just to better their lively hoods. I’ve done research on the law firm he works for and how he got hired. It’s nice when you get a job because someone in the firm is a nice man helping out a friends son. Well at least we know there are nice people out there. Sometimes that saying “It’s who you know, not what you know” is so true.

    So what was it you were saying HectorHeadInTheSand?


  4. Michael Joseph is a great guy with a lot of guts to present a better vision for NMB that the incumbent. His competition calls him names and steals his signs but come election time: Michael Joseph will stand on top.


  5. Howard says:

    Michael Joseph is a great guy? So? He has a better vision than the incumbent? What about Margie Love and Bruce Lamberto? Both Margie and Bruce have done more for the City of NMB than your client, Mr. Hector.(I’m assuming you are Joseph’s campaign manager) How could his vision be better than the vision that this current council spent a year to create? It’s a better vision than we have seen this city and it’s past leaders come up with in decades, but how would Mr. Joseph know that, he’s just another new candidate running because he can. Give it a break.

    As for his competition calling him names, hehe, he better put his big boy pants on and take it like a man, this is politics.

    His signs are being stolen? This is nothing new in NMB or anywhere else, everyone’s signs are being stolen.

    And the last thing NMB needs is another elected official with a law degree. The current one is hard enough to stomach, and you think the resident’s should vote for another egocentric attorney? This city has 4 attorney’s running the legal department in city hall, goodness knows they can handle it.

    Stephanie, quit allowing this guy to pander on your blog. Keep it off and I will have to buzz off for awhile.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      You’re free to comment or not. I don’t care what people write unless they are viciously attacking other people. That’s my job.


  6. NMB Truth Teller says:

    Good riddance to you “Howard”! We don’t need people who criticize others and do not offer solutions themselves.

    If you are so proud of Mr. Lamberto and Mrs. Smith then let them stand on their record. Surely neither of them have anything to hide, right???


    1. Howard says:

      What do you mean good riddance to me? I’m not going anywhere. I don’t offer solutions NMB Truth Teller (which is really a stupid name when you are hiding behind your real name so who would believe you know the truth about anything) because I’m happy with the present council minus two. I’m actually a huge supporter of Mr. Lamberto’s because he does preach the truth and he supports the current administration which I wholeheartedly support as well. Finally we have council people governing and not politicking. They are actually making a difference in this town. As far as nothing to hide, Mr. Lamberto doesn’t hide behind anything so no worries there.


    2. Howard says:

      “Like a good neighbor” Rod and Genie are there, for Susie and Phyllis. Cute, only you can’t hide! Bunch of idiots getting involved in the voter’s business. We’re getting closer……….to the election, of course.


  7. GET REAL! says:

    And while your at it Stephanie, quit using Phyllis’s high school yearbook photo in all your blogs about her, she hasn’t looked like that since 1940.


  8. anon says:

    @ GET REAL!

    The picture is the same that is on the City’s Website{DFE536FB-4D32-48D8-9EF2-7F0E0812D116}

    In talking about the opinion above, it is only an opinion of a lawyer; somebody who has done the research on the ordinances. The real test will come when Phyllis and/or Frantz sue the city to get these benefits they believe they are owed. The opinion expressed by the courts become legal precedent and most likely will be appealed to the highest courts. I just hope that the electorate will come out and make the point moot by electing new council members.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Obviously, you missed the snarky humor in the comment about Phyllis’ picture.

      Then again, if someone needs a joke explained to them, oh, never mind.

      As for the legal opinion, I certainly hope Frantz and Phyllis sue the city to get their “free” taxpayer funded bennies. It will be extremely entertaining when they get smacked in court and have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees for the privilege.

      I read that entire legal opinion and, believe me, Mr. Miller did his homework. He made an incredibly valid (and most likely iron-clad) argument regarding vested vs. contingent rights, as well as the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which “guarantees similarly situated individuals to be treated equally,” among other logical arguments.

      I suggest you review the opinion in its entirety and then let me know if you think it won’t stand up in court.

      I also suggest that if you like your corrupt politicians, feel free to vote for them. Your choice, however, speaks volumes about your own integrity.

      Just saying.


      1. anon says:

        You didn’t get my point. I do not support either one of these current officials and hope that the citizens of NMB do come out and vote them out of office.

        The pictures are definitely retouched to make the council seem younger than they really are. My other question is do you need permission to use the photos from the city’s website? I know you cross all your t’s and dot your i’s, but if someone else wants to use them, they need to know.


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          Those were paid for by tax dollars, and are therefore, public property. I “stole” them from NMB the same way the IRS “stole” the check I mailed to them yesterday.

          Feel free to “steal” them from me.


  9. anonanon says:

    Stephanie, I think you missed anon’s point. Anon is saying what is true and that the electorate needs to come out and vote, that way this issue doesn’t come back to haunt NMB residents. Let’s make it a moot point.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Yup. Missed it. Sorry!

      My point was that if Frantz and Phyllis do get re-elected, there will be no hope for NMB. It will prove that voters don’t care about government waste or corruption. If that’s the case, neither will I. I’ll be done with NMB.


      1. I personally believe NMB will have problems without Mike Joseph. The zoning code needs people who knows what the end result should look like and someone who cares how development impacts neighborhoods.


        1. Moises K. says:

          Oh My God Hector, how did NMB get along without Michael Joseph all these years?

          You should probably lighten up on pushing Michael so hard as you are impuning his credibility with each statement you make.

          I’m sure he is a nice guy, don’t destroy that image.


        2. Howard says:

          You are a joke and if Joseph’s hiring of you is a reflection of what Michael Joseph can do for NMB…ROTFLMFAO. What in all that Michael Joseph has done makes him know what the “end result “should” look like”? Are you for real?


  10. I believe as another commenter said that Michael Joseph (Punch #70) is a true community servant.

    Michael Joseph servs on civic boards, Michael Joseph is active in service to the community, and Michael Joseph has been a long-time resident of the community.

    The single naysayer keeps attacking Michael Joseph’s character and making baseless claims about his residency is desperate.

    Michael Joseph has rented in NMB long before he bought his first home here.

    Michael Joseph is the new guy trying to do what is right and there are people who do not like that. As the expression goes, “the flak is strongest over the target”.

    I would ask voters reading this comment to consider the credentials of Michael Joseph before passing judgement.

    Employment –

    Associate Attorney, Galbut Walters PA

    Represented clients in civil rights litigation in federal and state court, as well as in complex local and federal relations involving municipal zoning, code compliance, and comprehensive land use planning. Practice also includes representing indigent individuals and non-profits before county and municipal boards throughout South Florida.

    Sole Legal Practitioner, Mike Joseph, P.A

    Represented low-income clients in the areas of immigration, family, and criminal law. Attended criminal pre-trials, sentencing, and parole violation hearings for misdemeanor cases. Litigated administrative law cases, including attending pre-trial motions and negotiating in settlement conferences.

    Civic Participation –

    Vice-Chairman of Miami-Dade County Small Business Advisory Board

    Memeber of 5000 Role Models of Excellence

    Legal Aid at Hope Church of the Nazarene

    Education –

    Juris Doctor, Saint Thomas University, School of Law

    – St. Thomas University School of Law Deans List

    – Thurgood Marshall Fellowship (Fellow)

    Master of Business Administration in Public Administration, Florida International University, College of Business

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Florida International University, College of Business

    Recognitions –

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Special Act Award

    City of Miami Bayfront Park Management Trust Service Award


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