“Double homicide? What double homicide? Did someone say flag football?”

Ever since Rosh Lowe’s tweet this morning, eleven hours ago, I’ve been waiting for the story to break.

Shortly after the first one, Mr. Lowe tweeted a second time:

Since then?


I was hoping to see something on Channel 7’s noon broadcast.


The 4:00 news?




5:00?  5:30?  6:00?  6:30?


Let’s see how long Chief Lenny can keep North Miami residents in the dark about a double homicide.

Let’s see how long he can keep up the pretense that “the Crime Index Rating for NM is the same as Aventura.

North Miami IS AventuraLet’s see how long it takes for Chief Lenny’s puppet, City Clerk Michael Etienne, to jump in and save the day!

North Miami IS safeLike the proverbial tree that falls in the forest, Chief Lenny must believe if no press release is issued, then no crime occurred.

Since the North Miami Police Department’s Public Information Officer hasn’t seen fit to inform the media of the details of this double homicide, the residents of North Miami have no idea when or where this incident took place, how it took place, or even if the suspect or suspects are still at large.


How can North Miami residents protect themselves from a potentially violent, possibly fatal, attack if they don’t even know that a double murder took place in their own city?

Of all the unethical, unprofessional and downright corrupt actions Police Chief Leonard Burgess has engaged in, this is one of his worst offenses yet.  Not informing the public of such a heinous crime is just unbelievably irresponsible!

This time, if City Manager Aleem Ghany doesn’t do something – and quick – he will be just as culpable for the negligent behavior of the Police Chief he refuses to fire.

For tonight, however, I urge North Miami residents to get inside, lock your doors, and stay away from your windows.

You have no idea if someone is lurking in the shadows … armed and dangerous.

Good night and good luck.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. KeystoneCouple says:

    i can’t believe Burgess would hide a double homicide. What else is he hiding to make the residents believe that crime is down. Is it true that he’s fudging the nunbers. Is it true that he’s become the Willy Wonka of crime statistics, along with his Oompa-Loompa Etienne. Can’t wait for Burgess to receive his golden ticket out of the police department. I still support Eugene. Please tell us what he’s doing to Eugene. I hope all of Keystone is reading your blogs. Burgess is a cheating liar. We won’t be safe until he is gone.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I hope all of North Miami is reading about this chief. It’s hard to believe that Aleem isn’t seeing what’s going on right under his nose. Apparently I gave him way too much credit as a city manager. Maybe he really wasn’t ready for such a position of leadership. I’m quite disappointed.

      I’m also happy I don’t live in North Miami where, apparently, there’s a lot more crime than any of you even know about!


  2. R.T. Keystone says:

    Stephanie thank you for bringing this to our attention. If it weren’t for you I think we would be in the dark about much of the goings on in our city. This is very serious and it’s obvious the chief of police is trying to paint a picture that gives him undue credit for a safe North Miami that doesn’t exist. I sincerely hope that we can see a change in police chief. It’s disheartening to see our elected officials stand by idly and watch this happening. I had a great deal of respect for Scott Galvin but I don’t see him putting out emails addressing any of this. He’s always been vocal and critical of corruption but this time he’s gone silent concerning this chief. It makes me wonder why he isn’t speaking out for us now.


  3. MW says:

    I don’t understand why all of this isn’t public record. I feel like a site dedicated to real time crime reporting is in order. How can we not know about homicides/murders etc? the ten break-ins in 90 days in our area (the donut hole) – only one “made the news”. I moved here from long island – the (major and minor) crime reports are weekly published in a few places, including online at the five towns patch. how come we don’t have that here????


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