The plot REALLY thickens!

This morning I received the following tweet from “Laura Smith:”

Oh, REALLY?  What?  Is she in the Witness Protection Program or something?

An interesting thing is that “Laura Smith” removed Susie Smith’s picture from her Google+ page.  As if that matters…

Google+ PostHere ya go “Laura:”

Laura Smith Profile Pic 2

The most disturbing thing of all, however, is that “Laura’s” first blog post was not an attack aimed at any of the candidates running in the current election.  In “her” direct attack on Mayor George Vallejo, “she” used a screen shot of the Mayor and Mike Pons, the former North Miami Beach Police Department’s IUPA President from an old Channel 10 story.  I let “her” know what I thought.

Google+ Post 2I can’t help but wonder who could possibly be behind this negative campaign against the Mayor.

Even though it’s common knowledge that the police union members aren’t too happy with him because of all the pension/contract issues currently in litigation, I refuse to believe that any North Miami Beach Police Officer would waste their valuable time or energy to engage in this type of bullshit.  Regardless of their personal feelings about politics in NMB, they have too much integrity to stoop this low!

The same goes for the general employees of North Miami Beach.  I do not believe any of them would be involved in this nonsense.  The only possible exception would be any Frantz Pierre cronies who happen to be employed by the city.  Even so, if they’re Friends With Frantzie, I doubt any of them are smart enough to even think of doing something like this, much less implement it.

There’s only one other person that I can think of who is cunning enough to cook up a scheme like this, and who DESPISES MAYOR VALLEJO enough to follow through.

I could be wrong, but I have a suspicion that:

  • It’s the person who once told me that if Frantz Pierre would run against George, he’d support Frantzie!
  • It’s the person who candidate Michael Joseph told me tried to enlist him to run against George.
  • It’s the person who a source told me tried to get Frantz to run against George.
  • It’s the person who has been blacklisted in North Miami Beach for his dirty pseudo lobbying tactics regarding the sanitation and water departments.
  • It’s the person who is now insinuating himself into the politics of North Miami, including its über corrupt Police Department because, well, water seeks its own level.

Like I said, I could be wrong.

But I doubt it.

In any event, regardless of who is behind this, the fact remains that SOMEONE is using the name and likeness of an actual person who has nothing at all to do with North Miami Beach (or North Miami) politics.

We are dealing with a criminal who has, in essence, stolen the identity of the REAL Laura Smith, who is not about to sit back and do nothing about this fraud perpetrated against her.

In fact, she’s just as tenacious as I am, and together we will get to the bottom of this because, well, great minds really do think alike!

Whoever the perpetrator is, believe me, you will exposed.

It’s just a matter of time.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. […] Mark Weithorn and Susie Smith stupidly – and ILLEGALLY – stole the name and image of a Pittsburgh real estate agent, who had no idea that her identity had been hijacked by the fraudsters until I contacted her.  Once I outed their scheme on this website, the photos of “Laura Smith” quickly vanished from their pages.  Unfortunately for Mark and Susie, screenshots are forever! […]


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