Chief Lenny’s Awkward Moment? (UPDATED)

karma 1We already know that North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess likes to curry political favor.

We also know he has a soft spot for a cop who has a soft spot for the ladies.

And, yes, it’s well known that Chief Lenny always tries to silence his critics and control the narrative.

Even when he’s caught red handed!

After all, it wasn’t his  fault the Chica was Rica.  What’s a playboy to do?

When the heat was turned up, though, Chief Lenny rallied the troops to defend his “honor.”

His BFF, City Clerk Michael Etienne, sprung into action by slowing the flow of public records and cheering for Team Lenny from the sidelines.

They organized a witch hunt because, well, there just had  to be a double spy among the ranks.

Satisfied that the leak was plugged, Chief Lenny went into backslapper mode and hobnobbed with the political beau monde.  After all, having a Haitian wife has its perks!

Despite his best efforts to coast along, Lenny is finding out that being Chief is a tough assignment.

What with trying to hide double murders, and keeping inquisitive reporters at bay, the job is leaving him little time to chill with a flag football game or two.

I mean, seriously, what good is having a Haitian wife if he can’t enjoy himself?

Despite Chief Lenny’s constant blaming of the media (and especially this blogger) for his troubles, I have a sneaking suspicion that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Last night, I was kicking back, watching Nashville on the tube.  Near the end of the show at about 10:45 pm, Channel 10 aired a trailer for a breaking story to be broadcast tonight on the 11 o’clock news called Dialing up Trouble.


What could Ross Palombo have up his sleeve this  time?

I have a feeling he’s gonna be kicking some seeerious  ass!

that awkward moment whenStay tuned…

UPDATE: Local 10 just posted the story: North Miami police dispatcher allegedly made phone threats.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. NMPD dayshifter says:

    Burgess is dragging us to an all time low. These blogs and news stories don’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the stuff we are dealing with at work. We are all tired of the b.s. But there’s not much we can do about it. Just hanging on until he steps on his d bad enough that the council decides enough is enough.


  2. Meet the new boss same as the old boss says:

    Burgess allows this sort of behavior IF you’re on “Team Lenny”. If you aren’t black, Haitian, or otherwise “in” with the right people then God help you because you better not even sneeze wrong.


  3. Guest says:

    Here’s a tip Steph. What do you think would happen if North Miami’s citizens and city council knew that assistant chief Juriga is part of a group called “the illuminati” and if they knew all about them.

    Aleem Ghany needs to step in and break up what’s going on here. These two have to go. Burgess and Juriga are a cancer in our department. They’re a festering poison in our agency spreading through each area and sinking morale to the very bottom. Cut the cancer out before it kills us.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Interesting choice of name. Hmmmmm.
      Just saying.


  4. 3-15 says:

    The Illuminati take care of all their friends. They get the promotions the special assignments and special treatment. If you’re part of the illuminati you can get away with murder and no one will care. Using tags on cars, covering up accidents, playing golf on duty, “easing out” of work early, looking the other way or just not looking at all. The illuminati are the golden ones.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Where can I get a membership application?


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