NMB Sign Wars

Please vote noOf all the critical issues that candidates for the North Miami Beach City Council should be discussing, the biggest problem on the campaign trail is keeping Code Enforcement on Sign Patrol.

Since election season started, campaign sign violations have been rampant.  Candidates who should  know better are the biggest perpetrators.  Section 24-147.2(D), Political Signs, of the North Miami Beach Code of Ordinances is very specific about the sizes of campaign signs, how many and where they may be posted, when they are allowed to be installed and when they must be removed, as well as the penalty for violating the Ordinance.

Not mentioned in the campaign sign Ordinance is the equally heinous crime of sign destruction and sign theft.  Although there are actual laws on the books for these types of crimes, it’s almost impossible to catch the perpetrators in the act.  They usually do their dirty work late into the night when there’s little chance of getting caught.

But there is something even more insidious at play here.  The problem goes much, much deeper.  While it’s commonly believed that marijuana is the gateway drug to heroin, it’s a little known fact that violating campaign sign laws is just the beginning.

If you’re still on the fence about which candidate deserves your vote, keep in mind that the individuals who think nothing of violating the sign laws are the same ones who will continue their lawless ways once they are in power.  They may start out small by violating minor ordinances, but eventually they’ll get more and more brazen.  If they suffer no consequences for their actions and get elected anyway, they start believing they’re above the law.

Today’s campaign sign citation will most likely become tomorrow’s grand theft in the third degree arrest!

It’s a natural progression.

But, folks, the good news is that you have the power to do a great public service.

Only you can help prevent aspiring politicians from turning to a life of crime.

You can help them see the error of their ways by NOT VOTING FOR THEM!

After all, knowledge is power!

Please also note that the destruction of property – including a campaign sign – IS A CRIME!

Take a look at whose signs have been destroyed.

Sign War 1Sign War 2Sign War 3Need I really say more?

I’m reminded of the campaign made famous by North Miami Councilwoman Carol Keys when she ran against an incumbent mayor whose supporters destroyed her signs.

Carol Keys SignAsk yourselves if you want the same criminal element running North Miami Beach?

If your answer is “NO!” then you must VOTE OUT FRANTZ PIERRE AND PHYLLIS SMITH!

Just saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Barbara says:

    Maybe the voters will actually go out and vote these people OUT OF OFFICE. Take a neighbor, friend, pick-up some people and take them to the polls… Hopefully it will NOT RAIN!


  2. The truth is great says:

    It’s about time someone says something. This signs cost candidates lots of money. But the doughtful and envious candidates out there ruin it for the others. Lucky, signs don’t win elections. But going door to door and not wasting your time on signs, now that is a direct hit at the door set. Grand slam !! And we get to meet the candidate . I HAVE YET TO SEE THE WEASAL AT MY DOOR. Pierre is such a looser !! And that’s being kind. Much more can be said- VOTE FOR KETLY !!! No more lies bye bye Pierre


  3. David Templer says:

    Well, I tend to doubt it is the opposing candidates themselves who are engaging in sign destruction. More likely it is one of their sincere supporters. None of the opposing candidates appear to have come out and publicly stated to their supporters to leave the signs alone and to merely try to gather votes.


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