Frantzie Gump, the Yiddishe Bubbe and the Kindergarten Kop

Stupid is as stupid doesA Jewish community group held a North Miami Beach candidates forum last night.  As expected, council members Frantz Pierre and Phyllis Smith were shamelessly lying and pandering for votes.

Speaking in the third person, Frantz Pierre presented an entirely fictional version of himself, proclaiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  He would have taken credit for inventing the internet if Al Gore hadn’t beat him to it.

According to Frantzie, he introduced every single initiative and piece of legislation that came down the pike since the City of North Miami Beach was incorporated in 1926.

Oh, except for the giving away of all that beachfront property.  He denied having a hand in that.  Even though he voted for it before he voted against it.

In any event, Frantzie did what he does best … lie through his teeth.  He has perfected the art of prevarication to the point that he’s actually convinced himself he’s telling the Gospel truth.

Sorta like what O.J. did.

Frantz Pierre is so loathsome, you just pray for the chance to be present when karma finally catches up to him.

Or Code Enforcement.

Whichever comes first.

Frantzie Sign Violation

Blatant Campaign Sign Violation


There has never been an elected official in the entire history of North Miami Beach who is more corrupt than Frantz Pierre, which is why he’s referred to as “Weasel.”

Almost as vile as The P Man himself is his slate-mate, Phyllis Smith, who practically defies description.  Although “Squawking Yellow Parrot” comes pretty close.

Last night, Phyllis donned her Super Jew Cape, and made sure to impress upon the crowd that she was Jewish.  She said it at least four or five times.  Probably more.

But that’s only because she was in the presence of actual Jews.

Daven with a Minyan

Earlier in the week on Haitian radio, Phyllis claimed she was an honorary Haitian, which pronouncement prompted a figurative bitch slap by an actual Haitian who happened to be in the room.

If Phyllis were running for office in Hialeah, she’d claim her ancestors were Cuban.

Yeah, you know she would.

Has there ever, in the history of North Miami Beach politics, been a more obnoxious, shameless and despicable council person?

Aside from Myron, of course.

But while EX-Mayor/Felony Defendant Myron Rosner was underhanded and deceitful, Phyllis is just outright, in-your-face, abrasive.

In the eight years that they have been in office, Phyllis and Frantz have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to benefit the residents of North Miami Beach.  If anything, they have used their positions to advance their own agendas and their own careers.

As ineffectual as Frantz and Phyllis have been, their running mate Paule Villard, was equally useless as a City of Miami Talent Show Coordinator Police Officer.

During her twenty one year career, Officer Villard exhibited special talents for denying all responsibility and having good personal hygiene.

She also learned how to sharpen pencils.


As everyone already knows, Paule Villard is nothing but a Frantzie plant.  She can claim all she wants that she’s “nobody’s puppet,” but it’s quite obvious that Frantz Pierre is pulling those strings.

In case you’re not quite convinced that Frantzie, Phyllis and Paule are working together on the campaign trail, check this out:

Haitian Newspaper2

Trust me.  You do NOT want to bet on THAT trifecta!

North Miami Beach voters, I implore you not to let any of these three losers win a seat at the table.

Please vote for the government you deserve, or you’ll deserve the government you get.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Chuck Lora says:

    Where’s hector telling us who to vote for? *anxiously waiting for the candidate plug*


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Wait for it in 3, 2, 1….


  2. JewJewBee says:

    Stephanie Kienzle, YOU DID IT AGAIN, you mahvelous writer. That ad in the paper tells it all. I really never knew that Smith could go this low. I never particularly cared for her, but reading your blog the last few years, you pointed things out that today, when I see her or watch her I can’t help but think about your blog and I laugh. I didn’t know she was Jewish, not that it matters, but I’m a little shocked. Are you sure that she is? For sure she’s not Cuban or Haitian.

    Frantz Pierre is nothing more than a lying sack of shit. I received his mailer and glanced through it and then threw it in the garbage where HE belongs.

    The cop, or ex cop I’m sure is a puppet. Never heard of her.

    Good luck to NMB.


  3. Kathryn says:

    Phylis reminds me an old Woody Allen movie, “Zelig”. Look it up. It’s all her.


  4. Barbara says:

    I heard that Ms. Smith was like some churches that are “Non-Denominational” – Not associated with or restricted to a particular religious denomination. That’s why “where she sits, that’s what she is… or is that the lizard type creature???


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