Will North Miami’s District 4 say NO to fraud and corruption?

political jokesNorth Miami has been riddled with corruption on so many levels for so long, it’s become the norm.

Weary residents have become inured to candidates lying, cheating, and stealing their way into office, city employees currying political favor for promotions, and city managers becoming nothing more than puppets for those in power.  Little wonder that North Miamians feel like helpless pawns in an evil chess game they have no chance of winning.

There is a ray of hope, though.

The outcome of tomorrow’s District 4 election has the potential to finally get North Miami out of the corruption business.

Marie “Let Them Eat Cake” Steril, the last sitting corrupt politician in North Miami, will be stepping down from her seat on the dais as soon as her replacement is elected and sworn in.  This vacancy created the possibility for North Miami to have the least ethically compromised city council in over a decade.

Since the Mayor’s erstwhile challenger, Jean Marcellus, was unable to master the fine art of check writing, and Councilman Scott Galvin’s seat went unchallenged, the only race to be determined is District 4’s election.  As such, the fate of the entire city rests on the outcome of tomorrow’s vote.

What will North Miami voters do?

One can only hope they will do the right thing.

The Miami Herald’s Lance Dixon reported in 1 race, 5 choices for North Miami City Council election that Carline Paul has “lived” in the city for one year, while the other four candidates have been actual North Miami residents from anywhere between 18 to 24 years.

Everyone in North Miami and beyond knows that Fake “Teacher” Carline’s actual address is 1348 NE 147 Street, which is outside the city limits.  She claims she rents a room in a home located at 12215 NW Miami Court.  Carline told the Herald, “I decided to move in the city of North Miami because I thought I could make a difference in the lives of residents in District 4.”

Oh, puh-LEEZE!  What is it with all these carpetbaggers who “move” into North Miami to run for office?  If they think they can make such a difference, why don’t they run where they live?  How arrogant!

Even worse, Carline Paul apparently thinks North Miami District 4 voters are too ignorant or uneducated to care about silly little things such as bona fide residency.

Considering that she’s been spewing her venom on Haitian radio for years telling people they don’t know how to “vote correctly,” is it any wonder she thinks she can win this election by continuing to lie and deceive voters?

The real question is whether or not North Miami voters will fall for those lies and deceptions.  Or will they realize that Carline Paul, just like her good friend Lucie Tondreau, is just another scam artist who will do whatever it takes to claw her way to the top of the political food chain?

Lucie’s climb over the backs of her fellow countrymen and women ended abruptly in U.S. District Court, where not even the likes of super attorney Benedict P. Kuehne could convince a jury of her peers that she was innocent.

Unfortunately, Lucie’s fellow scam artists like Carline Paul (and North Miami Beach’s Frantz Pierre) have yet to be charged for the crimes they perpetrate on unsuspecting victims, mostly in the Haitian community.

Instead of getting indicted, they end up getting elected.

Go figure.

Most of the five candidates in this race are highly qualified to earn the voters’ trust.

Unlike Paul, Jessica Alston, Alix Desulme, Beverly Hilton and Roseline Philippe are all bona fide North Miami residents.

And unlike Paul or Hilton, neither of whom have college degrees, the remaining three candidates have Masters Degrees and are professionals in secondary and higher education.

Ironically, despite the fact that Carline Paul has free access to a radio microphone to spread vicious lies to her audience, she had the audacity to accuse her “opponents Alix Desulme and Roseline Philippe of spreading false information and trying to confuse Haitian-American voters,” according to the Miami Herald.

Carline doesn’t specify what “false” information her opponents are spreading, but obviously, confusing Haitian-American voters is her job, DAMMIT!

At an earlier candidate forum, when residents questioned her close ties to self-professed Absentee Ballot Queen Noucelie Josna, Paul claimed that, “There’s no article that calls Carline Paul an absentee ballot queen.”

She must have conveniently forgotten the back to back Herald articles written by Nadege Green on September 23, 2012 and September 24, 2012 about the rampant absentee ballot fraud problem, one of which specifically named Carline Paul as one of the perpetrators.

Now that Paul is a political candidate instead of merely an absentee ballot buyer broker, the stakes are even higher.  She must pull out all the stops and get her hands on those all important absentee votes!

North Miami voters really need to wake up to this massive problem and refuse to take part in the fraud.  They need to stop letting anyone tell them how to “vote correctly” and make sure they mail in their own ballots!  (Remember this advice in case of a runoff.)

One of the other candidates in this race has also recently been in the spotlight.  And, not in a good way.

Beverly Hilton, a long time community activist, owns a local charter school.  She recently received some bad publicity for not paying her teachers even though she received the state funding meant to subsidize their salaries.

On April 30, 2015, Channel 10’s Glenna Milberg reported that the school’s teachers had not been paid for three weeks.  Hilton claimed that she didn’t receive the money from the Early Learning Coalition, the agency responsible for sending her the state funds.  A representative from the agency, however, provided proof that all payments had been made.

Even though Hilton promised her employees that they would be paid by Friday, May 1, 2015, a follow-up report by Channel 10 revealed that they received only partial payment and were still owed back pay.

Reporter Glenna Milberg asked Hilton if there was any chance that some of the money from the Early Learning Coalition went to finance her campaign instead of paying her employees.  Hilton replied, “Absolutely not!  That’s my salary that I used!”

Well, at least somebody  at her school got a paycheck.

It wasn’t the teachers.

Just saying.

Nevertheless, any one of the remaining candidates – Jessica Alston, Alix Desulme and Roseline Philippe – would make an excellent choice for city council member.  None of them bring any baggage to the table.

The one stand-out, in my opinion, is Alix Desume, who has already received the endorsement of VotersOpinion.com.

To his credit, Alix Desulme brings youth, energy, a love of community service, and a fresh outlook on how to make North Miami an even better place to live.  Mr. Desulme’s innovative program, NOMI Kids & Democracy, which was designed to teach children how to get involved in government, is a testament to his commitment to honest and ethical governance. Alix Desulme is the breath of fresh air so desperately needed in government today!

North Miami voters have a rare opportunity to remove the last vestige of corruption at City Hall.  With Marie Steril finally out of office, her successor should be an individual of the highest integrity and moral character.

Obviously, and for more reasons that I can enumerate here, Carline Paul is NOT that person.

I urge District 4 voters to send the Fake “Teacher” fraudster back to Miami-Dade County, where she already lives.  Doing so will send a loud and clear message that North Miami voters have had ENOUGH of FRAUD AND CORRUPTION!

I also urge voters to please consider Alix Desulme as your choice for North Miami City Council!

The future of North Miami is in the hands of District 4 voters.

Please get out and vote tomorrow!

And, please vote responsibly!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Ruth says:

    It is interesting that Jean Marcellus has his signs up in the City as though he is running.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Maybe he cant afford to take them down. His car needs gas to do that. Just saying.


  2. Omar says:



  3. Barbara says:

    Good weather today… Let’s hope the people vote in a responsible and well-educated way (thanks to you). Get these “rug-rats” out!


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