Myron got that lawyer fee!

Meet Lawyer DogDon’t cry for Ben Kuehne.

Just because North Miami Beach Council Critter Frantz Pierre stiffed him for $4,585.00 in legal fees, that doesn’t mean Ben’s gonna go broke any time soon.

As I predicted on May 25, 2015, the CRIMINAL trial of EX-Mayor Myron Rosner, allegedly  set for June 1, 2015, never happened.

Instead, according to the docket, that imaginary trial date was cancelled on May 15, 2015.

Then, on May 18, 2015, the Court granted another Order of Continuance.

On June 1, 2015, the Court scheduled another new imaginary trial date for June 18, 2015.

Then cancelled it the very next day.

On June 2, 2015, the Court granted yet another Order of Continuance.

The newest imaginary trial date has not yet been announced.

Oh, but, wait!

There will be a telephonic hearing today.  Since the Judge has to show up for work anyway, might as well have something on the calendar.

In case anyone’s keeping track, these most recent continuances represent numbers ELEVEN and TWELVE, respectively.

But, who’s counting?

Certainly not Ben Kuehne.

Ben Kuehne TeeGood thing his client is married to CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL, ‘cuz apparently …

Myron sure got that lawyer fee!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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  1. Howard says:

    This is so ridiculous I don’t know how any of us living here can stand for it. He must be guilty or why all of the delays? Is there not a limit to how many delays a case can have?


  2. NMBlady says:

    This is such a joke. I’m assuming someone is performing a “professional courtesy” for Myron’s family and laughing every time it gets kicked down the road. This is the “some are more equal than others” judicial system at its finest.


  3. Jose Lopez says:

    “This” is nothing but the biggest cover up ever perpetrated by a State Attorney in the history of the state of Florida. Former Mayor Myron Rosner’s campaign manager Al Lorenzo was none other than Katherine Fernandez-Rundle and Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s campaign manager in 2013. Lorenzo paid soft monies to multiple “boleteras” in Hialeah and other areas in this county to reelect the listed officials. Fernandez-Rundle held back the indictment, arrest and now trial of Rosner to protect herself from the absentee ballot scandal that followed the 2013 election.
    Kuhne, Joe Geller, Kendall Coffey and a few other prominent attorneys in this town defend the scum of the earth in this county and are protected by Rundle, her lap dog assistant Jose Arrojo and a group of corrupt prosecutors who traded all the ethical training they learned at law school for a salary and benefits ( are you listening Howard Rosner, Johnnie Hardimann, Breezie Telfair?) will concoct any story to protect their master. Shame on all of these corrupt bastards who go to their offices everyday for the purpose of protecting theft, fraud and corruption. Rosner will get off with a few months of probation, no conviction on his record and will run for office again in the near future. They are currently on the fourth prosecutor assigned to the case because no one with any common sense wants to take over this case at the State Attorney’s Office.
    You want to change the current situation we are in? Help vote Fernandez-Rundle and Gimenez out of office. The day the key to the State Attorney’s Office is taken away from these corrupted defense attorneys the likes of Rosner will be prosecuted just like they are in the rest of our country.


  4. […] But, thanks to Ben Kuehne, who’s been aided and abetted by Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Myron’s CRIMINAL trial has been continued twelve times! […]


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