North Miami: The organized persecution of prominent Haitian officials continues

The plot to hang a North Miami Police Commander for a “crime” he didn’t commit continues to get even more insidious.

Last July, when a SWAT team member, who was hired by and “trained” under former Police Chief Leonard Burgess, shot an unarmed black man with his hands up, all hell broke loose.  The Police Department and the the entire city received international attention, and not in a good way.  Despite the shooter’s sketchy background check, Officer Jonathan Aledda was issued a badge and a gun, and eventually became the department’s biggest headache.

Instead of accepting responsibility for the real problem, North Miami city officials went into spin control mode and conjured up a scapegoat to blame for the fiasco.  Newly appointed Commander Emile Hollant became the convenient fall guy when certain members of the department’s command staff saw the perfect opportunity to not only cover up their own incompetency, but also to bring down the brand new Chief of Police, Gary Eugene, both of whom happen to be Haitian.

Commander Hollant was called to the scene of what initially, and erroneously, appeared to be a black man being held hostage by white man with a gun in his hand.  The police surrounded the duo, who were both sitting in the middle of the street.  From a considerable distance, Commander Hollant announced over the police radio that the white man had a gun, then ran back to his car to get his binoculars.  Immediately after Hollant spoke, two other officers announced that it was not a gun, but a toy truck.  It was at that moment that Hollant heard shots ring out and rushed back to the scene only to see that the black man had been shot.

It was eventually revealed the black man, Charles Kinsey, was the caretaker for the other man, Arnaldo Rios, who was autistic and who lived in a nearby group home where Kinsey was a mental health specialist.  Rios was apparently agitated.  His caretaker, Mr. Kinsey, was simply trying to calm him down and urge him to go back to the home.  Even though Officer Aledda, as well as every other officer on the scene, clearly heard the two radio announcements that there was no gun, he inexplicably fired his weapon three times at Mr. Kinsey.  One of Aledda’s bullets hit Kinsey in the leg.  Even more baffling, Aledda intended to hit the autistic man holding what he believed was a gun – and missed, and also fired in the direction of other officers.

The North Miami Police Department immediately asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to take over the investigation of the incident.

Although Jonathan Alleda was clearly responsible for prematurely discharging his weapon, North Miami’s investigation team, then headed up by Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, who has made it clear he’s adverse to working for a Haitian police chief, desperately tried to place the entire blame on another Haitian … Commander Hollant.  Juriga’s investigators even falsely told the Police Chief that Hollant lied.  They claimed Hollant denied being present at the scene, when in fact, he only said he did not witness the actual shooting, which was absolutely true.

Furthermore, despite being ordered to stand down until the FDLE completed its findings, Juriga and his crony, SWAT team leader Angel Rivera, circumvented those orders and asked the State Attorney to file charges against Commander Hollant.

Within two days, the State Attorney’s Office cleared Hollant of all wrongdoing, emphatically stating that “Commander Hollant did not lie“ about his involvement in the NMPD shooting.

In fact, the SAO’s August 2, 2016 Close-Out Memo specifically asserts, “Chief Eugene stated that he had been advised by members of his command staff that Commander Hollant had provided inconsistent or false statements,” who then notified City Manager Larry Spring of the allegations, at which time Hollant was suspended without pay.

The Close-Out Memo also expounded, “It is noteworthy, that Chief Eugene suggested in his interview that he currently believed that the suspension was in error and that he had been misinformed by his command staff.”

Ya think?

As it turns out, no good deed goes unpunished.  By telling the truth to the State Attorney, Gary Eugene opened himself up to a new round of hostilities directed at him by City Hall for criticizing the decision to suspend Hollant, and by Juriga (and his self-dubbed Team Illuminati) for lying about the Commander’s statements.

For one thing, Assistant Chief Juriga should have been immediately fired for insubordination and defying a direct order by filing a complaint with the SAO.  But when Chief Eugene advised City Hall of his intent to do so, he was rebuffed.  Obviously someone at City Hall feels it necessary to protect Juriga.

Funny how corruptocrats protect their own, huh?

Eugene has been under the gun ever since Aledda misfired his.  (But, more about that in a future blog).

Meanwhile, Commander Emile Hollant has been on paid leave ever since he was falsely accused of lying.  As NBC6 Reporter Willard Sheppard revealed last night, Hollant’s attorney, Michael Joseph has put the City of North Miami on notice that his client intends to sue to get his job back.  As well he should!

If anything, the only people who should have lost their jobs are the ones who lied to the Chief, the City Manager, Mayor and Coucil about Commander Hollant … Larry Juriga and Angel Rivera, both of whom caused this situation to unnecessarily spiral out of control.

City officials, however, are not without blame.  Without demanding proof of Hollant’s alleged “false statements,” they immediately suspended the Commander without pay, while the actual shooter was placed on paid administrative leave.  The administration then commandeered an ill-timed, and completely bungled press conference, when it was promptly announced that Commander Emile Hollant “was placed on leave after evidence of conflicting statements given to the investigators of this specific case.”

Councilman Scott Galvin, who can never resist giving a soundbite however misinformed, became Hollant’s judge and jury as he indignantly declared Hollant’s guilt without knowing any of the facts other than the lies fed to him.

City Clerk Michael Etienne, also infamous for prematurely ejaculating his own unsolicited opinion, just had to throw in his two cents, completely trashing Hollant, thereby solidifying the false impression that the Commander was entirely to blame.

Last night, Commander Hollant was again ambushed at his home by a news reporter, and was caught off guard and on camera initially saying, “I never thought that I did anything wrong.”

Despite Willard Shepard’s on-air claim that the Commander is “speaking publicly for the first time and exclusively with NBC6,” Hollant did not arrange to be interviewed, nor did he intend to give a public statement.

Although Shepard did not state as much in his broadcast, he did admit in his print article, however, that Hollant told him, “I have served the community for the last 17 years and I really want to go back to work.  But, I have to go through this process.  But, I can’t talk.  As much as I would like to talk to you about this, I can’t.”

The seventeen year veteran knows very well that he is forbidden to talk to the media, and has directed all questions to his attorney, Michael Joseph, who told me he has been given the runaround by city officials.

Even though NBC6 claims that they only “NOW obtained the State Attorney’s findings on Hollant,” this is yesterday’s headlines.  In fact, we reported on, and posted, the SAO’s Close-Out Memo SIX MONTHS AGO!  It’s hardly news now.

But despite the fact that Hollant was cleared and exonerated of all false charges against him, and despite the fact that he’s still collecting his paycheck, the Commander desperately wants to get back to work.

So, now he has no choice but to resort to a lawsuit.

Scott Galvin, who again was the only council person to agree to an interview, “told NBC6 Thursday that another report from the state attorney still has to be completed.”  He told the reporter, “One is still on going and that’s the one that’s going to be key in deciding what to do next.”

Attorney Michael Joseph told me he had no idea where Galvin got his information, since the first “report” from the SAO succinctly and conclusively cleared his client from all wrongdoing.

In fact, the only reason the state attorney even initiated that inquiry was to review the false accusations made by police “investigators” that Hollant lied.  Within 48 hours, the SAO emphatically stated that “there is insufficient evidence in this matter to generate a formal investigation.”

Mr. Joseph told me, “I have correspondence from the State Attorney’s Office that refutes Galvin’s assertion that there is another investigation pending regarding Commander Hollant’s actions that day.”

The Commander’s attorney also told me that Galvin would do well to consult with City Attorney Jeff Cazeau before giving false statements to the media.  Mr. Joseph will be only too happy to discuss the matter with both of them, but city officials continue to ignore him.

Clearly, the investigation of the actual shooting by the questionably hired and obviously ill-trained SWAT team member, Jonathan Aledda, is the only investigation “still going on.”

And although NBC6 reported, “The City of North Miami said Thursday Hollant is being paid while on leave now and that it hasn’t completed its investigation into his actions that day to see if any of the city’s rules were violated,” city officials are clearly and deliberately stalling Commander Hollant’s return to duty.

Unfortunately for city officials – and for the residents of North Miami – what’s about to come down will not be pretty.

If you thought the fallout from NMPD Clusterf**k of the Year was bad, wait ’til you see what happens next.

To be continued…



Konplo a pann yon Polis kòmandan North Miami pou yon “krim” li pa t ‘komèt kontinye ap jwenn menm plis trètr.

Dènye mwa Jiyè, lè yon manm ekip SWAT, ki moun ki te anboche pa ak “resevwa fòmasyon” anba ansyen Chèf Polis Leonard Burgess, ki te tire yon nonm ki san zam nwa ak men l ‘moute yo, tout lanfè kase ki lach. Depatman Lapolis ak tout vil la nan te resevwa atansyon entènasyonal, epi yo pa nan yon bon fason. Malgre preliminè tchèk sou vi pase tirè a, Ofisye Jonatan Aledda te bay yon badj ak yon zam, ak evantyèlman te vin pi gwo tèt fè mal depatman an.

Olye pou yo aksepte responsablite pou pwoblèm nan reyèl, North Miami lavil ofisyèl te ale nan mòd kontwòl vire ak evoke moute yon scapegoat kòz pou blame pou fyasko la. Ki fèk nonmen kòmandan Emile Hollant te vin nèg la tonbe pratik lè sèten manm pèsonèl lòd depatman an te wè opòtinite pafè a yo pa sèlman kouvri moute enkonpetans pwòp yo, men tou, yo pote desann mak nan nouvo Chèf Lapolis, Gary Eugene, tou de nan moun rive yo dwe ayisyen an.

Kòmandan Hollant te rele sou sèn nan nan sa ki okòmansman, ak fòseman, parèt devan yo dwe yon nonm nwa ke yo te kenbe an otaj avèk moun pa yo blan ak yon zam nan men l ‘. lapolis la ki te antoure Duo a, ki moun ki tou de te chita nan mitan an nan lari a. Ki sòti nan yon distans konsiderab, kòmandan Hollant anonse sou radyo a lapolis pou nonm lan blan te gen yon zam, lè sa a kouri tounen nan machin li yo ka resevwa longvi l ‘yo. Touswit apre yo fin Hollant pale, de lòt ofisye te anonse ke li pa t ‘yon zam, men yon kamyon jwèt. Li te nan moman sa a ki Hollant tande vaksen sonnen deyò epi yo kouri tounen nan sèn nan sèlman yo wè sa ki te nonm lan nwa pran bal.

Li te evantyèlman devwale nonm lan nwa, Charles Kinsey, te moun k ap okipe a pou lòt nonm lan, Arnaldo Rios, ki moun ki te otis ak ki te rete nan yon kay gwoup ki tou pre kote Kinsey te yon espesyalis sante mantal. Rios te aparamman ajite. moun k ap okipe li, Mesye Kinsey, yo te tou senpleman ap eseye kalme l ‘atè ak ankouraje l’ pou tounen nan kay la. Menm si Ofisye Aledda, osi byen ke tout lòt ofisye sou sèn nan, byen klè tande de anons yo radyo ki pa te gen okenn zam, li inèksplikabl te tire zam li twa fwa nan Mesye Kinsey. Youn nan bal Aledda a frape Kinsey nan janm la. Menm plis dekonsèrtan, Aledda gen entansyon frape nonm lan otis kenbe sa l ‘te kwè se te yon zam – ak rate, epi tou li te tire nan yon direksyon ki nan lòt ofisye yo.

Depatman Lapolis North Miami imedyatman, mande Depatman Eta Florid pou Law Enforcement pran sou ankèt la nan ensidan an.

Malgre ke Jonatan Alleda te klèman responsab pou prematireman dechaje zam li yo, ekip envestigasyon North Miami an, Lè sa a, te dirije moute pa Asistan an Chèf Larry Juriga, ki moun ki te fè li klè li se negatif nan travay pou yon chèf polis ayisyen, dezespereman te eseye mete fòt la tout antye sou yon lòt ayisyen … kòmandan Hollant. envestigatè Juriga a menm pou bay manti te di Chèf Lapolis ki Hollant bay manti. Yo te deklare ke Hollant refize yo te prezan nan sèn nan, lè an reyalite, li sèlman te di ke li pa t ‘temwen tire aktyèl la, ki te absoliman vre.

Anplis de sa, malgre yo te bay lòd al kanpe desann jouk FDLE ou fin ranpli a konklizyon li yo, Juriga ak sa zanmi l ‘yo, SWAT lidè ekip Angel Rivera, tourne moun lòd, li mande Avoka Eta nan pote akizasyon kont kòmandan Hollant.

Nan de jou, Biwo Avoka Eta a otorize Hollant nan tout mechanste, insistans ki deklare ke “kòmandan Hollant pa t ‘kouche” sou patisipasyon li nan fiziyad la NMPD.

An reyalite, SAO a Out 2, 2016 Close-Sòti Memo espesyalman pretann, “Chèf Eugene deklare ke li te konseye pa manm pèsonèl kòmandman l ‘ki kòmandan Hollant te bay konsistan oubyen fo deklarasyon,” ki Lè sa a, konnen City Manadjè Larry Spring nan akizasyon yo, nan ki tan Hollant te sispann san peye.

Close-Sòti Memo a tou esplike, “Se enpòtan pou remake, ki Chèf Eugene sijere nan entèvyou li ke li kounye a kwè ke sispansyon an te nan erè ak ke li te misinformed pa anplwaye kòmandman l ‘.”

Ya panse?

Kòm li vire soti, pa gen bon papye kay ale peye pou sa. Pa di verite a Pwokirè Eta a, Gary Eugene louvri tèt li moute nan yon wonn nouvo sou ostilite dirije nan l ‘pa City Hall pou kritike desizyon an yo dwe sispann Hollant, ak pa Juriga (ak pwòp tèt-yo rele l’ Ekip iluminati) pou bay manti sou la deklarasyon kòmandan an.

Pou yon sèl bagay, Asistan an Chèf Juriga yo te imedyatman revoke pou ensibòdinasyon ak defye yon lòd dirèk pa depoze yon plent ak SAO la. Men, lè Chèf Eugene avize City Hall sou entansyon l ‘yo fè sa, li te rebuffed. Li evidan yon moun nan City Hall santi l li nesesè yo pwoteje Juriga.

Komik ki jan corruptocrats pwoteje pwòp yo, huh?

Eugene te anba zam nan depi tout tan Aledda misfired l ‘yo. (Men,, plis sou sa nan yon blog tan kap vini).

Pandan se tan, kòmandan Emile Hollant te sou konje peye depi tout tan li te pou bay manti akize de bay manti. Kòm NBC6 Reporter Willard Sheppard devwale yè swa, li te avoka Hollant a, Michael Jozèf mete vil la nan North Miami sou avi ke kliyan li gen entansyon yo rele nan leta yo ka resevwa travay li tounen. Osi byen li ta dwe!

Si anyen, moun yo sèlman ki moun ki ta dwe te pèdi travay yo se yo menm ki te bay manti a Chèf la, Manadjè Vil la, Majistra ak Coucil sou Kòmandan Hollant … Larry Juriga ak zanj Rivera, tou de nan moun ki te koze sitiyasyon sa a san nesesite espiral soti nan kontwòl.

ofisyèl City, sepandan, se pa san yo pa fòt. San yo pa mande prèv swadizan Hollant nan “fo deklarasyon,” yo imedyatman sispann kòmandan an san yo pa peye, pandan ke yo te tirè a aktyèl mete sou konje peye administratif. Administrasyon an Lè sa a, commandeered yon konferans pou laprès malad-kwonometre, ak konplètman bouziye, lè li te san pèdi tan te anonse ke kòmandan Emile Hollant “te mete sou konje apre prèv ki montre deklarasyon konfli bay envestigatè yo nan ka sa a espesifik.”

Manm Konsèy Scott Galvin, ki moun ki pa janm kapab reziste bay yon soundbite sepandan misinformed, te vin jij Hollant a ak jiri jan li kontan menm te deklare koupab Hollant a san yo pa konnen nenpòt nan lòt pase manti yo manje l ‘reyalite yo.

City Grefye Michael Etienne, tou trist pou prematireman ejaculating pwòp opinyon espontaneman l ‘yo, jis te gen nan jete nan de sans li, konplètman trashing Hollant, kidonk solidifye enpresyon a fo ke kòmandan an te antyèman nan blame.

Yè swa, kòmandan Hollant te ankò anbiskad nan kay li pa yon repòtè nouvèl, e li te kenbe nan gad ak sou kamera okòmansman li di: “Mwen pa janm te panse ke m ‘te fè anyen ki mal.”

Malgre reklamasyon sou-lè Willard Shepard a ki kòmandan an se “pale piblikman la pou premye fwa ak sèlman ak NBC6,” Hollant pa t ‘fè aranjman pou fè yon entèvyou, ni li pa t gen entansyon bay yon deklarasyon piblik.

Malgre ke Shepard pa t ‘deklare kòm anpil nan emisyon l’, li t ‘admèt nan atik ekri an lèt detache l’ yo, sepandan, ke Hollant te di l ‘, “Mwen te sèvi kominote a pou 17 dènye ane yo ak Mwen vrèman vle ale tounen nan travay. Men, mwen gen yo ale nan pwosesis sa a. Men, mwen pa ka pale. kòm anpil jan mwen ta renmen pale avèk ou sou sa a, mwen pa kapab. “

veteran nan disèt ane konnen trè byen ke li se entèdi pou pale ak medya yo, e li te dirije tout kesyon bay avoka l ‘yo, Michael Jozèf, ki moun ki te di m’ li te te bay runaround a pa ofisyèl vil la.

Menm si NBC6 reklamasyon ke yo te sèlman “kounye a jwenn rezilta Avoka Eta a sou Hollant,” sa a se tit yè an. An reyalite, nou rapòte sou, ak afiche, SAO a Close-Sòti Memo sis mwa de sa! Li nan diman nouvèl kounye a.

Men, malgre lefèt ke Hollant te otorize ak lave nan tout chaj fo sou do l ‘, e malgre lefèt ke li la toujou kolekte chèk l’ yo, kòmandan an dezespereman vle jwenn retounen nan travay.

Se konsa, koulye a, li pa gen okenn chwa men yo resort nan yon pwosè.

Scott Galvin, ki moun ki ankò te konsèy sèlman moun nan dakò pou al nan yon entèvyou, “te di NBC6 Jedi ke yon lòt rapò ki soti nan avoka eta a pou toujou gen yo dwe ranpli.” Li te di repòtè a, “Youn nan se toujou sou prale ak sa a, se yon sèl la ki k ap pase yo dwe kle nan n ap deside ki sa yo dwe fè pwochen.”

Avoka Michael Jozèf di m ‘li te gen okenn lide ki kote Galvin te resevwa enfòmasyon l’ yo, depi premye “rapò a” nan SAO la suksen ak final otorize kliyan li ki sòti nan tout mechanste.

An reyalite, rezon ki fè la sèlman avoka eta a pou menm inisye ki ankèt te revize akizasyon yo fo fèt pa lapolis “envestigatè” ki Hollant bay manti. Nan 48 èdtan, SAO la insistans deklare ke “gen ase prèv nan zafè sa a jenere yon ankèt fòmèl.”

Mesye Joseph te di m ‘, “Mwen gen korespondans soti nan Biwo Avoka Eta a ki Context deklarasyon Galvin a di gen yon lòt ankèt annatant konsènan aksyon kòmandan Hollant nan jou sa a.”

avoka kòmandan an tou te di m ‘ke Galvin ta fè byen yo konsilte avèk City Avoka Jeff Cazeau anvan ou ba li fo deklarasyon nan medya a. Mesye Joseph pral sèlman twò kontan vle diskite menm sijè a ak tou de peyi yo, men lavil ofisyèl kontinye inyore li.

Klèman, ankèt la nan tire aktyèl la pa manm nan questionably anplwaye ak evidamman malad-ki resevwa fòmasyon SWAT ekip, Jonatan Aledda, se ankèt la sèlman “toujou ale sou.”

Ak byenke NBC6 rapòte, “Vil la nan North Miami te di Jedi Hollant se ke yo te peye pandan y ap sou konje kounye a epi yo ke li pa te ranpli mennen ankèt li nan aksyon l ‘yo ki jou yo wè si nenpòt nan règ vil la te vyole,” lavil ofisyèl yo klè ak fè espre stabulasyon retounen kòmandan Hollant nan devwa.

Malerezman pou lavil ofisyèl – ak pou rezidan yo nan North Miami – sa ki nan sou yo desann pa yo pral bèl.

Si ou te panse retonbe a soti nan NMPD Clusterf ** k pou Ane a te move, rete tann ’til ou wè sa ki rive kap vini an.

A kontinye…


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  1. Grace Frawley says:

    It’s unfortunate that even though Commander Hollant was completely honest about the misunderstanding, those working with him in this situation (including the actual SHOOTER that was not given explicit orders to shoot) weren’t more severely punished and used the situation to push their own agendas. Commander Hollant was the fall guy and hopefully he’ll be able to get back to work and continue to serve the community.


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
  2. Nicholas Raymond says:

    The man dedicates his life to public service and this is how you repay him? I’m curious to see how they’re going to deal with the shit show that they created. Shame on the people running NoMi! and I hope they never put a badge or gun in Aleddas hands again.


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
  3. Jill says:

    They need to give this guy his job back asap! This man has a family to protect and provide for! What a shame they would rather sacrifice a family’s well being than accepting responsibility.


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
    1. Robert says:

      Hey its Robert I am in Medellin living with my son. Thanks to you I was able to get custody and get my son away from the mother and the drug dealer boyfriend. He was continually beating her up!
      Dont worry my friend God will protect you. You are one of the best police commanders ever! I know it amd many people do. You and your officers went above and beyond. I have never seen such amazing men who really cared!
      I wrote emails personally and. ame to visit after
      you helped me and mu son get out of a bad
      bad problem. I recall the day clearly. I was confused. I didnt know what to do! But you knew! Thank you again!


      Users who have LIKED this comment:

      • avatar
  4. Deliana P says:

    So sad to see this happening to such a great officer

  5. Cruz says:

    Smells like something is rotten in North Miami. I can’t wait to read more, there’s some ‘splaining to do.
    Wow good job.

    1. Lyn says:

      The saddest part of reading this is that it doesn’t surprise me. The North Miami Police Department has a long history of rewarding the bad and punishing the good. The Commander is a good person and a good police officer. Perhaps the FDLE and the State should be investigating the department and shine some light on the dark corners of the department instead of being asked to investigate one officer.
      It is time for the Police Department to apologize to the Commander, reinstate him, and compensate him for the damage done to his reputation.


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    2. Barbara says:

      You think?

      1. Stephanie Kienzle says:


  6. V says:

    Thanks for translating that way those limited in English can weigh in as well. Unfairness will not win

  7. Lisa says:

    The Public needs to TRUST our Mayor, our police force and the judicial system, to whom we pay taxes. It is literally a CRIME that the cop who instigated this Issue, was paid with time off, when Commander Hollant was victimized and criminalized.

    Such a tragedy of purpose and intention on the part of a Cop in good standing with the police fore. I know Commander Hollant personally and always believed in his innocence. . . I am happy that the Truth came to Light. It ALWAYS DOES.

  8. ML says:

    Commander Hollant has always been a straight forward and honest police officer. It’s a crime that a man who has devoted himself to Protect and Serve, can’t and the failures that lied still get to do their jobs.


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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  9. Concerned citizen says:

    Dear Stephanie, i love your columns.

    Please keep exposing these corrupt officials.

    How can we help you continue exposing these officials we have voted for, like Scott.

    It seems to me, from reading your article, this issue has been a vendetta against the Police chief and Officer Holland. It pains me that my city and where i live have to be under the protection of a corrupt police force.

    Btw- how many people have read your post?

    Why would anyone target a police officer with a good record of doing community work, of sacrificing for our community be targeted and lied about?

    i am deeply disturbed about what is happening to my community.

    What can i do?


    Concerned Registered Voter.

    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      As of right now, this blog has received 394 hits.

      Commander Hollant was only targeted because he was appointed by Chief Gary Eugene. The Illuminati are intent on bringing down this Chief and all of his appointments. You can help by sharing this information with everyone you know, and urge them to contact the Mayor and Council to express your opinion about the corruption going on.

  10. Sally says:

    This department is loosing it’s credibility. First the old chief burger looses acredidation for department. Then promotion to racist Anglo who hates minorities and lies at press conference on an innocent commander seeing him as a scapegoat. Has officer who should never been hired on suspension with pay for almost killing innocent man and try to fire only officer with credibility. Who is policing the department. Does city commission not hear of officers bill of rights. I see them rewarding scum and punishment for minorities in department.


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  11. Alexandra V says:

    Unbelievable! Where is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement? This guy should have received an apology, and been back at work six months ago. Unfortunately, once you name is slandered like this, you are tainted for life. That state should act in regards to cover ups, and the Feds should investigate the discrimination.


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  12. K LUV says:

    OMG! I thought this guy was back at work. I met this gentleman over a year ago when he was a Sergeant at Whole Foods. This man exemplifies professionalism and represents his profession well. Who regulates police departments in Florida? There has to be some sort of oversight, particularly in cases of discrimination and when false allegations are brought forth against someone that is innocent to distract from the truth.


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  13. Anyonio tochz says:

    What a Shame what doing to this Oustanding
    Law Officer of North Miami,the Commander
    Hollant is a professsinal of great value to our
    Community,i leave here for the past 24 years
    and i know commander Hollant for many,many
    Look like that we are the Latin America;no respect
    for those that Protect us daily.Shame,Shame


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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  14. Jose says:

    Hi Stephanie, I’m a long time reader, but this is the first time I comment on any of your blogs.
    I’ve been a resident of North Miami for the last 2 years. I had no idea there was such corruption within the ranks in the police department. Where does it end, to ruin this guy’s career, after he’s served a life time.
    Please continue informing us. The media does not inform as much and gives just basic info.
    BTW how many hits have you had on this story?
    It needs to go viral.


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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  15. Sharon says:

    Commander Hollant was and still is the VICTIM of a stereotyped society, including the media who loves to place the blame on law enforcement without fully having all factual details. The only blame that should be placed on are those who committed deceit and those who have caused this dilemma to get out of hand. This is a perfect example when good police are falsely scrutinized and made out to be the bad guys. Commander Hollant is innocent, so give him his job back!


    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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  16. Sherry says:

    So, after reading this article, why is Commander Hollant still being punished? Hollant was falsely accused of providing inconsistent statements. Hollant was then put on suspension without pay. It was found and stated by the State Attorney’s office that Commander Hollant did not lie about his involvement in the North Miami shooting. It was also found that Hollant was not the one who unjustifiably fired his weapon towards the caregiver, Charles Kinsey. Chief Eugene suggested that Hollant’s suspension was in error and that he was misinformed by his command staff. Therefore, Hollant had no part of this mayhem. Hollant has been CLEARED of all wrongdoing. There’s no other reason to keep this veteran and well respectable police officer from gaining his job back. Why is Hollant still on suspension? Why did Aledda, the actual shooter get better treatment? This spells out corruption within the department and within city officials. There needs to be something done to prevent further corruption and to protect the innocent.

    No one stops to realize the psychological and social impact that this predicament that has probably had on Commander Hollant. From being falsely accused, suspended without pay, and betrayed by your own department and city officials, this had to have an effect on this man’s life. Not to mention all of the mass media damage that has possibly hindered his name and reputation. Commander Hollant was evidently just doing his job. Commander Hollant is owed his job back and an apology from North Miami’s City Manager, the Chief of Police, and the Mayor. You would think that a 17-year-old veteran of law enforcement who maintains a good moral status would be treated with a little more respect than what has been given.


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  17. Louis Rose says:

    It is an outrage and an insult to all police officers to see a man of Commander Hollant’s character and reputation sullied in so cavalier and irresponsible a manner. The citizens should demand a full-scale investigation and prosecution of those who would attempt to destroy a man’s career in order to salvage their own.


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  18. IMDLR says:

    Why a man that has dedicate his life to Serve and Protect us is treated like this.Something wrong with this.
    I personally know Commander Hollant, an officer that love his job. Please he need to be reinstated in his position. We need more like Officers like him.


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  19. Gale Beyer says:

    I am a retired sergeant with the Miami Dade Corrections Dept. (MDCR). I have known Commander Hollant throughout my 24 year career. Commander Hollant is highly educated and speaks 7 languages. He has devoted his life to law enforcement and protecting the citizens of North Miami. His integrity, honesty, morals and work ethics are exemplary. This article made me sick as it appears to be a witch hunt by unethical public figures. Show me a liar and I will show you a politician. It also appears this injustice might meet the criteria of a hate crime. No one is above the law, not Asst. Chief Juriga, Swat Team leader Angel Rivera, City Mgr Larry Spring, City Councilman Scott Galvin, Officer Aledda and City Clerk Michael Etienne. Director Perez of MDPD should be contacted for an Internal Affairs investigation to ensue. I am sure police Director Perez would insure that a team of his choice, with no personal or professional connection to any of the above people, be done unbiased and without
    political pressure as to the outcome. All mentioned should also be relieved of duty with pay during the investigation. The wrong should be righted and the truth will prevail but the correct steps must be taken. The worst decision is a cover-up. Are haitians and blacks safe in the city? Are they treated fairly. The Mayor and police chief need to step up to the plate. Only a man with integrity will do the right thing and take the appropriate action.
    ity of


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  20. Regina Davis says:

    Office Holland is a police it’s sad that he’s enduring such a situation. I feel sorry for him and hr don’t deserve this. Reinstate a great officer so he could continue to keep our city safe.


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  21. Kim says:

    I have had personal professional dealings with Commander Hollant, and find him to be an upstanding and hard-working professional with the utmost integrity and moral fiber. False accusations and undue punishment or suspension for another’s actions resulting in defamation is malicious and careless, which can cause the possibility of a lifetime of irreversible emotional, mental, and/or financial distress/duress. A public apology and reinstatement needs to be held immediately for such a fine man. Incidentally, having known the facts, this was a well-written article.


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  22. Manuel Marcano says:

    Commander Hollant deserves better than this. He is a very honest person and officer in line. Help anyone in need every single day whether he’s on duty or off duty. I don’t think this case will go anywhere because there’s no Foundation and the truth will prevail.


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  23. Jean Calixte says:

    The Haitian community deserves better than this and was hoping that Philippe Bien-Aime was going to step up and represent the Haitian people that have contributed so much to betterment of Florida. Commander Hollant does not deserve this treatment.

    the shooter has never lost a days pay, but from what I have read Commander Hollant although cleared of all wrongdoing has not been given his back pay!

    Thank you for writing these articles in Kreyol too, for those of us that are not as fluent in English as some of are.


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  24. Clarissa F Mezquia says:

    I have known Emil Hollant for over 20yrs. I worked along side of him. I never had a question in my mind as to his trust worthiness. I relied on him to come to my aid on more than one occasion. It’s time to put this man back to work, helping his community, where he belongs! God Bless You Commander!


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  25. Ken says:

    Thank you for writing about this injustice. Politics of this nature cannot be tolerated. Commander Hollant’s career and reputation have been tarnished by the actions of Assistant Chief Juriga and SWAT team leader Angel Rivera.
    Hopefully by continuing to shine light on this situation the NMPD will exonerate Commander Hollant, terminate and prosecute, if applicable, Officer Jonathan Aledda, and terminate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law Assistant Chief Juriga and SWAT team leader Angel Rivera.

  26. Concerned Voter says:

    The city needs officer Hollant back! We pray that soon this resolves. He dedicated his own life to his career and is not fair to do this to such a wonderful person. God bless officer Hollant…

  27. Katia Austin says:

    I have known Emile Hollant since high school. He is honest, trust worthy, and stands by his word. He is an excellent police officer. So I do not understand why he is being treated so unfairly. I believe that in all fairness, he should be reinstated.


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