Frantzie Watch: Frivolous Lawsuit Update

Just when we think North Miami Beach Commissioncritter Frantz Pierre couldn’t possibly be a bigger ass clown, he kicks it up another notch.

Just five days after Frantzie filed his “civil rights” lawsuit against the City of North Miami Beach, Deputy Manager Mac Serda and City Attorney Jose Smith, his lawyer amended the complaint.

In the original complaint, his grammatically challenged lawyer, Gregory D. Curtis, Esquire, initially claimed that Frantzie was deprived of his rights due to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Florida Civil Rights act of 1992, Florida Statue [sic] 760.

Not only did the lawyer spell “statute” wrong, he also cited the wrong law upon which to base his lawsuit.  As such, the amended complaint alleges that the defendants violated his client’s civil rights per “42 U.S.C. 1983, which provide [sic] for relief against discrimination and harassment in employment on the basis of race related thereto.”

Oh, yeah.  That’s some fine legal work there.  I hope he’s not charging Frantzie by the hour.

Then again, if the Sporkweasel of NMB could afford a good lawyer, he wouldn’t be stealing money from churches or filing frivolous lawsuits.

Even more hilarious than his false accusations of discrimination, L’il Frantzie P claims that the real  reason the city sicced Code Enforcement on him was to cover up for its “discriminatory animus.”

In other words, he thinks city officials are ostracizing him because he’s black and the only Haitian on the commission.

The fact that he’s an evil, lying, manipulative, pint-sized succubus, who constantly breaks the law, couldn’t possibly be the reason he’s a pariah.  Nah!

Frantzie’s defense is that he’s “a member of the protected class.”

Which apparently means that the law doesn’t apply to him.

But, of course!

Because of all the imaginary discrimination he’s up against, the Con Man of NMB is asking the court to permanently stop the city from enforcing the law.

Oh, and he also wants the judge to award him attorney’s fees, court costs, and – hold on to your gut – “damages for anger, embarrassment, mental anguish and reputation harm.”

Yeah.  Side splitting!

As everyone already knows, Frantz Pierre has an anger management problem.

The Tiny Terror of NMB has been a menace to society since the day his council seat was purchased for him in 2007 by the late Bill Borkan in order to stop development in the city.  Because of his obvious Napoleon Complex, the diminutive Commissionweasel is compelled to bully and blame others for his own multitude of shortcomings.

The real irony is that Frantz Pierre is responsible for the very “embarrassment, mental anguish and reputation harm” that he claims is the fault of everyone else.

Even more hilariously, Frantzie’s lawsuit alleges that he:

  • Was “engaged in a statutorily protected activity.”
  • Was “the subject of unwelcomed activity.”
  • Harassed “based on his engaging in the protected activity.”

If said “statutorily protected activity” includes berating and verbally assaulting a City of North Miami Beach Code Enforcement Officer, then yes, Frantzie is certainly guilty as charged.

And because he was harassed for committing such “statutorily protected activity,” he is demanding to be awarded “punitive damages.”

In other words, the Drama Queen of NMB has probably run out of money.


The Buffoon of NMB needs more bling, which is why he filed this ridiculous lawsuit.

And he’s apparently run out of churches to rob.

But, wait!  There’s MORE!

Poor, poor put-upon Pee-Aire claims that “the conduct of defendant’s was serious enough to affect the psychological wellbeing,” and that he was “subjected to an objectively hostile and abusive environment.”

Aside from the fact that the Sociopath of NMB was never psychologically sound to begin with, if anyone has created a hostile work environment, it would be L’il Frantzie P.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

On top of going postal on the Code Enforcement employee for attempting to do her job, remember that time Frantz Pierre:

And that’s just the short list!

Frantz Pierre’s frivolous lawsuit further asserts, “As a direct, natural, proximate, and foreseeable result of the actions of North Miami Beach, Pierre has suffered past and future pecuniary [monetary] losses, emotional pain, and suffering, inconvenience mental anguish loss of enjoyment of life and other nonpecuniary losses.”

He also accuses Deputy Manager Mac Serda and City Attorney Jose Smith of engaging “in deliberate or reckless infliction of mental suffering,” which caused him severe “emotional distress.”

I don’t know about you, but …

Oh, and he’s demanding a jury trial.

Good luck finding his peers.

In all seriousness, Gregory D. Curtis, Esquire, might be a perfectly adequate attorney.

But, I’m pretty sure he’s no Ben Kuehne.

I’m also pretty sure that the Miami Gardens lawyer is no match for the Super Lawyer duo from the Brickell Avenue international firm of Lydecker | Diaz.

Specifically, Stephen Hunter Johnson, Esq., who is the Chair of the Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board, and  Stephanie Pidermann, who was named as one of the 40 under 40 Outstanding Lawyers of South Florida by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

And, yes.  It’s an unfair advantage.

But you just don’t take a knife to a gun fight.

Proverbially speaking, of course.

Since Frantzie decided to personally name City Attorney Jose Smith as one of the three defendants, the city was forced to hire an outside law firm to defend all of them.

And since good lawyers don’t come cheap, this defense is gonna cost NMB taxpayers a pretty penny.

Just saying.

Ironically, since Frantz Pierre is an “elected” (however fraudulently) representative of the City of North Miami Beach, as well as a taxpaying resident, he’s actually suing himself.

Then again…

Oh, yeah, this is gonna be hugely entertaining.

Start popping the corn.


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  1. David Templer says:

    Well, Bill Borkan may have propelled him into office but he has seemed to stay there for 10 years. Borkan is dead, the buildings are up and his widow has moved out of NMB. Still, Frantz is alive and kicking. Funny, though, the concerned residents that put him in office and keep him in office will dare not speak out in favor of him.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Let’s not forget that he only “won” the last three elections by absentee ballot voter fraud. VotersOpinion proved it, has provided the documentation, and has been on top of Frantzie’s criminal activities for the past seven years! The problem is that your State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle refuses to prosecute him despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt. I did my job. She won’t do hers. Yet, the voters of Miami-Dade County keep re-electing her. Can you explain that?


    2. Kristina says:

      What ever happened the Code Enforcement Officer?


  2. Michael J. Casey says:

    Methinks the irrelevant little piss ant seems to think he’s found his ultimate ant hill to piss off of.

    Trouble is the yellow peril is lurking in the background egging him on. She should also be a plaintiff in this absurdity. After-all the more the merrier and think of the entertainment value, pass the popcorn please!


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