NMPD: The “gift” that keeps on giving. 😂

The fallout from North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene’s recorded testimony about the police shooting last July just keeps getting messier – and is providing plenty of fodder for reporters and bloggers.

The latest document dump by the City of North Miami includes the transcript of Commander Hollant’s testimony to the State Attorney’s Office, the SAO’s Close-Out Memo, audio testimony of Commander Hollant to the FDLE, and the Chief’s audio testimony to the FDLE.

One item the city did not post on its website, but which was reported by the Miami New Times last Friday, is a letter sent to Chief Assistant State Attorney Jose J. Arrojo, Esq. from City Attorney Jeff Cazeau on April 6, 2017.  Mr. Cazeau is apparently upset that Mr. Arrojo released Chief Eugene’s audio testimony, claiming that it “revealed information” regarding “the City’s investigation into CDR Hollant’s actions” in the incident.

Considering that Commander Hollant had already been cleared of all wrongdoing by the State Attorney’s Office within two days of the false charges filed against him, it’s apparent that the “ongoing and open investigation” of Hollant’s alleged actions is nothing but a bogus witch hunt.

In fact, as the New Times reported, Chief Gary Eugene told investigators that “Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, lied to him in order to frame Hollant,” and that other officers “wanted Hollant to lie to protect Aledda.”  And even though “Illuminati” Members-in-Good-Standing Larry Juriga and Commander Angel Rivera were subsequently removed from the police department’s investigative division, their influence over (and possible collusion with) certain individuals in the internal affairs division should not be underestimated. After all, Juriga was the head of the investigative division for over 17 years.  Make no mistake … the tentacles of the corrupt and devious “Illuminati” are far reaching in the North Miami Police Department.

City officials are also using the “open investigation” of Emile Hollant as an excuse to keep him on administrative leave and far away from the police department.  The Commander should have been reinstated immediately after he was cleared by the State Attorney’s Office.  Instead, his forced, prolonged paid “vacation,” courtesy of North Miami taxpayers, seems to be nothing more than a stalling tactic to give them time to come up with some far-fetched excuse to discipline Hollant; and, more importantly, to delay until the SAO decides whether or not to file criminal charges against the shooter, Jonathan Aledda.

Considering that State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has rarely, if ever, prosecuted a police officer, there’s a better than average chance that Aledda will walk.  In fact, members of her own party’s Progressive Caucus have harshly labeled her “a police brutality enabler and apologist” for her “record of failure” to bring charges against police officers.

And, speaking of police brutality…

Hot off the presses:  The Miami New Times just published North Miami Cop Arrested After Allegedly Slamming Wife’s Head on Ground.

While the title is pretty self-explanatory, it’s interesting that reporter Jerry Ianelli immediately recognized that this latest incident is but one more symptom of the systemic problem within the department, and the continuous state of denial in which city officials seem to be living.

The North Miami Police Department appears to be in disarray: In the past two years, the department failed a critical accreditation test and shot Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man. After audio emerged last week of the department’s chief describing widespread dysfunction among his cops, North Miami officials have been desperately trying reassure the public that the force is fixing its problems.

It’s obviously not working.

City officials need to recognize that the only way to rid its police department of the rampant dysfunction and corruption is to cut the head off the proverbial snake, Assistant Chief Larry Juriga.

North Miami residents deserve better.


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  1. Ellen says:

    What the hell is the matter with the Mayor and City Council? They are as culpable as the other obnoxious and evil people in charge.

    The incident with the North Miami police and the reaction of many on the force is absolutely disgusting. Obviously they don’t give a damn about truth, honesty, or integrity. There has been infighting in this department for years. The taxpayers deserve better from the Mayor and City Council. Are they trying to turn North Miami into Opa Locka?

    If any in this group, who are trying to protect those that should have been fired, believe for one minute, that the residents are clueless they had better get a grip on reality. The big question is who is protecting whom and why?

    These individuals are an embarrassment to all decent residents of North Miami and we pay their salaries. North Miami is turning into a cesspool.

    These individuals are the perfect description of scum.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      You might want to direct your questions to Deputy City Manager Arthur Sorey, who seems to have a vested interest in keeping corruptocrats on the payroll.

      Just saying.

      In all fairness, the Mayor and Council don’t have control over the hiring and firing of city employees, but they do have the power to hire and fire the city manager. They should seriously question Larry Spring’s refusal to listen to the police recording before making the rash and uninformed decision to suspend Commander Hollant.

      Again, just saying.


      1. ellen says:

        The Mayor and City Council have direct control over the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager. They need to step up to the plate and act like responsible individuals. If they don’t they are just as guilty as the rest of the bunch. It is time for a new Mayor come May.


        1. CuriousAlso says:

          So who does the hiring for city employees?

          Does the Chief of Police not hire those working in his DP? If not does he at least has a say it in?

          The Parks and Recreation Department should be call the Nepotism Dept. Even Arthur Sorey has a brother who works in that department. The Ramos are a husband and wife team who work in the same department. This is not Kosher anywhere else. That department needs to be looked at, I believe it it worse that the PD.


  2. Curious says:

    Did you just say a North Miami Officer was arrested for slamming his wife’s head. Where is that story and who was arrested???


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