Re-elect Dr. Smith Joseph for North Miami Mayor!

Stephanie Kienzle of VotersOpinion is proud to add her name to the long list of endorsements that North Miami Mayor Smith Joseph has already received in his bid for for re-election.

These include:

  • Joe Geller, Esq – Florida State Representative
  • Carlos Jimenez, Mayor for Miami-Dade County
  • Daniella Levine-Cava – Commissioner for Miami-Dade County
  • Dennis Moss – Commissioner for Miami-Dade County
  • Xavier Suarez, Esq. – Commissioner for Miami-Dade County
  • Keon Hardemon, Esq. – Chairman for City of Miami
  • Francis Suarez, Esq. – Commissioner for City of Miami
  • Dr. Dorothy B. Mindingall – Member of Miami-Dade County School Board
  • Michael McDermaid – Activist/Businessman

Since Dr. Joseph was first elected in 2014, the City of North Miami has made dramatic improvements.  Under his leadership, the controversial red light cameras were removed, property values have increased, and the debacle formerly known as Biscayne Landing has morphed into Solē Mia, “a masterfully planned outdoor shopping, dining and residential haven unlike any place in South Florida,” according to its website.

In addition to these accomplishments, Mayor Smith Joseph has improved the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency and protected its residential home beautification program from being eliminated.

Last year, he also unveiled the NoMi Mayor’s Little Library, a children’s summer reading program at the North Miami Public Library, and he helped create the NoMi Golden Silver Senior Program at the Joe Celestin Center.

During his current term, the City of North Miami has entered into an agreement with the Florida East Coast Railway and All Aboard Florida to provide for a state of the art train station.

Mayor Smith Joseph has already proven that he is working hard for all the residents of North Miami.  He certainly deserves another term to continue representing their best interests.



Re-eli Dr Smith Jozèf pou North Miami Majistra!

Stephanie Kienzle nan VotersOpinion fyè dèske li ajoute non li nan lis la long nan apwi ki North Miami Majistra Smith Jozèf te deja resevwa nan òf li pou pou re-eleksyon an.

Men sa yo enkli:

Joe Geller, Esq – Reprezantan Eta Florid
Carlos Jimenez, Majistra pou Konte Miami-Dade
Daniella Levine-Cava – Komisyonè pou Konte Miami-Dade
Dennis Moss – Komisyonè pou Konte Miami-Dade
Xavier Suarez, Esq. – Komisyonè pou Konte Miami-Dade
Keon Hardemon, Esq. – Prezidan pou Vil Miami
Francis Suarez, Esq. – Komisyonè pou Vil Miami
Dr Dorothy B. Mindingall – Manm Komisyon Konsèy Lekòl Miami-Dade County
Michael McDermaid – aktivis / Biznisman

Depi Dr Jozèf te premye eli nan 2014, vil la nan North Miami te fè amelyorasyon dramatik. Anba lidèchip l ‘yo, kontwovèsyal wouj kamera yo limyè yo te retire, valè pwopriyete yo te ogmante, e li te fyasko nan Anvan li te ye kòm Biscayne Landing morphed nan sèl Mia, “yon metriz te planifye fè makèt deyò, manje ak refij rezidansyèl kontrèman ak nenpòt ki plas nan Sid Florid,” selon sou sit wèb li yo.

Anplis de sa nan reyalizasyon sa yo, Majistra Smith Jozèf vin pi bon Ajans Kominote Redevlopman vil la ak pwoteje rezidansyèl pwogram kay anbelisman li yo nan men yo te elimine.

Ane pase a, li te tou revele Little Bibliyotèk Majistra a Nomi a, pwogram lekti ete nan timoun yo yon nan bibliyotèk piblik North Miami, epi li te ede kreye Program la Senior Nomi Golden Silver nan Joe Celestin Sant lan.

Pandan dire aktyèl l ‘yo, vil la nan North Miami te antre nan yon akò avèk Florid East Coast Railway a ak tout bor Florid pou bay pou yon eta de estasyon tren an atizay.

Majistra Smith Jozèf te deja pwouve ke se li ki k ap travay di pou tout rezidan yo nan North Miami. Li sètènman merite yon lòt tèm yo kontinye reprezante pi bon enterè yo.



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  1. What? says:

    Excuse me but according to you the Mayor has the power to fire Arthur Sorey the Deputy City Manager that protected Assistant Chief Larry Juriga whom I like you believe he is someone that needed to be fired a long time ago. The Mayor also has not done anything to bring back Commander Hollant from administrative paid leave nor encourage that Juriga be suspended for lying and for dis obeying Chief Eugene.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      The Mayor and Council are prohibited from interfering in the hiring or firing of city employees. They only have the authority over their contract employees, i.e., the City Manager and City Attorney. Period. Any attempts to involve themselves with city personnel is a violation of the city charter.


      1. Answer the Question says:

        Exactly the Mayor and Council have authority over the City Manger who ignore Chief Eugene request to hear the recording and to not suspend Commander Hollant. You yourself have written that the Deputy City Manager has committed fraud and protected Larry Juriga from getting suspended. You have also said the City Clerk does what ever he wants and its because the City Manager lets him get away with it. Why should we re elect Mayor Joseph when he clearly has shown that he doesn’t have any authority over the City Manger, and Deputy City Manager?????


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          He’s only one vote out of five. Why don’t you ask the three who are protecting Sorey? Hint: It’s not Councilman Bien-Amie, who will also get my endorsement.


          1. We People with Balls in the Council says:

            So the Mayor and Councilman Bien-Amie are outvoted when it comes to firing Sorey? Well councilwoman Keys and councilmen Desulme went to China along with Sorey. I’m not sure why Sorey and City Clerk Michalel Etienne went on the trip that ended up costing double of what was in the budget. Those four obviously are covering each others back. Not sure why Councilman Galvin would protect Sorey. Isn’t Galvin all about honestly and putting an end to corruption? The Mayor sits on the top and a good Mayor would be able to point out all the wrongful doings of Sorey and Juriga and anyone else to the council. He should be able to at least put it out in a council meeting so the residents can see that he is not letting Sorey and others get away with things. If the rest of the council vote differently then at least we know where they each stand. Don’t they all advocate for Transparency? or are they like all politicians and full of bs?


          2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            If you think it’s so easy to fix all of North Miami’s problems, then by all means, run for office and see what happens. It’s not that simple.

            For example, imagine how NMB Mayor George Vallejo must feel having to sit on a dais with not one, but two fraudulently elected colleagues, yet he has to remain civil for the good of the community. He is well aware that Phyllis Smith and Frantz Pierre are only up there because they committed absentee ballot fraud. Unfortunately, this crime is practically impossible to prove, and one which the corrupt Katherine Fernandez Rundle will never prosecute. Unless either one of them get arrested for their crimes, Mayor Vallejo has to grit his teeth, bear it, and do the job he was elected to do – legislate.

            As for Mayor Joseph and his colleagues, they were most likely advised by the city attorney not to publicly comment until the “ongoing and open” internal affairs investigation of Commander Hollant is completed. Scott Galvin, however, just can’t resist a television camera. The others apparently are following the lawyer’s advice.

            People who for office naively think they’ll be able to single-handedly change the world and wipe out corruption. It’s not as easy as it looks. That’s all I’m saying.


  2. elizabeth judd says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, he is a rare breed honest and hardworking for the taxpayers of North Miami.


  3. Retired Sgt. Gale Beyer (MDCR) says:

    Great commendation but he needs to address the injustice done to Commander Hollant and order his re-instatement along with the misdeeds done by Springs, Juriga and Rivera.


  4. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    And, as usual, you’re wrong. I have done my homework. As I previously reported, “On June 21, 2012, Smith Joseph purchased the condominium located at his listed address of 2100 Sans Souci Boulevard, Apt. B706. On June 28, 2012, he quit claimed that unit to his company, SPS Enterprises, LLC.”

    It is a moot point whether or not the condominium is owned in his own name or by a company owned by Mayor Joseph. According to the city Charter, anyone who resides in the City of North Miami, whether as a property owner or a tenant, is qualified to run for and hold office. Whether you like it or not, Mayor Smith Joseph is a legal resident of the City of North Miami.

    I realize that, as a Member in Good Standing of the NMPD’s “Illuminati,” you take issue with me every time I defend anyone from the police department and/or City Hall who is not on your co-conspirators’ “approved” list of people to support.


  5. Dean Reynolds says:

    Does Mayor Smith live in North Miami? If not presently, has he ever? He also backs the Chinatown project which I oppose.I believe outrageous expenditures included the china trip as well as the Carnival.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Yes, he lives in North Miami.

      You’re entitled to your opinion about the rest.


  6. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    Confidential to “lorena”: You obviously have a serious issue with Haitians. Too bad for you. Good thing for North Miami, though. Now that you’re gone there’s one less racist in the city!


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