Give it up already, Biscayne Park. Game over!

The Village of Biscayne Park is a bush-league town encompassing slightly more than a half square mile of real estate.  It would be easy to ignore this minuscule municipality if it could only stay out of trouble.

The Village first got on our radar almost four years ago when then-Commissioner Bryan Cooper, a/k/a the Village Idiot, sponsored a resolution in an attempt to interfere with a rezoning issue in North Miami Beach.

The Foibles of Commissioner Cooper were already well documented by the Village blogger (and now-former Commissioner), Fred Jonas, whose own pompous ass-hattery got him voted out after one term.

Then there was that time three years ago, when the Village police department made headlines with “the sudden disappearance without explanation of Biscayne Park’s top three officers.”

On April 4, 2014, the Miami Herald reported that “Police Chief Ray Atesiano, Capt. Lawrence Churchman and Cpl. Nicholas Wollschlager have all been absent since March 27, leaving the department’s eight remaining cops without their commanding officers.”

As it turned out, the police chief had resigned amidst yet another scandal involving an alleged loan between him and another police officer, and allegedly “using village funds and manpower to repay a personal loan,” according to a May 5, 2014 Miami Herald article.

Photo: Miami Herald

Then in October of 2015, during the renovation of the “historic log cabin,” the police were called when workers discovered about 100 gel caps filled with mercury, which is a highly toxic material.  A public records request for “any and all police reports filed with respect to the mercury contamination of the log cabin on or about October 15, 2015″ went unanswered.  (FYI, we just now made another request for the hell of it.)

The Village of Biscayne Park again made news in VotersOpinion last summer when the Village (Commission) Idiots recruited Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman to pitch the bid on their behalf to annex a parcel of land across a railroad track along which they had previously planned to build a wall.

Sally was laughed out of the commission meeting.

The Village Idiots denied they ever planned the wall … until county public records of their grant application for a wall magically appeared.

Strangely, but not surprisingly, all documentation regarding this grant application to the county went missing at Village Hall.

Then again, what can you expect from a creepy little Village that affixes fake accreditation stickers on its police cruisers?

Speaking of the Village’s pint-sized police department…

Trouble continues to brew in the form of yet another incident of alleged police brutality by one of Biscayne Park’s finest.

The Village was sued last year by two men who alleged that “on December 29, 2013, Biscayne Park Police Officer George Miyares, while ‘off duty and driving his private vehicle, conducted a traffic stop of Rosario and Nieves, effectuating a seizure of them without probable cause that either of them committed a crime.'”  In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs complained of Biscayne Park’s “pattern and practice of hiring individuals that are not suitable for the position of Police Officer,” and alleged “counts of Negligent Hiring, Systemic Pattern of Negligent Hiring, False Arrest, and Battery.”

In line with its tradition of hiring Opa-locka rejects, enter the Village PD’s newest problem child, Pedro “Pete” Dominguez.

This former North Miami Commander, and current member of NMPD Assistant Chief Larry Juriga’s corrupt “Illuminati”, recently made the 6:00 news for beating up and arresting a mentally ill woman.

A public records request we made six days ago from the Village for Pete’s employment application, background check and training certification, as well as copies of the arrest affidavit, incident report and correspondences between the Biscayne Park and North Miami police departments, remains unfulfilled.


Six days and counting?

With a total population of 3,147 souls, and a police department with less than a dozen officers, how many freaking public records even exist there in the first place?

Then again, Village officials are still probably busy looking for their wall-building grant application.

Fortunately, the City of North Miami, whose body-cam equipped officers responded as backup, does keep public records.

Channel 7 managed to wrangle those body-cam videos from the North Miami Police Department and aired them in a segment last Monday.  What those videos revealed was disturbing to say the least.

Against police policy, Dominguez showed up to a domestic disturbance call alone.  When he arrived he was advised by the subject’s mother that her daughter, 30-year old Shawna Yuen, was mentally ill.  Instead of immediately calling for backup, Dominguez attempted to restrain her by himself, at which point she grabbed him by the testicles.

He then proceeded to punch the 5 foot 2 inch, 110 pound woman in the face.

After North Miami officers arrived to do the job that the Biscayne Park PD couldn’t do, an officer could be heard on the body-cam video calling her a “wild f—–g animal.”

That officer, we’re told, is none other than Pete Dominguez.


While waiting for Biscayne Park to find the public records I requested, I was able to obtain a copy of Shawna Yuen’s Arrest Affidavit from the State Attorney’s Office.

Imagine my surprise when Pete Dominguez’ name didn’t appear anywhere on the charging document, which was signed by O. Martinez and attested to by B. Villazan.

After confirming with our sources that Pete Dominguez was, in fact, the officer who responded to the call and made the arrest, we then had a bigger mystery to solve.  Sources told us that when Dominguez attempted to file the Arrest Affidavit (a/k/a the A-Form in cop lingo), for some reason he couldn’t log in to the BPPD computer system.  Instead, he logged in using the code of his supervisor, Officer Omar Martinez.

Unfortunately, because of the BPPD filing screw up, Officer Martinez is now falsely – and officially – on record as being the cop who made the arrest, punched the subject in the face, completed the A-Form, and swore under oath that his statement was true and correct.

Officer Villazan, who attested to Martinez’ statement, is also now on the hook for the mess created by Pete Dominguez.

And the Biscayne Park Police Department can thank North Miami Assistant Chief Larry “Bucket Head Chup” Juriga, for helping Pete get the job in the first place.

We have a feeling Biscayne Park’s headaches are only gonna get worse from here.

Village officials can try blaming it all on mercury poisoning…

But we know what’s really going on!


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  1. CuriousCat says:

    Initially one officer responded then 5 or more show up as back up. I do hope you e-mail 7 news with the information of the major screw up on the paper work. Seems like anything associate with Larry Juriga becomes a mess. I do hope he gets suspended for lying to Chief Eugene and for not following orders from the Chief.

    If I was the mother of this young lady I would get a good lawyer she should have not been sent to a correctional center but to a hospital. Right now it is he said she said. And of course the officers instead of doing the right thing and take her to the hospital they charge her and she now faces a felony. Disgraceful.


  2. Phineas Zest says:


    Your obsession with Biscayne Park is pathetic and sad.

    How does it feel to spend all this time to write 10,000 words that no one cares about and no one reads?

    You’re obviously not a smart person and your writing is 8th grade level at best. Your attempts at ‘humor’ are cringe-worthy. I’ve seen high school-level newspapers that do a better job than this pathetic blog.

    Please stop trying to play “muckraking reporter”. You have an obvious agenda and absolutely no credibility. Please find a new hobby.

    Have a nice day!


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      You mad, bro?

      Did my Twitter handle trigger you? Or are you just still sulking over the election results? I’m guessing both.

      If it makes you feel better to lob insults at me, have at it. No skin off my back, especially since you’re not all that good at it.

      But since I annoy you so much, I strongly suggest you stop Twitter stalking me and stop reading my blog.

      There! Problem solved.


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