NMB Annual Arbor Day Celebration 2017

NMB Arbor Day

Join NMB as we celebrate Arbor Day 2017 and the Grand Opening of Schenkenberger Park, located at NE 169th Street and North Glades Drive.

The event begins at 10 AM on Friday, April 28th and will include celebrating the new trees that were recently planted and the official opening of Schenkenberger Park.

Light refreshments will be served.

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  1. TC says:

    Thank you for posting this and I think the dedication was a successful event. This park is an example of the good use of the city’s taxpayer dollars. This park sat dormant for decades and had become an eyesore as a mound of dirt, a broken chain link fence and a worn out sign.

    Now the park is a vibrant passive park, with a walking path, 4 small benches to take a break from walking the Snake Creek Canal’s bike/walk path that runs along side of the park. Also there is a water fountain to take the thirst off. This fountain has a bottle filling station as well as a fountain for your dog, besides the normal drinking fountain. We have numerous new trees that were donated and are butterfly attractive, so we should see some butterflies taking up home in the area soon. Finally, just a reminder that the park is only open from Sunrise to Sunset, and with the lead citizen of Crime Watch living next door, it should be one of the safest places to relax and meditate during the day.

    The Beautification Committee is always looking for new members and new ideas to help beautify the city. If anyone is interested in joining the committee or just wants to come and present ideas, feel free to stop by the second Wednesday of the month at City Hall’s 4th floor conference room next to the City Manager’s Office. The meeting starts at 6 pm and usually lasts about an hour. The City’s calendar needsto be updated to reflect the new meeting times.

    Thank you,

    TC Camenzuli,
    Beautification Committee Chairman


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      It sounds wonderful! Please send me some pictures of the new park so I can post them here.



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