NMPD’s “toxic environment”

NMPD Sergeant Joseph Kissel

What happens when corruption is the rule rather than the exception in a police department?

All hell breaks loose … and no one does a damn thing about it.

On May 22, 2012, Crisis Intervention Specialist Natacha Jean-Francois, a Haitian-American female civilian employee of the North Miami Police Department, filed a grievance against Sergeant Joseph Kissel for discrimination and harassment.

Apparently, her complaint fell on deaf ears.

According to Ms. Jean-Francois, Kissel had it in for her the day he became her supervisor due to his “bias against female employees.”  He then proceeded to make her life a living hell.

Before he was transferred to her unit, Ms. Jean-Francois had received commendations and excellent performance reviews for her work.  Upon his arrival, however, Kissel appeared to be on a mission to “psychologically torment” her and destroy her career.

Things came to a head when he wrote her up for mailing an envelope to a victim without including the apartment number, even though the police report from which she got the address did not reflect an apartment number.  When he berated her for this, she corrected the envelope by hand.  He then chastised her because the “hand written envelope did not meet the Investigative Section’s professional expectations.”

Never mind that others in the unit had also sent out “hand written and legible” envelopes, and never mind that there was no written rule prohibiting hand written envelopes, Sergeant Kissel decided this was an infraction worthy of discipline.  He issued a written reprimand to her on December 18, 2012.

On another occasion, he served Ms. Jean-Francois with a Notice of Counseling for violating a dress code because she wore “black dress slacks with an issued Polo shirt with the Police Department’s logo on it.”

Except that at the time, there was no written dress code in place for her position.  (Interestingly, only 51 days after he wrote her up, on “July 12, 2012, a dress code was introduced for Crime Analyst and Victim Advocate.”)

When Natcha Jean-Francois filed her grievance in response to the bogus charge that she violated a non-existent dress code, she was ignored by the chain of command.

On January 14, 2013, she sent a memo to then-Personnel Director Rebecca Jones to formally appeal Kissel’s disciplinary actions against her.  She closed with this heart wrenching plea for relief:

Finally, on March 14, 2013 [Correction: It was filed April 8, 2013, but erroneously referred to in City Attorney’s Response* as March 14, 2017], she filed a formal complaint against Joseph Kissel with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The then-City Attorney for North Miami, Regine M. Monestime, filed a response* to the complaint, in which she acknowledged that the Charging Party (“CP”), Ms. Jean-Francois, had been unfairly and continuously harassed.

In fact, Ms. Monestime took it upon herself to rescind both the written reprimand and the Notice of Counseling that Sergeant Kissel filed against Ms. Jean-Francois.

In addition, she wrote:

Although City Attorney Regine Monestime implored the EEOC to dismiss the charges based on her opinion that Ms. Jean-Francois was not the target of sexism, this did not deter Monestime from taking swift action to protect her from the toxic environment to which she was being subjected.

And, although the EEOC was “unable to conclude that the information obtained establishes violations of the statutes,” it also would not “certify that [Kissel] was in compliance with the statutes.”

In the North Miami Police Department’s tradition of negligent retention, it’s hardly surprising that this 33-year veteran, Sergeant Joseph Kissel, is still employed.

Then again, Fidel Castro had his job for nearly 50 years.

We see how well that worked out.

Sources within the department have confirmed that Kissel’s treatment of Ms. Jean-Francois is typical of the way he behaves toward female employees, as well as anyone else he also considers to be “beneath” him.

To get an idea of his incredible hubris, one only need to browse through the docket of his highly contentious 12-year long divorce, in which he was cited for fraudulently failing to disclose marital assets, and had to be compelled numerous times to produce court ordered documentation.

Other divorce court documents of record catalogue charges of domestic violence, child abuse, and failure to pay child support.

The Kissel divorce was undoubtedly so traumatic to the family, that the court was compelled to order compulsory psychiatric evaluations of, and even prohibit all contact between, Kissel’s own minor children.

His ex-wife even had to file a motion to compel Kissel to “Disclose The Names Of The Officers Who Told The Petitioner The Name(S) Of The Person(S) Who Made A Report Of Alleged Child Abuse To The Abuse Hotline.”

Wow!  What a gem of a guy, huh?

It should also not surprise anyone that Sergeant Joseph “Don’t Call Me Joey” Kissel is a full-fledged member in good standing of Assistant (and currently Interim) Chief Larry Juriga’s inner circle of corrupt cops known as the “Illuminati.”

It should also come as no surprise that Joey’s supervisor was (and still is) his fellow “Illuminati” member – Larry Juriga.

In fact, as a result of the harassment complaint filed against him by Natacha Jean-Francois, Joey was transferred out of the Investigative Section’s Detective Bureau, only to be reinstalled by – guess who – Larry Juriga.

Yes, folks.  As you can clearly see, corruption is the rule  in the North Miami Police Department.

Worse, if Larry Juriga succeeds in his desperate bid to become the chief, you can bet it will be corruption on steroids.

As a firmly established member of Larry Juriga’s corrupt inner circle, Sergeant Joseph Kissel’s ghastly behavior and grossly inappropriate treatment of subordinates has been protected by the “Illuminati’s” blue wall of silence for far too long.

Most troubling of all, if Joey Kissel can so cavalierly try to destroy the career of a civilian police employee, just imagine what he’s capable of doing to the general public.

North Miami residents deserve so much better.



NMPD a “anviwònman toksik”

Kisa k ap pase lè koripsyon se règ olye ke eksepsyon nan yon depatman lapolis?
Tout lanfè kraze ki lach … epi pa gen moun fè yon bagay modi sou li.
Nan 22 me 2012, espesyalis kriz entèvansyon Natacha Jean-Francois, yon anplwaye ayisyen-ameriken fi sivil nan Depatman Lapolis North Miami, te depoze yon plent kont Sèjan Joseph Kissel pou diskriminasyon ak arasman.
Aparamman, plent li tonbe sou zòrèy soud yo.
Dapre Madan Jean-Francois, Kissel te gen li nan pou li jou a li te vin sipèvizè l ‘akòz “patipri kont anplwaye fi yo.” Li Lè sa a, kontinye fè lavi l’ yon lanfè k ap viv.
Anvan li te transfere nan inite li, Madam Jean-Francois te resevwa rekòmandasyon ak revizyon pèfòmans ekselan pou travay li. Lè yo rive, sepandan, Kissel te parèt nan yon misyon nan “sikolojikman touman” li epi detwi karyè li.
Bagay yo te vini nan yon tèt lè li te ekri l ‘pou poste yon anvlòp nan yon viktim san yo pa ki gen ladan nimewo apatman an, menm si rapò lapolis la ki soti nan ki li te resevwa adrès la pa t’ reflete yon nimewo apatman. Lè li bare li pou sa, li korije anvlòp la nan men. Li Lè sa a, chastise l ‘paske “anvlòp la men ekri pa t’ satisfè ap atann pwofesyonèl Seksyon Investigative la.”
Pa janm panse ke lòt moun ki nan inite a te voye tou “anvlòp men ekri ak lesib”, epi pa janm panse ke pa te gen okenn règ ekri entèdi anvlòp men ekri, Sèjan Kissel deside sa a te yon enfraksyon merite pou disiplin. Li te bay yon reprimann alekri l ‘sou 18 desanm 2012.
Nan yon lòt okazyon, li te sèvi Madam Jean-Francois avèk yon avi konsèy pou vyole yon kòd abiman paske li te mete “pantalon rad nwa ak yon chemiz polo Polo ak logo Depatman Polis la sou li.”
Eksepte ke nan moman an, pa te gen okenn kòd rad ekri an plas pou pozisyon li. (Enteresan, sèlman 51 jou apre li te ekri l ‘, sou “12 jiyè 2012, yo te yon kòd rad prezante pou Analis Crime ak Defans Viktim.”)
Lè Natcha Jean-Francois te depoze plent li an repons a chaj la fos ke li vyole yon kòd rad ki pa ekziste, li te inyore pa chèn nan lòd.
Sou 14 janvye 2013, li te voye yon memo pou Lè sa a, Direktè Pèsonèl Rebecca Jones pou fòmèlman fè apèl kont aksyon disiplin Kissel yo kont li. Li fèmen ak sa a kè wrenching lapriyè pou soulajman:

Finalman, nan mwa mas 14, 2013, li te depoze yon plent fòmèl kont Joseph Kissel ak Komisyon Opòtinite Egalisyon Ameriken (EEOC).
Avoka vil la pou North Miami, Regine M. Monestime, te depoze yon repons pou plent lan, kote li te rekonèt ke Pati Charging la (“CP”), Madam Jean-Francois, te enjisteman ak kontinyèlman anmède.
An reyalite, Madam Monestime te pran l ‘sou tèt li nan delivre tou de reprimand a ekri ak Avi nan konsèy ki Sergeant Kissel te ranpli kont Madam Jean-Francois.
Anplis de sa, li te ekri:
Malgre ke City Attorney Regine Monestime te implore EEOC pou ranvwaye chaj ki baze sou opinyon ke Madan Jean-Francois pa t ‘sib nan sèksis, sa pa t’ dekouraje Monestime soti nan pran aksyon rapid pwoteje l ‘soti nan anviwònman an toksik kote li te ke yo te sibi.
Epi, byenke EEOC a te “kapab konkli ke enfòmasyon yo jwenn etabli vyolasyon lwa yo,” li tou pa ta “sètifye ke [Kissel] te an konfòmite ak lwa yo.”
Nan tradisyon Depatman Lapolis North Miami a nan retansyon neglijan, li pa etone ke se veteran 33 ane sa a, Sèjan Joseph Kissel, toujou ap travay.
Lè sa a, ankò, Fidel Castro te gen travay li pou prèske 50 ane.
Nou wè kòman byen ki te travay deyò.
Sous nan depatman an te konfime ke tretman Kissel a nan Madan Jean-Francois se tipik nan fason li konpòte anvè fi anplwaye, osi byen ke nenpòt lòt moun li konsidere tou yo dwe “anba” l ‘.
Pou jwenn yon lide sou briyan enkwayab l ‘, yon sèl sèlman bezwen browse atravè double a nan divòs trè kontrent 12-ane li divòs, nan ki li te site pou fwodman rate divilge byen marital, e yo te oblije dwe fòse anpil fwa yo pwodwi tribinal te bay lòd dokiman.
Lòt dokiman divòs tribinal nan dosye katalòg dosye nan vyolans domestik, abi sou timoun, ak echèk yo peye sipò pou timoun.
Divòs nan Kissel te san dout konsa twomatik nan fanmi an, ki te tribinal la oblije bay lòd evalyasyon obligatwa sikyatrik nan, e menm entèdi tout kontak ant, pwòp timoun piti Kissel a.
Ansyen madanm li menm te oblije ranpli yon mosyon pou fòse Kissel nan “Deklann non an nan ofisye yo ki te di petisyon an Non (yo) nan moun ki (yo) ki te fè yon rapò sou abi timoun ki abize nan liy dirèk abi.”
Wow! Ki sa ki yon GEM nan yon nèg, huh?
Li ta dwe tou pa sipriz nenpòt moun ki Sèjan Jozèf “Pa rele m ‘Joey” Kissel se yon manm plen véritable nan bon kanpe nan asistan (ak kounye a Pwovizwa) Chèf anndan sèk Larry Juriga a nan flik fin pouri li te ye tankou “Illuminati la.”
Li ta dwe vini tou kòm pa gen sipriz ke sipèvizè Joey a te (e toujou se) manm parèy li “Illuminati” – Larry Juriga.
An reyalite, kòm yon rezilta nan pote plent la pote plent kont li pa Natacha Jean-Francois, Joey te transfere soti nan Seksyon Detectif Seksyon Envestigatif la, sèlman yo dwe réinstallé pa – devine ki – Larry Juriga.
Wi, jan. Kòm ou ka byen wè, koripsyon se règ la nan Depatman Lapolis North Miami.
Pi mal, si Larry Juriga reyisi nan òf dezespere li yo vin chèf la, ou ka parye li pral koripsyon sou estewoyid.
Kòm yon manm fèm etabli nan koripsyon enteryè Larry Juriga a, sèn konpòtman sèjan Joseph Kissel a ak èkstrèmeman apwopriye tretman nan sibòdone te pwoteje pa miray la “Illuminati a” nan silans pou byen lwen twò lontan.
Pifò boulvèse nan tout, si Joey Kissel ka konsa cavalierly eseye detwi karyè a nan yon anplwaye lapolis sivil, jis imajine ki sa li te kapab fè nan piblik la an jeneral.
Rezidan North Miami merite pou pi bon.


NMPD “ambiente tóxico”

¿Qué sucede cuando la corrupción es la regla y no la excepción en un departamento de policía?
Todo el infierno se rompe … y nadie hace nada.
El 22 de mayo de 2012, la Especialista en Intervención en Crisis Natacha Jean-Francois, una trabajadora civil haitiana-americana del Departamento de Policía de North Miami, presentó una queja contra el Sargento Joseph Kissel por discriminación y hostigamiento.
Al parecer, su queja cayó en oídos sordos.
De acuerdo con la Sra. Jean-Francois, Kissel se encargó de ella el día en que se convirtió en su supervisor debido a su “prejuicio contra las mujeres empleadas.” Luego procedió a hacer de su vida un infierno.
Antes de ser trasladado a su unidad, la Sra. Jean-Francois había recibido elogios y excelentes revisiones de rendimiento por su trabajo. Sin embargo, a su llegada, Kissel parecía estar en una misión para “atormentarla psicológicamente” y destruir su carrera.
Las cosas llegaron a la cabeza cuando él la escribió para enviar un sobre a una víctima sin incluir el número de apartamento, a pesar de que el informe de la policía de la que obtuvo la dirección no refleja un número de apartamento. Cuando la reprendió por esto, corrigió el sobre a mano. Luego la reprendió porque “el sobre escrito no cumplía con las expectativas profesionales de la Sección de Investigación”.
No importaba que otros en la unidad también hubieran enviado sobres “escritos a mano y legibles”, y no importaba que no hubiera una regla escrita prohibiendo sobres escritos a mano, el Sargento Kissel decidió que era una infracción digna de disciplina. Él emitió una reprimenda escrita a ella el 18 de diciembre de 2012.
En otra ocasión, sirvió a la Sra. Jean-Francois con un Aviso de Consejería por violar un código de vestimenta porque llevaba “pantalones de vestir negros con una camisa de Polo con el logotipo del Departamento de Policía”.
Excepto que en ese momento, no había ningún código de vestimenta escrito en su lugar. (Curiosamente, sólo 51 días después de que él la escribió, el “12 de julio de 2012, se introdujo un código de vestimenta para Analista de Delitos y Defensor de Víctimas”).
Cuando Natcha Jean-Francois presentó su queja en respuesta a la falsa acusación de que violaba un código de vestimenta inexistente, la cadena de mando le ignoró.
El 14 de enero de 2013, envió un memo a la entonces Directora de Personal Rebecca Jones para apelar formalmente las acciones disciplinarias de Kissel contra ella. Ella cerró con este corazón que arrancaba la súplica para el alivio:
Finalmente, el 14 de marzo de 2013, presentó una queja formal contra Joseph Kissel ante la Comisión para la Igualdad de Oportunidades (EEOC, por sus siglas en inglés).
La entonces Abogada de la ciudad de North Miami, Regine M. Monestime, presentó una respuesta a la queja, en la que reconoció que la Sra. Jean-Francois había sido objeto de acoso injusto y continuo.
De hecho, la Sra. Monestime se encargó de rescindir tanto la reprimenda escrita como la Notificación de Consejería que el Sargento Kissel presentó contra la Sra. Jean-Francois.
Además, escribió:
Aunque la fiscalía Regine Monestime imploró a la EEOC que rechazara los cargos basados ​​en su opinión de que la Sra. Jean-Francois no era el blanco del sexismo, esto no impidió que Monestime tomara medidas rápidas para protegerla del ambiente tóxico al que estaba siendo sometido
Y aunque la EEOC “no pudo llegar a la conclusión de que la información obtenida establece violaciones de los estatutos”, tampoco “certificaría que [Kissel] cumplía con los estatutos”.
En la tradición de negligencia del Departamento de Policía de North Miami, no es de extrañar que este veterano de 33 años, el Sargento Joseph Kissel, todavía esté empleado.
Por otra parte, Fidel Castro tuvo su trabajo durante casi 50 años.
Vemos lo bien que funcionó.
Fuentes dentro del departamento han confirmado que el trato dado por Kissel a la Sra. Jean-Francois es típico de la forma en que se comporta con las empleadas, así como con cualquier otra persona que él también considera “inferior” a él.
Para tener una idea de su increíble arrogancia, sólo hay que examinar el expediente de su divorcio muy polémico de 12 años de duración, en el que fue citado por fraude al no revelar los bienes matrimoniales, y tuvo que ser obligado en numerosas ocasiones a producir un tribunal documentación ordenada.
Otros documentos del tribunal de divorcio de cargos de catálogo de registro de violencia doméstica, abuso infantil, y el fracaso de pagar la manutención de los hijos.
El divorcio de Kissel fue indudablemente tan traumático para la familia, que el tribunal fue obligado a ordenar evaluaciones psiquiátricas obligatorias e incluso prohibir todo contacto entre los hijos menores de Kissel.
Su ex esposa incluso tuvo que presentar una moción para obligar a Kissel a “revelar los nombres de los oficiales que le dijeron al peticionario el nombre de la persona que hizo un informe de abuso de menores alegado a la línea directa de abuso”.
¡Guauu! Qué joya de hombre, ¿eh?
No debe sorprender a nadie que el sargento Joseph “No me llame Joey” Kissel es un miembro de pleno derecho en buen estado del círculo interno de los policías corruptos conocidos como los “Illuminati” del Jefe (y actualmente interino) Larry Juriga.
También debería ser una sorpresa que el supervisor de Joey fue (y sigue siendo) su compañero “Illuminati” miembro – Larry Juriga.
De hecho, como resultado de la denuncia de acoso presentada contra él por Natacha Jean-Francois, Joey fue trasladado fuera de la Sección de Investigación de la Oficina de Detectives, sólo para ser reinstalado por – adivinar quién – Larry Juriga.
Sí, amigos. Como se puede ver claramente, la corrupción es la regla en el Departamento de Policía de North Miami.
Peor aún, si Larry Juriga logra su desesperada oferta para convertirse en el jefe, puede apostar que será la corrupción en los esteroides.
Como un miembro firmemente establecido del círculo interno corrupto de Larry Juriga, el horrible comportamiento del Sargento Joseph Kissel y el tratamiento groseramente inapropiado de los subordinados ha sido protegido durante mucho tiempo por la pared azul de silencio de los “Illuminati”.
Lo más preocupante de todo, si Joey Kissel puede tratar de destruir la carrera de un empleado de la policía civil, imagínate lo que es capaz de hacer al público en general.
Los residentes de North Miami merecen mucho mejor.
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  1. Cruz says:

    wow, so it’s a Haitian thing. Anything against Hispanics, because we are taking over North Miami at lighting speed. There were 2 candidates for both Mayor and Council seats last time around, but I agree that prejudism is not acceptable, especially in a city that is moving forward in a multi racial society.
    I heard of Cuevas being a dinosaur in the department, but at least he brings integrity, experience and objectivity into the game. He is also the only one, without a horse in this race since out of the 3 assistant chief positions, he is the only one who did not apply for chief.
    God help us if the corruption raises up to lead this Police department.
    it is up to our city elected officials to do the right thing.
    North Miami will be the next Hialeah and we will represent our people accordingly…


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      This is North Miami. So, yeah. It’s a “Haitian thing.” The “old, white guard” of North Miami have still not accepted the fact that Haitians are a force to be reckoned with.

      Plus, we all know that Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in America. The Mayor has announced on a multitude of occasions that under his watch the NMPD appointed its first Hispanic Assistant Chief in its history. If the City of North Miami does eliminate two assistant chief positions as proposed for the 2017/18 budget, it would be political suicide for any council member who votes for it.

      Just saying.

      And you are correct in that Cuevas did not apply for the position of Chief, while both Juriga and Bage did. Neither of them are even remotely qualified for the position. Hopefully, the city manager will do the right thing and choose someone outside the city who will cut through the corruption and bring pride back to the NMPD.

      Again, just saying.


  2. Cruz says:

    I would appreciate if you could translate your blogs in Spanish. We are many Hispanics moving into the community and most, do not fully understand written English and want to remain informed.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Okay, will do. Stand by.


    2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Done. Translated into Haitian Creole and Spanish.


  3. María Elena says:

    As a woman in the workplace I know what it is to be discriminated, sexually harassed and abused in the work place and the complaints falling to death ears.
    After the birth of my first child, I decided to open my business and to get control of my own business.
    I was surprised to read about this incident and the troubles involving the North Miami Police Department, which I never really paid attention to until the day the officer shot the man with his hands up.
    This detective may have really many domestic problems, but as you know we all have them too, especially being in a position which is so demanding. I’m not making excuses for him, I just think it is just an isolated incident, because he continued for 33 years and has not had any other problems reported.
    I think the city attorney recognized there was a problem and took immediate decisive action to give this detective the additional training he needed to do his job.
    I just heard the Chief of Police in Las Vegas talk about getting his Victim Advocates to meet with the families of victims of the shooting incident. These people must carry a heavy burden and must require a lot of training and education in order to do what it is that they do.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Thank you for writing. Yes, a police officer’s job is difficult and requires much training.

      With respect to Kissel, however, this is not an isolated incident. Based on interviews with other women in the NMPD, it certainly appears that this individual has a history of harassment and discrimination. I am in the process of obtaining copies of at least two other complaints filed against him by female subordinates and intend to write more about this issue.

      As a woman in the workplace who has been “discriminated, sexually harassed and abused,” I would hope that you are sympathetic to the plight of other woman who have experienced this mistreatment. There is no excuse whatsoever for allowing the men (and women, by the way) who perpetrate such behavior in any workplace, but even more so in the field of law enforcement. Cops are supposed to serve the public, not do harm. These serial offenders must be held accountable for their actions, disciplined accordingly, and permanently stopped from continuing their behavior, even if it means being fired. They certainly do not belong in public service.


  4. Daylin says:

    I used to join PAL and felt the prejudice in the police department. I did not feel like they represented the things they preached.
    They spoke about brotherhood yet I felt they did not treat me the same as the other members who were white.
    I told this to my parents who immigrated from Haiti, but they never complained. Later I learned that my parents were more afraid of the police because of their dealings with the oppressive Ton Ton Macoute, which is the secret police in Haiti.


  5. El Nuder says:

    I have said it before here, I will say it AGAIN here and this will NOT be the last time I say this. Corruption begins at the top – sure, the top of the Police Department but also from the top of the our City Officials.

    There are going to be many other shoes that will later “drop.” Stephanie, you are obsessed with NMPD and with GOOD REASON. However, the city council is the one in charge. As long as they continue to rub the right elbows, get the right lobbyists etc…as long as that continues, this will continue. You are basically chasing a tail and you will later realize that tail was connected to a string being pulled by the Commissioners!

    I am DISGUSTED with the little outreach my commissioner has had with her constituents after the Hurricane. DISGUSTED.
    I’ve had more communication with a twitter bot than with the person who is PAID TO RUN MY DISTRICT.


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  7. […] Kissel, we encountered similar roadblocks.  In our ongoing “investigation” of his discrimination and harassment of Crisis Intervention Specialist Natacha Jean-Francois, we uncovered yet another document that […]


  8. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    Confidential to Joey: Let me remind you that cyber-stalking is a federal crime.

    Oh, and hope you enjoyed your dinner at The Pit.


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