Dirty Tricks and Outright Lies: A Day in the Life of Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross

Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross has gone way beyond shady.

We now have irrefutable proof that he’s a smarmy, vicious liar.

Courtesy of the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.

First he got himself blacklisted in North Miami Beach for his unscrupulous attempt to circumvent the bidding process for CH2M Hill and for his unregistered lobbying of elected officials.

He was then fired as a “consultant” (a/k/a secret lobbyist) for Waste Management after publicly making libelous comments about its newest client, the City of North Miami Beach and its Mayor.

He also lost his North Miami gig with Causeway Village for illegally promising a unanimous council vote and proposing a shady deal similar to the CH2M/NMB fiasco.

And now, thanks to the dirty tricks he played in the last Hallendale City Commission election, he got himself on the radar of the Broward County State Attorney.

As we reported last June, the Broward Sheriff’s Public Corruption Unit had opened an investigation of the City of Hallandale Beach for possible corruption.

When interviewed by WSVN (7News), Mayor Joy Cooper and Commissioner Anthony Sanders claimed they knew nothing about it.  Three Commissioners with close ties to Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross – Michele Lazarow, Keith London and Anabelle Taub – quickly lawyered up and refused to answer questions.

A recently released Broward State Attorney’s Close-Out Memorandum drafted by Assistant State Attorney David Schulson confirms that former Commissioner/Vice-Mayor William “Bill” Julian was the target of the probe.

According to the report, Assistant State Attorney Tim Donnelly, chief of the office’s Public Corruption/Special Investigations unit, initiated an investigation after WPLG (Channel 10) reporter Bob Norman aired a two part series on August 23, 2016 and August 24, 2016 about Commissioner Julian, who was running for re-election at the time.

ASA Schulson’s memo noted that the “series was primarily based upon an audio recording of Commissioner Julian obtained by Bob Norman from Evan Ross, a political consultant/lobbyist and friend of Keith London,” who was also running for a seat on the Commission.

During the election, Evan was the “brains” behind the campaigns of Michele Lazarow and newcomer Anabelle Taub, who was challenging Bill Julian for his seat.

Days before the election, a Sun Sentinel editorial, The dirtiest election in Broward County,  explained:

Meanwhile, for differing reasons, companies with ties to Gulfstream Park have given $75,000 to a PAC targeting Julian and Alex Lewy, a former commissioner running against Lazarow. Lewy supports Julian and says his friend “erred in his speech.” He is critical of Gulfstream for not living up to a development agreement to provide affordable housing and traffic relief as part of its posh retail village. Gulfstream’s CEO says the racetrack village is being strong-armed. More on that in a moment.

At its heart, the Hallandale Beach election is about changing the balance of power on a commission where Mayor Joy Cooper, Commissioner Anthony Sanders and Julian form a voting bloc. Lewy says the three encouraged him to run against Lazarow.

On the other side is Lazarow and Commissioner Keith London, who are working hand-in-hand to help Taub oust Julian and swing the 3-2 pendulum their way.

Evan’s nefarious plan, hatched in early 2016, was to take control of the gaming industry and other development in Hallandale Beach.  In order to do so, he needed three out of five votes on the Commission.

He already had two votes in his pocket – Lazarow and London, but he needed to replace one of the Commissioners with someone who would return the favor.

Evan’s first hurdle was to make sure that Michele Lazarow kept her seat against his long time arch enemy, Alex Lewy.

Realizing that the Mayor and Commissioner Sanders were untouchable, he decided that Commissioner Bill Julian was the easy target.  Apparently, Julian had to go.

By any means necessary.

Those means included accusing Commissioner Julian of accepting bribes from a political committee representing the Diplomat Golf & Tennis Resort, while donating to the “three musketeers” from his own shady political committees (Good Government, Public Service, and Progressive Principles), all funded by Gulfstream Park and Mardi Gras casinos.

At a Commission meeting held March 2, 2016, a vote was held on a proposed development project with the Diplomat, which passed 4 to 1.  Commissioner Lazarow voted against the proposal.

As the SAO’s Close-Out Memorandum noted, the Hallandale Beach elected officials had the opportunity to meet with the developer for months before the vote to discuss the project and to present a “wish list” in order to approve the deal.  By the time the project came before the Commission, the developer had made $7 million in financial commitments to the city, including improvements to Atlantic Shores Boulevard.

Since Commissioner Julian had a “strong interest in the historic preservation” of the city, his wish list included a $25,000 donation to the City Historic Commission, which was granted.  Julian also mentioned that he volunteered for a charity called Feeding South Florida, which was in need of a new van, but it was not included in the deal.

At the meeting, Commissioner Keith London tried to hit the developer up for another $25,000 for the City Historic Commission and a $100,000 for a new fire truck, neither of which went to a vote for a lack of a second.  London also demanded another $1 million for additional parking, which he then reduced to $500,000, which was voted down by the Commission.

London also asked for an “additional $1 million from the Developer for the DeSoto Waterway Shoreline Improvement Plan or Sunrise Park Contribution which was approved by a 4/1 voice vote with Commissioner Lazarow as the sole dissenting vote.”

Despite the fact that Commissioner Bill Julian voted with the majority of the Commission each and every time, and even though Lazarow was the only one to vote against the project, Evan decided that Bill Julian was the “weak link” on the dais.  He saw an opportunity to insert a new player on the dais, one who would support his personal pet projects, so he set out to destroy the Julian’s life and career.

The next day, Evan sent out a robocall to Hallandale Beach residents telling outright lies about Commissioner Bill Julian.

Assistant State Attorney David Schulson slammed Evan for his deceit.

Commissioner Julian was understandably upset by the lies being told about him.  According to the memo, he “dialed the number for the robocall at least 10 times so that relatives, friends, and city staff could hear the message.”  However, he didn’t always hang up after calling the number, and “had no idea that his subsequent remarks in reaction to the robocall were then recorded on the robocall’s voicemail line.”

Evan must have thought he struck gold when he heard the robocall voicemail message recording Julian’s boast that the developer was buying a van for the food bank, and that the developer’s attorney promised him 300 people on the street to help him run for re-election.

When questioned by the FBI, Commissioner Julian admitted that neither statement was true, which was also confirmed by both the developer and its attorney.  ASA Schulson also confirmed that all the donations Julian received from the developer and related entities were all lawful and in accordance with Florida election law limits.

In conclusion, the Broward State Attorney’s Office found “no substantive evidence and no corpus behind the loose language used by Commissioner Julian,” and that no criminal charges were going to be filed against him.

Unfortunately for Bill Julian, the devious robocall was only the beginning of the torment he would suffer at the hands of the vicious Boy-Lobbyist, who had even more diabolical plans for him.

In October, 2016, a scant month before the election, Lazarow, London and Taub alleged “they discovered what appear to be illegally installed GPS tracking devices on their cars — small black boxes that they’ve turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which is now conducting a criminal investigation. They also claim private investigators have been following them, with London catching one on cellphone video,” as reported by Channel 10’s Bob Norman.

Without any evidence whatsoever, the three immediately pointed a collective finger at Bill Julian.

In response, on October 24, 2016, Evan Ross called a press conference, as reported by Red Broward’s Tom Lauder:

The man behind several gaming industry-funded political committees orchestrated the October 2016 “illegal surveillance” press conference featuring Hallandale Beach Commissioners and their lawyers. On a Sunday afternoon, Evan Ross of Public Communicators Group issued a press release announcing the October 24, 2016 press conference. Ross wrote, “Hallandale Beach Commissioners Keith London and Michele Lazarow as well as commission candidate Anabelle Taub will discuss illegal activity involving tracking devices placed on their vehicles. All three have been subjected to unlawful surveillance.” Ross claimed the matter was tied to Vice Mayor Bill Julian’s “admissions…he solicited and agreed to accept possibly illegal benefits from the developer of The Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club.”

Ross announced documents and video evidence would be provided at the press conference. At no time did Evan Ross mention he operated political committees funded by Gulfstream Park Racetrack and Casino, a inter-city rival of The Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club.

How convenient!

Considering all the dirty tricks Evan Ross has pulled in every city he’s haunted with his presence, would anyone be surprised if Evan himself were behind the installation of the GPS tracking devices for the sole purpose of implicating Julian?

We at VotersOpinion have our suspicions.

Then again, nothing would surprise us about the Shady Boy-Lobbyist who, several years ago, devised a harebrained scheme to have Alex Lewy arrested for drunk driving.

True story.  Ask him yourself.

Expect a denial.

Now that the Broward State Attorney has unequivocally confirmed that Evan Ross is nothing but a fraud and a liar, can we expect an indictment in the near future?

Asking for a friend.


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  1. Hallandale Resident says:

    You are only hitting the tip of the iceberg, Ross, Lazarow and Lomdon are all much more nefarious then you make them out to be, London is the true ring leader , Evan is just his bag man , and Taub was just a pawn and now that the 3 Mouseketeers no longer can control Taub they have cast her aside, the other 3 continue to shake down anyone that tries to do business with the city , because as you know you can’t make ends meet on a paultry Commissioner salary , and since London and Lazarow are unemployed otherwise , they have to eat somehow.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      Did you see the news report by Bob Norman a few nights ago? The Broward SAO is now questioning the private investigator who allegedly placed the GPS tracking devises under the cars. It will be very interesting to hear his response when he’s asked under oath who hired him. The Mayor denies involvement (and, frankly, I believe her). I also find it impossible to believe it was the representatives for the Diplomat, who have professional reputations to uphold. That leaves just one person who’s devious enough to come up with such a ploy, and stupid enough to think he won’t get caught. Just a guess, though.


      1. Change Hallandale Beach says:

        Probably the same people/person who attacked Joy Cooper in her previous run for Mayor , the same as those that set up Leo Granchow with fake sexual harassment allegations, the same people that set up the fake robo call and illegally recorded and then altered the recordings of Bill Julian to make it appear as a bribery scheme, the same that keep using Bob Norman to create fake news stories to direct the attention away from their own illegal acts, the same people behind the shady PAC ethnics matter.


        1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

          Any clue who that person might be?



    2. Hallandalean says:

      Tip of the iceberg is right. Hallandale is going to have a special election in March 2018 to replace Comm’r Sanders who resigned/was chased off amidst the hostile politics and accusations of wrongdoing.

      Those of us in Hallandale are expecting vulgar language,vile accusations, shouting, screaming, ranting, and raving. It not only happens every election cycle, it happens at every Commission meeting. It is embarrassing, unprofessional, and unproductive.We almost failed to pass a budget.

      The last election was a year ago and it was nauseating. When Sanders first resigned, the balance shifted from 3-2 to 3-1 until Team Ponytail (their name, not mine) dissolved. Now at 2-2, Evan Ross is going to try to get a third vote back; most likely facing off against Bill Julian amongst others.

      Expect more fireworks soon.


      1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

        It would not surprise me that Evan engineered Sanders’ resignation. I heard a rumor that he was going to have his girlfriend run for a seat, but could not confirm that. Besides, to the best of my knowledge, she doesn’t even live in Hallandale, nor has she ever. However, if Hallandale Beach is anything like North Miami, I expect she (or any other carpetbagger that Evan digs up) will somehow come up with a “lease” on an HB house or apartment for the purpose of establishing “residency.” This is illegal, as well as against City Charter. Voters should be aware that this often happens and demand the truth. I’ll be more than happy to help uncover fraud if anyone suspects this is going on.


        1. It’s Shady in Hallandale says:

          Check again not only did The Shady PAC master help get his girlfriend an apartment in hallandale in June of this year but he had also got her a job in the city of hallandale with the help of his friends the commissioners, so don’t be surprised if he tries to get her to run for sanders vacated seat, which one of the commissioners harassed him out of in the first place, Hallandale commission is a very hostile workplace that you either need to be a psychopath or sadist to work in


          1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            Ah, then the rumors were not random. I had no idea she moved to HB, but a background check just revealed she moved there in July. Evan is such a sneaky little freak. There you go! That’s been his plan all along.


  2. Hallandale Swinger says:

    Hallandale Resident is correct. Ross is merely a bag man/lackey/gofer/suck up for London. Ross isn’t smart enough to concoct any sort of scheme other than ordering takeout.

    Who is so stupid or desperate to hire Ross for anything else?


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  3. Concerned Hallandale Resident says:

    Lazarow and Taub are still under investigation for bribing campaign workers. It will be interesting to see how that investigation turns out.


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  4. Prevent Purple Tie says:

    The child lobbyist has not learned his lesson from this summer as little Evan threaten Julian Assange’s life. He did not learn from the negative reactions on his amateur PR fiasco. In every city that the purple tie plague squirms, little Evan struts around on his cell phone and tries to give the image that he is a political power. Every elected official outside Hallandale Beach should run away from little Evan before he gets indicted for doing something illegal and involves an innocent person with Mr. Ross’ illegal actions.


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  5. […] also been seen hobnobbing at city events with Shady Boy-Lobbyist Evan Ross, who is currently in the eye of the storm in the City of Hallandale […]


  6. Ooozing It says:

    Mitch Edelstein is oozing his way into the NMB slime pond position vacated by Toy-Boy Ross. Edelstein is all but blacklisted in Sunny Isles Beach because of his sleaze and incompetence. He sees an opening in NMB and is dumpster diving for business.

    What moron would ever, ever even bother to return Edelstein’s call?


  7. It’s Shady in Hallandale says:

    Did you catch Bob Norman’s hit peice on Mayor Cooper last night, where she appeared in the dais to be impaired or looking as if she was having a stroke , Lazarow was very quick to mock her , obviously not concerned if she was on or not, because Lazarow as we all know is always that kind , london was oddly quiet for once , almost as if he knew this was about to unfold, I hope they checked Mayor Coopers water bottle that was on the dais to check for drugs in it and for finger prints to see who might have put them in there if in fact that was what occurred, wouldn’t discount that possiblity in shafts Hallandale, little Mr Ross sure got Norman the city video very fast, Lazarow is already trying to get the governor to remove the mayor so the vice mayor london can take over power, and with Jullian running for the seat that Sanders was harassed outbid this is going to be one interesting special election, may make Clinton – Trump election look civilized


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      I just heard about it but didn’t watch the news yet. I hope the Mayor is okay. I’ll keep my eye on this story.


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