Insanity in North Miami: NMPD Commander Hollant fired by same cop who framed him

As is typical of the corruption in the North Miami Police Department, Commander Emile Hollant was fired earlier this evening by Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, who lied about Hollant’s involvement in the police involved shooting of an unarmed black man last summer.

Despite the fact that Commander Hollant was cleared three times by the Miami State Attorney’s Office, Juriga, who is desperately politicking to become the chief of the most corrupt police department in Miami-Dade County, and who framed Hollant in the first place, summoned Hollant to his office earlier this evening to advise him he was fired.

In a press release issued by Hollant’s attorneys, Michael A. Pizzi, Jr. and Benedict Kuehne, stated, “It is simply hard to believe that the City of North Miami has permitted the very City Manager and Police Chief who Commander Hollant just sued for retaliation, to further retaliate against him for filing the lawsuit. Commander Hollant has been completely exonerated by all investigations in connection with the tragic shooting of this unarmed caretaker, and it is disgraceful that the City has fired Hollant because he was truthful and blew the whistle on what actually occurred. We are confident that Commander Hollant will prevail in the Court of law and we will pursue this until justice is obtained.”

Start popping the corn.

Shit’s about to get real.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I wonder how much more this lawsuit is going to cost the City of North Miami? It is absolutely beyond believe that the police department is being controlled by people who are as corrupt and stupid as this group.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      It’s going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars. This entire fiasco is brought to you by the most corrupt cop in Miami-Dade County – LAWRENCE JURIGA – who framed Emile Hollant from the start!


      1. Gale Beyer says:

        Stephanie, I agree with you but know that this is how things work in corrupt police departments and city government. But believe me, Karma will prevail. Even though Commander Hollant is one of the best and his integrity and morals are impeccable, they don’t deserve to have someone of his caliber on the police force in that city. I feel sorry for all the minorities who reside in that city as they will not be treated fairly under the current command of the police force.


  2. miaexile says:

    reflective of the worst, most corrupt commander in chief currently lounging around mar al lago, so not hard to believe this is happening in north miami i mean gosh tondreau is in federal prison and the future of nomi rests atop an epa superfund site! nomi just continues to churn out the best material for Hiassen’s next best-seller…


    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      While I disagree with your comment about the Commander in Chief, the stench of corruption in North Miami is getting worse than the smell at Biscayne Landfill. It appears it will only continue to get worse from here.


  3. […] We have always contended that from the moment Gary Eugene was appointed as Chief of Police, Larry Juriga and his fellow Illuminati members were hell bent on undermining him and the officers he appointed and promoted. They have stopped at nothing, including lying, deceiving and conspiring to get rid of the Haitian-American Chief and, only last week, the Haitian-American Commander Emile Hollant. […]


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