#NMPDsoWhite (but, apparently, not white enough for some)

We’re not sure what was on North Miami Police Sergeant Patrick McNally’s mind when he filed his discrimination lawsuit last week (as reported by the Miami New Times) claiming he wasn’t promoted because he’s white, but we’re betting he didn’t quite think it all the way through.

In what can only be described as a Hold My Beer Moment, this white dude just picked a fight with two Haitians, two African Americans and a Hispanic in a bar where he’s outnumbered by something like 88% of the population.

As evidence of discrimination, McNally bases his entire complaint on two allegations.

His first “smoking gun” is that former Police Chief Gary Eugene, “a Haitian-born acting police chief,” “stated in a YouTube interview prior to the promotions that he wanted his police department to ‘mirror my community,’ which is Hiatian, African-American and Hispanic.”

If McNally was hoping to get sympathy from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he was sadly mistaken.

In October, 2016, ” the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – joined together to launch ‘Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement,’ an interagency research initiative designed to help our nation’s law enforcement agencies recruit, hire, retain, and promote officers that reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”  The purpose of this initiative was to improve “relations between law enforcement and communities.”

Ironically, McNally’s chief complaint is that by appointing Haitians, African Americans and Hispanics to his command staff, former Police Chief Gary Eugene was adhering to the very policy set out by the EEOC.

But, hey.  He’s white.  He deserved that promotion, dammit!

McNally also contends that Chief Eugene “stated in a meeting with his command staff that the promotions ‘were not based on performance.'”

Since Sergeant Patrick McNally does not attend command staff meetings, this allegation is based on hearsay.

It’s pretty damn convenient, though, that several of Patrick McNally’s fellow Illuminati buddies, including and especially Assistant Chief Larry Juriga and Commander Angel Rivera, are members of the command staff who also had motive to undermine Chief Eugene, and will more than likely “corroborate” McNally’s allegation.

“Da boyz” from left to right: Pat McNally, Larry Juriga, Angel Rivera, Pete Dominguez and Trevor Shinn, a/k/a The Illuminati

Patrick McNally’s lawsuit also alleges that Chief Eugene promoted African-American Commander Tim Belcher over Hispanic Commander Angel Rivera to the position of Major.  McNally claims that Eugene told Rivera he was his “highest performing commander” but that he “needed an African-American.”  Again, McNally will have no problem getting his co-conspirators to testify that Eugene made that statement.

The lawsuit further contends that, even though they were not qualified to be commanders, Eugene promoted “Sergeants Emile Hollant, a Haitian; Rafael Estrugo, a Hispanic, and Angelo Brinson, an African-American, over McNally,” and that “all four of which promotions then-Acting Chief Eugene told his command staff ‘were not based on performance.'”

McNally whines that his “race (white) was a substantial, motivating cause of former Chief Eugene’s passing over McNally for promotion to commander of police in favor of Messrs. Hollant, Estrugo and Brinson.”

Because absolutely nothing says, “We’re Brothers in Blue” quite like…

Alrighty then.

Here’s where things get sticky.

In a lawsuit filed filed by Gary Eugene in U.S. District Court against the City of North Miami, Larry M. Spring, Jr. and Scott W. Galvin, Eugene categorically denied an accusation made by City Manager Larry Spring in his termination letter that the Chief admitted he “made promotions based not on merit but on what [he] perceived as a means to curry political favor with outside influencers.”

City Manager Larry Spring is now stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place.

In order to defend himself against Gary Eugene’s lawsuit, Larry Spring has to stick with his contention that the Chief made that admission to him.

In order to defend the city against Patrick McNally’s lawsuit, Larry Spring will have to deny that Gary Eugene passed over the Sergeant for promotion – the exact opposite of what he already accused Gary Eugene of doing.


In order to compensate him for all his “lost wages and benefits, future pecuniary losses, emotional pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-pecuniary losses,” Patrick McNally is asking the court to force the City of North Miami to promote him “to the position of commander for which he was passed over in favor of Messrs. Hollant, Estrugo and Brinson.”

He also wants the city to make his promotion retroactive (nunc pro tunc) to “one-minute before the earliest of these promotions were official,” thereby giving him seniority over his three non-white colleagues.

McNally, of course, also wants back pay and benefits for his position as commander, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

And to prove that he’s far more superior than his non-Illuminati comrades, McNally filed a Request for Production of all documents regarding “the qualification or position description for commander in effect June 26, 2016,” as well as the personnel and disciplinary files on himself, Chief Gary Eugene, Commanders Rafael Estrugo, Emile Hollant, Angel Rivera, and Majors Tim Belcher and Donald Blanchard.

Here’s the thing.

We have always contended that from the moment Gary Eugene was appointed as Chief of Police, Larry Juriga and his fellow Illuminati members were hell bent on undermining him and the officers he appointed and promoted. They have stopped at nothing, including lying, deceiving and conspiring to get rid of the Haitian-American Chief and, only last week, the Haitian-American Commander Emile Hollant.

This lawsuit filed by Sergeant Patrick McNally, most likely done at the urging of Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, is indisputable proof of that contention.

Patrick McNally’s attempt to systematically undermine Chief Eugene’s appointees, Tim Belcher, Emile Hollant, Rafael Estrugo and Angelo Brinson, should concern every Black, Haitian and Hispanic police officer in the North Miami Police Department.

In effect, Sergeant Patrick McNally is announcing to all officers of color in the NMPD that they’re not worthy of being promoted based on merit, but are only being rewarded because of the color of their skin.

It doesn’t get any more racist than that.

North Miami residents deserve better.


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    1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

      OMG! I have no idea how I missed that dramatic news.

      Actually, I did read it.

      I can’t imagine why I didn’t blog it unless I had something more pressing going on at the time. Like watching reruns of Family Feud.

      In all seriousness, the night market is a great event for North Miami residents. Hopefully, Laura Hill and Howard Tonkin will work out their differences, or at least come up with a good solution.

      In my opinion, however, nothing is more important than public safety. Unless something is done about the corruption in the NMPD, North Miami residents will have more to worry about than deciding whose side to take in a personal drama.

      Just saying.


      1. El Nuder says:

        Hahahaha nothing beats reruns of family
        Feud…maybe matlock.

        I agree with you – this is all just in good fun 🙂
        keep up the good reporting on the NMPD. If it weren’t for you frankly I dont think anyone would write about them and their shenanigans.

        Happy holidays!


    2. Laura Hill says:

      #oldnews #notnews

      Must have been a slow news day.


      1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

        Considering that no one gives a rat’s ass about NMB’s corruptocrats, Frantz Pierre and Phyllis Smith, I guess you could say that. However, the city’s response to Sergeant McNally’s complaint to the Florida Commission on Human Rights was a masterpiece. Stay tuned.


        1. Laura Hill says:

          I meant the reference to howard and my market. Police matters are always relevant.


          1. Stephanie Kienzle says:

            Agreed. Nothing is more important to residents than public safety.


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