Mr. Blynn Goes to New Joisey

Mr. SmithThe never ending saga of Biscayne Landing in North Miami continues.

North Miami councilman/candidate Michael Blynn envisions turning the former Munisport Landfill, now known as Biscayne Landing, into a renters and retail paradise.  According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this property was described as:

“The Munisport Landfill site occupies a 291-acre parcel of land within the city limits of North Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida. The site is the location of a former municipal landfill that operated from 1974 to 1981. The landfill resulted from the filling of low-lying wetland areas with construction debris and solid waste in an effort to raise the elevation of the land for the construction of a cultural and trade center known as Interama. Because the solid waste was disposed of without the use of a liner or leachate control mechanisms, rainfall percolating through the solid waste has caused the release of contaminants into the underlying ground water and discharge into adjacent surface water. A Remedial Investigation completed by EPA in 1988 and a water quality and toxicity assessment completed in 1989 found that the landfill posed no threat to human health, but that it did pose a significant threat to aquatic organisms in the adjacent wetlands…The main contaminants found Continue reading


No, seriously, WTF is going on?

WTF kittyAn incident happened one night last week at the Publix in the Skylake Mall.  I was on my way to the checkout line when I heard a commotion at the front of the store.  A man a wheelchair (no, it wasn’t you-know-who) was being verbally abusive to the lady behind the customer service desk.  After a few minutes she called the police.  Undeterred, the man kept screaming at her, calling her all kinds of names while the store’s armed security guard stood next to him, waiting for the cops to come.  I assume the guard would have had to act if the man became physically violent, but luckily all he did was rant, rave and cause a scene.

It took at least ten long minutes for the cops to get there, probably closer to fifteen, although I couldn’t be sure.  The cops managed to get the man outside, where he started to abusively berate them, too.  Chances are this man was not in his right mind.  Fortunately, I was finished shopping and I left before I saw the outcome of the situation.

Due to our crazy boundary lines, parts of Skylake are in the city limits of North Miami Beach, Continue reading


No Mercy! (Translated)

By special request, I am translating my column, No Mercy, into French and Creole for my readers.  Enjoy!

No Mercy!
Apr.3, 2013

Scream for me fait MercyNothing plus en colère que la fraude, surtout quand il s’agit d’élections. Si vous commettez une fraude, que ce soit en tant que candidat, un élu public ou un électeur, je ne vais pas reposer jusqu’à ce que vous soient traduits en justice et de crier grâce.

Il s’agit d’informer Philippe Bien-Aimé, qui est candidat à North Miami City District Council 3, qu’il est le prochain sur ma liste.

Commencer à crier miséricorde, bébé. J’ai pas déconner!

Selon la déclaration du candidat Philippe Bien-Aimé déposé auprès de la ville de North Miami et de l’État de la Floride, il prétend qu’il vit à 531 Street NE 133, North Miami, Florida 33161.

Selon les comptes rendus publics de l’évaluateur Broward County propriété, il vit à 12460 SW 1, rue Plantation, Floride 33325.

Selon les comptes rendus publics de l’évaluateur de Miami-Dade County propriété, Continue reading


Hail to the Webmaster!

HailWhile you and I were sound asleep last night, the Webmaster of was toiling into the wee hours of the morning to redesign and upgrade this website.  The new and improved layout is also now compatible with your iPhone and Android phones.  Woo Hoo!  Now you can carry me around in your pocket and never miss a story!

The Webmaster wouldn’t mind being paid for all his hard work, either.  Since is a free site and I don’t make a dime, I’d love for you to advertise your business or campaign here and help him out.  Rates are very, very reasonable, so if you’re interested, please click the “Contact Us” button at the right.

If you have nothing to advertise, but still want to help out, Continue reading


North Miami’s loss is Opa-locka’s gain. Oh, darn!

Opa-locka police chief Jeffrey KeyGotta love Random Pixels!  Just posted is a column entitled Welcome to Opa-locka, where the line between criminals and cops is sometimes blurred.

Seems like Opa-locka’s newly hired police chief, Jeffrey Key, (formerly of the NMPD) is already making headlines.  And not in a good way.  No wonder North Miami couldn’t wait to get rid of him!

In a news video from WSVN Channel 7, Key was quoted as saying, “Anybody with a human heart, they’re heart would bleed out for the family members and also the victims.”

Gee, I don’t know about you guys, but last time I checked we all had human hearts.  What a spokesman, huh?

RP’s latest column begins, “Wednesday’s wrong way crash on I-95 that killed 4 innocent people was the culmination of a police chase that never should have happened, initiated by an Opa-Locka officer who never should have been hired.”

Click here for the lowdown.

Meanwhile, the tragic and twisted story, which continues to unfold, Continue reading


Just Posted on NBC Miami: Sign Thief Caught on Video

North Miami Beach Police Looking for Campaign Sign Stealer

Man caught on video swiping political candidate’s sign

By Brian Hamacher
|  Thursday, Apr 4, 2013  |  Updated 8:21 AM EDT
North Miami Beach Police Looking for Campaign Sign Stealer
North Miami Beach Police say this man was caught on video stealing a political candidate’s sign in North Miami Beach.

North Miami Beach Police are asking for the public’s help in catching a man who was caught on video stealing a political sign.

The incident happened Monday morning around 6:30 a.m. at 699 Northeast 167th Street, North Miami Beach Police said.

A video of the theft released by police shows the suspect drive up near the sign, yank it out of the ground and leave the scene in a four-door sedan.

The sign belongs to Anthony DeFillipo, a candidate for North Miami Beach’s City Council in the city’s May 7 election Continue reading


Hey, KFR! This is how it’s done!

Just dessertsSeven more crooked politicians get their just desserts!

In Spring Valley, New York, an FBI sting nailed two corrupt public officials on federal charges.  Mayor Norami Jasmin was busted for bribery and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret for mail fraud.  According to an article published today in, Spring Valley mayor won’t say if she’ll resign,  both were also charged with “selling their votes for [a] community center project.”

With typical political chutzpah, the mayor doesn’t know if she’ll step down.

The sting also brought down and charged a State Senator “and three other high-profile political figures with bribery and corruption.”

Music to my ears!

Closer to home, the FBI published a press release today on, Margate City Commissioner Indicted on Federal Bribery Charges.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office charged Commissioner David McClean with “three counts of bribery in connection with a program receiving Continue reading


No Mercy!

Scream for MercyNothing makes me angrier than fraud, especially when it comes to elections.  If you are committing fraud, either as a candidate, an elected public official or a voter, I will not rest until you are brought to justice and scream for mercy.

This is to notify Philippe Bien-Aime, who is running for North Miami City Council District 3, that he’s next on my list.

Start screaming for mercy, baby.  I ain’t messing around!

According to the Statement of Candidate Philippe Bien-Aime filed with the City of North Miami and the State of Florida, he claims he lives at 531 NE 133 Street, North Miami, Florida 33161.

According to the Public Records of the Broward County Property Appraiser, he lives at 12460 SW 1 Street, Plantation, Florida 33325.

Phillipe Ben-Aime Broward Property

According to the Public Records of the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser, the property located at 531 NE 133 Street, North Miami, Florida is owned by one Suzanne Joseph, who receives a homestead exemption.
Phillipe Ben-Aime DadeProperty
Granted, neither Ben-Aime nor the co-owner of the Broward property, Sara Jane Ternier, declared a homestead exemption on that home (the Warranty Deed shows they are husband and wife), but a thorough investigation of Philippe Ben-Aime turned up some interesting results.

The phone number that he gave to the North Miami Clerk, 786-224-8636, is completely untraceable.

Phillipe Ben-Aime Phone Tracer Report

This is probably because it’s a “burner phone,” purchased solely for the purpose of having a Miami-Dade County telephone number.  Considering that he purchased a phone on January 12, 2013 with campaign funds, this is probably the number of that phone.

The phone number that I tracked down for him in Broward County, 954-306-2053, is a landline in his name and is also associated with his wife, Sara Jane Ternier, as well as one Marnatha Pierre.

Phillipe Ben-Aime Phone Search
Phillipe Ben-Aime Phone Search-Broward
I also heard, but have not yet confirmed, that Ben-Aime’s children attend public school in Broward County.


Obviously for the perks that North Miami elected officials are rumored to receive.  But, that’s a whole other scandal for another blog.

Listen up, DUDE.  It’s bad enough when private citizens commit voter fraud.  And, believe me, there are plenty of them to go after!  But, when a person runs for public office ostensibly to serve the residents of a city, and DOESN’T EVEN LIVE IN THAT CITY, that is completely and utterly despicable!

Unfortunately for Philippe Ben-Aime, I have the Florida Elections Commission on speed dial.  I also am no stranger to filing complaint after complaint until I get results.  I am committed to routing out voter fraud and election fraud, and I AM RELENTLESS.  (Just ask Myron if you don’t believe me.)

I strongly suggest that Philippe Ben-Aime bow out of the race before it gets ugly.

Just saying, of course.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


North Miami’s Circle of Corruption

Circle of CorruptionThere is so much corruption in the City of North Miami that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.  It’s even harder to keep track of all the players and the intertwined relationships they all have among themselves.  Never mind that theory called Six Degrees of Separation, in which it is believed that everyone in the world is connected to every other person by a maximum of six steps.  In North Miami, the politicians in the Circle of Corruption are connected by no more than two.

The bigger problem, however, is that those politicians are no longer content to contain that Circle of Corruption within their own city.  They are bound and determined to spread their toxic waste to North Miami Beach.

As I reported in Who’s election is this anyway?, one of the candidates being endorsed by NMB’s Pierre (a/k/a L’il Frantzie P), Jean D. Berrouet received a $500.00 donation from a company called Compas Investment Group, LLC.  That company is owned by Herby and Julina Dorval.  Turns out, Herby Dorval’s connection to North Miami is not just through his partner, Elmitide Tillus, as I noted in the column.  Herby Dorval’s relationship with North Miami mayor Andre Pierre goes way back.

In August of 2011, Andre found himself in hot water, as usual, for using a city facility, the Gwen Margolis Center, to host a private event.  City facilities are only supposed to be used for public events, but Andre didn’t care.  According to an article in the Examiner:

“Pierre initially admitted that the event was a private one in an interview with the Miami Herald Monday and then quickly backtracked saying as mayor, any gathering he attends in the city’s boundaries makes it an official city event. “If I’m sponsoring it and I’m part of an event happening in the city of North Miami, yes, it’s considered to be an official city event,” Pierre said.

North Miami City Manager Russell Benford said he took the mayor at his word that the affair was open to the public and approved the mayor’s request to use the park facilities for free. “I was not aware it was a private event,” Benford said Tuesday. “We have an internal facility request form and it indicated it was for a city function for community leaders. That’s the information that we had.” The party, according to attendees, was to honor several recent graduates of FIU’s nursing program.

Herby Dorval, a Haitian radio host, said he and other Haitian radio hosts planned the celebration to honor recent graduates from FIU’s nursing program and to inspire young Haitian Americans to pursue higher education. Among the honorees was Dorval’s wife.”

By accepting a $500.00 donation from Andre Pierre crony, Herby Dorval, it’s quite apparent that Jean D. Berrouet is a member of North Miami’s Circle of Corruption.

Moving right along.

As I reported only this morning in It’s all about the money, Part II, North Miami candidate Hans Mardy paid $2,000.00 to Sinal Consulting Group, LLC to work for his campaign.  I alluded to the fact that one of the principles, Maxo Sinal, was connected to several other key members of the Circle of Corruption, but it took a reader to remind me that I had already written about Mr. Sinal last summer!  In Oh! Marie!, I wrote:

“Back in August of 2011, Councilwoman Steril was accused of “steering a $5 million contract to a company run by her friends.”  The Miami Herald ran that article on August 2nd, but unfortunately it’s not online anymore so I can’t post the link.  Email me if you’d like a copy.  The article stated that at a council meeting in April, 2011, she voted to award a bidding contract to Kaufman Lynn Construction of Boca Raton for an improvement project in the city’s Claude Pepper Park.  According to Mayor Andre Pierre’s nephew/campaign manager Ricard Brutus, who got busted for soliciting bribes, Ms. Steril’s good friend and campaign consultant, Maxo Sinal “would make money off the contract.”  By sheer coincidence, Mr. Sinal was “hired by Kaufman Lynn to serve as the community liaison on the project.”  Ironically, a man named Jeff Cazeau, who claims to have recommended Mr. Sinal to Kaufman Lynn, was also Mayor Pierre’s campaign consultant.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.”

Tangled indeed!

Another ex-officio member of the North Miami Circle of Corruption would be our very own Pierre, a/k/a Frantz Pee-Air.  Along with the other Pierre in a Pod, a/k/a Andre, North Miami city clerk, The Hon. Michael A. Etienne, Esquire, his law partner Phillip J. Brutus, and former North Miami mayor Joe Celestin thrown in for good measure, The P Man is endorsing not one, but two, candidates to run for office in the City of North Miami Beach.

While I have already established the North Miami connection with Jean D. Berrouet, the other candidate Yvenoline Dargenson does not appear to be a member of the Inner Circle.  Not yet, anyway.

However, appearance is EVERYTHING.  And, from the appearance of this full color, two sided mailer sent out last week, it appears that the members of the Circle of Corruption have every intention of bringing her into the fold.

Mailer 1

Mailer 2

The old adage that you are judged by the company you keep has never rung truer.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


It’s all about the money, Part II

MoneyAs promised, here are my observations on the North Miami City Council candidates’ Campaign Treasurer’s Reports.

Waste Pro and its lobbyist are betting on councilman Michael Blynn to keep his seat and keep them happy.  He voted to privatize the city’s sanitation department and give Waste Pro the lucrative contract.  In turn, Blynn scooped up two thousand five hundred clams for his loyalty.*  As he and other principles of Waste Pro did for Andre Pierre and Marie Steril in their 2011 re-election bids, Russell Mackie, the regional vice president of Waste Pro of Florida, Inc., and his company Waste Pro, each gave Blynn $500.00 in October of last year.  In December, lobbyist/lawyer Ronald L. Book gave him $500.00 personally and $500.00 from his law firm, Ronald L. Book, P.A.  For good measure, Book’s wife Patricia, kicked in another $500.00 through her company, Confection Connection, Inc.  Nothing like keeping it all in the family.

*I was just advised that Blynn did not vote to privatize, but neither had Pierre or Steril before Waste Pro donated to their campaigns.  I guess they wanted to secure Blynn’s support for a future vote.  Just saying.

So what did Book, Mackie, and various other donors get for their total contributions of $4,325.00?  $741.00 worth of “professional design services campaign materials” and $300 worth of campaign ads from Placemats R Us.  At least Blynn’s not a big spender.  Not as of December 31, 2012 anyway.  When the most recent CTRs are published, we’ll see if that changes.

At year end, Joseph Haber collected $7,255.00 (including a $5.00 loan), and spent $7,165.65, leaving $89.35 left in his campaign coffer to start the New Year.  Almost all of his money has been spent getting his face out there and making sure his name is known.  His very first purchase was for $1,174.24 in T-shirts.  By year end, Haber also spent $571.32 in Facebook advertising, $450.00 to Placemats R Us (WTF?), and the rest of the money on printing, volunteers and, obviously, websites.  Just google “Joseph Haber North Miami” and you’ll see a sh*tload of websites dedicated to Joseph Haber’s campaign, including Facebook, his blog, twitter and, of course, the now infamous Joseph Haber Election Countdown.  The dude’s creative, I’ll give him that much.  He also has way too much time on his hands.

Philippe Ben-Aime loaned his campaign the entire $2,800.00 and proceeded to spend the bulk of his $2,119.83 expenditures on a turkey giveaway ($650.00), holiday cards and stamps ($256.77), radio advertising ($500.00), and a cell phone ($427.63).  He also filled up his tank ($70.01), bought more cards ($125.00), opened a bank account ($70.42), purchased a CD of the voter rolls from the County ($20.00), and he’s good to go.  Door to door giving out turkeys?  We got us a campaign, folks!

Hans Mardy loaned himself $5,000.00 and received a $500.00 “in kind” donation from a printer for “holiday cards.”  He spent $5,221.00.  Of that money, $2,000.00 went to Sinal Consulting Group, LLC.  The rest went for ads, printing and postage.  As an interesting side note, one of the principals of Sinal Consulting, Maxo Sinal, used to be in business with Manny Cherubin (of Petite Cayemite) in the now defunct corporations Taptap Transportation Group, Inc. and Digo Enterprises, Inc.  Also interesting is the fact that Michael A. Etienne’s law partner Phillip J. Brutus was the Registered Agent for both companies.  Maxo Sinal was also partners with Jean and Kettia Monestime in the defunct company RODEXP, Corp., and another dissolved company, MOVEMENT DES JEUNES DE MIAMI, INC., of which Jean Monestime was the Registered Agent.  We can see that Hans Mardy has “friends in high places.”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s column, It’s all about the money, candidate Katiusquie Pierre spent $115.00 on her hair and makeup to take $65.00 worth of campaign pictures.  She spent the rest of the money on web design, advertising, volunteers, voter list and $349.84 on “Gas, Campaign Refreshment, and Office Supplies.”  (Hat tip, Kat:  I’m pretty sure you need to break down that last expense separately.  Just saying.)  As of December 31, 2012 she took in $1,953.00 ($1,040.00 of which is in loans), and spent $2,033.00.  I’m pretty sure this is illegal since North Miami Beach EX-mayor Myron Rosner got arrested for, among other things, writing campaign checks against money he didn’t have.  However, unlike Myron, Ms. Pierre is a novice at this campaign thing and this $80.00 shortage could be a mere bookkeeping error or oversight by her Treasurer, Gabriel Demosthene.  Still, this needs to be corrected by an Amended Campaign Treasurer’s Report.  As I also mentioned yesterday, it’s against campaign finance laws to accept CASH donations in excess of $50.00.  Ms. Pierre should also figure out a way to fix that mess.  Oy vey!  As yet another aside, I wish to point out that running for office is complicated.  I suggest people read the rules book before they decide to run.

Stephanie Kienzle

“Spreading the Wealth”

Note:  I inadvertently left out my critique of candidate Jacques Despinosse’s CTR.  I’ll write something up in another column.  Keep an eye out.