Can we talk?

FB LOLOkay, yeah.  I am such a bitch.  I admit it.  But, hey, I’m so damn good at it, it’s like a calling to me.  Why fight it?

So, “Yve.”  Sweetie.  Can we talk?  Girlfriend to girlfriend, ya know.  Okay?

Honey, now you know you don’t live here.  Who do you think you’re kidding?  Certainly not me.

Listen up, girlfriend.  North Miami Beach is my home town.  I’ve lived here for almost 24 years, and I’d know if you were one of us.  Unlike you, I raised three children in this city.  My kids went to Greynolds Park Elementary, JFK Middle, and graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School.  I have firmly planted Continue reading


Ydiots Among Us

IdiotsWe’ve already established that North Miami Beach City Council Class Clown Frantz Pierre IS the dimmest bulb in the chandelier.  A close contender for Ydiot of the Year is his protege/faux city council candidate, Yvenoline “Yve” Dargenson.

We’ve also established that she’s nothing but a LIAR and a FRAUD.  By necessity, liars and frauds had better be smart enough not to get caught.  Unfortunately for her, L’il Evil Yve, who lied about living in our city in order to run for office, is proving that no one will ever confuse her for a rocket scientist.

Her website, for example, is a freaking joke.

For starters, her Home page claims she is “Committed to working for Continue reading


Let’s play “Family Values”

family values1“People with no moral compass can easily compromise the principles they claim they have and seamlessly justify doing so.” – Stephanie Kienzle

Those of us who are disgusted with rampant fraud and corruption in government shouldn’t be at all surprised that moral decay usually starts long before a first time candidate even contemplates running for office.  Folks here in North Miami and North Miami Beach, for example, continue to be aghast at the blatantly unethical and allegedly illegal acts perpetrated by the Two Pierres in a Pod, a/k/a Andre and Frantz.  Encouraged and abetted by a system that seems to protect them from accountability, they continue their devious ways seemingly impervious to the laws of the State of Florida and the various codes, resolutions, ordinances and charters of the cities they are supposed to be serving.

Citizen activists have been calling out the unethical and alleged criminal activities of these two politicians, among others, filing complaints which are all but ignored by the very organizations ostensibly created Continue reading



bustedAs I reported in The Carpetbagger of NMB, there is undisputed proof that North Miami Beach Council candidate Yvenoline Dargenson not only does not live in North Miami Beach, but she doesn’t live in Miami-Dade County at all.

As if all the information that I’ve already dug up weren’t enough evidence, NMB Sergeant Richard Silberman’s investigation, as described in his Memorandum, was the icing on the cake.

But nothing tops the latest piece of evidence, I’ll call Smoking Gun Part III, uncovered by Councilwoman Beth Spiegel as outlined in her Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief filed on April 13, 2013 against Yvenoline Dargenson a/k/a Yve Dargenson, Penelope Townsley Continue reading


Skyscrapers and Unicorns

skyscrapers and unicornsAfter I published my column, Hippies on the Grass, a good friend of mine, with whom I usually agree on most political issues, sent me an email stating, “What is your point?  Read the 1st amendment of the US Constitution.  Even if it were only 4 or 40000, all are protected by the Bill of Rights.”

I responded by writing, “Read the last paragraph. I agreed they have a right to protest. I also have a right to think they’re morons.”

I will add here for anyone who reads any of my blogs, “You have the right to disagree with anything and everything I say.  What you think of me is none of my business.”

That being said, the entire Greynolds Park brouhaha reminds me of an old childhood game called Continue reading


Letter from an NMB Oldtimer

Oldtimer Chevrolet Impala 1959I promised a reader that I would publish his letter on my website, so here it is:

Dear Stephanie,

I’m nearly getting a bald spot from continuously scratching my head after I occasionally choose to read a monthly letter that I receive from a property owners association in NMB. I will not say the name of this group because I truly believe they lack credibility. In fact I believe they belong in a loony house. While I think it is valuable to have a group that watches over its government, this one watches, and then distorts the facts, and then spews it in a letter to who knows how many residents of our city.  Thank goodness for your informative website which form what I can tell, captures the truths of real life issues concerning our government and than cleverly tells the tales of both the good the bad and the ugly Continue reading


Hippies on the Grass

Hippies on the Grass4A couple of days ago, the Miami Herald published an article entitled, North Miami Beach protesters rally against hotel by Greynolds Park.  According to the article, “on Sunday, nearly forty protestors showed up at the proposed construction site to show their disapproval of a rezoning that the council approved last year to allow a development.”

I wonder how many of those “nearly forty protestors” are among the forty thousand residents who live in the City of North Miami Beach.

Two of the protestors interviewed for the article are Letty Dykes of BISCAYNE GARDENS and Kim Lumpkin of NORTH MIAMI.  Not interviewed, but most likely in attendance was Good Old Charlie Brown, er, I mean, Baron, Flora and Fauna Expert/Tree Lawyer, of UNINCORPORATED DADE.

I couldn’t tell you how many actual North Miami Beach residents attended the rally Continue reading


NMB’s Insane Clown (of Code Compliance) Posse

Insane Clown PosseAs I mentioned in my column Welcome to My Ghetto!, with all the crappy looking properties in North Miami Beach you’d think Code Enforcement would be busy nailing people for things like junk in the yard, rooftop tarps, cars on cinder blocks, commercial vehicles in driveways and the like, right?  In NMB, Code Enforcement has its work cut out for it.

And, yet, instead of enforcing the already arbitrary and confusing building code we have, Code Compliance Officer Eric Wardle seems to be targeting residents at random Continue reading


Third Annual Legacy Gala was a success

MonasteryOn Saturday night I had the privilege of attending the Third Annual Legacy Gala at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach.  For those of you who have never visited this historic site in our community, what are you waiting for?  The rich history of the Spanish Monastery dates back to 1133 AD when it was built in Spain, and then brought to New York in 1925 by William Randolph Hearst in 11,000 wooden crates.  The pieces were then purchased 26 years later and brought to North Miami Beach for reassembling, and then was purchased again and given to the Bishop of Florida.  The Monastery is an active church in the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida.


The Annual Gala is hosted by the Ancient Spanish Monastery Foundation, the purpose of which is Continue reading