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Massage parlor busted for offering clients sex

Posted: Apr 12, 2011 12:12 PM EDT Updated: Apr 13, 2011 6:39 PM EDT

Kim Sun (Source: Columbus Police Department) Kim Sun (Source: Columbus Police Department)

Suk Kim Ho (Source: Columbus Police Department) Suk Kim Ho (Source: Columbus Police Department)

Young Singletary (Source: Columbus Police Department) Young Singletary (Source: Columbus Police Department)

By Lindsey Connell – bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –  Undercover officers say a North Columbus massage parlor has been offering more than just massages.

Members of the Special Operations Unit busted the Sun Spa Monday night Continue reading


Hate thy neighbor!

Love thy neighborRhetorical question of the day:  Why is it okay to invoke “separation of church and state” when it suits one’s particular agenda, and then reject it when it doesn’t?

Okay, so it’s not such a rhetorical question.  The answer of the day is:  When the hypocrites on the North Miami City Council decide that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them.

On April 9, 2012, notoriously anti-gay Pastor Jack Hakimian from “Mission Miami” came before the council to let them know that his church is going to use the National Day of Prayer on May 2, 2013 to spread his message that “homosexuality is wrapped in a quadruplet — fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest.”  As he told South Florida Gay News, “I do see them as equal sins. All of us human beings struggle Continue reading


But, wait! There’s more!

but waitWhen I wrote my column No Mercy! and filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission against North Miami council candidate Philippe Bien-Aime for living outside the city, I had no idea that there were two other candidates with questionable residency.  When Nadege Green published her Miami Herald article today, Three North Miami candidates’ residency questioned, I learned there were two more.

I had heard rumors that mayoral candidate Lucie Tondreau was an outsider, and I did try to dig some dirt on her.  Nothing turned up as she does not appear to own any real estate in either Miami-Dade or Broward County.  The only public record regarding this candidate is an old civil case she had against former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Dorrin Rolle and a David Leahy, who I’m guessing is the former Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections. A Motion, Notice and Judgment of Dismissal dated June 13, 2004 has no specifics other than Continue reading


Yet another North Miami WTF Moment

HuhIt seems that North Miami councilman Michael Blynn is less than thrilled with my recent blog about him.  He tried to post two very similar, and very confusing, comments on my website.  I didn’t approve either for comment because I wanted to give him the opportunity to withdraw them and spare him from humiliating himself.

I tried.  I really did.  But, he still didn’t get it.  Here’s the story.

In the first comment, Blynn wrote:

“Again, Ms. Kienzle,to set the record straight, you are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts.  I never made the quotation you attrributed to me in quotes ever. .  I I never wrote anything regarding the hotel, the dealership mall, nor did I contemplate low income rental units. Furthermore, I moved to spend only the 2.5 million, if that, and keep the rest in reserves, but my motion was voted down 4/1.  I have consistently demanded the hiring of grant writers to make the money grow for the benefit. I look forward to your corrections in your next blog.  Thank you.  Councilmember Michael R. Blynn”

Before I even had a chance to read the first one, Continue reading


Do You Voodoo?

Voodoo Words fail me.

Yes, I know.  Hard to believe.  But I think what you’re about to see, hear and read might even stun Phyllis into silence. For a few minutes anyway.

The North Miami race for City Council just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

For one thing, I just saw a campaign video on YouTube produced by Council Candidate for District 2 Mary Irvin that literally defies all explanation and description.  You must see it for yourself to understand what I’m talking about.

As I said, words fail me.  Somebody has just gotta tell me…WTF WAS THAT?

Real classy, huh?

In yet another stunning slap in the face of reality, Anna L. Pierre, who is running for mayor of North Miami, Continue reading


Mr. Blynn Goes to New Joisey

Mr. SmithThe never ending saga of Biscayne Landing in North Miami continues.

North Miami councilman/candidate Michael Blynn envisions turning the former Munisport Landfill, now known as Biscayne Landing, into a renters and retail paradise.  According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this property was described as:

“The Munisport Landfill site occupies a 291-acre parcel of land within the city limits of North Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida. The site is the location of a former municipal landfill that operated from 1974 to 1981. The landfill resulted from the filling of low-lying wetland areas with construction debris and solid waste in an effort to raise the elevation of the land for the construction of a cultural and trade center known as Interama. Because the solid waste was disposed of without the use of a liner or leachate control mechanisms, rainfall percolating through the solid waste has caused the release of contaminants into the underlying ground water and discharge into adjacent surface water. A Remedial Investigation completed by EPA in 1988 and a water quality and toxicity assessment completed in 1989 found that the landfill posed no threat to human health, but that it did pose a significant threat to aquatic organisms in the adjacent wetlands…The main contaminants found Continue reading


No, seriously, WTF is going on?

WTF kittyAn incident happened one night last week at the Publix in the Skylake Mall.  I was on my way to the checkout line when I heard a commotion at the front of the store.  A man a wheelchair (no, it wasn’t you-know-who) was being verbally abusive to the lady behind the customer service desk.  After a few minutes she called the police.  Undeterred, the man kept screaming at her, calling her all kinds of names while the store’s armed security guard stood next to him, waiting for the cops to come.  I assume the guard would have had to act if the man became physically violent, but luckily all he did was rant, rave and cause a scene.

It took at least ten long minutes for the cops to get there, probably closer to fifteen, although I couldn’t be sure.  The cops managed to get the man outside, where he started to abusively berate them, too.  Chances are this man was not in his right mind.  Fortunately, I was finished shopping and I left before I saw the outcome of the situation.

Due to our crazy boundary lines, parts of Skylake are in the city limits of North Miami Beach, Continue reading


No Mercy! (Translated)

By special request, I am translating my column, No Mercy, into French and Creole for my readers.  Enjoy!

No Mercy!
Apr.3, 2013

Scream for me fait MercyNothing plus en colère que la fraude, surtout quand il s’agit d’élections. Si vous commettez une fraude, que ce soit en tant que candidat, un élu public ou un électeur, je ne vais pas reposer jusqu’à ce que vous soient traduits en justice et de crier grâce.

Il s’agit d’informer Philippe Bien-Aimé, qui est candidat à North Miami City District Council 3, qu’il est le prochain sur ma liste.

Commencer à crier miséricorde, bébé. J’ai pas déconner!

Selon la déclaration du candidat Philippe Bien-Aimé déposé auprès de la ville de North Miami et de l’État de la Floride, il prétend qu’il vit à 531 Street NE 133, North Miami, Florida 33161.

Selon les comptes rendus publics de l’évaluateur Broward County propriété, il vit à 12460 SW 1, rue Plantation, Floride 33325.

Selon les comptes rendus publics de l’évaluateur de Miami-Dade County propriété, Continue reading


Hail to the Webmaster!

HailWhile you and I were sound asleep last night, the Webmaster of was toiling into the wee hours of the morning to redesign and upgrade this website.  The new and improved layout is also now compatible with your iPhone and Android phones.  Woo Hoo!  Now you can carry me around in your pocket and never miss a story!

The Webmaster wouldn’t mind being paid for all his hard work, either.  Since is a free site and I don’t make a dime, I’d love for you to advertise your business or campaign here and help him out.  Rates are very, very reasonable, so if you’re interested, please click the “Contact Us” button at the right.

If you have nothing to advertise, but still want to help out, Continue reading


North Miami’s loss is Opa-locka’s gain. Oh, darn!

Opa-locka police chief Jeffrey KeyGotta love Random Pixels!  Just posted is a column entitled Welcome to Opa-locka, where the line between criminals and cops is sometimes blurred.

Seems like Opa-locka’s newly hired police chief, Jeffrey Key, (formerly of the NMPD) is already making headlines.  And not in a good way.  No wonder North Miami couldn’t wait to get rid of him!

In a news video from WSVN Channel 7, Key was quoted as saying, “Anybody with a human heart, they’re heart would bleed out for the family members and also the victims.”

Gee, I don’t know about you guys, but last time I checked we all had human hearts.  What a spokesman, huh?

RP’s latest column begins, “Wednesday’s wrong way crash on I-95 that killed 4 innocent people was the culmination of a police chase that never should have happened, initiated by an Opa-Locka officer who never should have been hired.”

Click here for the lowdown.

Meanwhile, the tragic and twisted story, which continues to unfold, Continue reading