Turkey Leftovers

When North Miami mayor Andre Pierre invited congresswoman Frederica Wilson to participate in its 38th Annual Winternational Thanksgiving Day Parade, I wonder if he realized that she insulted “his” president last spring?

In an Open Letter to address her complaints against Haitian President Michel Martelly in May, Wilson blasted him for inserting “himself into the issues affecting Congressional District 17.”

Apparently, President Martelly had the audacity to support her opponent Rudy Moise in her run for re-election instead of her!

Wilson bragged on her totally awesome self by listing all the totally awesome things she does for the local Haitian community, and then tore President Martelly a new one for all the problems that continue to plague Haiti.  She also insinuated that if he wanted her to “free up the funds pledged to toward Haiti’s recovery efforts,” he’d better start towing the line.  Smells like blackmail to me!

I’m just saying.

Wilson then reminded President Martelly of the time she “took a helicopter ride in his private helicopter to survey the damage caused by the earthquake” and that she is “constantly advocating for Haiti in Congress and all across the nation.”  She ended by admonishing the president that “this is what the Haitian people need their president to do as well – not for him to be meddling in District 17 affairs.”


Maybe someone ought to remind Ms. Wilson that as a United States Congressional Representative perhaps she should concern herself with the affairs of District 17 and not the affairs of a foreign country.  What’s good for the goose…

Nevertheless, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, not to mention politics, Andre Pierre has forgiven his old nemesis by inviting her to participate in the Winternational Thanksgiving Day Parade in North Miami.  Wilson returned the favor by forgiving Andre Pierre’s president and accepting the invitation.

Of course, political animals like Frederica Wilson and Andre Pierre always manage to overlook slights and insults whenever it suits their agenda, which is holding on to those reins of power by any means necessary.

As for mayor Pierre, when he exclaimed that Michel Martelly “is our president,” he apparently forgot that he’s an American citizen and that Martelly is NOT our president.  However, if he misses Haiti that much, I’ll be more than happy to buy him a one way ticket home!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


French translation for my Haitian readers:

Les restes de dinde
Publié le 23 novembre 2012 | Par Stephanie Kienzle

Lorsque North Miami maire André Pierre invité députée Frederica Wilson à participer à sa 38e Parade annuelle de la Journée Winternational Thanksgiving, je me demande s’il se rendait compte qu’elle insulté “son” président au printemps dernier?

Dans une lettre ouverte pour répondre à ses plaintes contre le président haïtien Michel Martelly en mai, Wilson lui fustigé pour insérer “lui-même dans les questions qui touchent district du Congrès 17.”

Apparemment, le Président Martelly a eu l’audace de soutenir son adversaire Rudy Moise dans sa course à la réélection au lieu de lui!

Wilson s’est vanté sur elle-même totalement génial en énumérant toutes les choses tout à fait impressionnant qu’elle fait pour la communauté haïtienne locale, puis a déchiré le Président Martelly une nouvelle pour tous les problèmes qui continuent d’affliger Haïti. Elle a également insinué que s’il voulait qu’elle «libérer les fonds promis à Haïti pour les efforts de rétablissement», il vaut mieux commencer à remorquer la ligne. Smells like chantage pour moi!

Je dis juste.

Wilson a ensuite rappelé au président Martelly du temps, elle “a pris un tour d’hélicoptère dans son hélicoptère privé à constater les dégâts causés par le tremblement de terre» et qu’elle est «constamment plaidoyer pour Haïti au Congrès et dans l’ensemble du pays.” Elle finit par une admonestation au président que «c’est ce que le peuple haïtien ont besoin de leur président de faire aussi bien -. pas pour lui d’être ingérence dans les affaires du district 17″


Peut-être que quelqu’un devrait rappeler à Mme Wilson qu’en tant que représentant du Congrès des États-Unis peut-être qu’elle devrait se préoccuper des affaires du district 17 et non pas les affaires d’un pays étranger. Ce qui est bon pour l’oie …

Néanmoins, dans l’esprit de l’Action de grâces, pour ne pas mentionner la politique, André Pierre a pardonné son vieil ennemi en l’invitant à participer à la parade de Thanksgiving Day Winternational à North Miami. Wilson a renvoyé la faveur en pardonnant président André Pierre et accepter l’invitation.

Bien sûr, les animaux politiques comme Frederica Wilson et André Pierre a toujours réussi à oublier les affronts et des insultes lorsque cela convient à leur ordre du jour, qui s’accroche à ces rênes du pouvoir par tous les moyens nécessaires.

Comme pour le maire Pierre, quand il s’est exclamé que Michel Martelly “est notre président», il a apparemment oublié qu’il est un citoyen américain et c’est Martelly pas notre président. Toutefois, s’il manque Haïti tant que ça, je serai plus qu’heureux de lui acheter une maison d’un billet aller simple!

Stephanie Kienzle
«La diffusion de la richesse”


North Miami Beach Police Department Press Release

Press Release – Press Release – Press Release – Press Release


City of North Miami Beach Police Department

Media Relations Office

16901 NE 19th Avenue

North Miami Beach, FL 33162


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           Larry Gomer – Chief of Police                                    November 21, 2012

 Contacts:          Kathy Katerman – Police Major

(305) 948-2940

(305) 525-7014 Cell Phone

E-mail: Kathy.katerman@nmbpd.org


North Miami Beach Police Holiday Task Force

The North Miami Beach Police Department has initiated its 2012 Fraud / Robbery Holiday Task Force.

Starting on black Friday (November 23) and through Christmas Day, the North Miami Beach Police Department will have a special deployment of uniformed officers patrolling the business districts.  Additional undercover officers will also be surveilling the densely populated shopping corridors for would be thieves and robbers.  The hours will vary based on the volume of shoppers and the analysis of crime trends and patterns.  The Task Force is comprised of Street Crimes Detectives, Traffic Enforcement Officers, Crime Prevention Personnel, bicycle patrol, Explorers, the Incident Command Post, and a Prisoner Transport van.   A contingent of officers will also be mindful to the residential areas, as in years past criminals often steal the wrapped presents from under the tree only days before Christmas.

The high visibility component will help deter crime, while the surveillance component can effectively nab anyone in the act of committing crimes.  Chief Gomer says he hopes to send a message to the criminal element that they shouldn’t attempt their holiday crime here in NMB.

The police department wishes to remind everyone to plan your shopping routes wisely.  Try to purchase expensive items, electronic items, or very large items on your last stop – so you can return immediately home with the items.  Don’t leave valuables in your cars.  Secure items in your trunk.  Pay attention to your surroundings.  Carry a limited number of credit cards and cash.  And please report any suspicious activity to your local police.

If any media is interested in the possibility of filming the task force on location, please call Major Katerman at 305-525-7014 Tuesday – Friday next week, to set up an appointment/time.


#   #   #   #   #   #   #


Andre Pierre’s 15 Minutes of Infamy Continues

Photo credit: U.K. Daily Mail Online

You really do learn something new every day.  At least, I seem to.  Being a country music fan in general, and a Dwight Yoakam fan in particular, I never listen to pop radio.  Good thing some of my readers do because if it weren’t for a hot tip I received, I would never have heard about the distinct “honor” North Miami mayor Andre Pierre received this morning on WPOW “Power 96.”

As we all know by now, North Miami mayor Andre Pierre gave the Keys to the City to celebutant sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian yesterday.  Sister Khloe was apparently unavailable for this photo op.  But Andre’s beaming face and shining head has made headlines all over the world as he proudly stood between the famous sisters for the cameras.  It’s a miracle he was able to contain himself.

My reader wrote:

My reaction when I heard that Mayor Andre Pierre was giving the key to the city to the Kardashian sisters was nothing nothing short of hysterical laughter.  It was soon followed by disgust when I thought of how ridiculous and embarrassing the whole thing was.  Well, it looks as though I wasn’t alone in my sentiments.  I understand that it can be hard for some people to understand when something is just “wrong”. It’s not easy explaining why the fork goes on the left, why you don’t wear plaid with stripes, why you shouldn’t chew with your mouth open.  All of those things are wrong, but difficult to qualify exactly WHY.  You either get it or you don’t.  Obviously Mayor Pierre just doesn’t get why giving these bimbos the key is plain wrong and stupid.

DJ Big Lips of “Power 96” sure gets it!  I had no idea who he was, but hopefully lots and lots of people who listen to this station do know of him.  According to his website, Mr. Big Lips “calls out people who are not right” and tells them, “U SHOULD’VE DIED WHEN U WAS A BABY!”


It doesn’t get more vicious than that!

This morning at 8:20, Big Lips called out none other than Hizzoner by starting out “When you are in the public eye and have done great and positive things to influence the community…” and ends up giving him hell for giving the city’s Keys to the Kardashians!

Mr. Lips gave a scathing review that I will not repeat on this family website, but it’s really worth listening to if you can handle it.  Simply click the arrow to the right of the speaker on his website, and hear Mr. Lips go on and on for two and a half minutes on Pierre and his latest act of stupidity.

And he has no absolutely problem telling North Miami’s Honorable Pee-Air all the reasons why.

Just how irreverent is Big Lips?  One line that stood out was (AND PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!), “You know it’s bad when Haitians say ‘there goes the neighborhood.’

Oh yeah, I’d say he is damn irreverent.

He wraps up his rant by telling good old Andre, “U SHOULD’VE DIED WHEN U WAS A BABY!  FOOL!”


That was positively BRUTAL!

Don’t look at me.  It wasn’t me.  I only listen to country music.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


8,000 Rockets

Imagine what your life would be like if you had exactly 15 seconds from the time a siren starts to find and get into a bomb shelter.  Imagine what your life would be like if your kindergarten age children are taught to run for safety the instant they hear the “Code Red” siren.  Now imagine that this is the life they have always known FROM BIRTH!

If you lived in Israel, this would be your life.

Since Israel turned the Gaza Strip over to the Arabs (a/k/a the so-called “palestinians”) in 2005, there have been 8,000 rockets launched from Gaza into Israel.  No other country in the world would have put up with it for even one day, much less seven years.  Despite the inundation of the worldwide biased media that Israel is the “aggressor,” the truth is that Israel has been under attack for decades, starting with the first intifada in late 1987, instigated by the head of the PLO, Yassir Arafat.  Since that time, the radical Arabs have become masters at manipulating the press into believing that they’re not the terrorists.

(Oh, and by the way, they are TERRORISTS!  Not “militants,” which even Fox News has regretfully been calling them.)

The “world opinion” would have you believe that Israel is the bad guy, maiming and killing innocent civilians for no reason whatsoever.  The Arab press and its complicit mainstream media has been in full propaganda mode since Israel started defending herself against the relentless attack from Gaza, which stepped its rocket and missile launches last week to record highs.  Witness the “Miraculous Recovery by Injured Gaza Man?” just last week, the reporting of which CNN’s Anderson Cooper had to retract.  That’s not the first time CNN has been snookered by Arab media manipulation.  They trotted out a dead child for the press, claiming Israelis killed him, when in fact it was later found out that it was the Hamas’ own rocket that was the culprit.  The Hamas also re-used a picture of a dead child who was killed in Syria last month, and re-posted it on Twitter, claiming the child was killed in Gaza by Israelis.

So, yeah, give me a freaking break!

The Hamas has tortured and killed, and continues to torture and kill its own people in greater numbers than the press will ever report.  In a disturbing, must watch video made by an Arab Israeli who gets it, he asks why people are vilifying Israel when the Hamas is the worst enemy of the very people who elected them into power.  He shows scenes of the ruthless killing of innocent people at a wedding and the Hamas shooting guns and brutalizing people in the street in broad daylight.  The man wonders why the Muslims aren’t in the streets yelling, “Death to Hamas” instead of “Death to Israeli.”  He also wonders why it’s okay to kill Israeli children and dance in the street after 9/11.  By far the most disturbing part of the video is the clips of the Hamas “summer camp” where the children as young as four and five are trained to kill Jews.  They are given real guns to “play” with.  It’s a sick culture of death.

According to Walid Shoebat, a former terrorist for the PLO who has since converted to Christianity, Arabs who are Israeli citizens are treated better than almost anywhere else in the world, and especially better than in Muslim countries.  He wrote an article about a woman named Salma who was an Arab Israeli, living and working in the United States.  An excerpt reads:

As a proud Muslim woman, Salma believes that coming to terms with realities is of utmost importance today. She councils her Muslim community to accept the existence of the State of Israel and see the positive values that derive from its being a part of the Middle East. She also encourages Muslims to take responsibility for mistakes made in the past and not to blame others, like Jews, Israelis, Americans and so forth. And finally she advises them to deal with the problems within their communities and to take responsibility for improving their own culture, education and community life.

Salma takes this message of empowerment to mosques, churches and synagogues, as well as to high schools and college campuses, and to many diverse organizations and public forums. She brings her hope for peace and coexistence, and her belief in the future, to TV and radio audiences, and is often interviewed in leading newspaper and publications. She is a person who lives with faith in a better future for all.

What Salma says about Israel and the Conflict:

  • “We are very happy being Israeli Arabs”
  • “Israel has so much freedom of speech even more so than even in America”
  • “Islam the way it is being taught in the Middle East is wrapped in arrogance and is medieval”
  • ” When Islam is all you have and the way it is taught, it becomes easy to hate when you have no pride in your own life”
  • “The [Arab Leaders] made all this money because of the Palestinian issue which they created”
  • “The Arabs asked us to leave Israel/Palestine in 1948 and promised our return in 15 days so they could destroy the Jews”
  • ” Who are we kidding ourselves, we never had a Palestine nation or a country”
  • “Israeli Arabs are the only Arabs that have any rights anywhere in the Middle East”

In spite of the desire for peace between Israelis and Arabs, the Hamas will never accept Israel’s right to exist.  It’s sole purpose for existing, its Covenant if you will, is the extermination of Israel and every Jew in the world.  The Hamas Charter explicitly states, “our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious” and calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and the obliteration or dissolution of Israel.”

Apparently, they plan to fulfill that Covenant by any means necessary.

First, they continually attack Israel with a barrage of missiles and rockets on a daily basis.  They produce propaganda videos designed to incite anger, and then manipulate the media into believing that Israel is the aggressor.  The Hamas kills its own residents in Gaza, pins the blame on Israel, and the press laps it up like fresh milk.

Iran, no longer content to have its dirty work done through its proxy, the Hamas, has stepped in with fresh arms.  Have you read about that in the New York Times or the Miami Herald?  I doubt it!

Meanwhile, Israel still sends humanitarian aid to the Arabs in Gaza.  Israeli hospitals have treated over 100,000 Arabs from Gaza, and that number keeps increasing.  The Israeli army dropped thousands of leaflets in Arabic warning the Gaza Arabs to “avoid being present in the vicinity of Hamas operatives and facilities and those of other terror organizations that pose a risk to your safety.”

Not so strangely, you don’t see the mainstream media climbing all over each other to report these things.  They prefer to report the myth that Israel is the problem.

As always, bloggers have stepped in to report the real news that the media won’t.  Citizen journalist Doug Ross has summed up the conflict in his column, “A MILLION ISRAELIS HAVE 15 SECONDS TO FIND SHELTER: Any other country would have turned Gaza into the Bonneville Salt Flats,” by writing:

Some simple facts about the ongoing Blitzkrieg from Gaza:

  • +120 rockets have been fired at Israel this week.
  • +760 rockets have been fired at Israel in 2012.
  • +2500 rockets have been fired at Israel since 2009.
  • Terrorists hold more than 10,000 rockets in Gaza.
  • One million Israelis, 14% of the population, are under the threat of rocket fire.
    • That is equivalent to 44 million U.S. citizens under the threat of rocket fire.
  • Gaza terrorists targeted an IDF jeep this week, injuring four soldiers. (Video)
  • Hamas rules the Gaza strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched form there.
  • Hamas, supported by Iran, has wielded authority over the Gaza Strip since 2007.
  • No other state would accept a similar reality.
  • The targets of the Israeli operation are all military.
  • Hamas and the other terrorist organizations hide among the civilian population of Gaza. They also deliberately direct their fire at the civilian population of Israel. These acts constitute a double war crime.
  • Israel will make every effort to prevent harm to the civilian population of Gaza, and regrets any injury to civilians.
  • The border crossings from Israel to the Gaza Strip remain open, allowing for the routine passage of goods and humanitarian aid.
  • The international community must act to stop the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. The message to Hamas should be clear: stop the attacks on Israel.
  • Time and again, Israel has warned that it would not tolerate these attacks.

I could not agree with him more.  Am Yisrael Chai!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


North Miami Goes to Court. Kimmie Gets a Key.

The never ending strip club problem in North Miami (and North Miami Beach) has reared its ugly head yet again.  I first wrote about this issue a year ago and it just won’t go away.  As I’ve mentioned in several columns since then, strip clubs have been operating in North Miami Beach for decades.  Whether or not you approve of their existence, they are legitimate businesses which keep up their licenses according to the city’s ordinances.  As long as these businesses operate legally and do not break any federal, state or local laws, there’s not much anyone can do to make them go away.

That being said, there is a big difference between “legal” and “respectable.”  I still firmly believe that strip clubs, tattoo parlors, XXX video stores, pawn shops and palm readers do not do much to improve the image of any city.  The existence of these establishments does nothing to help attract families or other businesses.

Which brings me to the burning question that I asked in a previous column:  Why would the City of North Miami’s Council deliberately choose to allow a strip club to open up where none has ever existed?  This location is in the close “proximity of Biscayne Landings, David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School and Florida International University.  The site is also right next door to “the Community Television Foundation of South Florida, WPBT2″ (the home of Sesame Street) and within rock throwing distance of several upscale automobile dealerships, which sell cars that cost more than my house.”  This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

On top of making this unbelievably stupid decision, by letting this strip club open, North Miami may have also broken a few of its own laws.  According to a lawsuit filed by three members of the City of North Miami Board of Adjustment yesterday, “the city prohibits the sale of alcohol within 1,500 feet of a residence, school, or place of worship, unless a distance variance is sought and obtained from the City of North Miami Board of Adjustment.”  Since this proposed strip club “would be located less than 1,500 feet from a residential apartment building, as well as less than 400 feet from a dance and gymnastics training academy for over 300 children and teenagers,” the strip club would necessarily have to apply for variances.  Accordingly, the strip club did just that.

However, on August 15, 2012, the Board of Adjustment denied the strip club’s request for variances by a vote of 4-3.  According to the City’s own Code, the Board has the right to deny such a variance; however, in typical North Miami fashion, the Council simply ignored the Board’s decision … and its own laws.

In order to get around the Board’s decision, the lawsuit alleges that the City illegally demanded a rehearing of the variance request scheduled for September 20, 2012, and then promptly replaced “two of the four Board members who voted to deny the variances,” before the rehearing date.  One of the replacement members was a person who previous advocated (lobbied?) for the strip club.

Wow!  Talk about stacking the deck!

In addition to the allegedly illegal demand for a rehearing, the lawsuit also alleges that “the Board of Adjustment is the City’s ultimate zoning authority over variances,” and in fact, cites an Ordinance No. 1321 which was passed in September of 2011 by this very Council, which eliminated appeals of variances to the Board and directed all variance appeals to be filed with the appellate division of the Circuit Court.

On top of that, the City’s own Code “prohibits variances from being refiled within 12 months of denial and provides as the only recourse to parties aggrieved by a Board of Adjustment decision to file a judicial appeal.”  The lawsuit alleges that not only was this “rehearing” illegally ordered to take place one month and five days after the original hearing (and not over 12 months), but also that any appeal should have been filed with the circuit court and not the Board itself.

Then again, the North Miami City Council just does as it pleases regardless of its own laws.

I want to be perfectly clear that I am not the Morality Police.  I personally don’t care whether or not any city has strip clubs, even if I think they cheapen the image of a community.  I am, however, concerned about the law.  If a City Council goes through all the trouble to legislate Resolutions and Ordinances, it has the responsibility to enforce its own rules and regulations.  It also has the responsibility NOT to violate them!  DUH!

Then again, we are talking about North Miami, where it appears there are no rules.  They just make ’em up as they go along.

Furthermore, North Miami has been fortunate so far in that they don’t have the strip club problem that has been plaguing North Miami Beach for years.  It makes absolutely no sense that the North Miami City Council would deliberately bring this headache on themselves.  One wonders why they’d press an issue that is obviously so unpopular with its residents and business owners.  Don’t they have enough on their plate already?  Like giving the city’s key to the Kardashians?

I’m just saying.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


Say it isn’t so! Corruption in North Miami; Bloviating in NMB!

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t written a column in a while.  At first I thought it was a case of writer’s block, but the truth is it’s been difficult mustering up the energy to give a crap about local politics.  Yeah, sure, I’m bummed about the election, but life will go on.  Today, however, I think I’m back on track.  We’ll start with the serious news, then move on to the entertainment.

If you want a healthy dose of fraud and corruption, look no further than our neighboring city of North Miami.  In Tab J of Item #8 of the Agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting is a proposed resolution to approve the payment of a $154,802.02 fine which was assessed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for one of several screw ups made by the City of North Miami.  The HUD oversees the city’s Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Program and its related Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP1).  Turn to page 7 of Tab J for a detailed description of North Miami’s FAILURES during HUD’s review of the city’s compliance with the program’s laws and regulations, which resulted in “three (3) findings” (two in HOME and one in NSP1), and “three (3) concerns” (all in HOME).  A “finding” is a Federal violation, which usually results in a penalty, and a “concern” is something that needs to be addressed before becoming an actual “finding.”  The “Cause” listed for all of the “findings” and “concerns” was either (a) that the city’s staff did not follow the city’s own policies, (b) the staff knew the policies but couldn’t do it right, or (c) they tried to comply – they really did – but they “had not been aware of what is required by the regulations.”

In other words, the “staff” is basically incompetent.  At best.

On page 13 of Tab J, please note “Finding No. 3,” which states that “the City provided a Commissioner’s mother NSP1 funds for the purchase and rehabilitation of a single family home without first seeking HUD’s exception to the Conflict of Interest provision.  The City is in violation of the CDBG conflict of interest regulations that govern the NSP Program.”

In this case, the city claimed ignorance of federal rules and regulations.  Because of that “ignorance,” the result of this FAILURE is that the City now owes a fine of over $154,000.00.  If I had to guess, I doubt it had anything to do with ignorance, but everything to do with a deliberate attempt to hide the relationship between the “Commissioner” and the beneficiary of the federal funds.  Of course, I could be wrong about that.

The interesting thing is that nowhere in Tab J that I could see, is the name Marie Steril, who is the “Commissioner” directly responsible for this fine.  Even more interesting is that the taxpayers are now on the hook for her duplicity.  But, most interesting of all is the fact that mayor Andre Pierre’s crony/city manager, Stephen Johnson, placed this item on the Consent Agenda, which means that there will be no public discussion on the matter.  By doing so, Mr. Johnson is declaring that the entire council “consents” to this Resolution in advance.  I’m told that no council member may move to include public comment if he or she wishes to do so.  HOWEVER, if any council member objects to this Resolution, he or she may request to have the item removed from the Consent Agenda.  Ahem.  I’m just saying.

If public corruption is not your cup of tea, or you were just hoping for something a bit more trifling today, come on over to North Miami Beach, where nothing could be more trifling than our own Queen Bloviator, North Miami Beach councilwoman Phyllis Smith.  In terms of pure silliness, she is definitely the standard bearer.

Phyllis managed to yet again make a complete ass of herself at the last Council Conference Meeting on November 7, 2012.

For starters, she seems to have replaced her stuck-on-stupid phrase of “in my chair” with a new Phyllisism – “fall into place.”  While she did mention her “seat” only once (old habits really are hard to break), she said “fall into place” four times in the approximate nine of the minutes she grandstanded during the forty nine minutes of the meeting.  That averages out to one “fall into place” for every 2.25 minutes, so I guess this definitely qualifies as Phyllis’ phrase du jour.  This could be the start of a new Phyllis Smith Drinking Game!

At hour 18:54 on the video time clock, when asked what is her “vision” for the future of North Miami Beach, she responded simply with, “I want to focus on economic development and pension reform.  Thank you.”  She paused for literally three seconds, long enough for everyone to think about taking a deep breath and thanking the gods that she might have actually uttered the shortest statement in her entire political career.  Maybe even her entire life.

Councilman Philippe Derose held his breath and gave a sideways glance to his left, and I could almost hear him thinking, “OMIGOD IS SHE REALLY GOING TO STOP TALKING?”  Alas, before he could turn his head, she opened her pie hole and let loose as only Phyllis can do.  She spoke:

“And economic development.  I think the rest will fall in play [sic] once we have economic development and see our city start to grow there will be money for many of these issues that my other council people feel that are important.  I also know that if we don’t have pension reform we don’t have to worry about anything, hah, ’cause we won’t have any money to afford anything so those two issues have to be a priority as far as I’m concerned.  Economic development and pension reform absolutely and those should be a top priority and ten all of the others could fall into place some of the things that were previously mentioned when we discussed them, uh, you might also want to put annexation because I think that annexation without us having the control that’s the most important thing when it comes to making a better city is that we have on some of our, our, actually our main corridor we only have partial control and that is a, you know, that’s a very big issue so those are mine and then some of these other minor things I’ll be more than happy to elaborate on if we have time.”

NO, PHYLLIS!  You’ve already elaborated enough!

The clock struck 20:10.  Everyone had another five second moment of silence, apparently afraid to utter a sound just in case Phyllis wasn’t finished spewing.

She stopped talking.  Hallelujah!

All the other council members made comments except for Beth Spiegel and the Peanut Gallery, a/k/a Frantz Pierre, a/k/a L’il Frantzie P, a/k/a Pee-Air, a/k/a The P Man.  But, just when you thought the council conference was about to wrap up, Phyllis piped in again.

At hour 35:41, she bloviated:

“With all respect, I think these timelines are dedicated with work that needs to be involved from staff.  But I think, I mean there’s no question that they need to give us information so that we can, but I think a lot of this needs to be dictated by us as a council, and you know what made me think about this is Councilwoman Martel when she said about this pension if we have an actuary that doesn’t give us the work in a responsible time limit let’s get another actuary.  But let, I mean, she’s here how long it’ll be two years in May and we’re sitting here still begging for information to make a commitment to a change that hangs over everybody’s head.  It hangs over the taxpayers’ head, it hangs over the running of the government head, and it certainly hangs over our employees’ head.  So with all respect I really think that we need to make commitments ourself and maybe in the next executive session that’s where things need to start to happen. I, I, you know, I’m just sitting here and I’m saying when we’re, when you’re talking about having a park in Sky Lake, which, you know, some of it sounds like, you know, we’re asking Santa for this and this and this and, oh by the way, Santa, can you bring us a bigger house for mommy and can you bring us a, uh, daddy a new truck and can you … the truth of the matter is we have to get down to reality what we as a city can possibly get accomplished to show something on the plus side that the, of the journal.  And I think that, you know, start with something, not thirty things, not ten things, not fifty things, start with something and let’s have a plus on the, on the right side of the journal to say that the City of North Miami Beach is moving forward.”

Phyllis finally shut up at hour 37:50 on the video time clock, not coming up for air for all two minutes and nine seconds, and not having a freaking clue that she constantly mixes her metaphors and screws up her syntax.

And, she was not done yet.  After the city manager gave a very brief outline of what she intends to accomplish in the next six months, at hour 38:42, Phyllis interrupted the mayor with:

“Just to finish up I just want to say that some of this when you look at it, like, uh, they’ll fall into place with each other in the fact that if we can bring economic development and there needs to be a rezoning in order to bring that in we’re here, we’re gonna, I mean it’ll fall into place if we look for the goal of what the goal is.  And the, in MY seat anyway I said what my goal is and I hope my council will work with me on that because economic development will make some, there be money for sewage and, you know, for breaks water breaks and what have you we’ll have money rolling in we’ll have money to clear up a lot of the issues that are on the wish list.”

Now the clock was at 39:25, and it looked like the mayor would finally have the chance to try to wrap up the meeting.

Undaunted, Phyllis was STILL not done!  At 42:18, she expounded:

“In that regard, which, I, uh, the visioning session really didn’t require that kind of a update from my standpoint but I wanna as long as you’re mentioning it I wanna thank Roslyn and I wanna, uh, and thank Mrs. Kamali we went downtown and hopefully one day coming before you will be a request to purchase some, um, computer software that now we can tie in to Dade County and expedite so much of the process for them to get their fire, for them to get their, it’s already in, it’s already used but it doesn’t, they haven’t, really, Dade County really has not, um, given a go ahead for their software that they want each one of the municipalities to have, that they would all be the same instead of ten different ways coming in or thirty two different ways coming in, but that is really on the horizon and that it will make such a difference in the communities they do not have staff to give us a half a day every two weeks.  They don’t have STAAAAAFF to give it to us to give it to, uh, twenty other municipalities, but they do have the software and the minute that that comes before us I think that will be a priority in our visioning issue as well.”

The video clock was now at 43:44.  That’s another one minute and twenty six seconds we’ll never get back.

I’m still scratching my head, wondering two things:  Does Phyllis even know what software is?  Why does the County have software “to get their fire?”  Maybe some things should remain a mystery.

I’m also not sure, but it sure looks like Councilman Derose was either bored or asleep during her diatribes.  He has the misfortune of being caught on camera every time she speaks because he sits right next to her.  Poor guy.  You gotta feel for him.

One thing that’s painfully clear is how insanely jealous Phyllis is of the Mayor.  It’s as if she tries to upstage him every chance she gets.  She might be infinitely more entertaining than Mayor Vallejo, but she’s certainly nowhere near as intelligent.  That fact becomes excruciatingly obvious every time she opens her mouth.  Phyllis would do well to remember Abraham Lincoln’s famous statement, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  Yeah, that doubt was removed long ago.

The Mayor again tried to adjourn the meeting when the Peanut Gallery decided to weigh in at the eleventh hour.  I will not even attempt to transcribe the garbled words of Señor Pee-Air, but I’ll give you a brief overview if I can.  At 43:59 he started by saying, “I suddenly have a chance to look at the different issues.”

It took him nearly three quarters of an hour, not to mention the days leading up to the meeting when the Agenda was given to him to review, to “suddenly have a chance” to come up with a coherent thought.  And what a thought it was!  He suggested “collaboration.”  At least that’s what I thought he said.  “If it’s important to one, it should be important to all.”  Wow!  Deep!  He wants everyone to hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and work together.

HAH!  Has this man attended ANY council meetings?  Does he really think he can accomplish “collaboration?”  Just saying.

He has three top issues he wants dealt with.  In L’il Frantzie P’s own words, the most pressing one is “Crime, Crime, Crime, Crime!”

I guess he wants more of it, since he’s the city’s number one perpetrator of “Crime, Crime, Crime, Crime!”  L’il Frantzie P has already been the subject of FIVE Internal Affairs Investigations.  So, yeah, he sure knows all about “Crime, Crime, Crime, Crime!”

His second priority is (put down that cup of coffee before you spit all over your computer) “fiscal responsibility.”

This coming from the council person who thinks attending an out of town Soccer Coach Convention on our dime is the epitome of fiscal responsibility.  All of a sudden, Frantzie came to the realization that “I cannot spend money that I do not have.”  No kidding!  He’d much rather spend the taxpayers’ money instead.

Pee-Air’s third priority would be what he would call “housing initiative.”  He claims he’s concerned about all the foreclosures and vacant properties around North Miami Beach, and he thinks it’s the council’s responsibility to do something proactive.  He asked, “Should we bring in buyers?”

Um, yeah.  Considering that Frantz Pierre seems to have solved the “housing initiative” all by himself by bringing additional “voters” into North Miami Beach and letting them use his address as a “homestead,” we should all be very wary of the “buyers” he wants to bring in.  I’m just saying.

Obviously unaware of President Lincoln’s wisdom, The P Man spoke for the remaining almost six minutes, after which the Mayor was FINALLY able to adjourn the meeting.

I was going to watch the council meeting for what I heard was more entertainment by Phyllis, but I had enough fun for one day.

Okay, yeah.  I’m back!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


Debbie Dumb-Dumb, Damsel in Distress? Shizam to the Rescue!

Photo Credit: yidwithlid.com

As you might imagine, the all knowing, all powerful Wizard of North Miami Beach, Shizam, disagreed with my opinion of both State Representative Barbara Watson and Congressional Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  He sent me his most warmest greetings via email regarding two of my recent columns.  In Al Crespo for State Attorney, I wrote about Watson’s alleged trickery in winning her election bid against John Patrick Julien, and in Frederica Wilson’s Foot in Mouth Disease, I said that “Both Frederica and Debbie are equally stupid.”

It’s a well known fact that Shizam absolutely despises Mr. Julien, so that’s not even worth addressing.  Shizam’s defense of Wasserman Schultz, however, only shows that Shizam isn’t as omniscient as he’d love for all of us to believe.

Shazam sent me an email stating:

“As a cancer survivor, I gave Debbie Wassermann Schultz credit. She underwent seven surgeries while continuing to serve her community as a House Representative. Unbelievable but true! Amazing indeed. Today she is championing early breast screening exams…a life savior for many women.

She has served her community well. Never heard her name in a scandal. Had she been living in my district, she would have been getting my nod. I can tell you what she is not. She is not a hate monger. Nor a bigot. She is very Kind and respectful of all and has served her country well. If not my vote, then my support. Hopefully she returns to office by God’s will.”

Obviously, Shizam is quite misinformed about Little Debbie and her duplicitous ways.  First and foremost, as my regular readers already know, I take issue with anyone who plays the Victim Card.  Whenever someone claims to be a victim due to their race, nationality, religion, gender or disability, or as in Wasserman Schultz’s case – cancer, I find it despicable.  If you really want to get nit picky, any one of us can claim to be a victim of something or other.  Take me, for example.  I could claim that I’m both Jewish and female, which qualifies me as a “victim” of anti-Semitism and sexism.  Before I married my present husband and was raising two young children on my own, I was a “victim” of single-mom-ism.  Since I’m only 5’2″, I’m quite sure I’ve been a “victim” of heightism at one time or another.  Plus, now that I’m almost a senior citizen, I can claim ageism as my new Badge of Victimhood.  On top of all those problems, I’m also a blonde, which causes people to assume that I’m dumb.  So, go ahead and add blondism to my list of Things That Prove I’m a Victim.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.  Regardless of my circumstances, whether they are within my control or not, I choose not to be a victim of anything.  My motto is, “Shit happens.  Deal with it.”

Of course I don’t belittle Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s breast cancer, with which 12.4% of all women in this country will be diagnosed.  But my point is that I can’t imagine that a normal woman would use this ploy to try to win an election.  I find that deplorable!  Then again, if she had an actual record to run on, she wouldn’t have a reason to pull out the Victim Card.

Shizam’s statement that he’s “never heard her name in a scandal,” means that he’s probably unaware of her ultra-obnoxious bullying behavior last May when she was invited to speak at Temple Israel about US-Israeli relations.  Once she learned that there was another scheduled speaker whose opinions differed from hers, she demanded that the Temple’s Board of Trustees not allow anyone else to speak that night.  The ensuing brouhaha started by her temper tantrum caused a member of the Temple to resign whose family had belonged for seventy years!  Hey, Shizam:  That’s SCANDALOUS!

Another SCANDAL involving Debbie that somehow wasn’t on Shizam’s radar happened just last week in Aventura during early voting.  Miz Deb was campaigning on the street just outside the precinct and blocking traffic.  When a police officer respectfully asked her to stop, Debbie blew a Don’t-You-Know-Who-I-Am? gasket, promptly called the Mayor of Aventura, who came running to her rescue, only to also be given a tongue lashing by Congresswoman Beyotch.  In typical arrogant politician fashion, Debbie thought she was above the law.  You know what I’m talking about.  This is the very same behavior we’ve see from the likes of North Miami Beach EX-mayor Myron Rosner and North Miami current mayor Andre Pierre.  Just because they’re elected officials, they think they can do whatever they want with impunity.  Sorry, babe, doesn’t work that way.  You put your mascara on one eye at a time just like the rest of us.

As for Shizam’s comment that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not a hate monger, perhaps he hasn’t heard some of her more outrageous and constant diatribes against Republicans, and especially her lies that Republicans are against women and Israel.  Fortunately for video, she’s been caught in lie after lie, and then caught lying about her lies to cover her own ass.  Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper tore her a new one over her false smears about presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the GOP.

I stand by my claim that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an embarrassment to the Democrat party, the Jewish people and women in general.

Based on his drooling defense of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, contrary to Shizam’s claims, she has not “served her country well.”  She has only proven that she is stupid beyond all reasonable doubt.

While you cannot cure stupid, you can help eradicate it by voting it out.  The electorate has a choice on November 6th, and that’s to vote for her opponent, Karen Harrington.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



If you’ve already voted, you probably noticed that the challenger for State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s seat is a blank line.  The reason for this is that SOMEONE installed two write-in candidates during the primary campaign.  This was a trick designed to lock out Republican and Independent voters from being able to vote in that race.  I’m not sure whether it was Rundle or her challenger, Rod Vereen, who got the two non-campaigners to file to run, but the outcome is such that only Democrats had a say in who gets to be on the ballot for Tuesday’s general election.  Being a Republican, I didn’t get to pick my candidate of choice, but if I had been given the opportunity to vote, I would have cast mine for Anyone But Kathy.  As such, when I voted on Thursday, I wrote Mr. Vereen’s name in, despite the fact that he’s now out of the race.

Likewise, in the race for House Representative District 107, Barbara Watson scared up two bodies to run as write-in candidates in her challenge for John Patrick Julien’s seat.  Again, Republicans and Independents were kept out of the loop in the primary.  I’m sure she figured that was her only shot at getting enough votes to win (aside from the alleged absentee ballot fraud that I’m still convinced occurred no matter what a disinterested Tallahassee judge says), because Mr. Julien missed out on a sizable amount of non-Democrat votes.  Be that as it may, on the general election ballot, we have a choice between Barbara Watson and [blank].  I chose [blank] and wrote in John Patrick Julien.  For what it’s worth.

Regarding Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s race, though, it’s anyone’s guess who urged the two ghost candidates to run since the Office of the State Attorney isn’t so much about partisan politics as it is about putting criminals behind bars.  Something that Rundle seems to have a problem understanding, especially when the alleged criminals just happen to be elected officials.  Or when she needs to keep the voting bloc of said elected officials happy in order to get re-elected.  Or when said elected officials just happen to be married to Circuit Court Judges.  I’m just saying.

There are those who claim that Rundle would have received the bulk of the Republican votes, and therefore, the write-ins were her opponent’s fault.  She wouldn’t have gotten this Republican’s vote, so I’m not sure if that’s a valid assessment.  Nevertheless, she’s on the ballot instead of Mr. Vereen.

But, folks, here’s the good news!  The Miami New Times Number One Blogger Al Crespo has decided to toss his hat in the ring and he’s asking for your vote!  Too bad I didn’t know about this earlier, or I definitely would have written his name in.  Damn!

If you’re tired of the same old same old, and want to elect someone who is unafraid to go after the bad guys, please consider writing Al Crespo’s name in as your choice for State Attorney.  Just go to Al’s website, The Crespogram Report, to read his platform and then when you get to the polls on Tuesday, do your civic duty to make it happen!


Stephanie Kienzle

“Spreading the Wealth”


Frederica Wilson’s Foot In Mouth Disease

Florida Congresswoman-slash-Media Whore Frederica Wilson wants another fifteen minutes.  As if it weren’t bad enough that she inserted herself in the midst of the media storm surrounding the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting last April, she’s now making the ridiculous accusation that Republican “political operatives…are preying on older immigrants in an attempt to manipulate their votes at the North Miami Public Library,” according to a Miami Herald article published today.

Wilson claims that she received several complaints of people assisting older immigrants into the library, and manipulating them into voting for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.”  She’s either lying or she’s been misinformed as to exactly what’s going on.  Sources on the ground have told me that members of a group called Florida New Majority, Inc. have been loitering inside and outside the North Miami Public Library polling place, handing out Democrat party literature and asking voters if they need assistance.  Not that they even need to do this, since it’s a well known fact that voters in northeast Miami-Dade County are overwhelmingly Democrat and are most likely voting for Barack Obama for president.  Republican “operatives” would be wasting their time.

Frederica Wilson, however, wasted no time getting the Miami Herald to put her name in ink yet again.  She sure loves notoriety, which is well deserved.

Just how loathed is this Congresscritter?  I’ve been getting calls and emails from people who live in Eastern Shores in North Miami Beach and Keystone Point in North Miami, who had not been paying attention to the recent redistricting of the Florida Congressional Districts.  When they got to the polls to cast their votes for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and were advised that their new representative is Frederica Wilson they were enraged.  Since Wilson has been my Congresswoman for the last two years, I sympathize with them, although in my opinion, I don’t know which one is worse.  Both Debbie and Frederica are equally stupid.  At least the people in Wasserman Schultz’s district have the opportunity to vote her out on Tuesday in favor of Karen Harrington.  Those of us in Wilson’s district, however, are stuck with her again for another two years.  Hopefully, they’ll go by quickly.

There is also much to be concerned about the organization Florida New Majority, Inc., which is presently under investigation for (what else?) voter fraud.  I’m shocked, I tell you.  Shocked.

Okay, not really.

First of all, my sources who were assigned as poll watchers at the North Miami Public Library last week told me that several individuals wearing Florida New Majority shirts were at the polling place and “assisting” voters inside the voting booths.  The members of FNM that were dispatched to this precinct were Creole speaking Haitians, and claimed they were translators for the Haitian American voters.  This is complete bullshit, of course.  I’m told that most of the Haitian voters who were asked if they needed assistance spoke English perfectly and needed no such translation.  Besides, the ballots are also printed in English, Spanish and Creole!

Secondly, I’m also told that the election clerk was also walking along the line of voters outside the library holding a stack of “Declaration to Secure Assistance” forms, asking if anyone was in need of voting assistance.  THIS IS ILLEGAL!  According to the Florida Statutes, a voter must request assistance if he or she needs it, not the other way around.  I was also told that the election clerk (who also happens to be Haitian) was interacting with members of the Florida New Majority quite a bit, and was extremely friendly with some of them.

Big surprise there, huh?

If anyone was committing voter fraud at the North Miami Public Library, my guess it would be Democrat “operatives” and not Republican ones.  By bringing attention to the alleged fraud going on at that polling place, Frederica Wilson didn’t do her party any favors.  Lawyers from the Romney campaign have already visited the precinct, and I’m told they videotaped numerous violations of the 100 foot “no solicitation zone,” as well as other possible violations.  Governor Rick Scott has also been alerted to possible voter fraud in North Miami, and now federal authorities are on the case.  I wonder what will happen when all these investigations are completed if it turns out that Democrats have committed voter fraud and not the Republicans.  Will Frederica Wilson’s fifteen minutes end with egg on her face?  One can only hope.

Considering that Ms. Wilson herself has already been implicated in alleged absentee ballot voter fraud by paying alleged ballot broker Noucelie Josna the sum of $2,500.00 for “campaign assistance,” it’s quite ironic that she has the audacity to point fingers at anyone else.

Much less the Republican party, which to my knowledge doesn’t even have an office in Ms. Wilson’s district, which is heavily Democrat.  The GOP knows where not to tread.  Too bad Congresswoman Frederica Wilson doesn’t.  I’m guessing she would have done well to keep her big mouth shut this time.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


I tip my hat to the Great Al Crespo!

Charles Albert Crespo of the Crespogram Report (Photo credit: The Miami New Times)

“Support your local political bloggers!”  So says the reigning Miami New Times #1 blogger, who was once escorted to solitary confinement for “having a bad attitude.”  Al’s blog, The Crespogram Report, covers fraud and corruption mainly in the City of Miami, and frequently extends his “bad attitude” to outlying communities when warranted.  On occasion he has been known to give kudos to other bloggers, and especially to the other nine of the top ten named by the New Times, of which I was honored to be included.

In one of his three columns just published, The Power of the Pen, Al mentions five of us who have been able to make a difference in Miami-Dade County politics by bringing attention to the scandals that are either brushed aside by local media or who have forced the media to take up the sword by embarrassing them out of their silence.  He wrote:

“While they might describe their feelings differently, I know that Elaine de Valle of Political Cortadito , Mike Hatami of The Straw Buyer, Stephanie Kienzle of Voters Opinion, and Gimileteye and Geniusofdespair at Eye On Miami, who’s efforts also focus on public corruption in various parts of Miami-Dade County all share in the daily wonder of being able to reach all the people, and expose the corruption and abuse of power that they do, thanks to the internet.”

He goes on to say:

“Collectively, I believe that the 6 of us have made a difference, and have demonstrated that contrary to what the politicians would like you to believe, you can fight City Hall, and you can win.

Of course, none of our efforts mean that the corrupt and duplicitous politicians that we write about are either willing to change their behavior, or even do anything other than try to find new ways to screw the taxpayers, so that this is a fight that has its share of set-backs along with the victories.”

Don’t I know about set-backs!  It took over a year and a half of filing complaints, many of them dropped, and dogging North Miami Beach EX-mayor Myron Rosner before he was finally arrested for his corrupt ways.  The outcome of his four felony charges are now in the court system, but as Al Crespo also knows, the fact that he’s being tried here in Miami-Dade County instead of moving the case to Broward leaves us little hope that a conviction is in Myron’s future.  As Al noted in his column:

“Fighting City Hall seldom results in anything like a clear-cut knockout, and we in Miami-Dade County face the additional obstacle that State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, is arguably more corrupt and willing to provide cover to many of these same politicians.

Miami-Dade County has always been corrupt, and the State Attorney’s office has always operated in ways to provide cover and protection to those politicians on the Family and Friends Plan.”

Politicians like the uber-corrupt North Miami mayor Andre Pierre, who has yet to be charged with any of the many crimes he’s allegedly committed since he was re-elected in May, 2011, keep on politicking – it’s business as usual.  Those of us who are following Pierre’s “criminal career” are continuously stunned that he’s still in office, much less still not in jail.  Myron’s arrest, for almost the identical campaign finance fraud violations that Pierre has allegedly committed, has given Pierre Watchers hope that the handcuffs will soon be on his slippery wrists.  But, alas, that remains to be seen.

Another North Miami Beach politician, Frantz “No Relation To Andre” Pierre, has been investigated by the NMB Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division five, count ’em five, times, four of which I’ve already written about, with the fifth one pending as soon as I get around to it.  On top of those there are a slew of other complaints in the pipeline against him, including accusations of voter fraud, that are hopefully being investigated as we speak.  Watching him being carted off to the hoosegow would be great fun!

Speaking of voter fraud, there are also the various local rag tag ballot brokers who somehow have so far gotten away with their duplicitous ways, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be brought down.  As Al Crespo said:

“I believe that both Eye On Miami and Political Cortadito have been invaluable to the Absentee Ballot issue, both because of their reporting, and because Eye On Miami’s reporting led on the one hand to the County Commission making changes to the Ordinance which led to the recent arrest of folks in Hialeah, and on the other because Political Cortadito’s reporting forced the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald to spend more time and resources than they would have to expose this story to a wider audience.”

The boleteras don’t realize how determined bloggers can be.  Do not underestimate “The Power of the Pen.”

I wish to humbly thank Al for mentioning my blog in the same breath as those bloggers of Miami-Dade County who I have long admired and, hopefully, emulated.  As they say at the Academy Awards, “It’s just an honor to be nominated.”

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”