So, you think you can be a cop?

End of WatchFor those of you who are interested, this will be my first ever movie review.  Last night, I watched the movie End of Watch on DirecTV’s On Demand.  I was blown away.  I’ve seen tons of cop movies in my life, as well as every single episode of Law & Order, and I can tell you that nothing prepared me for the gritty reality of police life that End of Watch portrayed.  The direction, production and filming of this film is so incredibly mind blowing that you literally feel like you’re part of the action.  And what a roller coaster ride it is!

The two stars of the show, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, are not only partners but best friends in every sense of the word.  As officers Taylor and Zavala, they seem to be nothing but overgrown frat boys, constantly joking and kibbutzing about everything from women to police work to their superiors at work.  They’re like little boys who always wanted to be cops but never grew up.  Just when you think the movie is a comedy, a call comes over the radio, the joking comes to a screeching halt, and it’s all business.

There might be no business like show business, but as the movie unfolds you’ll see that the business of being a cop is anything but show.  It’s ugly, it’s brutal, and it’s heartbreaking, especially in South Central Los Angeles, where this story takes place.  I must warn you that the violence and language in this movie is not for the faint of heart.  Then again, neither is police work.

Real life cops will tell you that no amount of training can prepare them for some of the scenes they come across on a daily basis.  At any given moment, their lives can change in the blink of an eye.  If you never truly understood that concept, this film will leave no doubt that this is an absolute truth.  This film also makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind would take this thankless job.  For any amount of money.  No wonder so many cops become hardened and jaded.  They see the absolute worst of humanity that none of us even imagine exists.  We should only be grateful there are enough men and women willing to serve.  I know I couldn’t.

Unless you are truly cynical and heartless, you’ll come away from this movie with an entirely different perspective of police work and a new found respect for those who serve us in such a capacity.  I know I did.

In less than two hours, I got to know Officers Taylor and Zavala like I know my own sons.  And I came to love them almost as much.  I can’t even imagine being the mother, or even the wife, of a cop, knowing that every time my son walked out that door could be the last.  Honestly, you don’t watch this movie – you live it.  And, if you’re like me, you are haunted by it.

End of Watch made me laugh, cringe, tremble in fear, cry, and when the credits rolled, bawl like a baby.  The movie’s producers dedicated it to all the men and women who wear the badge, and especially to all the fallen heroes who died so that you and I could live.

This is a must watch film, especially for those of you who think police work is a piece of cake.  Especially for those of you who think you could handle this job.  I guarantee you, you’ll think again.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



JoleneOne of the saddest songs ever written is “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.  The singer is begging a woman not to take her man and that her happiness depends on the dirtbag who’s cheating on her.  For the life of me, I can’t understand what self-respecting woman would want to hold on to a lyin’, cheatin’ SOB.  Just tell him to pack his bags and hit the road, Jack!

But this blog has nothing to do with Dolly Parton or her song.  In my research of the registered voters at North Miami Beach councilman Frantz Pierre’s house, the name “Joline” came up and Dolly’s famous ballad came to mind.  Yeah, I sure do love country music.

According to the most recent voting records for Precinct 123 obtained from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, there are still eight (8) registered voters at La Maison de Pierre.

Pierre Voters 2012

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Curiously, the voter named Joline Green was also registered to vote, and did vote, at L’il Frantzie P’s house in the city’s 2009 and 2011 elections.  Only at that time her name was Joline Pierre.

Pierre Voters 2007-2011

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After some dirt digging, my top researcher found a marriage record for L’il Miss Joline, who became the lawfully wedded wife of one Peter Vinton Victor Green on January 27, 2012.  Tomorrow will be their one year wedding anniversary.

Joline Marriage

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Mazel Tov!

The question is, if newlywed Joline Pierre Green got married last January, why is she still registered to vote at the house of The P Man?  County records show that she voted BY ABSENTEE BALLOT in both the 2012 primary and general elections.  Didn’t Joline move in with her husband after their nuptials?  Or was their marital bliss short lived, forcing her to move back home?

If this were a country music song, just think of the delicious twist of poetic justice.  I’d write lyrics about some hussy stealing her man, and “Jolene” would get her just desserts!  Dolly Parton would be proud.

But, it’s not a song – it’s real life.  When it comes to the strange goings on in councilman Pierre’s life, folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Another scenario, of course, would be that Peter Vinton Victor Green moved into La Maison de Pierre, and that he’s not on the voter list simply because he never registered to vote.  If that’s the case, that now brings the total number of bodies at 2120 NE 171 Street, a three bedroom, two bath home, to FOURTEEN!  Imagine the line for the toilet!

Look, the bottom line is that I personally don’t give a crap how many people Frantz Pierre wants to cram into his home.  I still firmly believe that if all those people live there he’s definitely in violation of the City Code regardless of whether or not the city wants to enforce its own Ordinance.  If he wants to live like a cockroach it’s certainly none of my business.  But, as a concerned citizen, voter fraud IS my business!

Chances are not all of those people actually live there, in which case the ones who don’t live there but registered to vote at 2120 NE 171 Street are violating Florida voter laws and committing voter fraud.

I suspect that Joline Pierre Green is one of them.

Unless, of course, my anniversary wishes were a bit premature.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


Conspiracy is No Longer a Theory

Conspiracy TheoryLet me run this by some of my more cynical readers.  On Thursday night I was out with my husband and we decided to stop by the new Starbucks in Skylake Mall for some dessert.  When we walked out I noticed a ton of police cars and rescue vehicles in front of Publix, all with their lights flashing.  Being a yenta, of course, I told my husband he just had to drive closer to the scene so I could try to find out what happened.  We couldn’t get very close because the entire front of Publix and part of the parking lot was cordoned off with crime scene tape.  We rubbernecked for a few minutes, then drove home.

To say I was curious is putting it mildly.  Since there were North Miami Beach cop cars on the scene, as well as those from other jurisdictions, my first act was to call the non-emergency number of the NMB Police Department for more information.  All I was told was that “the situation is under control.”  When I pressed her for more information, she said there was none.  I presumed that she wasn’t at liberty to discuss the matter, and she neither confirmed nor denied my presumption.

Next I checked my handy dandy iPhone apps for The Miami Herald and Channel 7 News.  No mention of the incident on either website.

I then proceeded to call Rosh Lowe of Channel 7 News, who usually covers NMB news.  He said he heard something about it, and that maybe it was a shooting, but he had no other information.

I thought that was rather strange.  The fact that there were absolutely no news crews on the scene only added to the mystery.

Later that evening, we drove to Walgreens on Miami Gardens Drive and NE 14 Avenue.  I immediately noticed an armed guard standing just inside the door.  I waited in the car while my husband went inside.  When he came out he told me that the cashier said she heard there was a shooting at the credit union near Publix.  She told him that “two Jamaicans” got into an argument, shots were fired but no one was hurt.  Hence the armed guard at Walgreens.

I called a fellow yenta in NMB and told him what I heard, to which he replied, “We are under siege.”  To which I responded, “And our criminals can’t even shoot straight.”

Yesterday I was at my hairdresser.  Of course, you know that your hairdresser knows EVERYTHING!  Of course, she had already heard about the shooting from a friend of hers who works at Publix.  Only this story went something like “two men were in the check out line and got into an argument, which ended in gunfire.”

Okay, so which is it?  Did the shooting happen at the credit union or at Publix?  I’m inclined to believe the latter because the crime scene tape was in front of Publix, while the credit union is a pretty fair distance away.

But the bigger mystery, if you will, is why has there been absolutely no mention of this incident in the press?  Not one story in the Herald.  Not one video on any of our local news channels (that I’m aware of anyway).  Not one press release from our Police Department or any other PD (that I’m aware of anyway).

Does anyone out there know the truth?

Could it be that shootings have become so common lately that if no one gets hit it’s not news?  Or, could there be some sort of cover up going on here?

Is conspiracy no longer a theory?

I want to believe

You be the judge.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


ART NMB – February 15, 2013


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ART NMB, proudly sponsored by the City of North Miami Beach and their Multicultural Committee is a venue for local professional artist and designers to showcase their art. Bringing the arts to North Miami Beach, centrally located in Northeast Dade County will bring a unique cultural atmosphere for the public to view, appreciate and collect art of all mediums. Art students from nearby high schools will also have their work on display as this will give them an opportunity to display their talent and have first hand experience in the art show circuit.

Councilwoman Barbara Kramer, art show coordinator, George Moss and the NMB Multicultural Committee invite you to An Evening of Art and Design at The City of North Miami Beach McDonald Center every third Friday of the month from 6PM until 9PM. Enjoy culinary delights from local food trucks which will be conveniently located just outside the art show. We look forward to enjoying this community event with you!


Mr. Pierre Goes to Washington

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington…And Chicago.  And Baltimore.  And Boston.

All courtesy of the taxpayers of North Miami Beach.

Councilman Frantz Pierre really, really likes to travel.  See the reprint of my column from February 16, 2011 below entitled Fly Me to the Moon!

And now L’il Frantzie P is going to Washington DC to attend President Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony on January 21, 2013.

Courtesy of … you guess it! … the taxpayers of North Miami Beach.

I’m told he’ll be using his Very Special Travel Allowance of $3,000.00, which apparently doesn’t have to be used for the benefit of the taxpaying residents of the City of North Miami Beach.  As long as Frantzie gets to play Big Shot in DC, it’s all good!

This expense is in addition to the unlimited (yes, UNLIMITED) amount of money that gets deposited into the Executive Contingency Account, according to Resolution No. R2012-14, a copy of which you can see right here.

This Resolution states that “from time to time, during the normal conduct of the City’s operations, situations arise which require the amendment or modification of the City’s annual adopted budget,” and “from time to time, the City Council may transfer money from one fund, account or department to another, as necessary” and that the City Manager has the “authority to fund unforeseen, incidental Council expenditures that may arise…”

There are two very disturbing aspects about this Resolution.  First, it was implemented for the Fiscal Year commencing October 1, 2011, and it doesn’t seem that there was one implemented for the Fiscal Year commencing October 1, 2012.

The second problem is that “the City Manager is authorized to transfer funds in increments of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) from the Legislative Contingency Account … to the Executive Account” – the key word here being “increments.”

What that means is when the Council blows through $50K, they can just ask the City Manager to give ’em another $50K!  Isn’t that special?

The P Man obviously sees this as a neverending source of income to spend as he wishes.  So far, this fiscal year alone he’s already tapped the Executive Contingency Account for a grand total of $4,149.00, and he has a request for another $999.00 pending for “radio appearances.”

Pierre expenses 2012-2013 fiscal year

Click to Enlarge

And it’s only January 19th – not even four months into the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year!  At this rate, he could spend another $15,000.00 by September 30, 2013 with no problem!

Frantzie might be a very small man, but he’s living large on our dime!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

Fly Me to the Moon!

Posted By Stephanie Kienzle On 16 Feb 2011.

In addition to all the corruption and dirty politics going on in North Miami Beach, let me direct your attention to some interesting travel expenses incurred by two of our elected public, ahem, servants, Myron Rosner and Frantz Pierre.  Resident Mubarak Kazan asked for and received a detailed description of the costs of their trips from May, 2009 to and including February, 2011.  He also received a copy of a future trip planned by Myron, but more on that in a moment.

Our elected officials think nothing of spending our money on their taxpayer funded vacations.  If travel to the moon were commercially available, I’m betting we’d be footing that bill, too!

Looking at these spreadsheets (and I will be happy to provide copies if you shoot me an email at, I see some highly questionable “events” these two council members attended.  For example, in October of 2009 alone, Councilman Frantz Pierre ran up $3,386.84 of our tax dollars to attend two “conferences.”  The first was the National League of Cities in Boston, Massachusetts, to the tune of $2,084.07, and the second for the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network at a cost of $1,302.77.

Now I realize that lots of elected municipal officials attend events sponsored by the various and sundry Leagues of Cities.  I don’t know much about this organization, but I do wonder how attendance at these conferences are beneficial to the City of North Miami Beach.  I’m not criticizing, mind you.  I’m saying I don’t know, but I’d love to find out. If you folks want to fill me in please feel free to post a comment here or send me an email.

As for Mr. Pierre’s attendance at the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network convention, other than swapping business cards and inviting other Haitian American Elected Officials to their kids’ Bar Mitzvahs, does anyone know what specific benefit our “investment” of $1,302.77 brought to our city?  I’m just saying…

While you’re at it, ditto for his attendance at the Haitian American Nurses Association Scholarship Gala on April 17, 2010 for $100.00.  Or, and this one’s a real head-scratcher, Mr. Pierre’s attendance at the Haiti Tourism Development Gala on December 4, 2010, also for $100.00.  Why are we spending our tax dollars to PROMOTE TOURISM TO HAITI??  We don’t spend money to promote tourism to North Miami Beach!  Then again, even if we did, we have no place to put tourists BECAUSE WE DON’T EVEN HAVE A FREAKING HOTEL IN NORTH MIAMI BEACH!

Now I’m not saying that all these Haitian American organizations aren’t worthy and beneficial to the exclusive groups they serve.  What I am saying is that they serve no purpose and provide no benefit to the residents of North Miami Beach.  Does Frantz Pierre realize he is an official elected to be Councilman of North Miami Beach and not Haiti?  If anyone out there can prove me wrong about this, PLEASE!  I’d really love to be wrong.  Clue me in!

But, folks, the real act of chutzpah committed by Frantz Pierre is his trip to Baltimore, Maryland last month for five days to attend (Can I get a drum roll, please?  Thanks!) the NATIONAL SOCCER COACHES ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA CONVENTION!

No, folks, this is not a typo!  North Miami Beach’s very own “Papa Doc” in training spent $1,676.80 of our tax dollars to brush up his soccer coaching skills.  Considering he wasn’t elected Head Coach of the NMB Soccer Team (do we even have one of those?), can ANYONE justify the spending of this money?  ANYONE?  Can the State Attorney help me out with this one?  The Ethics Commission?  THE CITY MANAGER?  ANYONE?  I guess this is one of life’s greatest mysteries.  Maybe I’ll run for office just so I can expense a trip to Nashville in June for the CMA Fan Fest so I can stalk Dwight Yoakam on your dime.  Would I have your vote?  Seriously, folks, do you believe we are financing this crap for Frantz?

Don’t go yet, Myron.  It’s your turn now.

Myron “No Rules” Rosner also has travel expenses for various events, including conventions, conferences and luncheons, although none quite so exotic as a soccer coaching convention.  I do, however, wonder what the heck he was doing at a Cuban American Bar Association Gala.  Maybe he didn’t have his readers on when he got the invitation and thought it said “Canadian” American, and then wondered why they were all talking in Spanish when he showed up.  Psssst, Myron.  What they said when they were smiling and shaking your hand was, “Who invited the gringo?”  I bet no one took credit.

Five of Myron’s trips that really stand out because the dollar amounts have a comma in them, are a trip in September of 2010 to Philadelphia for the National League of Cities 18th Annual Leadership Summit for $1,491.41.  Leadership?  Myron?  Yeah, that was money well spent, huh?  NOT!

The second big ticket item was in May of 2010, which cost the taxpayers $2,176.45 so he could attend the International Council of Shopping Centers Conference.  Oh, yeah, that trip REALLY brought home the bacon for the residents of North Miami Beach, considering we have sooooo many world class shopping centers here.  [Long Pregnant Pause]  I just choked my on coffee laughing over that one.  Sorry for the interruption.

That trip was such a rousing success that Myron decided to waste $2,244.68 to attend yet another International Council of Shopping Centers conference, this time the New York National one.  But, check this out…  Of that amount, the hotel bill alone for TWO NIGHTS cost us $1,316.14!  IMAGINE HOW MANY WATER & SEWER BILLS YOU CAN PAY WITH OVER THIRTEEN HUNDRED BUCKS!

Two more items of note and then I’ll let you get back to your business.

1.  Back in August of 2010, We the Taxpayers of North Miami Beach shelled out $298.00 for a hotel room in HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA (yes, the same Hollywood, Florida that’s about 10 miles or so north of North Miami Beach) so that Myron could attend a Florida League of Cities Conference.  The conference began on Thursday, August 19, 2010 and ended on Sunday, August 22, 2010.  Now, you and I both know that driving to Hollywood, Florida, from North Miami Beach takes about 15 to 20 minutes, so I’m sitting here wondering why the schmuck has to charge us for a hotel room.  There is a specific note on the spreadsheet provided by the city on the same line as the hotel charge that says, “Accom. Due to Sabbath.”  What this means is that Myron demanded we pay for a hotel room to accommodate him over the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sundown on Friday night and ends after sundown on Saturday night.  Religious Jews (a/k/a Shomers) aren’t allowed to drive on the Sabbath.  What is insane about this is that MYRON IS NOT A SHOMER SHABBOS JEW!  I know this for a fact because just last Saturday afternoon, he was out campaigning with his ACORN/PanZOu buddies in his Siz Construction van!  I mentioned this to someone and I was advised that Myron never claimed to be a Shomer, but apparently his wife, Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel, is, and that this hotel room was for HER benefit.   OMFG!  WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR A HOTEL ROOM FOR HIS FREAKING WIFE????  DOESN’T SHE HAVE HER OWN EXPENSE ACCOUNT WITH THE FREAKING COUNTY????  How many freaking trips has she brought Myron on that We the Taxpayers have purchased on HER expense account?  Excuse my French, folks, but this shit stinks to high heaven!

2.  Finally, Mr. Kazan also requested information on any future trips planned by Myron and Frantz.  It appears that Myron is going to attend this weekend the MDCLC Annual Installation Gala, which is being held at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa.  The event begins on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.  AGAIN WE ARE PAYING FOR HIM AND HIS WIFE TO STAY AT THE HOTEL BECAUSE OF THE JEWISH SABBATH!  His Garden View Room with Balcony is costing We the Taxpayers $449.74 for Friday and Saturday night!  According to my handy-dandy Jewish Calendar, the Sabbath begins at 5:59 p.m. on Friday and ends at 6:52 p.m. on Saturday.  What this means is that Princess Sarah has to arrive at the hotel before sundown on Friday, make sure she doesn’t drive or ride in a car or even take an elevator until after sundown on Saturday, SO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR HER ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TWO FREAKING NIGHTS!  Folks, I contend that if Myron doesn’t want to attend the event without a date, HE SHOULD PAY FOR THE FREAKING HOTEL ROOM, NOT US!

Sorry for screaming, but I’m mad as hell.  This guy is just really pushing the envelope.  Aside from all his dirty (and I believe ILLEGAL no matter what city attorney Darcee Siegel says) campaign tricks, he’s bilking us for every dollar he can.  It infuriates me even further that we should have to pay even one damn penny more to accommodate his wife.  If you agree with me, please get involved here and start sending letters to every resident you know, the city attorney, the city manager, the state attorney, the ethics commission, the freaking governor if you can.  We obviously can’t shame him out of office because this man has no shame whatsoever.  We can vote him out, but I’d love to see him behind bars where I believe he really belongs for fraud, corruption, election fraud, ethics violations, and all around schmuckery.  I’m just saying.

Message to Myron: I don’t care what it takes.  I am not giving up on bringing you down.  I’m going to be so far up your tuchus you’ll think I’m a hemorrhoid.  As the song goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

To be continued…


Government Food Chain

Government Food ChainMy ongoing battle with the City of North Miami Beach continues.  I finally got a return phone call from City Manager Roslyn Weisblum late Friday afternoon.  That was twenty minutes I’ll never get back.

As I reported in CYA in NMB, there are presently eight (8) registered voters who claim they live in councilman Frantz Pierre’s house.  This is in addition to the five (5) minor children who are believed to also live with Mr. Pierre and his wife, bringing the total number of people who live at La Maison de Pierre to thirteen.  Since it’s quite probable that the eight (8) registered voters are not all married to or are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre, it would seem that the good councilman is violating his own city’s Ordinance No. 92-9.

Good old Roz tried her best Street Furniture argument on me, which will fly when pigs do.  Despite the fact that the city’s Ordinance is very clear on the definition of “family” as being “One (1) or more persons occupying a dwelling, not more than three (3) of whom are unrelated to each other by birth, adoption, or marriage, and who are living and cooking as a single household. (Ord. No. 92-9, § 2, 6-16-92)”, Roz tried really hard to convince me that I can’t read English.

As Dave Barry would say, “I am not making this up.”  Despite my initial difficulty finding the Ordinance on the city’s website due to a mistyping of the Section number, it’s published there in black and white.

In Clintonian fashion, the city manager and I went around in circles as to the definition of the words “birth” and “marriage.”  Roz kept insisting that if two people are related by “birth,” it also includes siblings.  I don’t know about you folks, but I gave “birth” to my children – not my siblings, thank you very much.

Roz also wanted to expand the definition of the word “marriage” to include in-laws, as in:  My brother, who is related to me by “birth,” is married to my sister-in-law, which makes her related to me by “marriage.”

Well, I guess that all depends on what your definition of the world “is” is.  Right, Bill?

As John Stossel would say, “Give me a break!”

Roz also tried to cover Frantzie’s puny ass by reinventing the method of counting from one to three.  I put on my Kindergarten Teacher Hat to explain to her that “no more than three” actually means that “one,” “two,” and “three” are okay, but that “four or more” are not okay.   I even spoke slowly and used simple words to explain how Frantzie can have up to three but not more than three persons who are unrelated by birth, adoption, or marriage living in his house.  I frustratingly tried every possible example of combinations to explain the difference between “three” and “more than three,” but Roz is either incredibly stupid or was just playing incredibly stupid in order to win the argument.  I honestly can’t figure out which, but logic obviously prevails.  Oh, and the fact that numbers are numbers, regardless of what the definition of the word “is” is, so it’s hard to win that one.

Moving right along.

When we both agreed on the proper method of counting from one to three, Roz tried a different tactic.  She attempted to tell me that the only reason the Ordinance was implemented in the first place was to discourage owners from using their homes as boarding houses.  Hence the word “family” when defining who may live in a single family home.

Here’s the problem, Roz.  I don’t give a rat’s ass WHY the Ordinance was implemented.  I only care THAT the Ordinance was implemented.  If the legislators who passed the Ordinance in 1992 intended for this Law to outlaw boarding houses, the Ordinance should have included language stating “There shalt be no boarding houses.”  As it stands on the books right now, here in 2013, the Ordinance still says what it said in 1992.  It doesn’t say what the legislators were thinking at the time they voted to pass it.


Then Roz actually had the freaking chutzpah to tell me that just because the eight people have Florida-issued voter registration cards listing 2120 NE 171 Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162 as their domicile, she cannot assume they actually live there for the purpose of enforcing Ordinance 92-9.  Seriously?  She takes the word of a known liar (that’d be Frantzie) over the certified records of the Division of Elections of the State of Florida?  C’mon, Roz!  You can’t be THAT stupid, can you?

Wait a minute.  Yeah, I guess you can.

When Roz finally realized I wasn’t buying her bullshit, she became quite agitated, told me to have a nice weekend, and promptly hung up on me.

Here’s the thing.  There is a Chain of Command at City Hall, a/k/a the Government Food Chain, and everyone has their part to play.

I’ve been giving the Code Compliance Manager, Eric Wardle, a hard time because he refuses to determine whether or not L’il Frantzie P is in violation of Ordinance 92-9 by having too many “boarders” in his house.  He told me that Frantz told him he’s not in violation, and that’s good enough for him.

The truth is that Mr. Wardle has a boss, and that boss is Roz.

If Roz tells Eric to sit, he’d better ask “Where?”
If Roz tells Eric to jump, he’d better say, “How high?”
If Roz tells Eric to ignore Kienzle, he’d better say, “Kienzle who?”

Assuming that Mr. Wardle likes his job, he’s not gonna take any chances to piss Roz off, right?  Right.  He’s just trying to do his job and not get fired.

The second truth is that Roz has a boss.  Actually, she has seven bosses, one of whom just happens to be Frantz Pee-Air.  Using the Eric Example, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say:

If Pee-Air tells Roz to sit, she’d better say, “Where?”
If Pee-Air tells Roz to jump, she’d better say, “How high?”
If Pee-Air tells Roz to ignore Kienzle, she’d better say, “Kienzle who?”

Assuming that Roz likes her job, and her pension, and her DROP money, she’s not gonna take any chances of getting her ass fired by pissing off The P Man, right?  Right.

In the Government Food Chain of North Miami Beach, Eric Wardle is the plankton, Roslyn Weisblum is the guppy and Frantz is the shark.  Trust me, the plankton and the guppy are no match for the shark.  That’s exactly how EX-mayor Myron Rosner got away with his bullying ways for so long.  But, as we all know, even the biggest shark eventually gets caught.  And, L’il Frantzie P is hardly the biggest shark in the tank!

The only way that Frantz Pierre is going to get his comeuppance is if his colleagues on the dais stop putting up with his ethically challenged behavior.  Frantz has gotten away with his buffoonery for far too long.  He’s already been the subject of not one, not two, not three or four, but FIVE, count ’em, FIVE Internal Affairs investigations, not to mention his close ties to the questionable “non-profit” organizations that have conned the city out of money over the years.  And now Frantzie is either violating the city Code by living with twelve other people, seven of them adults, in a three bedroom, two bath single family home, or he’s violating the Florida Statutes by allowing them to falsely use his address for the purpose of committing voter fraud.  Either way, he’s a total screw up.

It’s up to the Mayor and Council to call Frantzie on his shit.  It’s also up to them to tell their employee, City Manager Roslyn Weisblum, to stop protecting Frantz by allowing Code Enforcement Manager Eric Wardle to enforce the Code.

It’s time for the entire Food Chain Gang to either cut the crap or start practicing these six words:  DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT?

Food Chain
Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


Andre Pierre, ‘Person of the Year’

Wanted Andre PierreIf you have any doubt that crime pays, look no further than today’s Miami Herald article, Island TV honors North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre as ‘Person of the Year.’

According to the article, Island TV is a “Haitian-American cable network, which every year honors individuals who have had an impact on the local Haitian community.”  Oh, Andre Pierre has had an impact alright.  Let’s look at some of the highlights of his reign, er, I mean, term:

1.  As early as October of 2010, Andre raised eyebrows for showing up at City Hall driving a brand spanking new Porsche Panamera, estimated to be worth about $100,000.00, claiming it was a gift.  According to an NBC article, North Miami Mayor Called Out for Sweet Ride, “at the end of the day Pierre was still big pimpin’ in a Porsche – a Porsche he didn’t disclose, as is required by state and county ethics laws if it was a gift.”  The article also reminds us, “Three months ago, the mayor was in the news for a very different reason when he extended an invitation to Haitian earthquake victims to come live in North Miami, which would mean potentially 10,000 new residents.”

2.  Just a few months later in January of 2011, there was that minor incident involving his ordering of 43 police-like badges for his cronies.  According to an article in Corrupt Authority, “After the council meeting, Pierre said that he provided a badge to each of the staff members, and an undisclosed number to “city volunteers,” although he refused to mention any names. He also refused to answer questions why he ordered them in the first place.  Pierre bypassed the city manager when purchasing the badges, instead asking Police Chief, Stephen Johnson, to order them. The badges are similar to a law enforcement shield and feature the Florida state seal.”

3.  Later that year in May of 2011, during his bid for re-election, Andre Pierre was accused of “abuse of power by police union leaders for implying threats to officers if they issue him tickets when he gets pulled over,” and then became embroiled in yet another scandal involving the installation of hidden cameras in his office.  As NBC Miami reported, “A source with firsthand knowledge of the incident, which cost $8,000, said the two hidden cameras were quietly removed Thursday. The source also explained two mysterious $3,000 charges to the city in addition to the hidden cameras and installation: The mayor and the city manager had their offices swept for secret listening devices. None was found. Three sources also said the city’s top law enforcement officer, North Miami Police Chief Stephen Johnson, ordered Detective James Mesidor to install hidden cameras using Law Enforcement Trust Fund money, without city authorization.”

4.  Then who can forget that just days before the election, Andre Pierre’s nephew/campaign manager, Ricardo Brutus, was arrested “and charged with a felony count of unlawful compensation, according to a Miami New Times article entitled North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre’s Campaign Manager Took $4,000 To Get Council Item Pulled. Brutus’ trial was supposed to start yesterday but was reset for sometime next month.  Of course, Pierre claims he is not involved in this scheme.  Yeah, right.

5.  Once re-elected, which in and of itself is proof positive of a completely uninformed and/or apathetic electorate, Andre Pierre promptly started firing long time employees and replacing them with people much more sympathetic to his cause, which is basically to make sure that nearly every position of power is filled with his fellow Haitian Americans.  He started by promoting then Chief of Police, whose credentials for that position were questionable in the first place, to City Manager, who promptly fired long time Finance Director, Carlos Perez.  As I reported in North Miami: Sunshine? We don’t need no stinkin’ sunshine!, “I’m guessing Mr. Perez knew where the bodies were buried and Andre Pierre certainly didn’t want them dug up.  Johnson was obviously enlisted to ensure they stayed buried.”  Pierre also had Johnson create a position called “CRA Coordinator” especially for his buddy, Lesly Prudent, whose radio show heavily promoted Pierre’s re-election.  Prudent got the job even though he didn’t have the qualifications advertised by the city.  Gee, isn’t that special?  No wonder this Island TV is so proud of the fact that “The city hired its first Haitian-American city attorney, police chief and finance director. North Miami also has several employees of Haitian descent in other top level city jobs.”  It doesn’t matter if anyone is qualified or not, as long as they’re of Haitian descent.”

6.  Fast forward to January of 2012, when King Andre decided to privatize the North Miami Sanitation Department, and ram this legislation through by ignoring public outcry.  When a teacher/resident dared to speak out at public comment, he actually called her school’s principal to complain about her.  WTF?  Of course, the fact that the winning bidder, Waste Pro, previously donated a total of $4,500.00 to Pierre’s and councilwoman Marie Steril’s campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Of course.

7.  The very next month in February of 2012, Andre Pierre “negotiated” a very lucrative contract for his very special city manager, Stephen Johnson, despite the fact that the terms he inserted were illegal.  But, what’s a few State Laws between friends?

8.  Then in March of 2012, Andre Pierre had the distinct honor of having his home foreclosed.  As I reported in North Miami. Again., “In 2007, he had no problem borrowing $560,000.00 from a bank, paying off the then current mortgagee approximately $260,000.00 (give or take a few thousand), netting approximately $300,000.00.  (That’s a LOT of home improvement, by the way.)  But by 2011, his house was only worth $233,552.00, and he still owed the bank tons of money.  Amazingly, “that same year his mortgage was modified to $432,538 with an interest rate of 4.375 percent annually for about 40 years,” according to the Herald, but, “his mortgage was about $200,000 more than the assessed value of the home.”  So, what did MAYOR Andre Pierre do?  He stopped paying his mortgage payments, of course!  Wouldn’t you?”

9.  Then in April of 2012, the story broke that Andre and his cronies had been using the city’s athletic stadium for pick up soccer games without paying the usual and customary fee that everyone else has to pay.  Talk about abuse of power!  As I reported in Soccer-Gate, from October, 2009 through September, 2011, Pierre used the fields “for private soccer practice” without paying the tab of about $29,000.00.  He reserved the field for the last time on September 10, 2011, but on September 17, 2011 a group called the North Miami Taxpayers Club started reserving the field.  By sheer coincidence, Andre Pierre is a member of the North Miami Taxpayers Club.  Ironically, since Andre Pierre is being tossed out of his home in a foreclosure proceeding and hasn’t been paying his mortgage, he’s not even a Taxpayer!”  Furthermore, Pierre himself signed a Resolution two years earlier stating that fee waivers for the city’s facilities can only be granted to legitimate non-profit organizations.  As I reported in Nasty as I Wanna Be, the “North Miami Taxpayers Club” was neither a Florida corporation NOR a non-profit.  Then again, in North Miami, the laws don’t apply to Hizzoner.  They only apply to everyone else.

10.  Speaking of laws, Andre violated a few more by having his city manager, Stephen Johnson, use the official police database to run license tag checks on his “enemies.”  This scandal, which I dubbed Tag-Gate, also proved that Johnson was hired to take the hits for Pierre’s shenanigans when he told the Miami Herald reporter “that he didn’t bother filing official police reports for the unofficial license checks ‘because at the time the mayor was uncomfortable because people were putting in public records requests and he didn’t want people to make a mockery out of it.'”  Now that’s thinking on his feet!  ROFLMAO.

11.  Moving right along… Andre Pierre then decided unilaterally that the City of North Miami would “approve funding to the tune of one half of the $538,053.00 cost, or $270,650.00, for a “Carnival or Mardi-Gras,” which is “one of the most sacred festivities in the Haitian community,” according to the proposal dated March 26, 2012.  Radio Mega, the promoter, anticipates receiving the other half of the funding from “other sponsors doing business in the community and vendors that will participate in the event.”  They also want the council to approve this annual festival for the next five years, without knowing the future expenses, and thereby holding future administrations hostage to an unknown amount of money each year until 2017.”  Of course, even before the Council voted on this expenditure, Radio Mega already announced on its website that the event is “fully supported by by the Haitian elected officials, Mayor Andre Pierre, Councilwoman Erlande Steril, Councilman Jean R. Marcellus, Chief Police Marc Ellias, Councilman Frantz Pierre, Commissioner Jean Monestime, and Vice Mayor Philippe Derose.”  Sunshine?  North Miami don’t need no stinkin’ sunshine!

12.  And who can forget the time that Andre decided to spend well over $8,800.00 of taxpayer money to have members of the Police Department babysit “his president” Michel Martelly, who is actually the president of Haiti, during a personal visit to Miami?  I know the taxpayers of North Miami are still talking about it!

13.  Monsieur Pierre is also in hot water for his Myron-like bus bench campaign advertising during the May, 2011 election.  That investigation is ongoing.

14.  Andre got his 15 Minutes of Infamy when he decided to give the keys to the city to none other than the Kardashian sisters for existing.  Oh, and for gracing the city with their presence while filming their reality television show on sacred North Miami soil.  OKAY!

15.  Just in time for the 2012 Holiday Season, Andre finally got his hand smacked by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust for his Soccer Problem.  Merry Christmas!

16.  Finally, the latest in a long string of Andre Pierre scandals is his Conflict of Interest problem regarding the principals involved in the ever scandalous Biscayne Landing project and a project in Haiti known as Petite Cayemite.  After initially admitting to being a potential investor in the Haiti project, Pierre then conviently backtracked his story amid public outcry.

As if none of these scandals and questionable activities perpetrated by the mayor of North Miami are wild enough, Andre Pierre is being “honored” by a “Haitian-American cable network” as the Haitian community’s ‘Person of the Year.’

That surely explains why corrupt officials keep getting re-elected in North Miami where, apparently, crime really does pay!

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”



CYAUPDATED 01-11-13*

We already know that the City of North Miami Beach has a Zoning and Land Development Code.  It’s in the City Code Part II, Chapter XXIV, entitled Zoning and Land Development.  Under Article I, Section 24-12*, there used to be language stating what family members may or may not dwell in a single family home.  Once upon a time, I was able to find this section online, which defined the word “family” as:

Family:  One (1) or more persons occupying a dwelling, not more than three (3) of whom are unrelated to each other by birth, adoption, or marriage, and who are living and cooking as a single household. (Ord. No. 92-9, § 2, 6-16-92)

I just went to try to look it up again on the city’s website and found this curious insert:

Secs. 24-8 – 24-20  Reserved

Reserved?  REALLY?  Reserved for what???


[NOTE: I have been advised by the city’s IT Department that the Ordinance in Question is under Article I, Sec. 24-22, and that 24-12 was a typographical error.  I check and it is on the city’s website.  YAY!]

Now, you may ask where I’m going with this.  Well, here goes.  This is long, so bear with me.

According to the most recent voter registration records I have from the State of Florida, there are eight (8) registered voters claiming to live at 2120 NE 171 Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162, which happens to be the residence of North Miami Beach councilman Frantz Pierre.  As you know, “registered voters” must be at least eighteen years of age.  If there are eight (8) registered voters living in one house, with a combination of five (5) different last names, what are the chances that every single one of them are “related by birth, adoption, or marriage?”

Pierre Voters

Considering that the owner of the property, Frantz Pierre, was born on January 7, 1965, and considering that he is probably married to one of the other seven (7) registered voters, what are the chances that he is the parent, either by birth or adoption, of the remaining six (6) voters?  Considering that it’s common knowledge that all of Frantzie’s five children are younger than eighteen and probably not registered to vote, then logic would lead us to believe the remaining six voters are NOT his children.


Using my powers of deduction, it sure seems to me that councilman Frantz Pierre is in violation of the Code of the city in which he is an elected official!

Trying to get the Code Enforcement Department of the City of North Miami Beach to actually enforce the city’s Code is a lesson in futility.  Unless, of course, you happen to NOT be an elected official.  Then it seems all bets are off.

On December 3, 2012, I filed a formal complaint with City Manager Roslyn Weisblum, stating:

Dear Ms. Weisblum,

This letter will serve as a formal complaint that Mr. Frantz Pierre may in violation of City Ordinance No. 92-9 by having “more than three (3) of whom are unrelated to each other by birth, adoption, or marriage, and who are living and cooking as a single household. (Ord. No. 92-9, § 2, 6-16-92)” According to the most recent voter rolls from Miami-Dade County, there are eight (8) registered voters living at 2120 NE 171 Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162.  You can see all the details on my column from this morning at

If, in fact, you do determine that there are more than three individuals living at his home “who are unrelated to each other by birth, adoption, or marriage,” I expect that you and/or the Code Enforcement Officer will take appropriate action by citing the violation and making sure the violation is corrected within a reasonable amount of time. Please notify me immediately once you determine whether or not a violation has been committed so that I may take further action, if necessary.Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Stephanie Kienzle

No response.

On December 18, 2012, I sent the following email to Ms. Weisblum:

Still waiting for a response to this complaint.  An acknowledgement would be nice.

Stephanie Kienzle

On December 19, 2012, Roz wrote back:

I am not certain as to what is required to receive a voter’s registration at a particular address.  I called the City Clerk’s office and it appears that in addition to a government photo ID, another document such as utility bill or bank statement with the name and address is also required.  However, I am not sure how a child of the owner of the property who has reached the age of majority would obtain a voter’s registration if they could not provide a bill.

I have not obtained any information that indicates that the Ordinance you mentioned below has been violated.



WTF?  Did I ask her about registering to vote???

I, of course, immediately wrote her back:

Ms. Weisblum,

You did not answer my question.  How many people live in Frantz Pierre’s house?

As I researched:

Under “Article II, Sec. 24-12 Language,”  which deals with the definitions of terms used in the the “North Miami Beach Zoning and Land Development Code.”  One of the items defined is the word “family” as:

Family:  One (1) or more persons occupying a dwelling, not more than three (3) of whom are unrelated to each other by birth, adoption, or marriage, and who are living and cooking as a single household. (Ord. No. 92-9, § 2, 6-16-92)

If Frantz has more than three unrelated adults, as described in the ordinance, living in his house, he is in violation of the Code.

Therefore, I ask again, How many people live in Frantz Pierre’s house?

Thank you,

Stephanie Kienzle

To which she responded on December 20, 2012:

I am sorry to say that I have no means of an answering your question.  Other than the knowledge that Mr. Pierre has a large family, I have no way of knowing the number of people residing in the home.


I promptly responded with:

Apparently, then, the City of North Miami Beach has no way of enforcing its building Code.  Therefore, I am contending that any resident or business owner who receives a Notice of Violation need not comply.  If a CITY COUNCILMAN can allegedly violate the City Code with no consequences, everyone else is now feel free to do the same.

Thank Frantz Pierre for setting the precedent for the rest of us!  I’ll be spreading the word.

Roz ignored me, so on January 9, 2013, I sent the Formal Complaint to the Code Compliance Manager, Eric Wardle, with the following email:

Dear Mr. Wardle,

As you can see by the below email chain, I have been trying to ascertain whether or not councilman Frantz Pierre is in violation of City Ordinance No. 92-9.  At the present time, there are eight (8) registered voters residing at 2120 NE 171 Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162, which is the house of Frantz Pierre.  To my knowledge, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre represent two (2) of those eight (8) registered voters; however, none of the remaining six (6) registered voters are related to Mr. or Mrs. Pierre by birth, adoption, or marriage.”  Our City Ordinance No. 92-9 states that there shall be not more than three (3) persons living in a single family home in North Miami Beach that are not related by birth, adoption, or marriage.  To my knowledge, in addition to these eight (8) registered voters residing at the house located at 2120 NE 171 Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre also have five (5) minor children, none of whom are registered to vote.

Mr. Wardle, I have been advised by Rhonda Sibilia of the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust that the enforcement of our city’s Code is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to:

1.  Determine if Frantz Pierre is in violation of City Ordinance No. 92-9 by having more than three persons living in his home who are not related by birth, adoption, or marriage; and

2.  If you determine that there are more than three persons living in his home who are not related by birth, adoption, or marriage, it is your responsibility to issue a Notice of Violation to the owner of the property; and

3.  If the owner of the property does not bring his property into compliance with the Code, you must do whatever is within your jurisdiction to enforce the Code, including but not limited to assessing applicable fines until the violation has been cured.

I expect you will follow through on this Formal Complaint in a timely manner and advise me of the outcome of your findings.

If you do not take this complaint seriously and use every resource at your disposal, including the power of Subpoena, in order to determine whether or not Frantz Pierre is in violation of the city’s Code, you will have left me no choice but to take action by filing a lawsuit with the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Miami-Dade County.  I am fully prepared to do so, if necessary.  I hope this will not be the case.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.  I remain,

Yours very truly,

Stephanie Kienzle

Mr. Wardle wrote back on the same day:

Ms Kienzle,

I already responded to this question, you don’t need anything from me to make a complaint to the Florida Elections Commission. 

Eric L. Wardle Jr.

To which I replied:

Mr. Wardle,

You did NOT answer the question, which was, “How many people live in Frantz Pierre’s house?”  If you do not know the answer to this question, please tell me how you determined that he is not in violation of the City Code.

Thank you,
Stephanie Kienzle

Mr. Wardle pulled a Roz and did not respond.  He did return my phone call, though, and gave me another non-answer.  When I pressed him to tell me how he arrived at the conclusion that Frantz Pierre is in compliance with the Code, he said, “Because councilman Pierre told me he was in compliance.”

Alrighty then.

Mr. Wardle also said that just because the State of Florida Elections Department lists the names of people who are registered as voters at a particular address, doesn’t mean he should assume they live there.  WTF?

The conversation became a tad heated when I told him I wanted something in writing stating exactly how he determined that Frantz was in compliance with the Code.  I also told him I expected him to consult with city attorney Darcee “Street Furniture” Siegel before putting something in writing.  He confirmed that he would.

No kidding!  Nothing gets put in writing in the City of North Miami Beach without a big fat CYA.  And to whom better to turn than the one who is the expert at concocting CYA excuses than Ms. Siegel?  Whatever.  His eventual written response to me should be interesting to say the least.

So, here’s the thing.  I’ve come to four conclusions so far:

1.  Councilman Frantz Pierre is most definitely in violation of the city’s Code.

2.  Code Enforcement Manager Eric Wardle claims that Frantz Pierre is in compliance with the Code, but has yet to tell me how he made this determination other than “Frantzie said so.”

3.  City Manager Roslyn Weisblum is clueless about pretty much everything.

4.  City Attorney Darcee Siegel will probably figure out a way to cover both their and Frantzie’s asses in an attempt to shut me up.

And here is my opinion:

1.  If a sitting Councilman cannot comply with his own city’s Code, he must be made to follow the rules.

2.  If the Code Compliance Manager cannot enforce the Code, he’s not doing his job and he must be fired.

3.  If the City Manager cannot get the Code Compliance Manager to do his job, she’s not doing her job and she must be fired.

4.  If the City Attorney continues to cover the asses of the above three individuals, she’s not doing her job and she must be fired.

But, most importantly, if the Mayor and Council do not demand that their employees do their jobs, then Mayor and Council are not doing their jobs and they need to be fired!

That’s my warning shot.


Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


All in the Family

All in the familyAs much fun as it is to write about the Class Clowns of North Miami Beach, a/k/a council members Phyllis Smith and Frantz Pierre, residents here should count our blessings that we don’t live in North Miami, where lawlessness is the order of the day.

For starters, there’s that silly little Conflict of Interest thing going on with North Miami mayor Andre Pierre, developer Michael Swerdlow and the ever present Cherubin Brothers, who are all somehow involved in both Biscayne Landing and a development project in Haiti known as Petite Cayemite.  It was first reported in the Miami Herald on December 23, 2012 that the mayor was an “advisor” and that Swerdlow was an “investor” in the Cherubin’s development deal.  Now they’re both crying foul and backtracking about how extensive an involvement they actually have in Petite Cayemite.  According to the Herald’s latest article, Attorney: Swerdlow’s role in Haiti Petite Cayemite project pitch was overstated, both Pierre and Swerdlow are now conveniently claiming they have nothing to do with the Cherubin project.  Never mind that they both took advantage of last month’s South Florida visit by Haitian President Michel Martelly by pitching the project to a room full of Haitian VIPs and potential investors.  Both Swerdlow and Pierre gave the impression that they were heavily involved as either investors or potential investors.  Swerdlow’s attorney now tells the Herald that “his client’s name was used unexpectedly by the Cherubins to ‘give the project a boost.'”

I guess False Advertising isn’t as heinous a crime as Conflict of Interest.


According to an email I received from North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin, the Petite Cayemite project is only the tip of the Conflict of Interest iceberg.

Only hours before the meeting of the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) last night, the CRA attorney, Steven W. Zelkowitz introduced a new request to fund a beauty store by the name of PI Beauty Express, Inc., a Florida corporation formed only two months ago on November 6, 2012, by one Precile Lozama.

Coincidentally, Precile Lozama is also a principal in another Florida corporation called Sasarabi Investments and Management, Inc., along with one other principal by the name of Adlyn E. Lozama.

Coincidentally, Adlyn E. Lozama hosts a local radio show broadcast on WSRF 1580 AM, which radio station is owned by the Cherubin brothers.

Those would be the very same Cherubin brothers involved in both Biscayne Landing and Petite Cayemite.

Those would also be the very same Cherubin brothers who, back in September of 2011, asked the City of North Miami Beach to purchase a property they own on NE 19th Avenue, using our city’s CRA money, and then turn the property back over to them so they could build a hotel on the property.  That way the Cherubins could basically keep control of the property without having those annoying responsibilities of ownership.  You know, like real estate taxes.  Or environmental cleanup.  Luckily, North Miami Beach turned down this “generous” offer.

Those Cherubin brothers sure have a thing for CRA money, huh?  Little wonder, considering that CRAs are one of the biggest money grabbing scams ever created.  In my not so humble opinion, of course.

Councilman Galvin’s other concerns about this funding request were not inconsequential, either.  For starters, PI Beauty Express, Inc. is merely a tenant and doesn’t own the property located at at 12350-12360 NE 7 Avenue, North Miami, Florida 33168.  Mr. Galvin also noted that the owner of this property already received CRA funding within the last five years, which is all the CRA Rules allow.  His final concern was that this newly submitted request was not included in the original CRA packet, but sneaked in at the last minute, nor was it advertised in advance in accordance with, yep, you guessed it CRA Rules.

Then again, this is North Miami we’re talking about, where Rules really were meant to be broken.  Literally.

There is just so much wrong with this picture, that it defies all reason.

When it comes to his own city’s Charter regarding Conflict of Interest, or CRA Rules, or Miami-Dade County’s Code of Ethics, Andre Pierre just keeps doing whatever the hell the pleases knowing full well there will be no consequences whatsoever.

When it comes to grabbing all the goodies, courtesy of North Miami’s taxpaying residents, North Miami’s band of merry men, a/k/a Pierre, Swerdlow, Cherubin & Cherubin, PA, like to keep it All in the Family.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”


NMB Cultural Cinema Night, Friday, January 11, 2013

To Sir, With Love Movie PosterDear Residents,
The North Miami Beach Multi Cultural Committee is pleased to invite you to Cultural Cinema Nights this coming Friday evening at 7:00 PM. The feature film is To Sir, with Love. If you haven’t seen this classic movie from 1967 you won’t want to miss it at the Jules Littman Performing Arts Theater. Enjoy a great movie with your community!
Thank you,
Barbara Kramer
City of NMB
17011 N.E. 19th Avenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33162