Random Acts of Karma

As most of you know, a few days ago my webmaster’s computer was hacked and our website, VotersOpinion.com, was pillaged.  Since then, I’ve been able to recover about a hundred out of approximately 135 of my columns.  I’d say that’s pretty good, considering I could have lost all of them!  When my webmaster told me about our situation, after my initial, but short lived, panic attack, I remembered that I had complete copies of most of my blogs in my outgoing email folder.  YIPPEE!  The few hours it took to retrieve them was a pain, but hardly worth pulling my hair out over.  It’s not like I’ve never wasted hours of my life on frustrating things, like interminable waiting in doctor’s offices, rush hour traffic, airport check-in lines, listening to North Miami Beach councilwoman Phyllis Smith babble and squawk.  You know…hours I’ll never get back.  But life goes on.

I received a comment from someone calling herself “Karmasabitch,” and her message was simply:

Karma :0)

I will assume that Ms. Karmasabitch is referring to the fact that my website got hit and believes it’s because I’ve been attacking Phyllis in this blog, and that payback’s a bitch.  Um, yeah, it would be if that were the case.  First of all, the hack attack wasn’t directed at me.  It was directed at my webmaster’s computer, and it was totally random.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you!  The only reason it got to this website was through his computer, and it had nothing to do with me personally. Continue reading



As some of you may know by now, yesterday this website has been literally wiped out by a hacker.  The site itself wasn’t attacked, but my webmaster’s computer was hacked!  Whoever got into his computer let loose some kind of virus that was able to somehow retrieve and duplicate all his passwords and gain access to every website he’s a member of.  As far as investigators are able to determine, the perpetrator is somewhere in southeast Asia.  Good luck finding and prosecuting the suspects, whoever they may be.

But, the really bad news is that the hacker got into the server of VotersOpinion.com and wiped out all my blogs!!  I’ve spent all of last night combing through thousands of emails to try to retrieve as many as possible.  So far, I’ve uncovered 132 of them (can you believe I’ve written that many?  I can’t!), but I’ve lost about 35, most of which were published between October of 2010 and January of 2011.  That totally sucks but I learned a valuable lesson – keep copies of every important thing you write! Continue reading


How ’bout a glass, Phyllis?

(Originally published 6/21/11)

At tonight’s pre-council meeting, North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo said it seems like the council is rearranging chairs on the Titanic.  Boy, was that ever an understatement!  Again, councilwoman Phyllis Smith, a/k/a Mouth of the South, kvetched about where she was going to sit on the dais.  Can’t this woman take a freaking hint?  This time she took a new tactic in the hopes that she might persuade the rest of the council to see things her way.  Tonight her mantra was about “council unity.”  HUH?

Hey, Phyllis!  Here’s a News Flash:  The council IS united.  You’re the only one rocking the boat.  Or, more appropriately, you’re rearranging chairs on the Titanic. Continue reading


State of Urgency

(Originally published 6/19/11)

Chicken Little reporting here.  Or, that would be the name I’m called by certain past and present members of the North Miami Beach City Council.  For the past couple of years I’ve been nagging the council to cut the budget and start spending our tax dollars responsibility.  The response I got was, “Oh, there goes that Crazy, Tea Party Going, Evil Republican again!”  Well, okay, they didn’t exactly use those words.  But, the truth is, they didn’t use any words.  They simply ignored me.  They also ignored every single one of the other residents, Evil Republican or otherwise, who was telling the council the exact same thing, which is “It’s the economy, STUPID!”

I guess the ostriches on the council had no choice but to pull their collective heads out of the sand because on the Agenda for the upcoming council meeting this Tuesday, June 21, 2011, are two resolutions for the council to declare a State of Urgency – one for the fiscal year 2011 and one for the fiscal year 2012. Continue reading



(Originally published 6/15/11)

I just found out that I made the “Best Of” list in the Miami New Times.  WOW!  How cool is that?  Your little ol’ worm digger won the “Best Gadfly – 2011″ Award.  The article is published here http://www.miaminewtimes.com/bestof/2011/award/best-gadfly-2827049/:

Best Gadfly – 2011

Stephanie Kienzle

How can you tell when your relentlessly pesky attacks on your small town’s leadership are hitting their mark? Here’s one surefire sign: When the mayor personally sends building inspectors to try to shut you up. That’s exactly what happened to Stephanie Kienzle, a furiously grouchy online critic of North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner. Continue reading


Shooting the Messenger (and rather ineffectively, I might add)

(Originally published 6/14/11)

Most of my faithful readers know that I’m a stickler for grammar.  When my children asked me to review their English essays, the first thing I did was red pencil poor grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Content was secondary until those corrections were made.  I literally mourn the days when spelling counted on homework.

By the same token, I have no problem if someone wants to criticize me or take issue with my opinion.  But, when a person tells me that my writing is “filled with grammatical errors,” it’s hard for me to get past whatever point that person is trying to make. Continue reading


The Numbers Game

(Originally published 6/12/11)

Believe it or not, I started out in life as a numbers person and not a wordsmith.  Growing up, my real passions were football, math and science.  In that order.  My original career choice (and, no, you’re not gonna believe this) was neurosurgery.  My game plan was to become a very famous, very successful brain surgeon.  Two events derailed that ambition:  (a) The first time I fainted at the sight of blood, and (b) the day I entered Mrs. Rasmussen’s tenth grade chemistry class.  I finally overcame my propensity to swoon from a paper cut, but I never did get over my fear of the Periodic Table of Elements.  Needless to say, I did not go to medical school, possibly sparing the lives of any number of patients I never treated, all of whom should be eternally grateful to Mrs. Rasmussen even if they don’t know it.

Having barely escaped chemistry with a still passable GPA, I quickly dropped eleventh grade physics for Jay Jensen’s drama class, and added a typing class for job insurance.  Being the yenta that I am, I love to tell people that Mr. Jenson also taught Mickey Rourke and Andy Garcia at my alma mater, who both went on to be famous actors.  I, on the other hand, embarked on a career as a frustrated stage actress slash legal secretary slash bookkeeper.  You have yet to see me star on Broadway, but the one thing I took away from yet another derailed career choice was a passion for words.  The rest is history.  I now write this blog.  If this is as close to fame as I’ll ever get, it’ll have to do.  The moral of this story is:  When you write the script for your life story in advance, be prepared to have it heavily edited.  Or scrapped altogether.

But, enough about me.  Even though I am really my favorite topic, the point I started out making was about numbers, which continue to fascinate me. Continue reading


You squawkin’ to me?

(Originally published 6/11/11)

As I reported to you last week in “Phyllis Smith, Her Majesty the Baby” (http://votersopinion.com/archives/2847), North Miami Beach councilwoman Phyllis Smith is in the process of lobbying for council votes AGAINST the brand new Mayor, George Vallejo.  Right out of the box!  If this is any indication of how much a thorn in George’s side she’s going to be for the next four years, the Mayor should probably consider buying a really good set of ear plugs.  May I suggest 3M Combat Arms Ear Plugs (http://www.ustacticaloutpost.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=46024)?  If they’re good enough for the gun range or the battlefield, they should do a serviceable job of blocking out Phyllis’ incessant squawking.

As you can see by this photo I dug up, The Great Phyllis Suck Up has already begun. Continue reading



(Originally published 6/9/11)

A pretty well known blogger recently told me, “If you’re pissing someone off, you’re doing something right.”  Since I started this blog last August, I’ve actually only received one negative comment, but I just got my second one.  Guess I must be doing something right.  WOO HOO!

Someone who attempted to post a comment on my last blog about North Miami Beach EX-mayor Myron Rosner, “More fun with our favorite Canadian! Eh?” (http://votersopinion.com/archives/2860), using the tag LOL NMB, wrote:

“How are you so different from Myron? He files complaints, you blog about it. He is trying to get back at people who he doesn’t like, and your write nasty and ignorant things on your blog about the people you dislike. You would think that you learned a little about politics when your husband lost the race a few years ago.  Shame on you for making nasty inappropriate comments about the people you bash, instead of sounding a little more educated by focusing on facts and letting people prove themselves stupid.”

Rather than “approve” it as a comment for the blog and responding there, seeing how it’s a slow news day I decided to write an entire column about and to this, ahem, person.  Stop me if I start having too much fun! Continue reading


More fun with our favorite Canadian! Eh?

(Originally published 6/8/11)

As promised, this blog is all about the second complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics by North Miami Beach ex-mayor Myron Rosner filed against his predecessor, former Mayor Ray Marin.  In this complaint, Myron claims that “business owner Lorenzo Brothers [requested] to allow for the sale of Beer and Wine outside of an approved City Ordinance,” and that Ray “unilaterally authorized” this request.  As proof of such “crime,” Myron provided a fax sent from David Laurenzo of Laurenzo Brothers, Inc. to former Mayor Marin, requesting an extension of the hours to sell beer and wine “during our holiday business hours from store openings til closings…approx 8 AM or 9 AM opening til early closings of 2 PM-3 PM or 6 PM.”  Mr. Laurenzo goes on to list the specific Sundays/holidays during which he would like to sell beer and wine before 1:00 p.m.  According to the photocopy of said fax, it appears that someone hand wrote, “OK RM” at the bottom.

As further proof of Mayor Marin’s “crime,” Myron provided to the Commission a copy of the City’s Ordinance No. 2001-12, which deals with extending Sunday hours of the sale of alcoholic beverages by package stores from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., and adult entertainment establishments from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

The plot thickens, eh? Continue reading