Phyllis Smith, Her Majesty the Baby

(Originally published 6/7/11)

Tonight’s North Miami Beach pre-council meeting, a/k/a Council Conference meeting, was barely called to order when the new Mayor George Vallejo announced that the seating arrangement on the dais had to be discussed.  WTF?  This issue is one that your little ol’ dirt digger has known about for several weeks now, but since the folks involved were hoping it would just be dealt with privately and quietly (and preferably, just go away), I decided not to blog about it unless it became public knowledge.  It is now.  And you can thank none other than councilwoman Phyllis “I Can’t Shut Up” Smith. Continue reading


Some sobering statistics

(Originally published 6/2/11)

As if we didn’t already know how horrible the economy is, I came across this website ( showing the employment statistics here in North Miami Beach.  Or, should I say UNemployment statistics?  For example, the income per capita in NMB is $18,080.00, well below pretty much anyone’s minimum standard of living.  Of course, “per capita” is the average of all income, including kids too young to work and other people who can’t for whatever reason, but it’s still a fair amount below the income per capita in all of Florida, which is $27,496.00.  However, even the median household income in North Miami Beach of $38,594.00 is less than that in Florida of $49,795.00, and way below the national median household income of $54,595.00. Continue reading


Inauguration Wrap Up

(Originally published 5/25/11)
I finally watched last night’s North Miami Beach City Mayor and Council Inauguration on the city’s website.  I was unable to hear all the speeches last night in person because of the crowd, so I bring you my report tonight. 

First I want to extend my sincere thanks to outgoing Councilman McKenzie Fleurimond for his gracious, generous and truly genuine speech.  He was so sincere as he expressed his gratitude to everyone in the city, including his colleagues, the residents and city staff for everything they have done to help him during his service.  When McKenzie asked the audience to give his opponent, who won the race, a round of applause I was incredibly moved.  It was truly stunning.  He also congratulated and welcomed our new Mayor, George Vallejo, and spoke very highly of him.  No one ever said McKenzie didn’t give good speech!  Now if I can just shake some of that liberal thing out of him, I might encourage him to run again in a future election.

Okay, okay, kidding about the liberal thing.  (Sort of.) Continue reading


NMB Presents the New Mayor and Council

(Originally published 5/25/11)

Last night’s Inauguration Ceremony of the new North Miami Beach City Council was truly awesome!  Please join me in welcoming our brand new Mayor George Vallejo and Councilwoman Marlen Martell to the Council.  I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am!  I have never seen so many people come to City Hall for such a wonderful occasion.



Councilwoman Marlen Martell 



I’m also sure you’re all sick of hearing me gush already, so I’ll get down to the real reason you read this blog … the dirt. Continue reading

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