Frantzie gets bitch slapped. Ben Kuehne gets bupkes.

ROFLMAOOn the North Miami Beach City Council Agenda for the June 16, 2015 meeting held last night, “Councilman” Frantz Pierre requested to be reimbursed for attorney’s fees he incurred in the past on two separate occasions.

During the 2009 City Council election, he sued his challenger, Kenneth Defilippo, who erroneously filed to run for another seat even though he intended to file to run against Frantzie.  Frantz wanted to run unopposed.  He hired attorney Joe Geller to kick Kenny out of the race.  He lost.

In the silliest letter you ever saw (page 162 of the Agenda), Frantzie wrote, Continue reading

Ronald Lowy’s Awkward Moment in 3, 2, 1…

That moment whenDespite the fact that Russell Galbut’s paid butt kisser, lacky, spin doctor, attorney Ronald Lowy tried his hardest to convince me that my “innuendos” about Hebrew Homes Health Network, Inc. d/b/a Plaza Health Network, it’s Chief Executive William Zubkoff, and past Chairman of the Board Russell Galbut were completely fabricated, it certainly appears that the gentleman didst protest too much methinks.

Last year I wrote a blog, The Rise (and Fall?) of the Galbut Dynasty, that rankled Mr. Lowy so much that he actually posted a comment, albeit with a caveat that he usually doesn’t post comments on “on mud-raking articles of this sort.”

Lowy went on to say, “As a board member of the Plaza Health Network, I am uniquely familiar with the workings of the Plaza and must point out that the innuendos of the article are not accurate. Continue reading

“Homegirl, Interrupted”

Brian WilliamsAs hard as it is to believe, North Miami Beach Council Critter Frantz Pierre and Wannabe North Miami Councilwoman Fake “Teacher” Carline Paul have been upstaged by someone who has out-frauded even these two corruptocrats.

This person is such a con artist, even the Dade County Police Benevolent Association might not endorse her!

In case you haven’t heard, the best story of the week … no make that the year … is how a blonde haired, blue eyed, freckle faced, unmistakeably Caucasian little girl… Continue reading

When Bloggers Attack!

STFU NoobWhen I criticized the New York Times in my last column, that really, really, really  ticked off the Random Pixels blogger.

Not only did he blast me in the comment section of my own blog, but he went on a mad rampage attacking me on his website and in a barrage of insults on Twitter.

Apparently, the article about the “amphibious” pitcher was not published in the New York Times, but in the East Oregonian.


Random Pixels obviously, and very deliberately, missed the entire point of the blog.  But was my mistake that  freaking egregious?

Seriously!  WTF? Continue reading

The old Gray M̶a̶r̶e̶ Lady, she ain’t what she used to be.

Gotta love the New York Times!

Last night this tweet went viral:

This morning, the New York Times corrected its online story, but too little, too late.

Screen shots are FOREVER! Continue reading

Princess Anna Pierre and the Father’s Association of Florida 22nd Annual Gala

2015 Father's Day GalaMessage from Princess Anna Pierre:

I am hosting my Annual Father’s Day Celebration on the 21st of the month. It is to honor the fathers of our community, the men who lead by example – those who take their responsibilities seriously. This initiative, which I started in 1991, is to promote family values as well.

Profits from the events (if any) benefit APHEC INTERNATIONAL, INC. (The Anna Pierre Health Education Center), which aids people who are in need of life saving medical care and surgeries they cannot afford to pay for – especially children. This is done with my collaboration with various hospitals. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, VotersOpinion!

YOU'RE ADOPTEDFive years ago this month, was born.

Although no one is more surprised than I am at its success, I do know two people who are less than thrilled that I’m still in the blogging business.

If it weren’t for North Miami Beach’s former/fired City Manager Kelvin Baker and the former/ousted/arrested Mayor Myron Rosner, VotersOpinion might never have been created.  If you’re one of the dirty politicians I’ve targeted over the years, please direct your thank you notes – or something – to either one of these fine gentlemen.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Continue reading

Elton L. Bandoo: “Damn it, I missed!”



The fine, upstanding citizen who “accidentally” attempted to murder a North Miami Beach Police Officer allegedly  told his cellmate that he planned to finish the job once he was out on bond.

Elton L. Bandoo’s lawyer, Seth LaVey, fresh from signing the $100.00 check he wrote to the Re-Elect Phyllis Smith Campaign, told Channel 7 that there’s simply no truth to the story. Continue reading


danny-okeefe-good-time-charlies-got-the-blues-signpostIt sure looks like Good Time Charlie‘s REALLY got the blues this time!

Rumors had been swirling since yesterday when the omnipresent Nacivre “Charlie” Charles was glaringly missing from the polls on election day.  The right hand man of former-suspended-arrested-imprisoned Mayor Lucie Tondreau was nowhere to be seen.

Within minutes of receiving a tip and trying to confirm that the FBI had raided Charlie’s house yesterday, Miami Herald reporter Lance Dixon told me he’s working on a story that should be published by the end of the night.

As promised, he just posted, Ex-North Miami mayor’s former campaign manager charged with campaign violations. Continue reading