Is this a joke? Kelvin Baker sets his sights on North Miami. No, seriously!

that-was-very-funnyAs reported last week, Kelvin Baker tendered his resignation as city manager of Lauderdale Lakes at a commission meeting on September 13, 2016.  The Commissioners refused to even address this issue and adjourned the meeting with no discussion.

The updated Sun Sentinel story about the meeting is even more hilarious.

Commissioner Gloria Lewis, who once publicly balked at hiring people who are “not my color”, now publicly “compared Baker to former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.”

Alrighty then.

Commissioner Lewis went on, “It’s like we’ve got a gangster team coming into Lauderdale Lakes and not listening to us.  We have not had enough time to talk about this budget.”

In response, Baker replied, “I have been called things that I’ve never been called ever before.”

He obviously doesn’t read this blog. Continue reading


Opa-locka’s Theater of the Absurd. Co-starring Myra Taylor and Kelvin Baker!

money-treeOnce again, the news out of Opa-locka is making jaws drop as the bizarre details of political greed, stupidity and unbelievable sense of entitlement are being exposed.

From the You Can’t Make This Up files comes the Miami Herald article, Opa-locka spent millions on parties, pet projects, bonuses; ignored warnings of financial collapse,  which reads like the outline of Carl Hiaasen’s next satire novel about South Florida.

The Herald article describes that as the city’s financial situation continued to deteriorate, the mayor, commissioners and administrators reacted by going on lavish spending sprees as if there was a money tree behind city hall. Continue reading


Campaigning 101: Schooling “Teacher” Carline

wrongRemember the time that Fake “Teacher” Carline Paul ran and lost against Alix Desulme for North Miami City Council District 4?  Yeah, that was totally awesome!  She literally self-destructed her own campaign.

For one thing, Carline didn’t even live in North Miami.

For another, even though she referred to herself as “Teacher” Carline, she’s never held an Eductator’s Certificate in Florida.

Carline Paul had also been linked to absentee ballot fraud in past elections.

And, of course, despite all these questionable “qualifications,” she was endorsed by the Dade County Police Benevolent Association.

How appropriate.

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Lauderdale Lakes Breaking News: Kelvin Baker resigns!

this-is-me-quittingLauderdale Lakes City Manager Kelvin Baker is packing up his traveling circus and hitting the road.

In Lauderdale Lakes city manager resigns in dispute with commission,  the Sun Sentinel just reported that “Baker announced his resignation at the end of the Lauderdale Lakes commission meeting on Tuesday. Commissioners adjourned without discussing Baker’s action.”

The article notes that Baker has been “battling with commissioners recently over the city’s budget and employee hires.”  Despite those disagreements, Commissioner Beverly Williams asked him to reconsider. Continue reading


Opa-locka: Oops, there goes another one!

stop-dropping-likeIt didn’t take long for Wilfredo A. Ferrer to convince former Opa-locka City Attorney David Chiverton to see things his way.

Twelve days after the city’s Assistant Public Works Director Gregory Harris pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to accept bribes and committing extortion, Chiverton followed suit.

According to a news release issued by the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of Florida, the city’s newest convicted felon “admitted under oath that he sold away his commitment to fairly administer the city’s services – for a personal profit.”

We are shocked, right?

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I was almost ready for some football, but nah. Then this happened.

avery-williams-shoesEvery summer for over forty years I eagerly looked forward to the start of football season.  Football has always meant so much more to me than just the game my father taught me to love.  To me, football has always been the antithesis of politics, and the most American sport of all.  I always looked forward to Sunday afternoon, when I could block out the insanity of politics and just enjoy the excitement on the gridiron. Continue reading


SD 38, the “race” is on!

Vote BrutusIf you’re freaked out that Daphne Campbell won the Democratic primary for State Senate District 38, you’re not alone.  I had my theories how she pulled this off, but until now I was leery about posting them for fear of being labeled a “racist.”  In this strange climate of political correctness, anyone who dares to analyze demographics and quote statistics is immediately attacked for “generalization.”  Which usually translates to “racism.”

Never fails.

Fortunately, the one of the bloggers at Eye On Miami took that bullet for me.

On September 2, 2016 column, Geniousofdespair posted Daphne Campbell is Not a REAL Democrat even though she ran as one and WON the State Senate Primary for District 38!

The blogger wrote, “There were too many Democrats in the race and that gave Daphne Campbell the edge with the super voters — many Haitians. I blame Michael Gongora for her win, he joined the race on the last day of qualifying.” Continue reading


Phyllis Smith, shut up and sit down!

Sit down bitchAt a special meeting of the North Miami Beach city council called for the sole purpose of passing a single piece of time-critical legislation, Faux Councilwman Phyllis Smith deliberately inconvenienced everyone in the room by breezing in nearly fifteen minutes late.

If that wasn’t rude enough, she obnoxiously said, “If I couldn’t get back here, you would have had no choice but to wait.”

In what was an obvious preplanned and calculated move, Phyllis then feigned indignation at an imaginary slight, stalked off the dais, and left the entire city in a lurch with critical legislation needing to be passed.

Phyllis exclaimed as she walked out, “Well, then I’ll leave because you don’t need me!”

Well, at least she got that one right. Continue reading


Is Phyllis Smith lying again? Well, her lips ARE moving. So, yeah. She’s lying.

Your pants are on fireLast week North Miami Beach Faux Councilwoman Phyllis Smith wasted everyone’s valuable time at a specially called meeting … to complain that there are too many specially called meetings.

Yeah, she’s that clueless.

After she rudely kept the Mayor, Council, staff, residents and visitors waiting for nearly 15 minutes until she finally strutted in, Phyllis then feigned indignation that she was oh-so-put upon for being summoned to yet another special meeting.

As soon as she sat down, the meeting was immediately called to order.  Under normal circumstances, the one resolution on the table should have taken no more than two minutes to pass.  But Phyllis is no normal person.  She just can’t resist putting in her nonsensical two cents, even though she never has anything productive to add to any discussion.

This time was no different. Continue reading

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