Who is Yoram Izhak, and why should we care?

Photo: South Florida Business Journal

Source: South Florida Business Journal

For the third time in as many days, I’ve heard the name Yoram Izhak.  Unfortunately, the stories in the news have not painted him in a good light.

So who is Yoram Izhak?

For starters, he is a North Miami developer/investor/businessman, who is a principle in all of the following Florida corporations and limited liability Continue reading

Has Big Ben lost his mojo?

mojo-lostJust last month, criminal attorney Benedict P. Kuehne scored another “win” in his defense of North Miami Beach EX-Mayor Myron Rosner’s FELONY case.  According to the docket updated last Friday, on August 29, 2014, he managed to delay Myron’s case.  Again.

This time, another “trial hearing” is scheduled for February 17, 2015.

This will be nearly two and a half years after he was arrested on September 20, 2012 Continue reading

Florida Politics: Business as usual.

TruckUp in Tallahassee on September 12, 2014, the Florida Commission on Ethics had a busy session dismissing complaints against allegedly dirty politicians, as reported in its Press Release yesterday.

In Wellington, a complaint was filed against Vice Mayor John Greene, claiming that “he solicited a gift from a lobbyist, failed to report prohibited gifts, traded council votes for those gifts, knew or should have known the gifts were given to influence his vote, misused his position with regard to the gifts and had a voting conflict when he voted in May and July 2012 on matters related to his special private gain or loss.”

According to the Palm Beach Post Blog, the complaint was denied “because the board couldn’t determine Continue reading