Little Towns, Big Troubles

tiny townThe Town of Golden Beach is getting serious about drinking and driving, and has issued a press release today announcing that its “Police Department will be conducting a Multi-Agency DUI Sobriety Checkpoint.”

The news release cites the date (April 11, 2014) and even the location (399 Ocean Boulevard) where this checkpoint will be situated, thereby alerting drunk drivers to avoid the area.

The media has also been invited to provide (more…)

Thanks, Jimmy. We’ll take Jose.

Jose Smith

Jose Smith, City Attorney
Photo: City of Miami Beach

Speaking of talent scouting (See: Ana Garcia/Biscayne Park), along comes another riveting column by Random Pixels about the island from whence our new City Attorney hails.  In Miami Beach police responded more than 500 times in 2013 to three Washington Ave. nightclubs, RP took his turn bitch-slapping City Manager Jimmy Morales – again – after Jose Smith also did the honors.

In addition to being outed by Random Pixels for encouraging the Miami Beach Police Department to withhold information from the press, Jimmy is now under fire for (more…)

Tales from the Village

Biscayne Park

Looks like Medley to me!

If it weren’t for former Commissioner Bryan Cooper, who sponsored a Resolution to stop development in North Miami Beach, the Village of Biscayne Park (that little postage stamp of a town sandwiched in between North Miami and Places I Don’t Care About South of the NM/NMB Border) wouldn’t have even been a blip on my radar.  Even that brazen act of lunacy didn’t warrant more than a throwaway blog or two until we snatched City Manager Ana Garcia for ourselves (more…)