Is Phyllis Smith lying again? Well, her lips ARE moving. So, yeah. She’s lying.

Your pants are on fireLast week North Miami Beach Faux Councilwoman Phyllis Smith wasted everyone’s valuable time at a specially called meeting … to complain that there are too many specially called meetings.

Yeah, she’s that clueless.

After she rudely kept the Mayor, Council, staff, residents and visitors waiting for nearly 15 minutes until she finally strutted in, Phyllis then feigned indignation that she was oh-so-put upon for being summoned to yet another special meeting.

As soon as she sat down, the meeting was immediately called to order.  Under normal circumstances, the one resolution on the table should have taken no more than two minutes to pass.  But Phyllis is no normal person.  She just can’t resist putting in her nonsensical two cents, even though she never has anything productive to add to any discussion.

This time was no different. Continue reading


Election results: Good news, bad news, awesome news!

Election is overMy extremely unscientific and mostly arbitrary recommendations for yesterday’s election resulted in my successfully “predicting” eight out of thirteen races.

I would have done my gloating last night except that I lost power at 8:00 for nearly six hours and couldn’t blog.  I couldn’t do much of anything else, either, except connect with the world at large from my cell phone until the battery was nearly dead.  As further proof that life really is one big cosmic joke, the power went back on literally two minutes after I took the coldest shower in my entire life.

But, I digress.

And now, about the election…

I’ll give you the Good News first:  MARIE STERIL LOST! Continue reading


‘Twas the night before the Primaries, and all through the House (and Senate)…

not a creature was stirringIn Florida, early voting ended yesterday.  Today, all the candidates were out in full force trying to convince anyone who hasn’t voted yet to come to the polls tomorrow on Election Day.

The weather, however, does not appear to be cooperating.

As you can see, tomorrow’s forecast for North Miami calls for a 85% chance of rain.  It’s expected to be a wet one for most of the day.

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Phyllis Smith goes postal, Tony DeFillipo saves the day!

Man of the YearWho can resist making fun of North Miami Beach Faux Councilwoman Phyllis Smith’s foot-in-mouth disease?  I mean, seriously.  Phyllis is a one-woman parody of, well, herself.

At a special meeting of the city council called for Thursday, August 25, 2016, however, she was anything but funny.  In fact, her erratic behavior that night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Phyllis is not only a complete moron, but she appears to be seriously deranged.  I’m not joking.

For starters, that was the second time in as many months that Phyllis has stormed off the dais in a fit of anger.

You will remember that at the July 19, 2016 council meeting, the Mayor decided to change the seating arrangement on the dais.  Councilwoman Beth Spiegel was upset and had to leave.  But then Phyllis couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to grandstand, as usual and followed suit by storming out of the chambers.  Not to be outdone, her little friend and partner in crime, Frantz Pierre, also then seized that moment cause a ruckus and also walked out, leaving the meeting without a quorum.

Since no city council meeting can be held without a quorum of five members, and there was critical legislation that had to be passed as soon as possible, it was necessary for a special meeting to be called for the following Tuesday, July 26, 2016.  There was a quorum at that special meeting, but Phyllis still refused to move to her new assigned seat.

Phyllis Smith’s obsession with where she sits is nothing new. Continue reading


Jason Bloch and Joe Geller team up in transparent attempt to rig an election. (Who didn’t see this coming?)

Disenfranchise all the votersMiami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jason Bloch is so afraid of losing his cushy appointed-not-elected seat on the bench, he tried to have his opponent, Marcia Del Rey, eliminated from the race.

Just a few weeks before Tuesday’s upcoming election, Jason Bloch filed a lawsuit on August 10, 2016 “asking Judge Jerald Bagley to enjoin Del Rey from running in Tuesday’s judicial election after she allegedly filed incomplete financial disclosures in May,” according to an article posted yesterday in the Daily Business Review.

Judge Jerald Bagley bitched slapped Bloch and his lawyer, Joseph S. Geller, the sleazy, breezy CoverBoy of politi-corruption in Miami-Dade County. Continue reading


North Miami: Adventures in Voting, Daphne Campbell Style!

Who do voodooEvery time I think things couldn’t possibly get weirder in North Miami, something happens to prove me wrong.

As everyone knows, we are right smack in the middle of a very heated campaign season.  Nowhere in South Florida is voting more “fun” than in North Miami.

From now until Sunday, early voting will be taking place at several polling places around Miami-Dade County, including the North Miami Public Library, where I’ve always suspected that a psycho magnet is buried beneath the foundation. Continue reading


Michael Góngora, #DirtyPolitician and Hypocrite of the Year!

Level of HypocrisyDoes anyone remember a #DirtyPolitician by the name of Mark Weithorn?

This is the putz who ran for his wife’s Miami Beach Commission seat last year against Ricky Arriola.  Throughout the campaign, Deede Weithorn accused her political enemies of soliciting money from city vendors for their political committees.

Meanwhile, her husband Mark was using his own hidden political committees to attack Arriola.  His sleazy tactics didn’t work.  Mark Weithorn lost spectacularly.

Former Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Góngora, who is now running for State Senate District 38, is apparently employing the same tricks from the #DirtyPolitician Playbook.

Not surprisingly, both of them have ties to the same political committees.

Even less shocking, both of them are hypocrites. Continue reading


BREAKING: Alien space bugs have eaten what was left of Phyllis Smith’s brain!

Sounds good to meEveryone’s talking about the hilarious new CBS television series called BrainDead.  The premise of the show is that all the political insanity in Washington is caused by “a race of extraterrestrial insects eating the brains of the politicians.”

Yes, it’s a comedy.  And, yes, it’s Hollywood.  But don’t be fooled.  What very few people know, other than the creators of this show, of course, is that these space bugs are very, very real.

Yes, folks.  I’m dead serious.

Just take a look at some of our local politicians.  Can you come up with any logical explanation for some of their insane behavior?

I mean, hellooo!  Does the name Daphne Campbell ring a bell? Continue reading

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