Miami-Dade County Public Schools: A Tale of Two Hackers

hacker catWith all the drama surrounding the North Miami mayoral race and the latest edition of Frantzie Watch, it’s understandable if you missed recent stories about students hacking school computers to change grades.

The first story was reported on May 2, 2014 by Channel 7 in Teen accused of accessing school’s database, altering grades.  Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School student Jose Bautista was arrested and charged (more…)

Frantzie Watch: Livin’ Large on Our Dime [Updated]

Frantzie Stealing City Water

Frantzie Stealing City Water

The Buffoon of North Miami Beach, a/k/a Councilcritter Frantz Pierre, has been busy spending our money.  Just recently he took off for a vacation to his home country of Haiti and conned our City’s Finance Department into reimbursing him a “per diem meals allowance” totaling $777.00, under the guise of “Leadership & Management Seminar in Port-au-Prince.”

I googled the crap out of this so-called seminar and came up empty handed.  (more…)

North Miami Beach/North Miami Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for North Miami Beach and North Miami



City of North Miami Beach, Florida
Where People Care

5th Annual Hangout Day


Saturday July 19, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Over 20 NFL Stars will be on hand to help youth participate in football and cheerleading clinics. All participants must be between the ages of 3 and 17 years old to participate in drills. The 5th Annual Hangout Day features free food, health screenings, entertainment, and more.

Allen Park/DeLeonardis Youth Center
1770 NE 162 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

For more information visit


Haitian is as Haitian does?

I can't keep calmThe Miami Times boasts:  “As the largest and oldest Black newspaper in the Southeast, we represent the pinnacle of community relations. Each week we seek to educate, entertain and inform our readers by covering those issues that matter most within our community with authority, vigor and integrity.”  A column just published on this site, Blacks face stiff competition in North Miami elections, opines that “the political climate is ripe for former mayor Kevin Burns to win the special election and become mayor of North Miami for a third time.”

The editor flat out stated that because of all the recent scandals at North Miami City Hall, (more…)

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Blog About

I am so bloggingThe exciting moment you’ve been waiting for all summer has finally arrived!

On July 6, 2014, Major League Baseball officially announced the rosters for the 2014 All-Star Game!

What’s that?  You don’t care?

Doesn’t the name Derek Jeter mean anything to you?

David Price?  Chase Utley?



What’s with you people (more…)

North Miami Mayoral Race, Round 1

Second oldest professionOn June 30, 2014, the candidates running for Mayor in the North Miami Special Election filed their first Campaign Treasurer’s Reports of the season.  All three opened their war chests with personal loans, and only one has received an actual donation.

Dr. Smith Joseph, who we all know has money to burn, has kick started his campaign with a tidy sum of $20,000.00.  Considering that he loaned his last (and failed) campaign $180,000.00, he’s apparently just getting started.  (more…)


god hates americaNot surprisingly, my posts on North Miami’s former CRA Coordinator Lesly Prudent got hundreds of hits within the first two days.

Even less of a surprise, my love letter to America yesterday has received a whopping 45 hits.

If the subjects of American history and civics bore the hell out of you, I suggest you bypass this blog today.

Since the importance of teaching civics to today’s Participation Trophy Generation has gone by the wayside, (more…)

Let Freedom Ring!

Declaration-of-Independence-HistoryGet ready for another shamelessly patriotic Independence Day column.

When I start feeling overwhelmed by having to deal with the daily hassles life throws at me, I have to remind myself that despite everything, I still have my freedom.

For instance, I’m free to write this blog.

I wouldn’t be able to do that in Cuba, where the state-run internet (more…)