Your (North Miami) tax dollars hard at work. (UPDATED)

Tax DollarsIf  you watched the February 10, 2015 North Miami City Council meeting, you already know that the city finally  terminated its May 20, 2011 Property Management Services Agreement with Joe Celestin Civil Engineer & General Builder, LLC (see Tab E, page 3 of the Minutes).

The initial term of this Agreement was for four months, followed by “a month-to-month Term-basis, until terminated by either Party.”  As compensation for his services, Joe Celestin’s company was contracted to receive $19,500.00 per month, Continue reading

Everybody Loves Alix!

ALIX DESULMEI am absolutely thrilled to announce that North Miami resident Alix Desulme has decided to run for North Miami Council District 4.  Seriously, there could not be a more qualified or more perfect candidate!

The former North Miami City Clerk was born in Arcahaie, Haiti and moved to Westbury, New York when he was six years old.  When Alix was 13, his family moved to North Miami, where he has been an active participant in community affairs as well as local politics.

In addition to being a bona fide resident for over fifteen years, Alix is the owner of a successful business in North Miami.

Also unlike his opponent, Alix is a real teacher who has been employed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools for over 20 years.  Alix has also been an Adjunct Professor at two universities since 2011.

Mr. Desulme has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education, and he is currently pursuing a doctorate Continue reading

Hey Ricky! Hey Lucie!

UninsplainableThe bombshell press release out of North Miami yesterday still has tongues wagging.  The question on everyone’s mind is “Why is Marie Steril stepping down?”  People who do know are not talking, and those who want to know are left with their own theories.

While only Marie knows the answer, it hasn’t stopped the gossip machine from cranking at full speed.  Speculation ranged from her troubles with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for creatively financing her mother’s home, Continue reading

Damage Control!

pepper-spray-copIt started with a phone call.

I thought nothing of it at first.  The caller was an acquaintance I hadn’t spoken to in a few weeks.  I figured he was just calling to say hello and catch up.

I didn’t even think it was unusual that this acquaintance brought up my first blog post about North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess’ decision not to fire alleged  “bad cop” Jodlyn Antoine.  Lots of people call me to discuss local politics Continue reading

Irma’s view from the Ivory Tower

The chaffeur is outThe last time we checked in on the former board of trustees of the very current North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, head cheerleaders Irma Braman and Ray Ellen Yarkin performed their juvenile last act of defiance by shutting down the museum and hijacking its website.

You may remember that Braman, Yarkin & Co. looked down their too-good-for-the-likes-of-North-Miami noses and decided to leave because, well, you know, Continue reading


Chief BurgessNorth Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess sure has some ‘splainin’ to do!

On July 18, 2014, Sergeant Joseph Kissell issued a Notice of Disciplinary Action submitted by the Disposition Panel, sustaining the allegations contained in Internal Affairs Investigation Case Number 2014-02 against Officer Jodlyn Antoine.

You can read the whole thing for yourself, but in a nutshell, the Disposition Panel basically said that all the accusations against Antoine were Continue reading

“He got that lawyer fee.”

attorney-catSometimes a story is just so ironic, it borders on satire.

It was perfectly fine to use the media to spread an overly sensationalized (and mostly false) story that North Miami Beach police officers were using mugshots of ONLY black men for target practice.

But, in the case of gun toting cop shooter Elton L. Bandoo, whose other “claim to fame” is that of CEO of a recording company, hip-hop rapper, and owner of the omnipresent Gangsta Gold Grill, Continue reading