Franzie Watch: Sneaky Pierre and Sleazy Joe, doin’ what comes naturally

Evil TwinsThe day North Miami Beach faux-councilman Frantz Pierre and corrupt lawyer-slash-politican Joe Geller joined forces, it was a match made in heaven.

Or, I should say, in hell.

The lawsuit engineered by Frantz to take over the Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church is now in the hands of the Third District Court of Appeal.  Pending the determination of that appeal, in the form of a Petition for Writ of Prohibition filed by the Defendants, the lower court granted the Defendants an Emergency Stay of its previous Order granting the Plaintiffs a Temporary Injunction. Continue reading


Chief Lenny’s Epic Fail

Oh come onWhen is a “fail” not a “fail?”

When Chief Lenny and his crack Spin Squad concoct a new definition for the word “fail.”

Hey, if Bill Clinton can redefine the word “is,” fair game, right?

Last month on the North Miami Police Department’s Facebook page, Team Lenny announced “Accreditation team invites public comments regarding the agency’s ability to comply with the standard.”

They even posted a Press Release letting the public know that “A team of assessors from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA)” was coming to town on April 19, 2016 and will spend three days examining “all aspects of the North Miami Police Department’s policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services.” Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: Livin’ The Thug Life

Bingo nightI can’t even count the number of people who have whispered to me that Frantz Pierre has directly or indirectly threatened them with bodily harm or worse.  As laughable as it may seem, this buffoon of a man, who stands all of five feet tall in elevator shoes, somehow has the power to cast fear in full grown men.  Just like the tyrant who raised him, L’il Frantzie P surrounds himself with beefy brutes who serve as his henchmen, not to mention a shrew of a wife who scares jackals into hiding.

The bizarre saga of Franzie and The Church, which just got even stranger, proves yet again that this despicable creature is a menace to society.

Sadly, most of his victims are members of the Haitian community.  Frantz Pierre knows that many Haitians have an inherent fear of police officers, public officials and politicians because of the oppressive government from which they escaped in their native country.  He takes full advantage of the fact that they’re terrified to ever speak out against him.

Fortunately, a few of his victims are now bravely fighting back and standing up to the bully in their midst.

The damning evidence now in the hands of the State Attorney should be strong enough for Katherine Fernandez Rundle to finally and seriously consider the fact that Frantz Pierre must be made to answer for his crimes. Continue reading


Copy that!

imitationThe latest issue of Le Floridien is now online, including an article about the North Miami Beach absentee ballot fraud lawsuit filed by Michael Joseph against Phyllis Smith.

In Michael Joseph Absentee Ballot Fraud Case Moving Forward; Dismissal Denied,  Le Floridien reported:

On September 21, 2015, Phillis Smith’s lawyer Joe Geller scheduled an October 6, 2015 hearing for his Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that plaintiff Michael Joseph failed to name the North Miami Beach Canvassing Board as an “indispensable party” to the lawsuit. This bogus claim was an obvious distraction to stall for time. In response, the plaintiff noted that the complaint already named the individual members of the Canvassing Board as defendants, and that “there is no statute or relevant case law” that naming the individual members, “carries any less weight than naming them collectively” as a body.

Hmmm.  That sure sounds familiar. Continue reading


Amateur Hour at Chief Lenny’s PD

ProfessionalsHow many North Miami residents have to complain about crime before someone – ANYONE – takes them seriously?

Yet another Keystone Point resident is upset about crime in her neighborhood.  After her car was broken into, and its expensive accessories were stolen, she reported it to the police, only to be told “that having a nice car makes me a target and it’s my fault for leaving valuables in the car.”


This same resident recently witnessed a driver leaving the scene of an accident after he hit her neighbor’s parked car late at night.  The woman was resourceful enough to obtain the license tag number, and then promptly called the police, who arrived at about 12:30 in the morning.  Once she gave them a statement and the license plate number, she assumed they would then follow through and attempt to catch the suspect.

She assumed incorrectly. Continue reading


Nailed it! Chief Lenny’s answer to crime! (Updated)

Nailed itPoor Chief Lenny.  He’s under so much fire these days.

Homeowners in North Miami’s affluent Keystone Point are mad as hell about the unchecked, rampant crime in their ‘hood.

Who can blame them?  They pay big bucks to live in paradise.

The least expensive single family home in Keystone Point is currently selling for just under half a million dollars, while waterfront mansions are going for over five million bucks!

Folks who shell out that kind of dough are obviously less than thrilled when they step outside to get the morning paper … and see this: Continue reading


North Miami: The Fix, Part Deux

one cannot simply fix stupidLet’s revisit the strange and unusual world of hiring practices in the City of North Miami.

Taking up where we left off, the city’s fiscal health is still reeling from the unintended negative consequences of its Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP).  The web of deception perpetrated by those who benefited from this fiasco, including those who “retired” with golden parachutes, only to be hired back at a higher pay rate, continues to cost North Miami taxpayers more than they bargained for.

Let’s attempt to untangle this web and see where it all leads.

As I reported earlier, former Assistant Personnel Director Susan Luglio took advantage of the ERIP and retired on November 15, 2013.  Her salary at the time was $40.11 per hour.  Luglio supplemented her monthly retirement benefit of $4,425.10 (approximately $25.53 hour), by getting rehired as a contract employee at the rate of $50.00 per hour.

Susan Luglio’s total salary of $75.53 per hour is, of course, courtesy of North Miami taxpayers. Continue reading


Once again, “THE AUTHORITIES” have spoken.

Ruling ClassIn nearly every profession, ordinary citizens are at the mercy bureaucrats who protect their own cronies from the consequences of bad behavior.

In the medical field, for example, doctors have historically been notorious for remaining silent when they suspect medical errors or outright malpractice committed by their colleagues.  A New England Journal of Medicine report published on October 31, 2013 notes several reasons why doctors don’t report the mistakes made by other doctors, one of which is the fear of hostility they will receive from their peers.  The report notes that if it were not for this fraternal “code of silence,” many of the preventable medical mistakes resulting in unnecessary harm to patients, and even fatalities, might have been avoided.

A similar scenario occurs in law enforcement when police officers are suspected of covering up for the misconduct of their colleagues.  Although most of these accusations are eventually proven to be unfounded, the perception of a “blue wall of silence” persists.  Unfortunately, that perception continues unabated because the misbehavior of just one corrupt cop can destroy the reputation of an entire police department.

North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess, for example, personally benefited by this unwritten rule.  While employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department, his superiors and colleagues quickly closed ranks to defend Lenny against charges of sexual harassment by a mere underling who dared to break the code of silence.  She was intimidated into withdrawing her complaint.

Chief Lenny is now paying it forward, so speak, by refusing to fire a serial offender in his own department. Continue reading


Welcome to Chief Lenny’s “Aventura!”

Historic Griffing Park EstatesMove over, Keystone Point.  Another affluent neighborhood can add an armed home invasion to North Miami’s growing list of violent crimes.

Last night, armed robbers broke into a home in North Miami’s historic waterfront community of Griffing Park Estates.  The victims were terrorized at gunpoint, and the suspects took off with their valuables.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Earlier yesterday, a nearby home was also broken into and property was stolen.  The suspects fled when confronted by the resident, who was inside the home at the time of the burglary.  It is unknown if the burglars were armed. Continue reading

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