The Crybaby of North Bay Village

Pull-UpsAnyone who’s ever run for office knows that campaigns can be brutal.  Aside from enduring endless fundraisers, walking from door to door, keeping track of campaign finances and smiling through the pain, politicians had better be prepared for the onslaught of personal attacks from the opposition.  When it comes to politics, the thin-skinned need not apply.

After two years in office, North Bay Village Commissioner Jorge Gonzalez hasn’t yet figured out that, once elected, public officials are fair game.  What Gonzalez also hasn’t learned is that when it comes to playing political football, the best defense is to refuse to play.  No one ever gets hurt by sitting on the bench. Continue reading

Three Strikes, Yer Out!

UmpEven if your team didn’t make the post season, everyone is enthralled by a seven-game World Series.  As the New York Times articulated, “Game 7. It is among the most alluring events in all of sports, a grand stage where reputations are made and history is carved from a clash between two teams seeking their sport’s ultimate prize.”

Tonight is that night for Major League Baseball!

While the race for the North Bay Village mayoral seat is hardly being played on a grand stage, incumbent Connie Leon-Kreps isn’t exactly batting a thousand, either.  Continue reading

North Miami’s October Surprise?

There's porn on the internetWhat do the cities of Edmond, Oklahoma, St. Ignace, Michigan, Deerfield Beach, Florida, Dana Point, California, Vernon California, Huntsville, Alabama, Tucson, Arizona, Nitro, West Virginia, Schenectady, New York, Itta Bena, Mississippi, Ventnor, New Jersey, Gallatin, Tennessee, Walnut Creek, California, Lorain, Ohio, and North Miami, Florida, have in common?

They’ve all been audited by the IRS.

Everyone in North Miami and beyond seems to be so downright shockedSHOCKED! I tell you!Continue reading

Dark Princes, Puppetmasters and other Fairy Tales from the Crypt

Once upon a timeAs I’ve said before, desperate people do desperate things.  North Bay Village Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps must be getting really desperate.

The election is just around the corner and there is the distinct possibility she will lose her coveted seat at the head of the dais to a political virgin.  That desperate fear could be the only possible reason that she keeps scraping the bottom of the barrel.

First she commissioned Randall “Prince of Darkness” Hilliard and his pet Demon, Mitchell Edelstein, Continue reading

Welcome to Planet North Miami

planet bNorth Miami Councilwoman Marie Steril just can’t stay out of the spotlight.

The Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust found probable cause that she “used her position to get upgrades to her mother’s city-subsidized home renovation,” according to a Miami Herald article published October 8, 2014.  Reporter Lance Dixon explained that “Marie Steril will have to pay more than $5,000.00 over the next five years” for the violation.

But, the joke is on the taxpayers of North Miami, Continue reading

Frantzie Watch: Keepin’ it real!

List of thingsJust as I suspected, MIRAMAR resident/homeowner Pradel Vilme has publicly announced that he’s running for office in North Miami Beach on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Even though he is a bona fide resident of MIRAMAR, with a 100% homestead exemption on a property he owns at 16843 SW 50 Street, MIRAMAR, Florida 33027, he is still planning on throwing his hat in the ring to run Continue reading