NMPD: The fix is in, the Chief gets canned, the media gets lied to!

By now everyone has heard that North Miami Chief of Police Gary Eugene has been handed his walking papers.


Although city officials are not releasing the details of the separation agreement they proffered, Mr. Eugene was kind enough to give me an interview.

Among the terms of the proposed settlement is a monetary payment equal to approximately six weeks’ worth of his salary, or a paltry $12,000.00.

If that’s not crazy enough, they expect him to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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INFURIATING! From North Miami to North Miami Beach, the lies, cover-ups and corruption never ends!

Just in case you think the North Miami Police Department is the only local government agency rife with corruption, you can rest assured that the City of North Miami Beach also has its fair share.

As we reported last month, North Miami Beach Faux Commissioner Phyllis Smith “stipulated to” election fraud charges stemming from her 2015 run for re-election.  Had Phyllis not opted to simply pay a fine to negotiate a settlement to make the charges go away, the Florida Elections Commission would have had the power to review all the campaign records she’s been desperately trying to hide.

You will recall that her opponent, Michael Joseph, filed a lawsuit on June 2, 2015 contesting the election based on evidence collected that Phyllis committed absentee ballot voter fraud.  Since then, she and her shady lawyer, Joe Geller, have been successful in stalling the proceedings indefinitely. Continue reading


NMPD: The fox guarding the henhouse

Taking advantage of the fact that North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene has been on medical leave for the past couple of weeks, “Acting Chief” Larry Juriga rushed through the Internal Affairs investigation of Commander Emile Hollant regarding last year’s shooting by Officer Jonathan Aledda.

In a sneaky move, Juriga had closed out the investigation in Eugene’s absence, and is now attempting to have Commander Hollant fired.

The Miami New Times nailed it in its just published North Miami’s Acting Chief Tries to Fire Cop He was Accused of Framing in Kinsey Shooting.

Reporter Jerry Ianelli wrote: Continue reading


Hallandale Beach under fire. (Starring Guess Who?) (UPDATED)

Trouble is brewing in the City of Hallandale Beach.

Last week, WSVN (7News) dropped the “bombshell” that the Broward Sheriff’s Public Corruption Unit is investigating possible corruption in the city’s government.

According to the article, “BSO tells 7News its corruption unit ‘is conducting an investigation involving the Hallandale Beach City Commission,’ but they will not confirm any other details.”

Who’d have ever guessed?

In a special assignment report, Channel 7 reporter Brian Entin proclaimed Hallandale Beach as the “city where controversy is common and investigations are piling up,” and where “drama-filled commission meetings are the norm.”

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More trouble in NMPD paradise? (UPDATED)

A second lawsuit has been filed as a result of the police involved shooting last summer, in which NMPD Officer Jonathan Aledda shot an unarmed black man with his hands up.

The victim, Mr. Charles Kinsey, filed a federal lawsuit against North Miami and Aledda last year.

The Miami Herald was the first to report yesterday that the family of Arnaldo Rios, the 27-year old autistic man who was unwittingly at the center of the chaos, and who was in Mr. Kinsey’s care, has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that his civil rights were violated. Continue reading


NMB Faux Commish Phyllis Smith a̶d̶m̶i̶t̶s̶ stipulates to absentee ballot voter fraud!

As further proof that the wheels of justice move at glacial speed, a complaint originally filed with the Florida Elections Commission (FEC) on October 14, 2015 against Phyllis Smith has finally made its way through the system.

In a Consent Final Order dated May17, 2017, Phyllis and the FEC admitted stipulated that during her political campaign in the North Miami Beach May 19, 2015 election, she filed fraudulent campaign treasurer’s reports.

Even though a “stipulation” is an acceptance of the facts without requiring proof, the Florida Elections Commission did, in fact, find that Phyllis violated Florida Statutes 106.07(5) and 106.19(1)(c), both of which are misdemeanors of the first degree. Continue reading


POPCORN! Lies, hypocrisy and stupidity on full display in North Miami Beach! (UPDATED)

Ever since North Miami Beach Commissioners contemplated outsourcing the “operation, maintenance and program management” of its water utility to a private company, the city has been under siege by the usual suspects.  Along with the same residents whose job it is to complain about anything and everything, a gaggle of paid agitators posing as a grassroots organization has been disrupting public meetings and forming drum circles in front of City Hall for the benefit of the media.

The real organization behind a vicious attack campaign sent out last March is For Our Future Action Fund, Inc., a “deep-pocketed political action committee” based in Washington, DC.

This political committee was formed last year by “billionaire environmentalist [and former hedge-fund manager] Tom Steyer and four labor groups to elect Democrats to the White House and Congress” in 2016, according to a May 12, 2016 article in USA Today.  The original intent of this super PAC was to “take down Trump,” according to a Politico article published a day earlier.

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