The Kissel Chronicles: How NMPD cops protect and serve … EACH OTHER!

Yikes!  The corruption never ends!

It’s bad enough that certain members of the North Miami Police Department’s command staff continue to protect bad cops, such as sexual predator Jodlyn Antoine, but they also go to great lengths to keep the public from finding out about them.

Fortunately, we are persistent.

Once we started digging into the maliciousness of serial offender Sergeant Joseph Kissel, we encountered similar roadblocks.

In our ongoing “investigation” of his discrimination and harassment of Crisis Intervention Specialist Natacha Jean-Francois, we uncovered yet another document that NMPD Major Franzia Brea tried to hide from us.

It didn’t work. Continue reading


NMPD Sgt. Joey Kissel, Serial Offender

Well, well, well.  What have we here?

It seems that Crisis Intervention Specialist Natacha Jean-Francois isn’t the only female employee of the North Miami Police Department who suffered abuse and discrimination at the hands of Sergeant Joseph “Joey” Kissel.  She may have been the first one to blow the whistle on him, but she certainly wasn’t the last.

After Ms. Jean-Francois filed a written complaint against Kissel on January 14, 2013, Officer Stacina Jones was called to testify against him in the ensuing Internal Investigation.

According to a Charge of Discrimination complaint filed by Officer Jones on July 17, 2015 with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, she stated that Kissel was removed from the Investigative Unit as a result of the Jean-Francois investigation.

Officer Jones also noted, however, that two years after she testified against him, Sergeant Joseph Kissel returned to the Investigative Unit on March 23, 2015 and became her immediate supervisor.

Joey wasted no time seeking his revenge. Continue reading


NMPD’s “toxic environment”

NMPD Sergeant Joseph Kissel

What happens when corruption is the rule rather than the exception in a police department?

All hell breaks loose … and no one does a damn thing about it.

On May 22, 2012, Crisis Intervention Specialist Natacha Jean-Francois, a Haitian-American female civilian employee of the North Miami Police Department, filed a grievance against Sergeant Joseph Kissel for discrimination and harassment.

Apparently, her complaint fell on deaf ears.

According to Ms. Jean-Francois, Kissel had it in for her the day he became her supervisor due to his “bias against female employees.”  He then proceeded to make her life a living hell. Continue reading


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Phyllis Smith’s Hurricane Party!

Lyin’ Daphne Campbell isn’t the only local politician who’s never gonna let a good crisis go to waste.

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma afforded practically every elected official in South Florida a great excuse to jump start their future political campaigns.

As expected, North Miami Beach Faux “commissioner” Phyllis Smith was front and center whenever – and wherever – the cameras were rolling.

At the September 18, 2017 Commission meeting (beginning at hour 2:11:37), Phyllis yammered on and on, and wasted everyone’s time in order to congratulate herself for driving around NMB campaigning in her gas-guzzling Mercedes Benz Van with the Montana license plate on the bumper. Continue reading


This is what blogger dreams are made of!

Remember that time back in 2013 when North Miami Beach lawyer Charles “Chucky” Baron threatened to sue this blogger?

When I wrote a blog about his suing the City of North Miami Beach to protest a real estate development near Greynolds Park, he got his panties twisted when one of my readers anonymously commented that Chucky would be all for the project if the developer had paid him off hired him as a consultant.

Chucky was livid.  He categorically denied it was true, and then posted several nasty comments in response.

He also sent me an email stating his intent to file a lawsuit against me.  Chucky not only accused me of defamation, but he also demanded the identity of my reader, “who will then be added as a defendant.” Continue reading


Daphne Campbell, pathological liar extraordinaire!

After getting busted on Sunday by Rise News (and followed up by both NBC Miami, and Local 10 News), District 38 State Senator Daphne Campbell flat out denied her egregious abuse of power as an elected official by exerting undue influence over a lobbyist for Florida Power & Light.

Campbell also accused the Rise News reporter of stealing her cell phone!

The Miami New Times also published an article this morning about her blatant attempt at a cover-up.  Reporter Jerry Ianelli wrote: Continue reading


DERP! Larry Juriga wants to be Chief!

Once again, the North Miami Police Department finds itself without a police chief.  One month to the day of firing Gary Eugene, North Miami City Manager Larry Spring advertised for the position.  So far, fifteen individuals have applied.

And once again, Assistant Chief Larry Juriga, who conned his way into getting himself appointed as Interim Chief, has applied for the permanent position.

Needless to say, it would be a mistake of epic proportions if he got the job.  Let us count the reasons why. Continue reading

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