NMB: Court Order signed, “Queen Bee” Phyllis Smith inches one step closer to abdication of her “throne.”

Smith CorruptIn a press release issued today, North Miami Beach City Council candidate Michael Joseph announced that his absentee ballot fraud lawsuit is moving forward.

On April 5, 2016, Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen finally signed an Order denying Phyllis Smith’s Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit filed against her on June 1, 2015.

In his statement, Mr. Joseph conveyed, “This is big news.  Finally, the people of NMB will get their day in court where we will expose once and for all the election fraud that has taken hold on our elections and never let go since the days of John Patrick Julien.”

Despite her numerous desperate attempts to delay the lawsuit in order to avoid complying with requests for documentation, Phyllis Smith has finally run out the clock. Continue reading


#Assclowns of the Internet: Miami-Dade Commissioners

stop calling us corruptWhen it comes to corruption, South Florida certainly doesn’t need any more bad publicity.  Unfortunately, the latest international money laundering scandal is only adding to the mix.

In its recent “Secret Shell Game” series, the Miami Herald exposed the Miami-Dade connection to the the “Panama Papers“, a series of just leaked 11.5 million confidential documents held by a Panamanian law firm.  In association with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Miami Herald uncovered “the tightly guarded world of high-end South Florida real estate and the global economic forces reshaping Miami’s skyline.”

The Herald reported an “analysis of the never-before-seen records found 19 foreign nationals creating offshore companies and buying Miami real estate. Of them, eight have been linked to bribery, corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion or other misdeeds in their home countries.”

The fallout of this global scandal has already resulted in the resignations of the Prime Minister of Iceland and the head of a Chilean anti-corruption watchdog agency.  The leak also implicated the law firm’s secret ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the father of British Prime Minister David Cameron, three members of FIFA, the international soccer association, as well as politicians from France, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Spain and China.

Yeah, this is huge.

Continue reading


Memo to Tallahassee #HouseClown Joe Geller: Time’s up!

hello-times-upIf you’re one of Joseph S. Geller’s constituents who isn’t happy that he voted FOR the right to openly carry firearms on college campuses you’ll be even more upset with his 2015 voting record.

In addition to his February 3, 2016 “yea” vote on House Bill 4001, which he claims was an accident, he made two intentional, and highly questionable, decisions during last year’s regular legislative session.

On April 24, 2015, Representative Joe Geller voted AGAINST Senate Bill 604, which requires the owners of websites to “clearly disclose” their contact information to consumers.

Apparently, Joe believes protecting the privacy of internet scammers is more important than protecting the public from fraud.

But that’s not the worst of it! Continue reading


Relay For Life – American Cancer Society


Relay For Life – American Cancer Society

Get your team ready for Relay For Life of North Miami, Biscayne Park, North Miami Beach, and Miami Shores. To register your team or for more information go to www.relayforlife.org/northmiamifl.org. or www.facebook.com/NMRelayForLife.

The American Cancer Society’s annual “Relay for Life”  event will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 4:00 to 10:00 PM at the Burke Recreation Center, Corner of NE 113th St and NE 9th Avenue, Biscayne Park, FL. Be part of an existing team or gather your friends and family and register a team.  Continue reading


Opa-locka’s perfect storm. Is North Miami next?

fatcatIf Opa-locka’s financial problems could simply be traced back to the bursting of a real estate bubble, plummeting property values or a recession, it would almost be understandable.  It’s also a given that municipalities with disproportionately low income averages and high crime rates fare poorly on the socio-economic scale in general.

It’s despicable enough when a city’s own elected officials indiscriminately spend the precious little revenue on hand for the benefit of the residents.

But, when those officials give shady lobbyists free reign to siphon off funding and control the city’s business dealings, it’s absolutely criminal.

With its deeply troubled history, it was only a matter of time before the feds came knocking on Opa-locka’s door. Continue reading


This is not parody, folks. Emory University students are “in pain” over CHALK writings.

Emory ProtestorsWhen I first started hearing about college students whining about being “triggered” by words, I thought it was some sort of Saturday Night Live parody.

When these immature brats began demanding “safe spaces” so they wouldn’t be subjected to “offensive” opinions, it dawned on me that this idiocy was becoming a trend.

I knew we were in serious trouble when I started reading about college students demanding that “controversial” speakers be banned from their campuses.

Because, in the name of “diversity,” of course, opposing views will simply not be tolerated. Continue reading


In North Miami, the fix is always in. (UPDATED)

it's fixedMunicipal hiring practices are supposed to be based on Rules of Civil Service.

In the City of North Miami, however, it’s all based on the Friends & Family Plan.

It should come as no surprise that getting hired or promoted in North Miami has less to do with competence, experience and qualifications than it does with nepotism, favors owed, and political connections.

To make matters worse, when the people in charge of hiring and promoting are busy clawing their own way up the corporate ladder, anyone not “lucky” enough to be a member of their inner circle need not apply. Continue reading


Bike305 in North Miami Beach

Bike305 in North Miami Beach

The City of North Miami Beach Recreation Committee, Councilman Anthony DeFillipo, Liaison in conjunction with Miami-Dade County’s Bike305 bring you North Miami Beach Bike Ride in the 305. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend and join in on the fun on Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. The ride will start and end at the Gwen Margolis Amphitheater, 16501 NE 16th Avenue. NMB will feature a number of events during the month of March that will include: Bike to Work Day, City’s Manager’s Bike Ride and Bike Safety events for our Afterschool Programs; culminating with Councilman DeFillipo’s cycling ride.

Bike305 Continue reading


Frantzie Watch: The Hellion of NMB strikes again!

I will steal your soulWhere Frantzie goes, trouble follows.

The latest in a long line of complaints filed against North Miami Beach Councilcritter Frantz Pierre has resulted in a “no probable cause” finding by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.

This story wouldn’t even be blog-worthy if a blurb hadn’t appeared in the Miami Herald last weekend.  According to the article, the complaint was filed over “a fight that occurred Nov. 8 at Pierre’s church.”

Yes.  Church.  Of all places.

L’il Frantzie P, the Sociocopath of NMB, just can’t control himself.

Franztie’s uncanny “talent” for creating discord wherever he goes is equal only to his ability to worm his way out of trouble.

His well documented “rap sheet” so far includes: Continue reading

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