North Miami’s Liar In Chief?

I did not have sex with that woman

Oh? Were there others?

The old adage warns, “Choose your words carefully…you may have to eat them.”

I would add, “Be careful what you put in writing…especially if you’re a public official using a governmental email server.”

The lesson to be learned here cannot be overstated.  If you work for the government – on any level – what you write in an email becomes an indelible public record.  It can never be taken back.

A perfect example is the content in an email that was sent by North Miami Police Chief Leonard Burgess on March 5, 2015, addressed to Continue reading

Bond Court Revisited

Elton Bandoo, accused of shooting and wounding a North Miami Beach police officer, listens in court Monday during a hearing. Miami Herald David/Ovalle

Elton Bandoo, accused of shooting and wounding a North Miami Beach police officer, listens in court Monday during a hearing. Miami Herald David/Ovalle

If I were a fiction writer of true crime stories, the narrative would go something like this:

After cooling his heels in a jail cell for over a month, Elton found himself back in very the courtroom where he was charged with attempted first-degree murder for shooting a police officer and denied bond.

He was now at the court’s mercy again while his lawyer tried to convince the judge to let him out of jail until his trial begins.

“Your Honor,” began the defense attorney.  “My client is innocent.  Continue reading

Frantzie (et. al.) Watch: Yes, there is life outside of North Miami

Frantzie BookedI realize that some of you out there don’t live in North Miami, including (so far) one candidate running for office there.  So I decided to write a column that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with North Miami.

Wish me luck.

For the benefit of the half a dozen people who care about what goes on in North Miami Beach (not counting the seven council members), here is a quick update Continue reading

Fun with statistics.

handcuffsIn the comment section of a recent blog, a North Miami reader posted a website called Neighborhood Scout, which stated that the crime index in that city is 6 out of a possible 100, with the explanation that North Miami is “safer than 6% of the cities in the US.”  Based on that comment, I noted that this necessarily indicates that the remaining 94% of cities in the US are safer than North Miami.

In posting the crime rate data for North Miami, Neighborhood Scout indicates that its information is from the 2013 year total data, released in final form in November, 2014.  I was curious to see what type of information Continue reading

Time for a hot MOCA break!

Hot MocaIt seems that the ICA gals are still having trouble finding a director for their spin-off museum.

The Art Newspaper reported in February that “in less than five months after announcing [her] appointment,” the former  trustees of North Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art lost its interim director of their new venture.  After her brief directorship of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Suzanne Weaver resigned from her position.

TAN published another column today, Miami’s art museums are becoming rudderless ships, with the subtitled blurb, “Nearly half the city’s institutions are without leaders as powerful patrons, unruly trustees, funding issues and rivalries between ethnic groups Continue reading

Birds of a feather?

Birds of a featherThe City of Miami Gardens just can’t get a break.

First, Police Chief Stephen Johnson got himself arrested in a prostitution sting on Friday night.  He was promptly fired.

Yesterday, Channel 10 reported that Assistant Chief Antonio Brooklen, who was appointed as Interim Chief, was accused of sexual harassment in 2012.

If that weren’t scandalous enough, Miami Gardens City Manager Cameron Benson, the man who appointed Brooklen, Continue reading

Stephen Johnson’s “Very Bad Decision”

STRESSLess than forty eight hours ago, Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen E. Johnson was at the top of his game.  He had a great job, a beautiful wife, a family, and a brand new $548,000.00 home in Davie.

After leaving his position as the scandal-plagued City Manager for North Miami, Stephen Johnson finally got the chance to reinvent himself and get back into police work.

When the Miami Gardens Police Department had a vacancy for the top job after Chief Matthew Boyd retired, Johnson applied and got the position.  “He was hired last April as the Miami Gardens Police Chief at a time when city leaders wanted to improve the department’s image amid complaints against the department of racial profiling,” according to a report by the Sun-Sentinel.

Johnson got out of North Miami as fast as he could.  Continue reading

Breaking News: Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson Arrested!



A breaking news message from my NBC 6 app flashed on my phone shortly before 10:00 PM, announcing, Miami Gardens PD Chief Busted for Soliciting Prostitute.

In an updated story posted just a few minutes ago, the news that former North Miami City Manager (and Chief of Police before that gig) Stephen Johnson was arrested at a Dania Beach motel.

Johnson was fired immediately.  The article reported that, “A news release from the department said Assistant Chief Antonio Brooklen will serve as interim chief.” Continue reading

Tag, you’re it!

Tag, you're itIs North Miami the new Sweetwater?  I’m beginning to wonder.

As Miami Herald reporter David Ovalle posted in Sweetwater cop charged for using stolen plates to avoid tolls, one more cop has been added to Sweetwater’s growing list of Cops Gone Wild.

This time, Sweetwater Detective Octavio Oliu is facing felony charges for using a stolen license place of an impounded vehicle and placing it on his own car “to shirk hundreds of highways tolls for months.”

He had also been previously suspended Continue reading