Chief Lenny’s Boys Will Be Boys Club

boys will be boysThree days after Michael Etienne successfully finagled his way to an unchallenged campaign by making sure his opponent Janet Reed didn’t qualify, he sent another one of his famous rah-rah emails to Police Chief Leonard Burgess to thank him for all his “help.”

Because that’s what bootlickers sycophants flunkies best friends do!

Despite the fact that he quoted a witness as saying “Michael Etienne clearly was in the wrong because he made the atmosphere appear hostile,” he qualified her “interpretation” by writing (and I quote), “The lady making this statement is no friend of mine and depict [sic] an inaccurate description of was transpired online; however, the excerpt above from her comment online is fairly accurate- except the part that I was in the wrong of course.”

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North Miami’s New “Transparency”

one jobWhen is a public record not a public record?

When it’s requested from North Miami City Clerk Michael A. Etienne, Esq.

After years of receiving complaints about the problems receiving public records from the Clerk’s Office, the City of North Miami now boasts on its website that it’s easier than ever to request public records.

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That’s right. That’s right. We BAD!

Notorious BloggersCommissioner Jorge Gonazalez, a/k/a The Crybaby of North Bay Village, just got spanked today by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.


Because some kids never learn.

During the contentious (aren’t they always?) campaign to hang on to his North Bay Village Commission seat last November, Jorge Gonzalez got his feelings hurt Continue reading

North Miami voters, I’m proud of you!


Alix Desulme will face Carline Paul in a runoff on June 2, 2015 since neither one garnered more than 50% of the vote.  However, Alix received 572 votes to Carline’s 487.

District 4 voters sent a clear message today that carpetbaggers are not welcome in North Miami!  Out of 1,588 votes cast, 1,101 – almost SIXTY NINE AND ONE HALF PERCENT – told the fraud to go home! Continue reading

Will North Miami’s District 4 say NO to fraud and corruption?

political jokesNorth Miami has been riddled with corruption on so many levels for so long, it’s become the norm.

Weary residents have become inured to candidates lying, cheating, and stealing their way into office, city employees currying political favor for promotions, and city managers becoming nothing more than puppets for those in power.  Little wonder that North Miamians feel like helpless pawns in an evil chess game they have no chance of winning.

There is a ray of hope, though.

The outcome of tomorrow’s District 4 election has the potential to finally get North Miami out of the corruption business. Continue reading

Mark Weithorn’s #DirtyPolitician Friends & Family Plan

lolcat-politicsIn a move reminiscent of Phyllis “No Hummers for Hubby” Smith, Miami Beach Commissioner Deede Weithorn insisted “she had no involvement in Mark’s attempt to make a quick buck” when he tried to “cash in on the city’s name,” according to a February 14, 2013 Miami New Times article Deede Weithorn’s Hubby Selling “CityOfMiamiBeach.Net” in Sad, Sad Auction.

Is there no end to the lies politicians tell to get in office or stay in office?

Apparently not.

There is no end to the hypocrisy, either.

In 2012, during Mark Weithorn’s unsuccessful run for Florida House District 113 he was oh so upset about the political attack ads that were running against him.

As the Miami Herald’s David Smiley reported on July 27, 2012 Continue reading

#DirtyPolitician Mark Weithorn should have minded his own business!

Listen bitchLike facts, Campaign Treasurers Reports are inconvenient things.

During the recent North Miami Beach City Council election, a fraud using the pseudonym “Laura Smith” initiated a smear campaign against one of Phyllis Smith’s opponents, which may have engineered his loss and triggered a runoff between Phyllis and Michael Joseph.  This fraud, aided and abetted by Phyllis’ daughter, Susie Smith, attacked by website, unsolicited email blasts and Twitter stalking.

As is typical in elections, smear campaigns are exactly that.  They are designed to smear the reputations of the opposition, whether true or not.  It is said that perception is reality.

Regular readers of this column know that I did not endorse any candidate in that particular race.  I decided to stay neutral until the runoff, which was a given.  Continue reading

North Miami Beach, you like your corrupt politician. You get to keep him!

Weasels Ripped My FleshSeriously, people.  You did not just do this!

Oh, yes, you did.

Only 13.22%, or 2,761 of the 20,890 registered voters in North Miami Beach voted in today’s City Council election.

Of the 2,622 ballots cast in Group 5, some of them possibly legitimate, 1,357 voters think it’s perfectly acceptable to allow the most corrupt politician in Miami-Dade County keep his seat for another four years.

Unless, of course, Frantz Pierre gets arrested, which is a distinct possibility in the near future.

Moth Ball OdorEqually incredulous, in the race for Group 7, out of 2,667 ballots cast, 48.71% of them were given to a completely unknown retired City of Miami police officer who has done nothing for the City of North Miami Beach.  Continue reading