One man’s trash… Oh, wait! It’s not his trash!

Photo: Miami Herald

Photo: Miami Herald

North Miami resident and teacher Ossie Randle has a problem.  It seems that trash keeps piling up on the streets of his residential neighborhood, he surmises from passing cars, and complaints to the city have fallen on deaf ears.

The Miami Herald reported in On a trash tour: Litter prompts North Miami man to take action that Mr. Randle has taken it upon himself to pick up the trash by himself on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Move over, Lucie. Orange might be the new yellow!

compulsive liarsWell, this case keeps getting more and more interesting.

As I reported in Where you go, Joe?, the absentee ballot fraud case against North Miami Beach “Councilwoman” Phyllis Smith has been stalled because her attorney, Joseph S. Geller keeps filing Notices of Mandatory Continuance.

In addition to being a lawyer, Big Joe just happens to be a State Representative.  Because the Florida Legislature has been called back to Tallahassee twice this summer for special sessions, Joe’s been invoking Florida Statute 11.111.  This allows him to skip out on any “proceeding before any court, municipality, or agency of government of this state … during any session of the Legislature and for a period of time 15 days prior to any session of the Legislature and 15 days subsequent to the conclusion of any session of the Legislature.”

According to the calendar for the Florida House of Representatives, this most recent special session began August 10, 2015 and runs through August 21, 2015.  Normally Joe would be unavailable to attend to the lawsuit against Phyllis during this time since he’s scheduled to be in Tallahassee.

But, as we all now know, HE ALSO SKIPPED OUT ON HIS LEGISLATIVE DUTIES! Continue reading

Kazan’s Conspiracy Funhouse

conspiracy theoriesEvery time you think that North Miami Beach resident crackpot Mubarak Kazan couldn’t possibly outdo his own crazy-assed self, he reaches new heights of insanity.  Someone please give that man a Prozac!

Kazan is literally beside himself with angst that the city is going to privatize the sanitation department.  He’s on a one man mission to stop the train of progress from rolling down the track, no matter how insane he’s proving himself to be in the process.

Luckily, his antics are quite entertaining, especially on a slow news day. Continue reading

Where you go, Joe? (UPDATED)

We gon find youThe lawsuit against North Miami Beach Councilwoman Phyllis Smith for alleged absentee ballot voter fraud is on hold again.


On June 12, 2015, her lawyer Joseph S. Geller filed a Notice of Mandatory Continuance because, as an elected member of the Florida House of Representatives, he gets to legally squirm out of lawyering.  This hall pass is good not only when the Florida Legislature is in session, but for a full fifteen days before and after said session.

On July 24, 2015, he did it again. Continue reading